Pastor Brian Shah airs side, assures public he is not anti-Ilocano

riknakem.jpgThis year, 2013, has no doubt been a roller coaster ride for Rev. Brian Shah, president of Saviour’s Christian Academy in Laoag City. Just last February, he was awarded as one of the Most Outstanding Laoagueños. Today, he is an object of national wrath, and moves are underway to have him deported to his home Singapore.

Shah is currently embroiled in a controversy that has angered Filipinos here and overseas—the expulsion of 3 students from his school on the sole ground of speaking in Ilocano.

A blog post I made last Tuesday morning went viral in a few hours, and prompted the media to cover it.  Various groups have issued statements of support for the three kids while an online petition for Shah’s ouster as school president and deportation from the country is gaining steam.

So far, most people know only three things about Reverend Brian Shah: president, pastor, and Singaporean.
And this is because he has denied all requests from us in the media to get their side. That, they say, was upon the advise of their lawyer who eventually spoke for SCA in media interviews. Thus, we know so little about Shah’s version of the story.

Last Friday, Shah, through an emissary, requested to talk to me so he can air his side. The interview happened yesterday, Aug. 9, in his office at the Saviour’s Christian Academy. It was a holiday so only Shah and his wife May who serves as the school’s administrator, were in the campus, aside from the security guards stationed at the gate.

I was a bit afraid to the do the interview but I went anyway. The couple welcomed me warmly. Pastor Shah sat down with me in his office, Ms. May would later join us after serving coffee.

The moment we sat, Shah looked at me, his eyes already wet. “It has been a very painful week for me, Herdy,” he said as his tears fell.  I did not expect the scene; it was not the Pastor Brian Shah I imagined.

Almost sleepless the past days, Shah has been at the receiving end of phone calls from angry individuals and groups here and abroad. “The moment I say hello, they would start yelling foul words, and some would even threaten me with harm.”

I told him I would listen to anything he would like to share. The 59-year old pastor then began by recalling why he came here to Ilocos Norte. In the mid-80’s, he was a rising executive in a multinational company in Singapore, and has been offered the a tempting offer to head marketing operations in Southeast Asia. However, he felt God’s strong calling for the missions, and decided to come here to the Philippines instead.

Reverend Brian Shah during the August 9 interview
Reverend Brian Shah during the August 9 interview

In 1987, he was initially assigned in Dilavo, a fishing village in Pasuquin, one of Ilocos Norte’s poorest towns. There, he immersed with the villagers. He said worked with them and embraced the people’s way of life.

The following year, they moved to Laoag City to start their ministry and built the Church of Our Saviour in a rented space at A. Castro Avenue. They constructed a small chapel and, behind it, a small preschool.  It was, in fact, a makeshift structure that people referred to as “Kusina School.” For four years it was for free. Later on, rich students were asked to pay so they can subsidize the poor.

Through the years, they established other centers: an orphanage in Abra, a shelter for sexually abused children in San Nicolas, and a free medical and dental clinic. They have also been active in disaster relief operations.

In 2000, the school transferred to its current location in D. Samonte Street. The compound occupies almost a whole block and houses several buildings. Tuition fee per student now ranges between P22,000-P24,000, inclusive of books and other materials. But the couple have also sponsored scholarships for poor students, some of whom are now working as professionals. They currently have four scholars at SCA.

English-speaking Policy

The English-speaking policy at SCA began around 10 years ago when Shah noticed that even Grade 5 pupils could not speak basic English. “How come our students are paying for their education, and yet they have not learned basic English?” he wondered. He said he wanted to equip students linguistic skills that will make them globally competitive. Shah said he has always emphasized to the students the value of excelling at what they do, and to dream big. “You should not only aspire to be a lawyer or a doctor, but a good lawyer or a good doctor.” He said he believes that proficiency in English would open up doors of opportunities for them.

Still, he said, he recognizes the importance of the vernacular, citing that in their Church, half of the worship services are in Ilocano while the other half are in English. He shared that SCA provides a vibrant multicultural environment. Of their 670-strong student population, 20 are Muslim while 10 are Hindu. Moreover, many of their teachers are Catholics and members of Iglesia ni Cristo. He also said that some of their teachers are homosexuals, and are not discriminated against. “What is important to us is their talent and their passion to help the kids.”

Moreover, Shah clarified that the school is fully compliant with the Mother Tongue Based Multilingual Education, and that Ilocano is being used as medium of instruction in Grades 1 and 2.

On the dismissals

Shah said he has received many complaints from Grade school pupils and their parents as to why high school students have been violating the language policy. “How come we in Grade school are speaking in English while many high school students continue to speak in Ilocano?” Shah quoted the pupils as saying.

He said the original punishment was to make the violator write a thousand times that he will not speak Ilocano. But Shah, a hands-on administrator, felt the need to be stricter in imposing the language rule. So, on July 30 in the afternoon, he went to all the classes in the high school level to warn them not to violate the English-speaking policy. “I have given you a lot of warnings in the past but you continue to violate. I am giving you this last warning. Please, I really want you to learn English, so please follow the rule.” Shah told the students.

However, just a few hours later, he received a report that the three kids (who, Shah says, were inseparable) spoke Ilocano. “I was upset,” he said, “and that to me was more of a defiance thing, and not much of an Ilocano thing. They were defying school authority.” That very afternoon, he told Samboy Respicio who he said, “is like a son to me,” and whose parents have been his co-pastors for 25 years, that he will be asked to transfer to another school.

That night,  Shah posted on the school’s official Facebook page, “Insubordination and direct defiant (sic) among students is totally unacceptable and I don’t tolerate such nonsense. Tomorrow heads will roll. It took us many years to build the school to what it is today and just a few to destroy all our hard work.”

shah fb post

The next day, Shah informed the other two students, Kleinee Bautista and Carl Abadilla, about his decision, that they will be advised to transfer to another school. Shah denies having gestured like he was about to hit one of the expelled boys. He also denies having said a foul word. “But I admit that I raised my voice because I was overcome by my emotions,” he said.

Due Process

Shah admitted that there may have been some lapse in due process. “I was unaware that the students had 15-days to appeal the decision.  Even the parents were not aware of that.”

According to the parents, however, School Principal Cristeta Pedro told them that the pastor’s decision was final and that parents can already get the report cards so that they can transfer their kids to other schools.

Asked whether he regrets having made such a drastic decision, Shah, after a long pause, said “maybe I should have just talked to the students and their parents.” Reprimand is the penalty specified in the school’s student handbook for violation of the English-speaking policy.

Apology to kids, parents  

Shah said he apologized to the parents during a dialogue held at the DepEd Ilcos Norte office called by Superintendent Araceli Pastor. “I know you are angry, but please accept my apology,” Shah told them. Some family members , however,  were not ready to accept the apology.

Meanwhile, DepEd Assistant Secretary for Legal and Legislatve Affairs Tonisito Umali is keeping a close eye on the issue. In a television interview yesterday, he categorically stated that speaking in the vernacular is not a valid ground for expelling students. “Mali po talaga yun. Walang batang dapat patalsikin dahil nagsalita lang naman ng Ilokano kahit may English-speaking policy,” he told ABS-CBN’s Anthony Taberna. Moreover, Umali said expulsion of a student is a penalty that must be approved by the Office of Education Secretary Armin Luistro.

Shah said they will revise the student handbook to conform to existing laws. On Monday, Aug. 13, the Parents-Teachers Association will meet to talk about the issue rocking the school.

Learning Curve

Towards the end of the interview, Shah wanted to reassure the Ilocano people of his continued solidarity with them. “After all these years, I have also considered myself as an Ilocano,” he said. “We have sold our house in Singapore, we really have no other home but here,” he said. “It is in this land where we want to retire, die, and be buried.” Fifteen years ago, Shah said he was offered the presidency of a bible school in the United States, but he refused it. Shah lives with wife his wife in Laoag City. They do not have any kids.

Shah said he treats this humbling experience as a “spiritual learning curve” for them. He believes that “troubles do not come to harm you, but to change and transform you to something better.”

He said he prays that, at the end of the day, people will not remember him only for this controversy but for his efforts to make the lives of those whose lives he has touched better than his own. He ended the two-and-a-half hour interview with this metaphor: “Our ceiling will be their roof.”

Reverend Brian Shah with wife May
Reverend Brian Shah with wife May


Humble beginnings in the Philippines
Humble beginnings in the Philippines
Dilavo, Pasuquin (1987)
Dilavo, Pasuquin (1987)

20130810_233312 IMG_6893 IMG_6894

Shah says his Filipino staff and church mates stick it out with him for many years
Shah says his Filipino staff and church mates stick it out with him for many years
At the old Church of Our Saviour compound
Shah says their medical and dental facilities are free for all
Shah says their medical and dental facilities are free for all
The now-defunct Shelter of Grace, which catered to young victims of sexual abuse; most cases were incest.
The now-defunct Shelter of Grace, which catered to young victims of sexual abuse; most cases were incest.

Author: Herdy La. Yumul

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  1. Matapos ang lahat nang nasabi at panghuhusga ng media ukol sa tsubibong ito, sa wakas, narito na ang hinihintay kong panig. Salamat, Manong Herdy. Gujab.

  2. thank God u posted this sir, i believed from the very start that Pastor Brian has a good heart and he doesn’t deserve all those hurtful words thrown against him… dapat din kasing pakinggan muna natin side nia before tau magsalita ng masasama…

  3. Tenks naman po sa new post nio… sa nagdaang araw ay puro na lang panghuhusga at kung anu ano na ang kinocomment about him and the school… tama ba na sa isang pagkakamali lang eh.. lahat mabubura ang magagandang nagawa ng isang tao… tama bang sasabihing bumalik na sa sariling bansa .. tama bang ipasara ang SCA ng dahil lang sa simpleng nangyari… ISIPIN DIN NATIN MGA ESTUDYANTE NA NAAAPEKTUHAN NA.. SAKA ISIPIN PO NATIN SI PASTOR BRIAN SHAH..BANYAGA PO SATEN PERO dipo magandang sabihin na umuwi sa lugar nia… e kung baliktarin situation .. sa dame din po ng kapwa natin pilipino na nasa ibang bansa .. at ganyan gawin sa isang maliit na pagkakamali e ganyan din sasabihin .. sana naman po maayos na to …WAG NIO NA PALAKIHIN…….

    1. You know ms. Apostolic, interpreter ako dito sa Hawaii. Marami na ang nadeport dahil sa iba’t- ibang kasalanan. At saka, kahit naririto kami, people respect our culturesa mga schools, Ilokano students are not barred from speaking Iluko or Tagalog when they are in campus. And even in classes, they are not punished or being screamed upon.. But in SCA, talking in our mother tongue or national language is even rudely punished.

