Rev. Brian Shah issues Mea Culpa

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Click the pdf file below

Rev. Brian Shah – Public Apology

Rev. Brian Shah: It saddens me immensely that this issue of campus discipline has morphed into a war against “linguistic injustice and cultural disrespect” where I am pictured as chief enemy.
Rev. Brian Shah: It saddens me immensely that this issue of campus discipline has morphed into a war against “linguistic injustice and cultural disrespect” where I am pictured as chief enemy.


With a deep sense of humility, allow me to express my sincerest apologies to everyone who has been caused pain and offense by the recent turn of events at Saviour’s Christian Academy. Personally, I have apologized to the families of the three students—Carl Andrew A. Abadilla, Kleinee Xieriz Bautista, and Samuel G. Respicio—during a dialogue held on August 8 at the office of the Department of Education – Divison of Laoag City.

As proper authorities are now looking into this controversy, I will refrain from discussing details of the issue, except to say that the policies we craft and implement in the school are well-intentioned and have the best interests of our students in mind. Through academic excellence and Christian formation, we have, in the past 24 years, laboured hard to help the youth become responsible and productive members of society, competitive in the global village yet deeply grounded in and proud of their Motherland.

It saddens me immensely that this issue of campus discipline has morphed into a war against “linguistic injustice and cultural disrespect” where I am pictured as chief enemy. I came to the Philippines in 1987 and have, since then, served as pastor, friend, and family to countless Ilocanos from all walks of life. I could never thus intentionally and willfully do anything that will demean Ilocanos—they who have accepted me as one of their own. Moved by their unparalleled hospitality, I always try, in the best ways I can, to carry out initiatives supporting local communities, especially the poor, oppressed, and marginalized. As a missionary, I fully realize the importance of the vernacular in getting the message across, and so majority of our church services are conducted in Iluko. At SCA, we take pride in a vibrant multicultural environment that has attracted students coming from various ethnolinguistic, religious, and socioeconomic backgrounds.

Again, I apologize to everyone who may have been offended by the issue even as I reassure the public that all steps will be taken to review our school policies and our student handbook to seamlessly comply with existing government regulations and to be further sensitive to the cultural sensibilities of our people. We acknowledge this humbling experience as a learning opportunity that will allow us to serve our students in better ways.

We welcome the rich public discourse this issue has generated, and hope that at the end of the day all these will translate to courses of action we can collectively take in the pursuit of a truly responsive and nationalist education agenda.

I wish everyone God’s peace and blessing.



Saviour’s Christian Academy

Laoag City, Ilocos Norte

August 15, 2013

Author: Herdy La. Yumul

A hesitant academic pimp, writer

36 thoughts on “Rev. Brian Shah issues Mea Culpa”

  1. Pastol, have you apologized to the children you so had caused untold agony? Are they too low for you to stoop down? Mataas pa rin ang tono ng pananalita mo sa public apology mo.
    You spoke of discipline. Do you consider yourself disciplined when you could not even control your bad temper? You lack the discipline. You lack the proper manner of a good administraor, and you lack the competence of a good educator for your failure to recognize the value of one’s mother tongue in learning a foreign language. I could see that you have a lowyer in Jaime Agtang who failed to advise you of existing laws of the land regarding language use in the educational system.
    Have you surrendered yourself to the police for the abuses you committed? You verbally abused these children. You also physically abused one of them. I accuse you of having committed these crimes. Prove yourself that you are not a criminal, otherwise Everyone must consider you a criminal that shall be hunted down and made accountable for his crimes.

    1. Dear Justice
      Lets take your blog and review it….
      Pastor Shah has been apologizing to everyone……
      Anyone can have a bad day and I would say that one day in 26 years is understandable……I am sure you have had some too…..
      As to the mother tongue issue SCA does in fact teach mother tongue in its curriculum as directed….grade 8 is not yet designated in DEPEDs program for this……
      Next your spelling of the word lawyer…..please no cheap shots speak like an adult or at least be professional…….
      As to surrendering to the police….Pastor Brian never made physical contact with any of the students your comment is shear malice……….
      The High School PTA, staff, and teachers met yesterday and are working diligently to correct the handbook, the rules, the discipline, so as to reflect the standard we all know SCA stands for……
      If you truly care about the children then contact the PTA President of the High School and see what you can do to help……
      Positive things happen with a positive attitude……..while a negative attitude is counter-productive……thank you for your inputs in advance I know you can be a positive if you want to be….and GOD BLESS YOU

