What is wrong with Miss Laoag

Miss Laoag
“I am Miss Laoag from Isabela, and I am happy to succeed Miss Laoag from La Union.”

But first let me begin with what is right with Miss Laoag, lest I be accused of being a pessimist, a grinch, a KJ or KSP (No, dear friends, my lovely dog Lady Jaja Colleen has totally changed my worldview; this charming licker has taught me to find joy in the simplest of things, and so I have been thinking brightly these days).

Indeed, there are many things we are glad about the pageant, and first among them is its employment of world-class talents in its production team, foremost of them Randy Leaño, now Hawaii-based but who comes home every year to direct the grand spectacle; prodigiously talented Aian Raquel, the show’s creative consultant; and multi-awarded choreographer Rowell Tagatac. I am not only a friend to these three artistic mavericks; I am also a big fan. Should any university offer a Ph.D. in Beauty Pageant Production, these there must be given honorary degrees outright.

Another plus factor for Miss Laoag is its wide viewership. And organizers say there are now fewer viewers on site but more on television and on the Internet, especially this year when two rival cable television networks covered the event. “Are you going to Miss Laoag?” I have been asked this many times by a wide range of people—from my esteemed colleagues in the academe to tambays in my neighborhood. Surely, the event reaches a wide audience.

I did not go this year’s Miss Laoag. I would have wanted to see the magical, world-class stage they put up every year. Their set design has always proved to be a work of art that transports you to another place as good as, if not better than, the Miss Universe stage. I know that the organizers conceptualize the event many months before February, and that putting together the whole show is a product not only of talent and genius, but also of hard work and commitment.

Having said these, it should be clear that I am no longer, as I previously was, opposed to the holding of the beauty pageant as a fiesta activity. It does not matter to me anymore that millions are spent to stage the event. If you don’t spend the money for that purpose, it might end up being used for the construction of politicians’ mansions anyway, or for the purchase of more luxury cars for them. Better to spend it for something that, though ephemeral, can leave a lasting impression on our third-world minds.

It does not bother me anymore that there are more people who watch sexy ladies at the Ilocos Norte Centennial Arena than those who pay homage to St. William, our city’s patron, in the cathedral named after him. That’s the least of my problems, and I’d rather listen to candidates’ outrageous answers in the Q&A portion than hear priests speak against things they don’t understand, like sex (with apologies to priests who are sexually active).

Lastly, it does not disturb me anymore that politicians deliver long, empty, self-aggrandizing speeches during the night. I have downloaded a lot of games in my computer tablet, and many of them are still waiting to be played.

So, what is wrong with Miss Laoag?

The more appropriate question really is “Do we really have a Miss Laoag?” And the answer is clearly,  “no, we don’t.” For how, in good conscience and proper sanity, can I consider a lady who has only been in Laoag for a few days, and who will leave Laoag after the competition, as Miss Laoag? The winner this year is from Isabela. She is now wearing the crown won last year by her predecessor, someone from La Union who has also won titles there and in Baguio City.

A few years ago, the organizers transformed the “Search for Miss Laoag” into “The International Quest for Miss Laoag City Pamulinawen Festival Queen.” They tried to project the pageant as a global event in keeping with the global character and presence of the Ilocano. This, they said, will give Laoagueñas and their descendants opportunity to participate. In practice though, the pageant is open, wide open, totally open. Anyone who wants to join, so long as she meets the mainly physical criteria, are welcome. Actually, a number of those who join this search are professional Bikini Open contestants who hop from one beach, pool, bar to the other.

There is something organizers are not saying, in public, at least. They did not limit Miss Laoag to beauties from Laoag because such would result to “poor casting”. If only ladies from Laoag will be allowed to join, organizers are afraid that they will not meet “the standards they want to achieve.” This, dear karikna, is actually a sanitized way of saying “Based on our standards, we do not think there are enough beautiful ladies from Laoag who deserve to walk on the marvelous stage we designed.”

The Search for Miss ABC Laoag, the other beauty pageant held during fiesta, is more forgiving. It accepts contestants below 5’4” which is the minimum height requirement for Miss Laoag. Moreso, only Laoag City residents may join Miss ABC Laoag, many winners of which have been rejected by the Miss Laoag City Pamulinawen Search because of height requirement.