      1. I am sorry ms Apostol, I typed Ms Apostol but my iPad wrote apostolic. No offense made.

      2. Mr. Labayog, gusto ko pong ipalagay na ang mga kaso ng sinasabi n’yong nadeport diyan sa Hawaii ay dumaan muna sa masusing imbestigasyon.

        Hindi po ganoon ang nangyayari sa kaso ni Pastor Shah. Gusto na po natin siyang ipa-deport kahit wala pang imbestigasyon ang mga kinauukulan. Kahit nga ‘di pa natin nakukuha ang panig niya noon, bigla na lang tayong gumawa ng petisyon. Hindi po ata makatarungan iyon.

        Kung hindi makatarungang napaalis ang mga estudyante kahit hindi pa narinig ang panig ng mga magulang nila, hindi rin po yata makatarungang bigla na lang natin siyang husgahan kahit hindi pa natin narinig ang panig niya.

        Naniniwala po akong may kasalanan si Pastor Shah, pero naniniwala rin po akong pati ang mga makasalanan ay dapat mabigyan ng hustisya.

        1. When a petition for deportation is filed, there is always an investigation. Now if it is found out that the perpetrator is guilty, then he is deported. But based on a report from a very reputable writer, his acts were not justified. In every deportation proceedings , there is always a due process.

      3. kitaem met banyaga isuna ngem kayat na nga ipada ti ilokano nga nalaing ken makaawat iti ingles,,kamali na laeng medyo nabugkawan nalang diyay studiante na usto met isuna nga apay dagita grade school makasarita da inglesh dagita high school saan da nga makasarita..amin met ngamin kampi iti maymaysa nga panig,,ammoyo apo high school daitan ken medyo ammo da bassit ti grade school ti nagsao sigurado nga pudno ti ibagada..kamali na nga talaga apay nga inexpell na dagidiyay studiante na ket saan nga dapat kuma, klaro pay yanta student handbook da nga awan met nkasurat idiay nga nu agilokano ka maiikat ka..dakkel nga biddut na nga ana pay ngarud ti mabalin kabsat..managpakawan to pay ni apo dios datayo ketdin..maala lang ti panagpipannakawan dayta ken panagsasarita ti tunngal panig..

        Ken datayo apo nga adda ditoy, saan tau kadi nga agsisinnungbaten gapu kadayta nga banag nu di ket gabayan tayo ida kada tunngal panig nga ayosen dayta nga problema..ibakagk ti ingles.” We are only human that is imperfect of all kind of aspects, we are lucky if we don’t have mistake in every day we moved. remember that we have only one life and enjoy it by helping other.”….amen

      4. Speaking in native tongue when u are with ur foreign friends shows disrespect! …at school, workplace or in public place! Isn’t that true Sir? Good manners n right conduct 101!

  4. There is correlation between speaking English to knowledge of English, but the former does not imply the latter and obviously the other way around. I for one who is fluent at it (after living in US for some time), do not believe the English-speaking policy is necessary. It is enough that you know the basics in case you need it in the future, but you do not have to apply it everyday. As an Ilocano and a student in a premium university today, many opportunities open up, particularly overseas, indeed I will be needing to be fluent if ever I pursuit those, but how about those who will not? The fluency to speak of English should be a burden to those who wants/needs it, and the majority of your students will probably not even need to be fluent.

    I agree, English is essential, but it should not be mandatory, not to the point of expelling young generation. Who you say you want to be successful, but your actions shows otherwise.

    On the matter at hand, I believe he should not be deported or even demoted or whatever. Whose story is fabricated does matter for now, as the punishment needs be dealt, however in the future it does not, surely events like this will not happen again for a while. He made a wrong decision, but we cannot exclude how much he had helped others through the school and every positive things he did since he came here. This event should have been a clear statement to whoever is in the illusion of grandeur, that power is in the people. All in all, he stays, students re-enroll(or find other school), fix guidelines, follow them, do not let your emotions get over you and think logically; and continue living.

  5. . I still am not convinced. His post before the expulsion says, “head will roll”. Meaning a very serious consequence would happen. In the old days, this is not just a metaphor. If they say heads will roll, it means heads would be separated from the body. See the choice of words.

    One close to me was a victim of the 1000 words, but it was in Tagalog. Imagine being punished by speaking our national language? How rude!

    Also, his efforts paid off. He is now a very rich man. Aside from donations from being a pastor, he owns a school and I heard that he has ventured in business other than the school and his ministry.

    I am sorry for being idealistic. In the early seventys, I was one of those hard line students fighting for our rights as Filipinos. What the Brian Shah did ignited again my spirit as a fighter for the oppressed. I hope you understand.

    1. Dear Gerry….Lets get some things straight……first Pastor Brian Shah does not own Saviours Christian Academy or the Church it is part of a larger foundation from Singapore. Secondly the foundation used to pay a salary to he and his wife, but they are no longer receive this payment as they are retirement age and that is the policy for Singaporeans. He has been here in the Philippines doing good works for many years to uplift Ilocanos while you sit in Hawaii probably doing next to nothing. So you were an activist in the 70’s so what, did you improving any lives here? Pastor Brian has been here through good times and bad and never given up helping. A final by the way there are 6 pastors at Church of Our Saviours, only 10% of the donations go toward their salaries (which is not very much) so get off your high horse and either do something good to help or get out of the way. I am a Church member, a father of two wonderful children who study at Saviours, and in my spare time I do volunteer work here which I have been doing for 10 years and I can only hope that someday I do even half as much as Pastor Brian has done. Thank you.

      1. I am with you, Eric. I really don’t understand why people have to talk so much whilst not doing anything great. Instead of just sitting and being an activist, why these people don’t exert a little muscle to make a change?

        To you, Gerry: see yourself first before giving any of your non-sense opinion because it is a BIG SHAME!

        1. Mr or ms Dee. Wow, you are the one who is shameful. To defend 3 aggrieved students and protecting our Ilokano Language is not a shame. I am coming home again next year. I will lay down everything that I did when I was still in Laoag and everything that I have contributed and done while I work in Hawaii. I will also produce copies of all my comments regarding this act by your honorable Pastor. I challenge you to do the same, then we will meet in a safe and neutral place in Laoag. We both lay down all our achievements and see who is really doing nothing. I just don’t want to brag what I do and have done.

          A lot of individuals have done and exerted big muscles to give justice to the expelled children. Unless of course, you side with Eric Church and your pastor, then go ahead, express anything you want . Ad still, thank you for your comment in my behalf.

      2. Oh shut up Erich Church, you make money out for printing test papers and others for the school. Shame on you to say you do voluntary works, in Ilocano you are another SIPSIP. You make money from those poor kids selling this and that for 10X more expensive that the original price.

        1. I worked with Pastor Brian Shah and his ministry during our missions trip to Laoag. I just want to let you know that before we judge him,we should know the guy first. His passion and works for the Ilocanos are tremendous. We went to far flung places of Ilocos Norte to conduct medical, dental and evangelical missions out of our own pockets and we did not solicit from the church congregation or to any political figures in the area. He is more Ilocano than anyone of us.

          1. Even if we don’t know the guy, whatever you say about him does not matter. agdadata appo nga isuna nga mismo ti nag violate ti rules. much worse, isuna ngamin ti presidente dita eskwela. dapat leng nga maikkan iti maikkannatad nga dusa, nobody is above the law. No ngamin naburak tay bason narigat wenno saan mo nga maisublin, gumatang ka manen a ken masapul nga taripatuem nga nasayaat.

        2. Dear Against Child Abuse……yes my wife and I have a store……..yes we print………but no the costs are cheaper than anywhere else including printing for the students reports…….and yes I do volunteer work….I have served as the Warden for the U.S. Embassy in Ilocos for 10 years now helping anyone that comes to me with issues that the Embassy can resolve such as SSS and passport issues and or visa and tax information. I serve as the Retired Affairs Officer in Ilocos helping retired U.S. Veterans as well. So what do you do besides complain and speculate about others. Thank you and God Bless

          1. LOL Against Child Abuse, such a shame. I wonder if you’ve tried entering SCA nor asking sir Eric’s store to print your papers. I wonder if you know sir Eric Church’s background nor Ptr. Brian’s background. Please ask your parents or even your children what does “Good manners and right conduct” mean. Do me a favor PO and do not reveal your real name because that would put your name in to shame.

            1. Anonymous, yes I do know Eric Church, my son goes to Saviour’s and one of the top 10 in class that excels in Academic and extracurricular, so step aside because I know what I am talking about.

          2. Eric Church, FYI, I never complain about the school policies,you do volunteer work outside SCA, I do not really care about that. I do not speculate about others, I have witnessed parents scolding their children of buying and spending money on things you are selling 10 times than the original price, that is a ripped off from the poor kids allowance. I do not have anything against the school policies as long as it is implemented accordingly, If I ever have a complaint I make sure that I am right and stand my ground. Retired Affairs Officer in Ilocos Norte helping U.S Veterans????never heard of you there. my father is a U.S. Veteran. don’t be a “SIPSIP”.

          3. Eric Church, you forgot to tell the whole world how much you earn from doing all these things. How much do you suck from the checks of veterans?

            1. I didn’t know there is a US embassy in Ilocos? If you do volunteer works or doing God’s work you don’t need to shout to the whole world what you have done to other people. It’s better to remain silent and humble and be a blessing to others than to be a boastful. If you’re truly a man of God then embrace your calling.

                1. Mango pie, did I hit a nerve of yours? It’s not onlyPtr. Shah whocn do the God’s work. There’s a lot of magnanimous people in our home town doing the work of Godbut theemain silent and live in a simple and normal life and not to boastedwhat theyhad done to others. They had touched their liveso these people but theyddn’t tell to the whole world what theyhd done to our fellow kababayans. Is it because thath is a foreigner thats whyyu’re submissiveto? Try to read this passage:” Don’t be conformed to the patternso this world but be transformed by the renewing of your minds so thatyou can figure out what God’s will is-what is good and pleasingand mature”.(Rom. 12:2)

              1. Babes Madrid and Lita there is no U.S Embassy in Ilocos Norte. Very well said Babes Madrid. Erich Church thinks Ilocanoes are ignorant.

            2. I am the Warden for Ilocos Norte……The U.S. Embassy has designated reps called “Warden” we are situated all over the Philippines to assist the Embassy staff. Currently there are 250 warden station in the Philippines working to assist our fellow Americans. I have been the warden in Ilocos Norte for 10 years.

              1. Erich Church, we do not really care about your personal life, do you have a BIR Permit then with the said business you have???are you paying your dues???

