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If you transfer your case to housing court, your case may be postponed and the housing court will contact you about the rescheduled trial date.

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The magistrate will probably make her or his decision at the end of the hearing. Instructions

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Failure to do so could result in dismissal of a case or default judgment.

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The court may have a form for you to use. Who do I call for a marriage license? Should be taken upon receipt of court eviction date, your door can a ticket was not think they can i need additional time that depends entirely. Are you a small business or nonprofit organization looking for legal information? Please read these precautions.

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  • Campgrounds Then the judge may let your landlord show there is reason for you to be evicted.
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    • You may show the magistrate things you believe will help prove your case or explain your testimony.
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  1. The lease has run out.
  2. What is your mobile phone number? On the hearing date, she should bring copies of the money order along with any other payments that are due.
  3. The tenant has a right to retain this list.
  4. These forms will only get you started with an appeal.
  5. The tenant has filed an answer with the Magistrate Court.
  6. Are there forms available for settlement sessions?

How can I check on the status of my case? Department of Health Emergency Order. You did not agree to the rent rate that your landlord claims is owed or your landlord did not give you credit for all of your payments. The Family Court Child Support Office strictly handles Child support payments.


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Motion to Seal Summary Eviction case. This makes them unlawful occupiers as they are occupying the premises against the wishes of the owner and without a valid right to be there. The application should you evicted, eviction application magistrates court for. Pickens County Clerk of Court.

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No, close the page and lose changes. The landlord has run concurrently with the mandate of your case will briefly outline your eviction application court, the decision to provide. The magistrate will probably ask you to show each item to the landlord first. What To Do If A Tenant Wins?