But whose standards of beauty is that? Who says that anyone below 5’4” is below par? Is the legendary Pamulinawen really tall? How tall?

If you want to be more cognitive about it, let’s ask why, aside from entertainment, do we hold beauty pageants anyway? Personally, I want someone who will represent the best, everything beautiful that we have. Attractiveness inside and out. Intelligence and wit. Grace under pressure. And we need someone whose very presence in the city will continue to remind us what a great people we are, and what a beautiful city we have. We yearn for those days when the likes of Mary Jane “Majang” Pascual-Leaño (Miss ABC Laoag 1999, Miss Laoag 2000, and Miss Ilocos Norte 2001) serve Sunshine City in every beautiful way they know. Majang is now a high school teacher, still beautiful, and, most importantly, still in Laoag, and serving her own people.

Today, winners of the Miss Laoag Search have no obligations aside from turning over the crown to next year’s winner.

One could argue that purists–i.e. those who demand for an all-Laoagueña search–can always watch Miss ABC Laoag, the less prestigious, less budgeted, less viewed pageant. But that is beside the point. Moreover, I would even argue that we should just hold one beauty pageant of, by, and for Laogueños exclusively. We want only one Laoageña who will embody not only ABC, but CDE, FGH, and all letters, numbers, and characters we know in Sunshine City.

For the one big folly of the international, intercontinental, global, interplanetary, intergalactical, universal quest for Miss Laoag is that the crowned Miss Laoag may not actually be from, much less care for, Laoag.

And what is supposed to be a celebration of local beauty has become a perennial insult.

Author: Herdy La. Yumul

A hesitant academic pimp, writer

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  1. How witty! If only the folks who join Ms. Laoag now are as intelligent as you, it could be quite more forgivable that they are not genuine Laoaguenas.

  2. Hahaha…natawa naman ako sa “apologies to the priests who are sexually active” mo!!! Bakit pa may beauty-pageant as “Miss Laoag” kung wala namang maka-meet ng qualifications nila na taga-Laoag. E di huwag ng mag beauty-pageant pa. Kesa naman may manalo ng Miss Laoag na hindi naman from Laoag.

  3. pak na pak! I so agree with you, La Yumul. nauubos na ba ang pwede sa Miss Laoag?
    …MAJANG is my one and only Miss Laoag!

  4. It thrills me to see people talk about our work which we often , and heartily, call kabaklaan. As you must have seen, dear ka-feel, tremendous thought and hardwork, heart, soul, Marlboro gold, green, and black are invested in the process of producing this show. Indeed it is a process of production as much as other artistic genres entail. I am glad that people take this beauty pageant seriously, and with much thought, prejudiced or not.

    And this year, it is apparent that people have become more self-aware, marking territories vis-a-vis territories that the Miss Laoag crown has conquered (or lost?). And trust me, dear ka-feel, that the problems you raise have been part of our thread of discussions online and in Laoag in our poor attempts to push the Miss Laoag show forward and become even more loyal to its audience.

    I concede that the question of who Miss Laoag is or where she is from is important. I have in fact introduced the idea that we should start going back to the more exclusive Laoag-only rule but we all agreed we weren’t ready.
    But, i do not think that this question is as important as the others that we have been raising ourselves (we have a lot). This is so because we think that the Miss Laoag is not only about the winner but all the rest who perform on and offstage, including those who are not from Laoag but have called Laoag home. That includes me, members of Samiweng, Laoag City Children’s Choir, Nasudi, Laoag City Gymnastics Group, Rowell Tagatac, Erwin Suguitan who wrote the We Shout Laoag theme, and our lighting designer for ten years Meliton Roxas who always finds time to “come home” to Laoag even cancelling bigger shows in Manila just to be here from Feb 8-10. Et al.

    What roles should the Miss Laoag perform? This is a more important question. And i believe that the answer will not require that the Miss laoag Pamulinawen must be from Laoag. The examples above outstandingly prove that.