          4. You know it is so shameful to see all your bruhahas here. You are going personal here already. You are claiming your past achievements but these have never defined the persons you are claiming you have been. AGAIN, REGARDLESS OF WHAT YOU HAVE DONE, OR WHAT PASTOR BRIAN HAD DONE, AGAIN TAY ISSUE NGA MADI TI INARAMID NA ISU LATTA TI KITAN YO. DIKAYO KADI MABAIN NGA ADU UNAY TI NAGSANGAAN TAY SARITA YO DITOYEN?
            eric church, common, be man enough to really look at the issue at hand. stop being so childish defending a man who violated the rules.

            1. The case was closed today with signing by all parties of the final resolution. The case is closed time to move on now. Thank you all who supported both sides and God Bless.

              1. Naomi, you are right, but with Eric Church, the case will never be closed, let me get back at you about this one, let me get info from the parents involved.

        3. Sa iyo againts child abuse….. naturingan pa naman tayong mga pilipino/ilocano ganito ang mga ugali natin umaastang tama ang iyong sinasabi kay eric church sana naman kinonfirm mo muna bago ka nagcomment kung ano anu ang iyong sinabi napaka walang modo mo naman na sinasabi mong 10xmorexpensive naiintindihan mo ba ang iyong sinabi or wala ka lang masabi kaya ganyan ka sana naman alamin mo muna ang katutuhanan bago ka mag react, talaga nga naman nakakahiya ka! Ugaling nating pilipino na mapanghusga alisin na ….

          1. Mrs Mango Pie, I know what I am talking about, I am a parent myself, my son used to buy those cheapy stuff from you that you buy from the market and was alarmed because of the price you had been selling it to the kids.

            1. andami po pla problma sa saviours bkit dun ka pa?mahal pla bumili dun d anak mo pagsabihan mo.dami mo pla complain sa buhay bkit d mo sbhin pg my meeting.narigat gamin nu adu complain ngem ta la ruar pangibagbagaan.pumanaw ka ta school nu dim kayat patakaran ganun la kasiple yun ta d ka mastress ket agsakit ka pay.

              1. ISisa Jumbanji, FYI If you read all my post I do not have any problem with SCA policies, bakit sa loob ka ba ng SCA nagtitinda? you are peddling outside SCA di ba, don’t you know that SCA discouraged the children to buy outside SCA that is why SCA have the chips to spend???Please read more so that you can understand what you are talking about. Chill out.


      3. Dear Mr. Church, may I ask, is this really your own name? My name is German but most people know me by this name Gerry. First, Mr Shah built the SCA. (Based on the above article). Second, he came here to establish himself by the school business and with partnership with other businesses. If I can email you privately, I could mention one. Also, I am not sitting here doing next to nothing (how rude). I used to work with the government in the Philippines but I got out because I could not tolerate corruption and injustice. Despite of motivation from friends and some influential people, I declined running for a elective post. I was the chairman of the first PPCRV in Laoag City when it was first introduced in election 1992. I am not sitting for nothing. I come home every year but I don’ want to brag .what I do to alleviate the lives of the poor particularly Ilokanos. With regards to Mr Shah, have you read what he posted prior to the expulsion of the 3 students? HEADS will roll. He almost threw a cellphone to one of the students and uttered the word BIT*H. He punished a student whom I know very well to write a sentence1000 times just by speaking our national language. If you are sympathetic to Mr. Shah, I can’t blame you. He is your Pastor.

        Yes I was an activist in the early seventys. We have exposed several corrupt politicians in their corrupt practices. We prevented higher cost of basic needs ang services by marching on the streets. We expedite the construction of the Laoag bridge. I headed a group of students to enter the then heroes hall where then President Marcos was having a meeting with placards clamoring to continue the construction of the bridge. After two days, foreign surveyors were seen. It was dangerous for us but wechad to do it. The rest is history. You must understand, what Mr. shah did to my fellow Ilocanos is something that I do not tolerate, same with thousand or million more Ilocanos all over the world. Maybe, you ca tolerate his acts.

        Thank you Mr Eric Church

        1. Sir German Labayog your name seems familiar to me, because my brother in law was an activist during that year.

    2. I understand…and pastor shah had also admitted his mistake and even asked an apology…he’s doin his best to make things right…and i think we should give him the takes a real man to say sorry…but you also should take note that the teachers,students and even former students are now being oppressed and they are at the receiving end…what about them…is it right they should be harrassed too? Whose fighting for them?….some people are so rude and cruel they are just as worst!


    3. Sir, I think you belong to those types of people who cant see the positive side of people… you look at the negative and stay at the negative… your looking straight, but not looking around you… learn how to see everything, and to not be blinded by the past… the past is a good place to go, but not a excellent place to stay.

      Student of SCA..

      1. RIGHT Kaptinuzi…
        “How you see people is a direct reflection of how you see yourself”


  6. This should serve as a lesson for all of us: that we should not judge a person to the point of cursing him without even knowing who he really is and without even knowing his side of the story.
    Hell, this should prompt us to refrain from signing a petition without even having full comprehension of the issue. Doing so is basically similar to what the Reverend did: it’s acting without due process.

  7. Thank you for posting this article.I have waiting for this to come along,as I really wanted to hear his side.I can see his point when it comes to English proficiency.However,the policy (in regard to this issue) must be re written.I do not agree of the expulsion;but I agree that punishment must fit the crime so it also becomes a teaching opportunity.I have direct contact with SCA as my nephew is in Grade 8 and at 13 years,his proficiency in English both oral and written is outstanding.As a family,we also encourage English proficiency in our own home ,as we believe that it will open wider opportunities for himself-employment,travel,social circles,careers,etc.A question asked in English requires an answer in English,in Tagalog is the same thing and so is Ilocano.It is working well so far.We do stand by our heritage because that is our main identity;but as a family,being proficient in the international language is also a must.
    I hope that hearing the other side will enable us to look at the situation clearer as we all have judged and crucified enough.Do I think that PBS must be deported? No.That he must step down? Not either.However,do I think that the policy should be looked at again? Yes.Do I agree of the expulsion of the boys? No.
    Thank you.

    1. Very well said too is a parent of a SCA student, and i choose to enroll him into this school because of the policy..and i want my child to learn how to talk and write the English language so well.because i believe that it is very important for his future. we really must have to think that it’s not everyday that we talk to Filipinos, and it will not be forever that we stay in the Philippines. our children might want also to go out of the country to work or maybe they will be the one to represent the country in some competitions abroad. it has always been a pride during contest like pageants for example, that Filipino contingents need not an interpreter.we are known for this..Filipinos have high proficiency in English language.
      Give chance to Pastor Shah. If God forgives our sins and give us another chance, who are we to condemn him. 😉

    2. I share the same opinion with you Jonathan and Melinda.My concern is the school policy to be reviewedand implemented accordingly.My son is in Grade 8, I do not have problem with the English Speaking policy but we as adults, we should be very careful with our decisions because it will always the poor kids that will suffer. I strongly opposed the expulsion of the 3 boys.Every school opening I make sure that I and my son read and understand the School Handbook, it is such a negligence that Pastor Brian Shah admitted that he is not aware of the 15 days to appeal the expulsion???the memo says “effective immediately”.

      1. Hi Against Child Abuse:

        My nephew must be pals with your son.I may even have pics of him:)My nephew is very friendly to everybody and feels sorry for what happened.

        1. Hello Jonathan and Melinda, maybe, I am very sure of that because my Grade 8 son is active in school activities, my heart really breaks for the 3 boys, I cannot imagine the agony of these young minds, and the parents that were denied of their appeals.I promise that as a parent I will do my part that those policies will be reviewed and should be implemented accordingly.

          1. Hi Against….
            The boys will be fine.I am sure that many years from now,they will just shrug it off and laugh about it with their real friends.They will find new friends.Besides,with technology,they will always be in touch.
            Who knows? This could be a good thing in many ways that are still to come.
            J & M

  8. You al lial….pastol…. you will lealn mole lesson…. this bastard continues to lie… you will get what you wished for

  9. after being advised by his lowyer not to speak to the medi, he suddenly did. well, he did so upon the advise of that lowyer. great. does anyone see the insincerity???

    1. He finally came out (probably) and share his thoughts and mind you..extended his apology not only to shed light to what had happened because we all know there’s always 3 sides of the story…but also because the situation is going out of control..the students and even former students are being oppressed na rin…marami ng nadadamay and to think people blame ptr. Shah so much they forget they are becoming even worst…my daughter is a product of Saviour..proud to be one…we are now in milan, italy..a country who is only now (imagine that) starting to incorporate english in their school…they spend lots of money to learn english…but it’s easier when one starts at an early age…my daughter never had any problem..she’s popular at her school because she can speak and write english fluently and they envy her…thanks to saviour because she was properly equipped….

  10. Eto na naman yung mga hipokrito, na wala pang nagawang mabuti sa kanilang bansa o sa probinsya man lang,,,ang gagaling nating manghusga… itanong mo muna sa sarili mo kung meron ka nang naitulong sa ating bayan…. and onetjing more If there is someone out there that has never made a mistake I would love to meet him/her…….. Pastor Brian has been doing great things in Ilocos for over 24 years…….can anyone of (hypocrites) say they have done as much…….duh kaya magsitigil na kayo!!!!

    1. well said… no one can pull that off in 24 years.. and if anyone comments negatively towards this, I advise them to try and do what he did in those 24 years of his stay here in Ilocos Norte

      -Student of SCA

        1. that shouldnt be ilocano po ang mga batang yan anong ieexpect natin syempre their giong to talk ilocano that policy should be removed we ilocano welcome him here so he should respect our very own dialect


          1. They should investigate the background of the students who are punished. The English-policy of the school has been there for years. Bakit ngayon lang nagkaganyan ng violent reaction ang parents? There must be something wrong. In the first place they should have not enrolled their child if they do not want that policy. There’s the handbook, they must read it. If I had a child, I would enroll him to that school. That school is for our own benefit!! We have the choice. THE POLICY DOESN’T APPLY IN ILOCOS. ONLY INSIDE THE CAMPUS. How can we attract investors and tourist if ILOCANOS can’t speak English? Aren’t you gonna be ashamed if your High School graduate son/daughter can’t even speak straight English? That is an International school, Americans, Indians, and more nationalities. I’d say, The people who made this so big… felt really bad for the punishment and they can’t accept na napahiya ang pangalan nila. And that is wrong.

            – HS Graduate from SCA

            1. That policy doesn’t mean he doesn’t respect Ilocanos Or the Iloco language. Speaking bad words inside the campus should not be tolerated because it is a Christian school.

