Brilliant Neric, dull Noynoy

Your karikna with teacher Neric Acosta (middle), and Steve Barreiro

AT THE END of my work week, I usually drop by Goro’s in Batac (City, finally!), all by my lonesome, and enjoy a bottle of beer or two before going home to Laoag. And that’s what I exactly did in the afternoon of December 29, the last working day of 2009.

I was halfway through my first bottle of SanMig Light when I received a phone call from fellow columnist Steve Barreiro. He asked me if I have time to meet someone I would surely find interesting. “He is a teacher like you,” Steve said, “and he is a senatoriable.”

Good old Steve was referring to Liberal Party’s Neric Acosta who was in town to grace the Damili festival of San Nicolas from where the latter traces his paternal roots. Of course, I know the guy. “Yes, I am coming,” I told Steve, although it was a half-hearted yes because I did not want to abruptly end my weekly date with myself. Continue reading “Brilliant Neric, dull Noynoy”

Petty Aquinos

Last Friday, two out of twelve convicts in the Aquin0-Galman double-murder case were released after their sentences were commuted by Malacanang.

My heart has always bled for these men.  Having served as a prison volunteer in the past, I met the news with much happiness and relief.

Whether or not they killed Ninoy is now out of the question.  They have suffered long enough and they have always shown remarkably virtuous behavior under incarceration.  Their kids grew up without a father, their families struggled in pain.

Rolando de Guzman, 0ne of the freed convicts, was already bedridden after suffering from four strokes.  I was teary-eyed while watching videos of him being brought of jail on a stretcher.  Felizardo Taran, the other guy, was likewise sickly.

But Senator Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III, speaking on his family’s behalf, condemned the move “in the strongest possible terms”.  He accused President Gloria Arroyo of “petty vindictiveness” for the commutation.  Noynoy contends that it was meant “to increase the hurt” and as “a way to get back” at their family’s anti-administration stance.

It escapes me why Cory Aquino and her kids Continue reading “Petty Aquinos”