      1. Ultrun:
        I agree.Positive things attract positive results.You are what you speak.How a person treat others is a reflection of himself. I feel so sorry for people who put down others,as I can not even imagine on how they are disgusted with themselves.They are stuck in a rut of hatred and anger that is eating them alive.This life is so short to wrap oneself with such dark,dark hatred….:( Let’s pray for Justice for the Abused Children….

        1. The whole world is sorry for desperate people like Cabang who oesnt know who is putting others down. It was his revered shah who had put down very young kids and yet he admires his shah who is a child abuser. E Cabang kaya ka di umuunlad

      2. I cant believe this ultron speaks about being an adult and professional when she/he could not even have the faculties to discern what is evil and what is good. Even using God’s name in vain to justify criminals and their crimes. Yeah your beloved shah had been apologizing to everyone except to the children he tormented. Your pointed out that your shah did not physically hit one of the kids. For decent and civilized people, that is already a crime. Dont worry, I will, in due time do the same to you and your shah and we will all agree that there was no contact. Such as your mentality uncivilized people. Dont ever suggest that i get in contact with the PTA. There are as useless as you are. Thye do not know what is evil and what is right. If you dont believe this is not correct, and it is libelous, go get your lowyer and accuse me of libel useless people.

    2. Grabe na to si Justice. Since the start of the issue he is always there to say something. We need other opinions too! There are good sides of Pastor Shah such as projects, missions for the Ilocanos, they are facts already and accomplishments, no need to argue, we must accept it. Now he is having a public apology. You have comments again. If you keep on doing that nobody will believe you anymore in fact I’m tired of your comments already. I thought you are an activist but you are not. Are you one of the parents or relatives of the children? As I see it Pastor Shah is a visionary and he is a great leader. Why bother the private schools as many (can afford) parents like their children to speak English. Send your children to other schools and be proficient in the language that you like.

  2. What is done is water under the bridge.Good things always come out from something bad.I believe this is all for the greater good.Best wishes to SCA as a whole.

  3. We are all sinners but time and again God has forgiven us whatever sins we had committed. Who are we to judge Ptr. Shah. Let the proper authority do their job and leave everything to God. Ptr. Shah is only a human being who commit mistakes but he had apologized. Whatever the color of our skin we have to love one another and if we are filled with the Holy Spirit, then we should love fellow human being with a pure and fervent love.

  4. Pastor Brian, though you have apologized already, you are still liable to the act you did to the students. This does not excuse you from receiving the repercussions of your act. Please do try to be humble as your profession requires you to be so and may I say that should be the thing that every human being does in his/her life all the time. Time heals all wounds though and everybody commits mistake. No worries everything will come to pass but then again, you did wrong and you deserve to be punished.

  5. Back in Singapore where Filipinos are falsely accused of committing crimes they are penalized to the fullest. Over here in the Philippines where Singaporean like Rev. Shah verbally and physically abused children, will he be meted the full force of the law or just a slap in the hand? You better go back to Singapore where you belong! You do not need to stay here a minute longer for all your actuation! My advice is better go home, pastor!

    1. Making racial generalizations about Singaporean Justice vs Philippine Justice is non-sense. We are addressing one issue here and it is being resolved so move on……he is a resident alien and he is home where he belongs……

  6. More blessings for SCA and Pastor Shah.Just one little step at a time.This is only the beginning of true hearts and minds.Moving on…

  7. These are perverts. They continue to admire the criminal. These must be criminals themselves. Kaya di sila umasenso. Pagamit gamit pa ng religius words e ang sasama naman. They not only ocndone abuses, they encourage them by admiring abusers. I will be abusing these perverts and will tell them in their faces that it is what they encourage. They admire his singlish too Read the criminal’s fb post. He wrote: Direct defiant. How can a school official of a singlish-only school not even know how to use the foreign language he waants to be imposed.
    Hunt these perverts down and treat them as criminals…

  8. Bad move for the school to take back the expulsed students. It gives a signal that other students could disobey policies and not punished for it. What’s wrong here most of all, is that offenders are not punished enough so they keep on disobeying the policies. What are laws for if we won’t follow them. It is such a great insult to students who follow the policies of the school and the offenders are given special treatment. Parents, teachers and students who adhere to the school policies should voice out not to accept the expulsed students. The standard of the school will really deteriorate if they do not do anything. The worst thing that people could do is not to do anything when they see something wrong.