                1. To Anonymous:
                  Shame that you said you graduate from SCA, anak ko it is the due process that was not given to the kids.GO BACK TO SCA AND GO OVER THE HANDBOOK, SHAME THAT YOU DON’T HAVE ANY IDEA OF WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT.

                  1. Please check your grammar ma’am/sir. It is not a ‘shame’ to say I am a graduate of that school. They were too hasty to transfer. Please know the real story before saying anything.Bashing me, and the school, just shows what kind of personality you have. Thank you and God bless you.

                    1. Anonymous, I know the real story because I am close to the 2 parents of these kids who were expelled.”You said they were to hasty to transfer” or is it you that do not know the real story, that is why I say shame that you say you are a graduate at SCA, you should be careful when you say a word when in fact it seems you do not know what you are talking about,These kids that were expelled were Grade 8 with my son.

                    2. To Against Child Abuse:

                      Alright then ma’am/sir. But if the ‘real story’ that you know only reflects from one side, then I beg to disagree that that isn’t the ‘Real story’. Whoever that anonymous guy/girl is, I agree with him. Just because you are close to the 2 parents of those kids whom you are saying that are ‘expelled’ from SCA, doesn’t mean that you know the real story. You say it is a Shame that he said he’s a graduate of SCA, I say shame on you, you are a parent from SCA who argues with a graduate who can speak out his thoughts clearer that you.

                    3. Anonymous, the root of the speaking of Ilocano has been investigated and the issue was these kids were not given due process. Scroll and look for the comment of Koncencia Sabado and that was what happened. Do you really understand what is going on???too bad you say you are a graduate of SCA.

    2. Naughty Saint, tell me what you and your Shah had done for the benefit of humanity. You and your Shah are only doing everything you do for your own good. Bisnis is bisnis lang para sa inyo. Show the world it is a noble undertaking by educating those kids na di kayo kumkita. Shame on all of you who are suporting the evil deeds of this Shah. If I will shout at your kids and gesture to smash them with my phone because they all look idiots, will that be justified? Your Shah committed a crime and he is a criminila. And you still support him? You are criminal yourselves! Kung ako sa you naughty saint, punta ka sa SM, buli ka dun ng konting self-respect.

  11. Kas kuna ti Nasantuan a Biblia, Maysa laeng a bangbanglo ti mangdadael iti sangabotelia a bangbanglo. (1) the real moral and intellectual mind of Dr. Brian Shah is reflected in the school’s FB page; “Insubordination and direct defiant (note the improper use of English) among students is totally unacceptable. Tomorrow heads will roll.. ” (2) in a media interview, one of the expelled children said that Dr. Shah berated and shouted at them. (That’s how the pastor, a very highly educated one, treats a young person, nay, a young Ilokano boy?) (3) If he considers himself an Ilokano, why can’t Dr. Shah speak the language after staying all these many years in Ilocos Norte? Why is he prohibiting parents and the children’s chaperons from speaking Ilokano inside the school campus? He was quoted as saying that if they can’s speak Ilokano, they should shut their mouths while inside the campus–hey, the prohibition applies only to the students! (4) Dr. Shah said that he was unaware “that the students had 15 days to appeal the decision.” What? Come again, pastor. You were supposed to have crafted the Handbook and suddenly, you developed amnesia?..

    1. These people already know that it is a failed experiment. SCA students are not good at this foreign language they try to mimic. One can learn a language better through his lingua franca. That policy to prohibit people from using their lingua franca is just plain stupid at best. Anyone supporting Shahs idea should try to improve themselves and try to educate themselves more.

      1. Dear Justice for All…..quite the contrary SCA students have been winning more awards and placing higher in competitions in both English and Tagalog over the past couple of years than most of the other schools in Ilocos region including the UP Namnama competitions. SCA’s student population has been growing rapidly over the past few years because parents recognize excellence in education when they see it.
        The only thing that seems to have failed is your views on what education is and It seems you are the one in need of furthering your education.

        1. saan nga agpayso dayta inbagam Eric Church. Di yo pay lang maartapan ti MMSU-LHS, Lorma SSHS, Baguio CNHS ken SLC no contest aglalo no UP Namnama nga kunam. Maysa la nga pinangabak ket awan dayta. Apay ana kadi ti rank yo idi no over-all ti pagsasaritaan? Agtalna kayo ngaminen tapno awan ti masao dagiti tao kadakayo Tata.

          1. Naomi:
            I am a supporter of SCA in my thoughts.I would love my children to be carrying their logo,but my husband and I have 3 HS boys and money does not allow that to happen.Yes,we can not afford it to be honest!
            It is a very young school compared to those you have mentioned.Every school had to start somewhere,and nobody can be at the top without starting from the bottom,right Naomi?But nobody should be ostracized also because they are not at the top.
            I hope that that Pastor Shah and HCA will weather this storm,as I believe something good will come out of this.

        2. You see Eric Church? You need to learn. You also need to learn how to be honest and not be a crook peddler in school, taking advantage of students by charging exorbitant fees. Learn to be a Christian po. Kaasi kami pay nga agbas basa ken dagiti nagannak kadakami. No adda babain yo apo Eric Church, isardeng yun nga supurtaran ti kinadakes ni Shah.

          1. cguro cka ading nakalalaing ka anya ngem ms kaykayat ko py nga awan ammok ngem ag ugali t kas kenka kas basbasaek t ibagbagam saan met opinion mo dy napasamak nu d ket kasla adda guram ken pastor Brian iraman mo py amin nga mangideffend kanyana apay nalaka t agibaga nga nasayaat ti maysa nga tao nu saan nga agpayso,saan ka nga agin lalaing ta dm dakami amammo.saan ka agsasao nga cka lng t adda kwarta na, pagbalinem amin nga agibaga t nasayaat kanyana gapo ta adda maalada.nalaing ka nga agparatang apay amamom ni mr church?uray d agwork diay agbiag.pagbalinem ketdi dakami nga agtatakaw kada awan panunut nan gapu ta nasayaat t panangkita mi ken pastor.saan issue dtoy dy tallo ubbing nu diket ta below da belt nga panagparparatang mo.kasla ka la agisakit ngem sabali met t tirtiraem personal met.alla padasem kadi basaen tagita ibagbagam nu nalaing ka makitam ken maamiris mo.saan tay koma nga agbalin nga bitter t biag.ok magpahayag ng opinion pero hind pra sirain ang isang tao.andun na tyo kung nagkamali mn sa desisyon dun sn pagusapan bkit napunta sa kung anu ano na wla nmn basehan.ammom ading namadi t naapal nga tao kas makitak kenka dakkel t apal mo t sabali nga tao,siak saan nak nga nabaknang ngem naragsakak gapu ta saanak nga agpanpanunot ti madi t padak nga tao.We should b hapi 4 da success of others,bkit kya my mga tao na pg my nakikita umaasenso negative agad iniisip,hay wake up people kung umasta tyo ang tatalino pg nagicp ewan ko,ang hilig pa sa sorry pero i hav to say this kc d na lng c pastor brian binabastos mo e kmi na rin na wla nmn ginawa kundi magsabi lng ng totoo pra sa taong hinuhusgahan ng mga taong d nmn cya kilala.

            1. Of course sisa, who would love supporters of criminals??? Only you and your group. You want me to respect people like you, shah and your supporters? NO ONE WILL. No matter how you defend ecil, we will rise against evil. mas madami kami kesa sa inyong mga masasama.

      2. ciguro ading nakalalaing ka anya?base t panagsasaom ammom amin.ngem ms kayat ko pay mga agbalin nga awan ammo na ngem kas kenka panaguguggali na.saan nga dakes t agibaga t opinion na ngem cka personal ka bumanbanat kasla adda apal talaga isakit mo dagita ubbing ket dy issue lng kuma t ibagam saan nga agaramid t sarilim nga issue.

      3. Sir, I am a student of SCA and we are really good at the english language… apparently you are the one with the poor language. You think that the english language is not necesarry for us, we all want to work over seas.. and the basic language of understanding is english… we want to learn so that we have a future… so dont say a word if you have nothing positive to say… I doubt I/we have a better understanding of english than you do.

        Student of SCA

        1. Inglis? Sorry. Inglis is never spoken at your s hool. You are being misled and now you try to mislead us. Snglish, taglish, ilocoglish, these are the ones spoken in your school. Ahh ummmm ahh ummm are not features of that foreign language you all want to mimic. You are surrounded by teachers including a principal that lack the proper character. All of them did nothing agaunst child abusers and criminals. English is necessary. But dont forget your native language. If you wish to workoverseas you better develop the right character. If you continue supporting evil, you will not succeed. Makakarma ka lang.
          If you and your parents understand english well, you should know wha is good and what is eveil you should also beale to undesrtand your handbook. How come you dont understand. Ask your parents to explain your hndbook to you.

    2. After reading some of these comments, I am wondering why there isn’t any single verse from the Bible to address this issue. Please read: Matthew 18:15-17
      “If your brother sins against you, go to him and show him his fault. But do it privately, just between yourselves. If he listens to you, you have won your brother back. But if he will not listen to you, take one or two other persons with you, so that every accusation may be upheld by the testimony of two or more witnesses, as the scripture says. And if he will not listen to them, then tell the whole thing to the church. Finally, if he will not listen to the church, treat him as though he were a pagan or a tax collector.(GNT)
      Note the ff: (1)” it privately” PBS did this to the 3 kids publicly. (this is verbal abuse, hurting their emotions) He should have called them to his office as a PASTOR and compassionately talk to them. Then called for their parents the day after. That would have been better. NOW, you also must have done this to PBS before airing the issue. (2) PBS already come to his senses and asked apology. WHY not give him a chance to prove himself? LET BROTHERLY LOVE CONTINUES
      Hebrews 13:1
      Stay on good terms with each other, held together by love.(MSG)
      thank you.

        1. MELBA, It should have been like that….but there is always a reason why PBS did that….Maybe it is really about time for Pastor Brian Shah to do penance, he forgot that he is dealing with minors.

  12. Hey Mr Jerry Labayog…Ano kaya kung umuwi ka sa Pinas at tumulong ka sa pag unlad ng ating bansa….hindi yung puro dada yung pinaggagawa mo!!!Di mo magawa ano? kasi Hipokrito ka at di mo kaya,,,galing mo!!! saludo ako sa iyo,,,GALING MONG MAGSALITA KULANG NAMAN SA GAWA!!!!!

    1. Again as I have been saying mr Naughty Saint, Hindi ko kailangang ipagsigawan ang aking mga nagawa. I come home every year. Ngayon, isusulat ko with proofs and documents ang mga nagawa ko when I was still in the Philippines at ang mga naitulong at nagawa ko rin habang NASA Hawaii ako. Now, magkikita tayo next year in a neutral venue and we layout both what you and I have done to help our country and the poor.