    We share the same opinion that Mary Jane Pascual is potentially the best Miss Laoag we have ever had because of her contribution to the show itself. But we must also mention Jasmin Versoza (1998), Mary Ann Dimaya (1999), Kate Lao (2009), Jeda Smith (2010), Rhea Purisma (2011) who are from Laoag and are among my personal favorites that also include Namkeen Jamid (2006, from cabugao, Ilocos Sur), Arlein Villanueva (2007, Baguio City) and AJ Mickiewicks (2012, La Union). Also, we have had outstanding performances from balikbayans who have also won major prizes as international contenders.

    Dear ka-feel, we will strive to introduce changes next year. The rules will surely be assessed as planned, production approach updated to cater to a changing viewership, and more. As all of us always do each year… maexcite, magmaganda at abangan ang susunod na Miss Laoag! :)))

    1. The idea of producing a MISS LAOAG pageant yet open to all ladies from the four corners of the Philippines is utterly and undoubtedly idiotic. Why don’t you just change the title Miss Philippines in Laoag. Only idiots believe that a lady from La Union or from Isabela or from Tralala deserves the title Miss Laoag when actually she’s not by any means a native of Laoag. Organizers, you’re all not idiots, are you?

      1. Im thinking of having a holiday in December. I wanna meet the Miss Laoag winner of 2012 and 2013. Shall I drive from Laoag up to Baguio, La Union or Isabela to meet them…This is the most stupid thing I heard about Laoag….The local government might want to look for other organizers – ones who know what they are doing.

  5. what does it take to be miss laoag? first and foremost is that you should be a native of laoag. or your ancestors (grandparents perhaps).

  6. I don’t get it…what is this aian raquel saying, that we are not ready? I sincerely do not mean disrespect but that simply shows, that even organizers of the supposedly beacon of Laoguenas beauty and pride are discrediting and belittling us, Laoaguenas. In the same, analogy, if women in Laoag, are not ready yet, then what the hell are we using the city’s fund in staging a half-bake Miss Laoag?? We should just have more variety shows-like events to showcase all that is good about Laoag- dancing, food, place, etc. but no pageants because WE ARE NOT READY YET!

    I encourage the Miss Laoag organizers, to be a little more open-minded and adjust criteria (if that is only the problem). And strengthen the Laoaguenas for competitions like this — conduct self-improvement workshops, talent class, or perhaps, widen the sports and recreation choices in the city. As to height requirements, adjust. adjust. and cater to what the city have! You can’t teach a dog to quack or a duck to bark. Or something like that, you get what I mean. DO EVERYTHING STRENGTHEN YOUR OWN, BEFORE YOU LOOK TO YOUR NEIGHBORING PROVINCES.

    Welcoming beauty queen imports is not wrong, but if we let them take what should and must be rightfully Laoaguena’s, we are teaching the young Laoaguena beauty queen aspirants that they are not enough, that they might try but will always be inadequate. That is what i personally get at this. Soo.. that is my take at this Miss Laoag turned Miss La Union anomaly.

    1. Ms.Laoag is not only about the candidates…its also about the people who organize the ms.laoag a ms.laoag…the organizers, crews and staff are mostly from laoag..this program gives the people the break they need to boost themselves to much larger scales to show their talents and crafts..take for example like sir Aian,and Sir Randy and including myself and my friends….thats why every year we still have ms.laoag…kung sasabihin mo rin lang na kau kau lang nmn n malapit sa mga main people ang nabibigyan ng ganyang opportunity…alangan nmn kase kukuha nlng kami ng cno cno jan na di nmn nmin alam kapabilidad dba…may mga tao ring malalapit sa mga taong toh n di nbigyan nga chance mging part ng ms.laoag kasi the set of skills they have doesnt fit…kung sa kandidata lang din nmn pag-uusapan may taga laoag nmn n nkakapasok sa pageant kaso nga lang di nananalo dba…just like ive said kung craft tlga ng isang kandidata rumampa edi nkaya sana talunin ang mga imports and di ka sasali sa gnitong kalaking kompetition kung dmo rin lang pinaghandaan tama?…thats the essence of having an import to create challenge…credits to the organizers they picked non-biased judges…slap kung slap n sa mukha sa laoag but atleast we tried to win…next time maybe tulungan ntin manalo ang alam nyung from laoag para mapanalo rin naten ang from laoag…bka sabihin na nmn na bket kaung mga organizers and staff di nyu tinulugan?ofcourse naman oo…SPECIAL treatment pa nga lageh ang mga taga laoag n sumali..imagine kung cnu pa ang less resourced na sumali cla pa nanalo?how come?well …”we can’t please everybody”…