    1. Yeah, no one did when someone steal somebody’s folders. No one did anythng fir the chukd abuse case. Perverts!

        1. If the school suspended him based on their findings, wouldn’t that mean that the intention why he ratted out was biased and that his words (against these kids speaking ilocano) are questionable? That would mean, the Pastor didn’t have any reason, in the first place, to “sack” them?
          And by the way, has anyone dared to look as to why these students wanted to rat out on fellow students, in the first place?
          Who will have to answer to these?!

      1. I think, the case of the missing folders and the involved student, has been kept under wraps because it would uncover how the fact that there was no thorough investigation (or there wasn’t even ANY investigation at all) done by the admin; that in fact, the Pres never heard the 3 students speaking ilocano, but reacted immediately to an unfounded accusation of a student, at face value. Oh, by the way, the student has since recanted his statement. What he got as sanction? That I’d want to know…why don’t we ask Deped?

          1. I pity the student who was urged out of his wants (whatever they were), prodded by the carrot dangled in front of him, if he’d rat out his classmates.
            I pity his parents (be they dentist or not), for not knowing the fate of their child. (One thinks of what grade he’ll incur when he was issued suspension amidst the periodical examinations–or are they awaiting the chance to be allowed make-up exams).
            But I pity the expelled students the most because if indeed, the thief retracted his statements, then there wasn’t really a reason for them to have been expelled. Tsk, tsk, tsk…poor students…poor suspended kid…
            What could’ve made him tell on his friends? What made him do such a manipulative act? What made him tell lies?
            Has anyone asked? I wonder if the school has investigated this…I wonder if Deped looked into this…

  9. Let me use the word of Pastor Bryan Shah, why don’t we “suck” him out of Ilocos Norte or better yet out of the Philippines. Why I use the suck word? He use to say that to us. Words from him: “suck them” it means remove him/her in this school. Those who are pro to him, you have no idea what side you are into.

    1. Meaning is right: to dismiss,terminate or remove from employment.It is an informal word (or slang) which originated from British English.However,spelling is wrong.It is “sack”; e.g He was sacked means he was dismissed (or removed or terminated).In American English-booted out,fired or kicked out.Informal.

      1. To Ultron
        The Shah has apologized to everyone but not to the children whom he shamed/hurt and accused wrongly? Ana nga klase a tao dayta gayyem mo. You say that it was just one bad day for him in 26 years, but news go around that he is used to this kind of action. Again you mentioned contacting the HS PTA President, Ms agtang. I heard that up to now she has not made a statement about the issue when as early as Aug 1 she was informed of the incident. Would you like to know why she has not done anything about it? Because sir/mam she is the daughter of your lawyer Jaime Agtang. There is connivance in your school system Ultron dont you see? Everybody selected to fit the will of the great Shah. The lawyer keeps on telling that the parents had 15 days to appeal. Then he should have contacted the parents and told them of their rights He has a grandson in that school ( son of the pta pres.) who is a buddy of one of the kids as I learned they were former classmates. If the lawyer really had a heart and really cared, he should have informed the parents. But you know, I think he did not know about this until Aug 8 when the said dialogue was held. But just like the cohorts of the Shah, he just said amen. Impakat na koma nga talaga ti kina legal counsel ta di ket maibabain ita dayta iskuela da!
        And for the Shah, you have to answer for your actions and I agree with Naomi.

        1. sorry po naman. sack them pala. oo yan po yung sinasabi niya sa aming mga students. hindi ko lang po matanggap bat kailangan niya pong sabihin ang mga yan wherein fact ung mga binabayad namin sa school eh pinambibili ng mga magagarang kotse at nakita ko po kanina may bago nanaman siyang kotse. Yang speaking of iIoko po ang simple lang pong bagay na rason para makick-out ang mga tatlong students po.