      I am just talking and writing to fight an injustice done to 3 graduating students by merely speaking my native dialect, ILUKO.

      Kung inaayunan mo ang ginawa ni Mr. Shah, it is your privilege, poki usap ko lang, huwag kang manghusga sa taong Hindi mo lobos na kilala. What I say about Pastor Shah is based on facts. Thank you naughty saint.
      Also, do not hide behind a name, if you make comments, exposé your own identity. Kung magaatake ka ng sino man, lumantad ka. Huwag kang magtago. Karuwagan yan. Salamat po uli.

      1. Again I make corrections, when I typed pakiusap lang it wrote a different word. It was not intentional. Lubos was wrongly misspelled it became lobos. My apology.

      2. Gerry, naughty saint desperately needs his evil shah lest he will die of hunger. he has no choice but to support his criminal shah

        1. ang liit nmm tingin mo sa ibang tao,gumagamit ng iba para mabuhay…sana kung magsalita tyo hinay hinay lng.hwag sna tyo maging masama sa pananalita.alm mo khit d ka makilala nakikita tyo ng Diyos at cya huhusga sa atin.Ang mahirap pg balikan tyo mga pinagsasabi natin.

          1. Sisa, kelan pa naging mali ang i cndemn ang masama? Maka Dios ka? Sana non pa alam mo na ang mabuti at masama. Hindi ka sana sumusang ayon sa abuso at krimen.

  13. Sa lahat po ng hindi nakakaalam. Katabi lang namin ang SCA at wala kmi masabi na di maganda sa SCA kc nakakatulong sila lalo na sa aming kabarangay marami silang serbisyo na aming napapakinabangan. Sa lahat ng nagsasalita ng di maganda dahil lang sa isang pagkakamali ay parang mapanghusga naman kaagad ang inyong mga komento. Pag pilipino kaya ang gumawa? Malamang di na kau mag rereact o no comments na ang mga tao…..

  14. In the original blog that exposed this issue, I was one of only two people (correct me if I’m wrong) – among more than 400 who were ganging up on Brian Shah – who called for sobriety while the other side has not yet been heard. This was my comment in that blog:
    “In my opinion, phrases like “linguistic disrespect” and “language tyranny” do not fit into the SCA picture. I am not a language expert, but these are my humble definitions. Linguistic disrespect is looking down on a certain language or being biased against a certain language because this language does not come up to speed with perceived standards. Language tyranny, likewise, is the use of seemingly beautiful language to sow fear, hatred, war and all forms of negativism.
    Mandating students not to speak any language or dialect other than English within the school campus and in other school-related activities is a matter of inculcating discipline in them as the school sees fit. Moreover, English, not Ilocano or Filipino, is the global and Internet language which Filipinos should hone in order to be competitive in the global market, especially now that the Philippines has overtaken India in business process outsourcing (BPO). As to how the school implements this policy, I cannot categorically say.
    Another point is whether expulsion or kicking out is synonymous or one and the same as an advice to transfer. The proper definitions and delineations are necessary to determine what will or will not hold water in court, if it comes to that.
    One last point is that all the stories we hear and the news we watch and listen to are according to just one side, the side of the aggrieved as related by a blogger. Has any of those who have commented gone to the school to verify what really happened so as to have a more objective and fair perspective of the whole picture? If they are not able to reach any reliable school representative, then they should refrain from publicizing mere opinions based on just one side of the coin.
    I have no child enrolled in that school, but I intend to withhold any judgment until I shall have had some firsthand information on SCA’s side in order to have a more intelligent appreciation of the facts and a more balanced conclusion.”
    At least, we now have a glimpse of the other side and I see an obvious and sudden shift of the tide. I hope this is not the calm before another storm.
    After all is said and done, this blog has a potential and my wish is to see a higher level of discussion perspective, devoid of argumentum ad hominem, name-calling and irrelevance, and sticking to issues not maligning people. For instance, Gerry Labayog claims to have typed apostol but his iPad wrote apostolic. This is a classic example of name-calling. Gerry Labayog, will you agree to have your name LABAYOG be made fun of?

    1. Maam Sylvia A. Arce About the last things you said… hmm. about Mr. Gerry Labayog, don’t you know how iPad’s work? specially on typing?
      it corrects by it self.
      Hindi po sa binababa kita pero mali po ung sinabi mo na “Gerry Labayog, will you agree to have your name LABAYOG be made fun of?”
      hindi naman po na ginagawang katatawanan un e.. saka nag apologize naman siya. 🙂
      No hard feelings 🙂

      1. Hi Tiany dee…I don’t have an iPad and, therefore, don’t know how it actually works. However, while it may correct by itself, there must be a way for the user to in turn correct it as he/she sees fit (i.e. for grammar, proper usage, accuracy of facts, legal implications, etc.) before clicking ‘send’ for all the world to see, especially if the issue at hand is a sensitive matter. Quite frankly, tinkering with a person’s name, advertently or inadvertently, is obnoxious, to say the least. In fact, Gerry Labayog was able to use the word ‘apostol’ in his posting – meaning, even if the iPad automatically wrote ‘apostolic’, he was able to correct it into ‘apostol’ in such instance. High tech gadgets are important tools in our highly digitized world, but let’s not allow these gadgets to prevail on what we want to do, or write for that matter. Instead, let our discerning brain do its job.

        1. Then why did you jump to conclusions that I made name calling while in fact I immediately corrected the error and even apologized?

          1. “Come on Mr. Labayog, let’s not hide behind computer feature/failure for the things we write. Sure, you asked an apology after the ‘first offense of your iPad’, but your iPad committed the same mistake in just about over 36 hours when it typed ‘p*ki’ instead of ‘paki’ in a subsequent post you made here. What does that make of the user of that iPad? Are you allowing it to rule over you in what you INTEND to put across your readers? You could have checked, double checked or even triple checked your posting given that your iPad had already ‘committed’ that same mistake early on, especially as the word is quite unacceptable in public channels like blogs. You can’t blame me if I made my own opinion. My point is – let’s be circumspect in whatever we post and not stoop to gutter-level tactics to get our messages across; let’s bring our discussions to a higher level.”

            1. Please be professional Ms. Arce. I had the courage to apologize but you keep attacking people of their unintentional mistakes. Please try to have an iPad and see what happens. Try to respond in tagalog or in iluko and see what happens. Again, use an IPad not your lap top or desk top. You seem to imply that I intentionally typed those. Come on. You do not even apologize for your mistakes yet you always rationalized. This is my last message to you. It is nonsense to argue with you on these matters. You are very judgemental.

        2. Sylvia Arce, you already admitted your ignorance, so shut your mouth. You have no idea how gadgets work, so better donot expose your ignorance further. It was not name calling.
          You can write well but sadly your intelligence is so low. You deserve a name of your own. You admitted you are not a linguist expert but you keep sending your opinionated thoughts. You attack this blog, because you claim it is full of opinions. And yet everything that you wrote here are merely opinions which you know are the only entitlements you got, aside form your entitlement to a name called boobo. You want Filipinos to just become call center agents???? Mediocre thinking at best. You suggest we go to that school and talk to a reliable school representative is absurd. There is not a single reliable school representative because everyone there is a criminal who countenanced the evil deeds of Shah. There are crimes of abuse that occurred but these parasites you want us to approach are just cowards. They do not want to lose their jobs, so they had not reported the crimes committed by Shah. You want to tell us what to do. It is you who need to be told what to do. Go get yourself a call center agent job kikita ka pa. For your information, I never went to a school with an english-only policy but I sure can speak better inglis than your shahs singlish, nor your pidgin english. You wana talk inglis? I will be counting your ahhhh in every other owrd you utter, that you will not even qualify to become a call girl sa call center.

          1. ikaw na magaling…coward ba kamo,prng ang liit nmn yta tlaga tingin mo sa amin d kyng mabuhay pg wla c pastor Brian.Sabihin mo sino ka?ikaw coward nagtatago ka pangalan abuse abuse nga!sori ds not about the kids kundi sa galing ng kababayan natin kung magsalita CIYA NA…SIKA AMiNEn,AWAn Makonak!

            1. sisa jumbanji, agpay pasyo met. ta pati pay ni cristeta pedro ken napukaw amin nga sur suro nan. nalipatannan ti moral obligations nan. she had thrown her education to the pigsty. and you too. how will people respect you if you lack the character? you continue to condone crimes, so you becoem criminals yourselves. DO YOU REALLY WANT US RATIONAL HUMAN BEINGS TO RESPECT YOU? respetuhin nyo muna sarili nyo. condemn evid deeds!

          2. I accept your challenge to talk English, NOT INGLIS, on one condition. Come out into the open and tell the whole world your legal name in this blog, not hide under some fictitious name. You have called me by many defamatory names – BOOBO, CALL GIRL, VERY LOW INTELLIGENCE, MEDIOCRE THINKING – but ask people who know me and see for yourself. Sylvia A. Arce is my real and legal name.
            And yes, I am a contributor to the BPO industry that has generated almost US$13B for our economy in 2012. I am a contract writer at two US-based content makertplaces, Zerys and Skyword BuyerZone, and paid in US dollars writing quality content from home. So please don’t look so lowly on call centers.

            1. Good job! Tap yourself n the back. Who cares about your dollars? Thats super big deal to you but not for others like me. Do you believe your enormous amount of dollars gains you respect? Who cares? You are just doing your job. You have no other choice. Thats what you sought for because of the dollars.
              You are judged by your deeds. And with your posts here, you had best described yourself. These do not defame you because these are the best deacription of yourself. Who are you to tell that we should not write our opinions here before approaching one of the supporters of a criminal in that school? Do you know what you are talking about? Hindi porket makapagsulat ka na ng inglis, sulat ka na lng ng sulat at sabihan kami ano gagawin namin.
              Will all your dollars and your US based employer, try to do something good in your life. Condemn abuses and crimes. Do not condone them. And never attempt to stop us from condemning evil, Ever! Understood?

              1. maam Arse,thumbs up po ako syo.Ang tanga lng natin(sori4 da word)napatulan natin tong taong to but lesson learned not to mind people who r pathetic hehe…God bless po maam n have a good day!

  15. the both sides of the coin is on the table now… lets weigh our perceptions and feelings..let it be a lesson and a springboard for all of us to move forward not by pulling each other down…at the end of the day,there is still a little spark of love and peace inside our heart..God bless us all now..

