Farewell, Mayor Ventura. Be a good citizen of heaven now.

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When our newspaper was doing a feature on the Laoag City mayoralty candidates in this year’s local elections, I insisted on including Cesar Ventura, a former mayor who was regarded by many as nuisance. Naturally, my colleagues smirked at the idea of putting him side by side with whom they believed were legitimate candidates. I believed in fair play.

But I had respect for the man, the only politician to beat a Fariñas in Laoag City, for I grew up knowing him as a good mayor, a no-nonsense leader who made things work. He was a builder. During his term, I had a one-week stint as a junior city councilor. I was in high school then.

Even after his political glory has faded, he always had this burning desire for good governance. He would talk to me to make sumbong everytime he had the chance, and I always intently listened, and thanked him.

Last Wednesday, October 16, he succumbed to renal cancer after a long battle against the disease. He was reportedly confined for a long time at the St. Luke’s Medical Center until his family decided to bring the former mayor home to his beloved city. He died at the Laoag City General Hospital.

Farewell, mayor. Be a good citizen of heaven now.

And please make sumbong to God about the crooks down here.



Also, this post by blauearth, In Memory of Former Laoag Mayor Cesar A. Ventura.

Author: Herdy La. Yumul

A hesitant academic pimp, writer

4 thoughts on “Farewell, Mayor Ventura. Be a good citizen of heaven now.”

  1. Thank you very much for this wonderful article. It helps a lot at times like this for the family. May God Bless your heart. Please continue to pray for our Papa.

    1. Dear Anjanette,
      I am so sorry to hear of your Dad passing away. Please give my condolence to your Mom and family. Stay strong and cherish the good memories.
      Lori Ventura (Simeon Ventura, Jr. ‘s sister)

  2. I remember when my nice need to go to manila for a check up in PGH and he is presently the mayor of Laoag City that time my parents went to his office to ask for assistance financially and right away he gave his support he pay for the ambulance and the best part is he let my family stay in there house in manila with all the good and nice accommodation and allowance grabe daw ang baiit pati mga kasama sa bahay kasi bilin daw ni mayor yan ang sabi nang family ko kay when he run for a moyor at boboto na ako i voted him kahit alam ko malakas ang kalaban. To the mayor of our family a big thank you po hindi po man namin nasabi personally pero god knows deep in our heart you are always in our prayers. May you rest in peace ….

  3. The guy that was ridiculed by a certain local media outfit due to machinations (or payment?) by some local politician. But this guy is one of the handful politician I really admire. He had the political will, no matter what populist personality said. In my lifetime, he was the only mayor that instilled discipline in Laoag. Isu nga adu ti saan unay mapmapan laoag idi idi panawenna, ta maiparitda. Agsipud ta “maiparit ti sadut iti Laoag”.

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