          H.S student of SCA

          1. Di pumanaw kad tan.Apay ada ka palang dita no dimo kayat?Apay adda ka palang dita nga tumantangken?? Di ag transfer ka…

            1. Haha… I agree with you Rodgie. You should read the “Pledge of Loyalty” poem, antishah. As early as now you should learn it, so that you will be a better person. Pastor Shah already asked the 3 children to go back at SCA. He made a public apology. What else you expect from him? He is serving the Ilocano through his projects and missions. I think he is more Ilocano….

            2. I agree with Rodgie, Antishah. If you don’t like the institution you should transfer. There are lots of school in Ilocos Norte. By the way as early as now you should read “Pledge of Loyalty”, it will make you a better person. If you are from SCA you know the real reason why they were advised to transfer. They deliberately ignoring the policies. I graduated at SCA elementary school, I still want to study at SCA but my parents cannot afford to send me at SCA so I envy you who is still studying at SCA. Saying derogatory words at my beloved school, sorry but I know those students who were advised to transfer.

  10. Like what I have been posting both sides have said enough. Some insulting, some out of bounds, and most are below the belt. Personalan na, siraan na ng character or character assassination. Ang tanong ko lang, Kung totoo na may nanloko o nagnakaw ng folder ng isa sa mga expelled students which allegedly caused the speaking Ilocano controversy, bakit one month lang ang punishment ng nagnakaw? Talking Iluko inside the SCA Campus was branded as insubordination. True to his words, 3 heads rolled out of SCA the following day because of that offense. But yong nagnakaw which is perceived as the cause of this fiasco I think is back in SCA.

    Kailan pa naging mas magaan ang parusa sa isang magnanakaw kaya sa parusa sa isang nnagsasalita ng Iluko.

    Nagtatanong lang po. No offense intended.

    1. Mr Gerry Labayog, tama ka po sa sinabi nyo na kailan pa mas magaan ang parusa ng isang nagnakaw kaysa nagsalita ng Iluko, yan din po ang tanong ko sa PTA Meeting namin last Aug. 15 and they even seem to hide that the thief is under suspension. To my understanding,there was no proper investigation before the expulsion, and that is sad a mistake that can never be rectified by asking the 3 boys to go back to SCA.I feel for the boys and their parents.

  11. Mr. Shah, in the first place, should never have been in the business of dealing with children. Why I say this? He obviously has a shallow knowledge/understanding of children. That children tend to be playful, carefree and sometimes as expected, oblivious of some rules and regulations. The true educator is one who fully understands the nature of children and not taking assumptions which should never be the case. Where is your knowledge of Child Psychology. Or, have you missed this course at the time you were preparing yourself to be an educator? With the way I see you deal with your schoolchildren, again, I say, you are NOT QUALIFIED to be in the school system much less in the administrative functions as you definitely belong to the old school and not at all attuned to the current times. If I were you, I should feel ashamed staying any longer in the Philippines. You have made yourself an unwanted guest here and if I had the authority, I would ask you to pack up right now and SCRAM! Get lost – to say it better. Hope you take heed. Saying you are sorry for what you have done is just bad mouthing as this is the easiest thing to do in this case. To me, they are just foolish words to save one’s ugly face just like yours. Go rot in ——-.

  12. Agree with you Andy. And to think that the Shah was awarded Doctor of Tehology and MASTER OF CHRISTIAN EDUCATION frpm Theological University in June 15 2013 at Sequoia Hotel, Manila (see Revelations newsletter of Saviors p.4 vol. 51 June 2013). The school should be ashamed of him because of his actions, he never learned anything from his masteral degree. O kaya ito ung eskuwelang binabayaran just to get an award or a diploma – they write you a letter asking for a certain amount for them to give you an award. Matagal nang raket ito. I know because I have been receiving letters like this but I never accepted their offer.But knowing now the characteristic of the shah, he had to grab this offer para ma elevate ung persona niya.
    Not long after his award, nagpahiya sya nang estudyante. Scam nga ung school na nagbigay ng award sa kanya. Another case for investigation – calling CHED.

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