  16. “late for even 1 minute . . . no entry” policy of the school should also be revised. It is too harsh and not beneficial at all to students. My kids were formerly enrolled there and there was one time when I was late in driving them back to school after a lunch break. I told the security guard that my kids were late for 3 minutes because I had to attend to an emergency patient immediately earlier. He was understanding enough to let my kids in but the same security guard had to pull my kids out of their classes after 10 minutes because of a complaint from parents who were standing by at a sari-sari store across the gate. Apparently, another student who arrived earlier than us but was also late for 1 minute was not allowed to enter. I was so dismayed when I received the call from the school to fetch my children back because they were sent out of their classroom. And you can just imagine the feeling of embarrassment and humiliation my children and I had to suffer while we were getting out of the gate. The next school year I transferred my children to a “much better” school.

    The DepEd should also look into the exorbitant fees, lots of contributions and “many other unimportant things-to-pay” in that school. No wonder Mr. Shah is constructing his buildings “empire?” that fast . . . not to mention his high end cars such as Mercedes, SUV’s, etc.

    1. Silver Rose…I know who you are and you and I both know Pastor Brian ….he is building the High School and more rooms to replace the older elem rooms …….that are needed for the younger students…..all you have done over the years is whine about everything at the school……and you always had excuses why you should be granted exceptions while others managed to follow the rules………or did you forget I was the PTA President then.

      1. Eric Church, we know you. You are a peddler in school, exploiting children by charging exorbitant fees. Mangibabain nga Filipino.

        1. Justice for the Abused Children, Erich Church is an American married to a Filipina, yes you right he is a PEDDLER selling things 10x higher than the original price.

          1. justice n against…ginamit nyo pangalan abused pero d kya kyo umaabuso sa freedom of speech nyo?ayoko husgahan kayo ,kayo na lng magicip pra sa sarili nyo.kung magparatang harapan hind yun patalikod pero sa ginagawa nyo wla rin kayo peace.

          2. Justice for the abused children, or just using it to abused other people or are you jealous of somebodys life.Is there anything exciting you do with your life or is this the extent of it hmmmm……think what your doing its not making any difference you posting non sense attacking people that dont have anything to do with the issue it seems like you have a bitter heart bumili ka kaya ng respeto kung meron magbebenta sa iyo kung meron man well and good……ang dami mong post parang ikaw yata ang may problema…..

            1. Cruz kupal, i have no respect to your respected shah, and people liek yo who respect criminals. i wonder what character you possess. Ibabain mo lang ti nagannak kenka nga di da ka sinur suruan ti dakes ken nasayaat.

    2. Ang bitter nyo naman pala ma’am silver rose. Watch out your words PO. You know ptr. Brian is not that kind of person. You consider pastor brian building his empire? Do you seriously mean that? If that so, your so hypocrite. He is building the school to teach the children and to inspire them so they may know Christ as their personal saviour.

      1. He is building it to make more money nothing else. He is not a real educator. Real educators care for their clients. Real educators know the importance of one’s first language in learning a foreign language. Real educators speak English, not Singlish. Or Taglish.

        1. Clap …… clap….clap….your hands towards justiced for the abused children she/he is the queen /king of this issue she/he is so desperate looking for attention…….what else can we say?

          1. sruz pal notihgn else. better shut your mouth. you can carry on an intelligent and honest argument. well, what is expected of you? you condone evil deeds. you condone crimes. hope you will not reap the evil things that you do.

  17. i don’t really know the real story behind it i just hear it from the third party. Thanks bro herdy for posting the side of the pastor. its a school policy and we need to obey, and what the pastor said his a little drastic in making decesion due to hus emotion and i salute him for accepting his fault. we used remember that his human like us we don’t have the right to throw
    bad and insulting words to him. let’s see
    what he has done to the ilocano people. To pastor shah may our almighty god pour out his blessings and more wisdom and knowledge to overcome this circumstances always remember that we have big big god. no problems can’t be sove in god’s power. god bless you more and the ilocano people.

  18. Silver Rose…….be careful about accusing him of using school money for himself ………your comments border on malice/liable. His cars are second hand from manila and he sold his old car to get the newer USED car….he is entitled to buy what ever car his own money can cover. You have always been just a bitter person.

    1. Oh yeah, he is entitled to use whatever money he made at the school. It is a for profit business you and him are engaged, right? Your greed will send you to hell

      1. Justice……ang galing mong humusga ng tao akala ko ba u have a son sa grade 8 parang wala kang kaalam alam sa mga sinasabi mo so why not just stop digging other peoples problem ano kaya kung yang bunganga mo ang ayusin hindi yong buhay ng ibang tao….?shame on you , you seem to know alot of things but i pitty on you…….nakakaawa!

        1. You pitty me? or you pitty yourself? Wahahahaha. kayo po ang kaawa awa awa awa. di nyo na alam ginagawa ninyo. kinokondena ninyo ang masama. bili ka ng gamot ng katangahan. wala ako sinabing anak na 8th grade. di ko sila ipapasok sa school para lang gumastos at matuto sila ng singlish or taglish or iloconglish ahhh english ahhhhh ahhhhh ehh ahhh di yan inglis no. shame on your parents.. they did not educate you to learn what is evil and what is good

        2. queen of queens, masakit ba ang maipamukha ang katotohanan? pitty? hahaha pitty?

  19. Maybe, Pastor Bryan was wrong with the words he uttered… But upon reading this article, I can say that he’s also a good man.. Let’s not throw any negative comments about him… please do consider the good things he have done for the school and to all the concerned people of SCA.

    1. He lied during the interview. He denied committing verbal abuse. He denied grsturing to smash his phone against one of the kids. He is vain. Anyone who still support him is vain and desperate.

  20. Your getting out of bound Silver Rose…check your words, you’re liable on every single word you utter & write, Irrelevant. Deal with the problem avoid creating gray stories, Discipline is a factor to be successful. Put yourself in his shoe, unless your defiant. Then be it.

  21. Pastor Brian Shah stayed here for almost 26 years. He had done many things. Tayo ngang mga Pilipino walang magawa para sa sariling bayan sa loob ng 26 years eh siya sa loob lang 26 years he had done SO MUCH PARA SA PILIPINAS. Para sa mga di nakakaalam, sa humble beginnings nya iniwan nya ang marangyang buhay sa Singapore para magmission sa Pilipinas. Tumuloy siya sa mga kubo, kumain ng mga simpleng pagkain ng mga pilipino, walang kotse, walang karangyaan. Nagpatayo ng paaralan. Ipinalaganap ang salita ng Diyos. Kay ma’am silver rose, madami na nga siyang sasakyan, but don’t you think na pinaghirapan niya lahat ng mga iyon? Madami na siyang natulongang pilipino. Mga taong sinusuportahan niya for their schooling, kaw po ba ma’am meron na? Modesty aside, think before yous click the comment PO. may pinag-aralan nga kamo dba?

    I salute PASTOR BRIAN SHAH. despite the issue he remain strong. He is indeed a father to all. Kilalanin nyo siyang mabuti at lahat kayo mag-iiba ang paningin sniyo sa kanya. He helps a lot of people without telling. And don’t you think he desserves all those cars? God blessed him with so much favor which he is sharing.

    Isip-isip don po pag may time. Onward to Success Saviourites! Be strong.

    1. He made good money out fo that school and out of donations from parents and students. He is plain businessman, not an educator and a kind person you wish us to believe.

  22. SILVER ROSE. youre right, fees goes to facilities of the school. you attested it. Brilliant!!! cause of spilling out your emotions on this matter, you were not able to control your mouth….suggestion, put up your own school for you to follow your own rule…

  23. BY THE WAY, lahat ng mga walang kasalanang tao…..come to open. We’ll listen to you. The reverend you said admitted his fault and thats humilty. How about you???

    1. I have many sins but that is NOT the issue. There is admission of guilt, then shall not justice roll?

  24. I am an elementary graduate of SCA. I used to study somewhere in Laoag when we transferred there from Manila, but then I didn’t really understand Ilokano at that time so my parents transferred me at SCA. I would say that studying there is great and I had so many wonderful experiences. I am deeply saddened about what happened since I love the school and Pastor Brian is a great man no matter what people say. I really look up on him. I’ve been with the institution for 3 years and people telling hurtful stuff about the school and most especially Ptr Brian is just so painful for me. I believe that people suddenly talking bad about him should know the ‘other side’ first and not just impulsively reacting. People should definitely watch out their words before degrading him.

    1. You describe your saint, we described the criminal. Its your entitlement to praise him, it is our entitlement to condemn him and his evil deeds. Keep praising evil, we keep condemning.

  25. Mga tao pag naging masama ka trending pero ang mabuting naidudulot mo di yan pinapansin. Yung issue naging viral eh panu tong side naman ni ptr. Brian? Di man lang babasahin? Bago niyo siya ijudge konting delikadesa langpo.

  26. it takes a brave man to air his side…Rev. Brian has a good heart tay naaramid na kadi nga kasayaatan ti Ilocos iti intay makita haan la a ti madi ti maikkan ti focus… He asked for an apology to the family of the 3 children, Jesus even forgive the person at his right when he asked for forgiveness… Ptr.Brian admitted that he is at the height of his anger when he decided for the expulsion…uray met siasinno kanyatayo apo noh adda tau iti height iti emosyon dikadi ayah maadesisyon tayo iti haan a nasayaat…

    may forgiveness reigns in every heart of every Ilocanos! God bless u all!

    1. Did he forgive those children????? and he is already old not to know what forgiveness means. Shall we forgive someone who did not forgive children less than a fourth of his age?

  27. I appreciate Pastor Brian Shah for his humility to accept his mistakes. I appreciate him more for the evangelistic and philanthropic works he has done, and continue to do, in Laoag City, and in Ilocos Norte as a whole. The commission of one mistake does not define him as a person. It is how he lived his life and how he has touched lives that history will define him.

    Clearly, I do not agree to the arbitrary way the three students were advised to transfer to another school and the harshness of the penalty imposed for the offense committed.

    But I agree with Pastor Brian that insubordination and/or defiance to authorities should never be condoned. I agree too that discipline is a must in educating the youth. This is the reason that I enrolled my two (2) kids at SCA. I want to grow respecting authorities and regulations. I am more concerned of my kids’ attitude than their intellectual competence.

    As a father to two (2) pupils at SCA, I can personally testify that the school does not charge exorbitant fees. The last time the school increased its tuition and other school fees, it laid to the PTA officers the financial statement of the school in the exercise of transparency. The total tuition and miscellaneous fees can be easily computed based from its enrollment population and I am certain that the school fees are properly utilize to benefit the school, its faculty, and its students. There is no reason to suspect that tuition and school fees are being misappropriated. Also, I have been at SCA for six (6) years now and I have seen that contributions have dwindled as the school exercises prudence not to burden the parents.

