Habemus Summam! MMSU produces 2nd Summa Cum Laude

Habemus Summam pic
Dane Mikhael S. Calica

It’s official. The 1,926-strong Mariano Marcos State University Class of 2013 will be led by a Summa Cum Laude graduate.

With a General Weighted Average (GWA) of 1.1994, Dane Mikhael S. Calica of the College of Arts and Sciences’ BS Biology program, is only the university’s second recipient of the highest Latin honors, and the first in fourteen years.

A native of Laoag City, Calica is the eldest of three children of Gary, a seafarer, and Marilec, a full-time mom. He finished high school at the Ilocos Norte National High School – Special Science Class in 2009. Despite having the highest average in his batch, he graduated only as first honorable mention due to low points from extra co-curricular activities.

Topping the 2009 MMSU College Freshmen Admission Test taken by around 5,000 examinees from various provinces in Northern Luzon, he initially enrolled in BS Nursing but shifted to BS Biology after a semester. Although extra co-curricular involvement does not count in earning Latin honors, he served as president of the Biology Circle for two years, and as president of the CAS Student Council in his senior year.

Joining Calica in the elite honors roster are four magna cum laudes and 113 cum laudes.

I am currently writing a full feature on Dane who is not really your typical nerd. In the meantime, Here are some more “Summa” facts:

•  It took MMSU 21 years to produce its first summa cum laude graduate. The record belongs to the late Gemma G. Ulep (BS Accountancy ’99, CBEA) who obtained a GWA of 1.192. She was from San Nicolas, Ilocos Norte. This fifth placer in the 1999 CPA licensure examination worked at the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas. She perished from a car accident.

Gemma Ulep: MMSU's 1st Summa Cum Laude
Gemma Ulep: MMSU’s 1st Summa Cum Laude

•  Cum laude in Latin means “with honors.” Magna cum laude and summa cum laude translate to “with great/high honors” and “with greatest/highest honors,” respectively.

•  To graduate summa cum laude at MMSU, one needs a general weighted average (GWA) of 1.20 or higher. (Source: University Code)

•  The normal schools that preceded MMSU produced 10 summa cum laude: seven from the Northern Luzon Teachers’ College (NLTC) which became part of MMSU in 1978, and three from the Ilocos Norte Normal School, forerunner of NLTC.

The following are the 10 pre-MMSU summa cum laude graduates per records of  the College of Teacher Education.

 Ilocos Norte Normal School

 1957    Marietta Monje-Bonoan

Trifona Andres

1958    Resurreccion Miguel

 Northern Luzon Teachers’ College

1969    Cristeto Guerrero

1971    Hilarion Ramiro

1972    Alegria Tan-Visaya

1973    Gloria dela Cruz

1974    Belen Domingo

Editha Tapaoan

1975    Rufino Tangonan

Author: Herdy La. Yumul

A hesitant academic pimp, writer

13 thoughts on “Habemus Summam! MMSU produces 2nd Summa Cum Laude”

  1. Congratulations to the Valedictorian and to the graduates! Welcome to the real world .

    The school may have produced more Summa Cum Laude if some instructors give grades more objectively. Sad to say, there are some General Education instructors perceived to be giving only a ceiling grade of 2.0, or an exception of 1.75 to those who really are exceptional.
    A glaring example was a friend of mine who got 2.0 grade in English, wherein we expected at least 1.25 based on exam results, research paper and class participations. Or in Physics wherein he was getting perfect scores on almost all exams but getting only 1.75 grade. He may have been a Summa cum laude too if he was graded objectively, who knows… Patpatangan dan sa met ag-grade kunami idi ta siak ket nag gradeak ti 2.25, diay classmate ko ket 2.5 lang, ket nalalaing isuna nga adayo ngem siak, nangangato pay score na exams, ken agkaduakami pay iti project.

    There should be more structured grading system like in accounting, wherein the student may know his standing at every exam concluded. Accounting’s grading system, during Gemma’s time, is to get at least 75% on exams, quizzes and assignments to pass or to have a grade of 3.0 and 97.5%-100% to get a 1.0 grade.

    Mr. Adina, the late Dr. Pablico, Mr. Cabel and Mr. Tamayo were called terror instructors but they were objective in giving grades. 1.0 is given if their student deserve it or 5.0 if there is no effort to pass at all. I was lucky, I passed all of their subjects. I hope that you are like them Herdy (smile).

    BTW, is Hilarion Ramiro you mentioned is the former health secretary?

  2. Manang Gemma was our Senior at San Nicolas National High School (Bingao Campus). Very intelligent and mabait sobra. May her soul rest in peace.

    1. Im a CompSci grad batch 2000.. Gemma was my classmate in one of our subject (stat I think). She aced all exams and quizzes with ease and grace,

  3. ” It took MMSU 21 years to produce its first summa cum laude graduate. The record belongs to the late Gemma G. Ulep (BS Accountancy ’99, CBEA) who obtained a GWA of 1.192.”

    This year is 2013, and Gemma Ulep graduated 1999. So shouldn’t it be 14 years and not 21 years before MMSU produced another summa cum laude?
    BTW, I am a graduate of ECE of the College of Engineering batch 2000.

    1. MMSU was founded in 1978. The first Summa Cum Laude, Ms. Ulep, emerged in 1999. That is 21 years. The second summa cum laude came 14 years after Ulep. Got the arithmetic? =D

  4. wow it makes me feel proud even though im not the one getting the honors hahaha. but it still quite an honor having to see the second summa after 14 years. i wish i was equally intelligent hahahha !

  5. it makes me feel proud that there is another summa cum laude from my alma mater….i belong to mmsu cbea batch ’99, BS in Business Administration…..so sad to know that Gemma is gone.

  6. late Gemma G. Ulep is one of my sister’s friends in college, they are also classmates from freshman year until they graduate, sabi ng ate ko “ang galing talaga niya, silent siya pero ‘pag nasa loob na siya ng classroom parang siya lang ang nagsasalita at sumasagot lahat ng mga questions ng mga instructors namin.” sabi pa niya “na-shock talaga ako noong namatay siya, namatay siya with her father, hindi nga ako nakapunta sa burol niya pero I asked mom and dad na pumunta sila.” by the way my sister is Rothielita Dumaoal-Aquino.

  7. Dane Mikhael Calica Congaratulations! You have indeed joined an elite group. I personally know two on the list, Mrs. Marietta Monje Bonoan 1957, mom to our salutatorian Marievic Bonoan INNHS 1977 and Editha Tapaoan 1974.You are the third i know and i am proud coz you are cousins to my nieces Jen and Coy Mariano.

  8. I have to say, that’s my cousin Dane! So from Australia here I’m so proud of him 🙂 Well done Cuz!!

  9. Did you know that most of the summa cum laudes from 1958 to 1975 were from Bacarra, Ilocos Norte? Way to go Bacarrenos!!!

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