    I have some disagreements with the school administration on some issues and I expressed it during meetings. And I observed that the school acts on the issues I present and have presented.

    The school, and more particularly Pastor Brian, have expressed its intention to amend, correct and rectify school policies that may not comply with existing laws, or I may say that are burdensome to the students and their parents. I encourage my fellow parents that we discuss our issues with the school as a part of the SCA family. We cannot deny that as long as we enroll our kids at SCA we will always be a part of it. We may listen to criticisms, be it constructive or unwarranted, but as a family we know how to discern that is true, half-truth and lies. We decide on what we believe is the truth…

    1. bisnis lang yan. Galing umrte ni Shah. the only reason he did that is that he is already fearful na mawawalan ng kabuhayan. bisnis is bisnis! chekwa yata yan

      1. Atitiway (Atty) Obra, you have personal knowledge of the crime committed inside the school. What have you done as a man who knows law? are you a lawyer or just a lowyer? If you had not reported the crimes tothe proper authorities, you are just a plain lowww.yer

  28. I’m Proud To be a Graduate of SCA.. because it tough me how to speak english, Well, No hard feelings but SCA is nice they implemented the ENGLISH SPEAKING RULE not to dislike the ILOKO language but They liked us to learn english so that we can use it in the future..
    No issues will be made if we just follow rules right?

    You forgive not because he/she needs forgiveness but you deserve peace. God Bless. have a nive day 🙂

    1. Tiany I am very sorry, you did not learn your basic grammar in that school honey. Please check!

        1. ammom ngamin kabsat nga maan, miniting amin ida ni Pastor Brian tapno agpapada da amin ti ibaga. Uray sinno ti pagdamagam kadagita students ket ibagada no ania ti na spoon feed kaniada kabsat. Agriing tayo ngaminen a kadagitoy nga mapaspasamak. Nagbasol isuna ket tumbeng laeng nga maikkan ti maikannatad nga dusa. Saan nga usto ti inpatungpal na nga pagalagadan Appo.

          1. Of course, he wanted everyone to lie. He want them to be blind an deaf. Dint see, didn’t hear the crime he committed against the kids.

  29. Thank you for posting this article. Konting kaalaman palang yan sa kabaitan ni ptr. Thank you.

  30. Thanks Sir Herdy for hearing Pastor Sha’s stand. Im a graduate of SCA too. We never encountered any agonies like this when we are still there. I believe in him, the vision, mission and objectives of the school is making a different. its not just making a good student, its all about teaching the student the best to conform and to be someone in the future. I know, im not a good English speaker, I sometimes commit wrong grammar but i can express myself in English fluently. and thats because of SCA. they molded me to be better. lastly, policies are policy. rules are rule. regulations are regulation. whats the use of making these policies, rules and regulations if we are not going to follow them. Why go to Saviours if you dont agree with its rules and regulations in the first place? Many of us are graduate of SCA, Professionals and working professionally. friends, its called DISCIPLINE! if you have this you can make it at Saviours, but if you dont have that. you know what to do.

  31. My son studied in Saviours when he was in grade 1 n 2,but he had to transfer b-cos we moved here in BAguio.He also xperienced being late,i was also upset then kc despite sa pakiusap ko tlgang d pinapasok at to think na bago din kami member sa church but what happened made me realized how good the school is lalo pra sa anak ko dhil my behavioral prob cya.mahirap din cya gcngin pg umaga,dhil sa nangyari,kinabukasan nagulat ako gumicng cy napakaaga at sbi ko early paggicng a,sabi nya,”they will not let me enter again if i’ll b late”,since then never na cyng nalate.So pra sa akin naappreciate ko tlaga policy ng school khit yun pagsalita english kc d nahihirapan anak ko when it comes to instructions at d mn fluent sa English ngayon pero he cn speak n understand easily at dhil yn sa Saviours.For pastor Bryan Shah,God is good!We know that he s not perfect but he is such a wonderful person inside n out.Glory b to God!

  32. I for one am happy and relieved that this was posted. Finally, the people would know the other side of the story. I am a graduate of SCA and I just really want to thank the school and Pastor Brian for giving students more opportunities to grow. When I was still studying at SCA, I was given a chance to compete in a certain contest for the first time. Thanks to the teachers, they were able to coach me and for Pastor Brian for their never-ending support. When the results came, I was able to bring home the bacon and gave honor to the school. I am a living testimony for it. It may be simple but if you put your shoes unto mine, you’ll understand. SCA is also known as one of the best schools here despite that it’s still new. Slowly but surely, we can pass this issue.
    Saviourites, be strong!

  33. ILove pastor Brian shah.DONT SAY BAD WORDS to him because he is a good man and helpful too.Eventhough the school will not allow us to get inside when we are late dont get mad because that is a lesson to us to wake up early.

    btw Im a grade 5 pupil

    1. Glendale:
      Very well said.Do good in your studies because it will take you places.Take care always.

  34. Thank you for this, sir Herdy.

    I am a graduate of SCA, the institution in question. I am very thankful for the english only policy for I am now using the said language in my current work in a bank. The policy in question paved a big avenue for linguistic literacy and proficiency. I am proud that i have graduated from SCA. I believe that striking the iron while it is still hot can yield a good quality of a weapon, a champion. The developing stage of a child is in his elementary days, safe to say even in high school. This is the right time to strike the hot iron to yield the next generation of champions.


    LET THIS MESS BE A MESSAGE TO US ALL THAT IT IS BETTER TO FLIP THE COIN AND TRY TO AT LEAST TAKE A LOOK AT THE OTHER SIDE OF IT. Who knows? You might want what you’ll see on the other side of it.

    1. “IT WAS NOT INTENDED FOR DEROGATORY OR CULTURAL DISCRIMINATION CRAP. IT WAS INTENDED TO MOLD THE HOT IRON INTO CHAMPIONS.” — To mold into champions? How does expulsion mold a student and make him a champion? It only shows the weakness of the school. They cannot discipline a student so they would throw him out? Don’t they realize that by doing so, they have given up and thereby allowing other schools to mold these students for them. You don’t even understand the whole situation. The issue here is the expulsion of 3 students for just speaking Ilocano. What’s with the “striking the iron while it is hot”? By saying “striking the iron”, did you mean “to kick them out”? You don’t seem to have a grasp of the whole situation.

  35. I am almost 8 years studying at SCA … I follow and respect all the rules…I’m only 10 years old but i know the “Do and Don’ts… if you want to learn… follow. and if you don’t… exit. so simple… I love the school and if only SCA have college level… still i will study there… before you talk against our Pastor Bryan…. examine yourselves… are you better than Him?… we love Him and we will love Him more… he’s a good father and a leader to us….
    -Bj Guillermo

  36. Pstr Brian accused 3 students of speaking Ilocano just after he gave his last warning on July 30. According to the 3 students, they never spoke Ilocano after the pastor warned them in their class. However, one of the these boys admitted to the principal that he spoke Ilocano on July 26 (Friday) when he could not contain his anger because his 5 folders ( which were to be used that very same day) were stolen right in their own classroom. The culprit (Jorel) later admitted stealing the folders and further admitted that one of their classmates named Bryan reported the speaking Ilocano incident( which took place on July 26) to the pastor on July 30. Why is the pastor claiming that the students defied his final warning when the reported incident happened before his warning? And this is very alarming: he listened to a student’s report and worst he made his decision ” to roll heads” without further investigation. Number 7 of the school’s handbook (found inside the back cover of the manual) reads :, _Do not accept all what the child says. (It seems he does not know his own manual). Ang alam ko abolished na world-wide ang komunismo and yet we are still practicing it here in the Phils. Execute kaagad guilty man o hindi. Only in the Philippines, talaga!
    We can thank him for the “great work and accomplishments” he has done for the Ilocos Province. Maybe all of these have made him “big headed” and that gives him the license to be like God. If he had used his heart more, this unfortunate incident which have branded 3 new teenagers would never have happened. But as the saying goes, ” there is a time for everything”, Maybe this is the pastor’s time to do penance. . . . .
    And for the 3 kids, let us pray for them that this injustice will not traumatize them in their entire lifetime.

    1. KONSENCIA SABADO,I know this is the TRUTH, classmates of the expelled kids says the same story as you do, it explains

  37. Defenders of this criminal Shah. I wonder if I gesture to harm these people and still tell me Im an angel. How desperate these people are to deffend a criminal.

    1. Dear Justice…..we are not desperate about anything…..we are defending a good man who is being attacked by less informed people like you. The issue with the three boys was rectified during a meeting at DEPED with the families , the school, and DEPED. I guess you don’t read the paper or watch the news.
      The people defending him actually know him, unlike you who doesn’t. But you are content to hide behind a screen name and cast stones. How shameful that is indeed.

      1. Eric Church, we know you. You defend him because you are benefiting from Shah. Dont tell me I do not know what is going on. You had been blinded by your obedience. oo nga naman sir, takot mawawalan ka ng kita ano? Dont tell me Im not privy to what was discussed at the DECS. You weren’t there, were you? Now your low credibility is really deteriorating. You want to peddle more at school? Ingka diay schoolen tapno agka kwalta ka adu!

      2. Eric Church, it is more shameful to take advantage of children, and to support criminals.

  38. I have been following this issue since it came to light.The passion of Ilocanos is intense.Like Italians to pasta.
    I also agree with SCA counsel’s advice to Pastor Shah to avoid the media when the heat was at its peak- as it would have created more chaos.And we also know,that when our emotions are running wild,we are less capable of being reasonable and clear in our thoughts.After all,the flip side of the story did not come until a week later.
    When Ilocanos hear “na kick out da ta nagilokano da ngamin” or read the headlines about the issue,of course- the personal hot Ilocano blood will boil,right?After all,”ana met la dayta nga SCA en” or dayta la nga “foranger” ti agar arin,mapatalsik la koman”.But you know what,mga kaili,thinking deeply,we need SCA and we need Pastor Shah to run it.To require him to step down (or leave PI) is very very counterproductive,to say the least.Or,maymayat kadi no awan isuna,or the school is shut down?In our heart of hearts,will it do anybody any good in the long run?My humble brain dictates me to sa NO,please 😦
    Adda da met parents nga mangayat ti SCA.Kasta met ti Kids Kollege,MMSU-HS,INNHS,INCAT,etc. etc.Parents will pick the school for their children for their own reasons.Some stay,some leave.Life goes on.
    I wish that the Speak English policy (or something like that) of SCA will continue-most especially for Grades 4 until they graduate.I wish that HS students will be tightly required to do so- as this is their preparation for University.
    However,the policy is vague.It is written “punishable by reprimand”.How many times can you reprimand somebody before they figure out it means business?The policy should be written so the goal is met at the end.Kasla koma lesson plan,teachers out there-what do you say?
    I am a supporter of SCA and always will be.Today,I also cheer for Brian Shah.I also carry a torch for the Filipinos (Ilocanos most especially) who can now look at this unfortunate mishap that has created a lot of chaos,pain and misunderstanding-with a clearer judgment.We all got carried away by our emotions in regard to this issue.Lets put this to rest and move on.
    Dakayo nga ub ubbing,ag English kayo uray balibaliktad.Kasta yo nga masursuro.No Adda mangktawa kadakayo,saludsoden yo no ana ti right way ken haan yo liplipatan.Thank you.

  39. I remember being sent to the office lobby by Pastor Brian himself for shouting an Ilocano phrase loud enough for him to hear…I can say that I deserved the punishment: A thousand(?) sentences about not speaking in Ilocano within the campus. However, I believe expulsion is not the proper consequence for any act of student defiance or any other form of such, especially when it is uncalled for by the Office of Education Secretary and/or without any meeting held with the students’ parents.

    SCA is, as I see it, a school full of visions and missions which, indirectly, contradicts with their school rules and fees and such. But then again, who wouldn’t feel bad if someone broke a rule you just laid for them a moment ago? Plus, Pastor Brian is a good person in general. He may seem like a ‘monster’ to some students, but that’s just the way respect must be.

    Oh well. God handle this school and Pastor Shah’s short temper. No offense.

    One last thing, I really hate how people are bilious when it comes to Pastor Shah. Here, I notice a lot of slinging of biased comments here that come from self-important and swell people when they don’t really even know the whole detail of the controversy and who the guy (Pastor Shah) really is.

  40. Sa mga naninira po sa mga students ng SCA, mahiya naman po kayo, at magbigay ng konting respeto sa mga mag-aaral at sa sarili. Hindi po dahil “English-speaking school” ang SCA, hindi na po sila marunong magtagalog.
    Salamat po.

    1. Sorry, SCA is not an English-speaking school. It is Taglish-speaking or Ilospeaking school. Or even Singlish-speaking, I know English when I hear it. Definitely, no one at SCA speaks that foreign language. Not your principal, not your pastor, neither any of your teachers nor students.

  41. This maybe a little bit sarcastic but the caption on one of the pictures says,”the Filipino staff and church mates stick up with him for many years”

    It’s possible as long as they speak only English. Padasenda man ti agsao ti Iluko wenno Tagalog ta kitaentayo ti mapasamak.

  42. I just want to say something regardless of the issue on what SAVIOUR’s CHRISTIAN ACADEMY is facing right now. Although I’m not a graduate of that said institute due to my mom’s death, but I can say that with my 5 years of studying there I am truly mold as student and also with my spiritual aspect because this is a Christian School. I believe that SCA is not just an ordinary school as what private schools have, but this school is were you can develop your characteristics as a person and turn out the best as you can be. Judging, criticizing and discriminating about speaking in Iloko were in 3 students had been kick-out are viral in networking sites and even on medias. But let me ask you, before you enrolled in that school, do you really aware on their rules and regulation as well as Speaking in English is a must. Well i guess that’s one of the things you need to comply for imposing one’s discipline and that thing will help you to where you want to go on your own future. To respect and obey there rules.

    1. i suggest you ask your school to teach you how to understand what you read. Seems like you and your Shah do not understand inglis well because you cannot even understand what is in your handbook. Go over it, and tell me when you can already understand what is written there. Oh by the way it is written in inglis. Thanks

  43. My response to Mr Naughty Saint is my last post. Just say anything about me. I have said enough to defend myself. Those who agree what I wrote about the issue of injustice, thank you so much. Those who disagree, it is your prerogative. Thank you also.

    1. Gerry, you dont need to defend yourself. Naughty Saint should. He just cant accept to lose his livelihood. He is already blinded by that, and he doesn’t need to keep an open mind.

  44. My son was late coming home one day.No answer from his phone.When he got home he said he had to write “I will not speak Ilocano in school…. (Or something like that) 1000 times as punishment.SO WHAT??Its not a big deal.He spoke more English after that and got more confident with it .He was not happy about it but who’s fault? 😦 sorry son,I just had to share it 😀


    1. Rene, there is nothing wrong with that punishment, what was wrong was the expulsion of the kids, I bet you that you will do the same what the parents of these 3 expelled kids do when that happens to your son depriving him of the due process.

  45. kudos to the writer/interviewer! You have done a great job! As i have said before, there is always 2 sides of a coin! Now the other side was revealed.

    Lessons learned should be taken in our hearts!

    One thing i am sure of! SCA is known to cater better quality education! Cheers SCA! Soar higher, better and greater!


    1. Shah may be a thief himself that he condones stealing.How come they didn’t do anything about this misbehavior?

  47. Oo nga po.aNo kaya ang puniShment Nya? Of course,pag ninkaw o kayA tinago ang personal property ko lalo na pag project,sympre po magagalit ago.cguro,mag sasabi din ko ng bad words sa galit.unfiair naman-cya sana ng na kick out.kesa ako ang ninakawan,ako png na expel???

  48. I promised not to post anything about this controversy. But please forgive me if I post one more time.

    The issue has reached and endless exchange of barbs between people sympathetic to the 3 expelled students from SCA and people who are also supporting Pastor Brian Shah. Some people are hitting below the belt . Some people use fictitious names and aliases to discredit legitimate commenters. And nobody wants to lose.

    Those who are against the Pastor I think have already presented their case more than enough. The people who support Pastor Brian also have done enough to defend him. And eventually, Mr. Shah accepted his mistake .

    Both the top notch of DepEd in Ilocos Norte and Laoag City even have dissenting opinions. Other agencies want further investigation. The Commission on Human Rights also is studying the case. Let these agencies make their own decisions. And we must respect whatever is the verdict.

    I was once interpreted for two Filipinos who violated an immigration law. Both had the same offense. One was deported but the other was given clemency. Why, because of his good records in the community. He was an important member of some prestigious organizations that are recognized by the State.. He even served in the Military.

    From what we read from the above article and from people who support him, maybe his good deeds will supersede the mistake he accepted to have done.

    If we continue attacking each other, nobody would win but the devil.
    Peace to all.

    I rest my case.

  49. I hope we can have a BBZ someday and discuss the things I think of media and its practitioners. We can learn a lot from each other, a sociologist/teacher/journalist alongside with a keen and outspoken observer


    1. I would really love to have that Naomi, maybe or hope Mr Herdy La Yumul can organize one.

  51. Herdy…….I would like to thank you for letting Pastor Brian Shah tell his side of the story you did a great service to all by letting everyone see both sides. So many times media is criticized for their bias…….but you are a journalist with excellent traits …..Honor, courage and commitment.
    time to move forward
    thanks again.

    1. The interview allowed Shah to perpetrate more lies. SCA students are having a problem, and that is to grasp with the truth that the shah they used to admire is capable of lying to save his neck. Evils go to hell. and so are their supporters


    2. Eric Church,,,did you just say the case is over???? Kabataan Party List together with Congressman Rudy Farinas filed Resolution 192 to conduct and inquiry 2 days ago….this is for your FYI.

  52. There are people who are full of hatred and bitterness in life.They never see the light.Those are the ones who have carved their being from gloating from the misery of others.When others fall,they are there to jump on their backs.And when others walk a smooth path,they throw stones to trip them.They are always hateful and jealous.Such a dark dark heart-Justice for Abused…..are you listening?Why are you so full of hatred.Look at the majority,they see both sides.

  53. Cabang why are you supportive of child abusers and criminals? Cant you see evil? Whi are you to speak of dark hearted people? Wow you speak for others? Telling me everyone sees both sides? Point to me here who had seen both sides. You and everyne supporting this abusr and criminal shah only see what benefits you. I encourage you to do something good before you die: condemn the crimes, stop supporting abusers and criminals.

    1. Justice for Abused Children:
      My response: Just read Alex’s comment.It sums it all up.
      I know you have a lot of anger and hatred in you,There must be a reason for it and it is NOT the SCA issue-but something in you.In your life.
      I am sorry that you are mentally and physically abused by your own parents.I feel bad that you were raped of your innocence as a child.It is unbearable to think that you want a lot in life but your parents can not provide.It saddens me to think that you don’t have enough to eat,not enough money,always degraded and put down.Stop envying the people who are forgiving.They started from a good seed.
      Forgive the people who destroyed you-you were their “commodity”.Forget the years when you were just good for nothing.Direct that anger at yourself for being so hateful.It gets better with time.


  54. The issue here is not the supporters of Pastor Brian. Like you Justice for the Abused Children, they simply support their pastor and air what they deem is true and correct. To say that his supporters are evils is a way way below the belt. I know some people who follow Shah’s preaching and I tell you, they are some of the best people I have ever known. Please stop now. You have said a lot that are damaging to both sides. Gerry Labayog is right that every thing is well said, both at the other side of the coin. If you continue, more hatred arise.

    And if you make these derogatory comments, please come out in the open and show your real identity to make it fair . Likewise, Naughty Saint, Anonymous, dagitiari, Againts Child Abuse, and everyone who uses aliases to come out clean.,, and expose your identity like the other. If not, please don’t make comments. That is simply cowardice. (Sorry for the word).

  55. Mr. Eric Church, I asked a lot of friends at SCA about you having been a president of the parent-teachers association but they don’t remember anyone. If this isn’t your name, please be clear and come out openly because you are just shooting visible targets while you act as an sniper. Same thing with people hiding in aliases, open your identity para patas ang lahat.

  56. This controversy has reached the lower house. The Kabataang Partylist and Rep. Rudy Farinaz of the first district have filed a resolution concerning the expulsion of 3 students because of speaking Iluko. I appeal to anyone and to everyone to focus on the issue. Do not be a fault finder. When you see a wrongly spelled word in Iluko or Tagalog, let it go. I am sure it is not intentional. Do not berate anybody if you are hiding with a name nobody knows. Please do not hit below the belt at huwag tayong manghusga sa mga taong hindi pa natin lubos na nakikilala. What you write unprofessionally usually depicts what kind of a person you are…and most of the times what you say about other bounces back to you. Wala tayong patutunguhan kundi ang mag-away-away lamang If we do not stop this hitting below the belt. Ang mahirap po, magiging personalan na ito. Nalilihis na tayo sa issue.

    Mayroon pang nagpost na pinauuwi niya ang isang taga Hawaii upang tumulong sa pag-unlad ng bayan. Sumagot ng napasaringan na taon taon pa lang umuuwi at nanghamon ng paramihan ng nagawa sa bayan. This is en example of misjudgement. Huwag na pong ganoon. Peace na po tayong lahat.

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