  7. cguro ganyan lng tlaga sir!!!!….my nananalo my natatalo…..atleast all the candidates give their best to won the crown of mis laoag……

  8. bakit naging miss la union? stupid organizers. kapag miss laoag ilocos norte lang or region 1. hindi open. now nauwi yung crown sa la union na uwi yung word na miss pamulinawen sa la union. i pitty mas marami pang mas maganda sa laoag. kung bakit pa hindi nila pinagbigyan mga laoagenias. im just saying

    1. stupid organizers? Whoever you are, whatever position you have, do you really think that they are stupid? Or are you that stupid to call them stupid? To organize such big event and make it successful every year, I don’t think any of us can call them stupid. We have the right to raise questions or queries but to give judgment immediately to the organizers is the real stupidity. It may sound like a cliche to you, but you have to look at yourself first or maybe try to imagine if you were in their position before giving judgments. Well, i think it’s not really unfair, anyone from laoag who are qualified can join. If they really deserve to win the Ms. Laoag title they have their chance. And for other ladies who are from other places, proving theirselves that they can beat anyone in laoag, it gives them the right to be called Ms. Laoag.

  9. …..Laoag city must be strict when it comes to the candidates for miss Laoag. it’s their own festival, so the contestants must be a native of Laoag. unfair naman po siguro kung mga “dayo” pa ang nananalo. May mga sari sarili naman atah silang mga beauty contests sa kanilang mga lugar.

  10. this simply means that the miss Laoag allows beauty pageant “imports”…
    if the Laogueñas can’t meet the criteria, maybe they can adjust those so that more candidates from Laoag can join the pageant…

  11. thanks God i’m not from Laoag…otherwise, this could have been a big slap on my face…bkit pa magkakaroon ng beauty pageant like this Miss Laoag if the contestants are from other provinces! isn’t it that a beauty pageant is one way of showing the good and beautiful in you? then bkit may nanalong miss laoag from isabela? my god! pinapatunayan lamang nito that there is no good or beautiful in laoag… and one thing more… pnapatunayan lamang nito na ikinakahiya nila kung anong meron sila…..bkit? wala bang maipagmamalaki? hindi kontento? or simply, may ikinakahiya?….

  12. The recent Miss Laoag beauty pageant has outstanding settings, though the title was bagged not by a laoageña but from isabela. As mentioned above, certain standards were set for contestants in Miss Laoag; however, less laoageñas could meet this and will result to poor quality and so they opened the pageant to others. However, if people from somewhere, would win Miss Laoag, then it would be an insult to laoageñas but they need to cope with set standards. They need to accept that some people stronger and the others are weaker. But for me, since it is Miss Laoag, it should only be beauties from laoag and not from some other place.

  13. What is wrong with Ms. Laoag? People, wake up! Wala bang deserving ladies from Laoag? Kinakailangan pa bang mag-accept ng candidates from other places???????? By the way, I appreciate Sir Herdy for expressing his fearless views.

  14. the real natives of Laoag are the ones who should only be allowed to join in such pageant… the winner should be a real Laoageña who will embody the characteristics and features of a folk from Laoag…

  15. If there is no “real” Laoageña who could meet the standards for such title, then why is there still so-called Miss Laoag –in which the usual winners come from other provinces ? I do believe that contestants should only be from laoag.

  16. Miss Laoag should have the looks and the heart that is willing and enthusiastic to serve the city or be someone that the locals will be proud of. Most probably, a pureblood Laoageña would be the best to accomplish the job but if an outsider can do better, then i won’t care if she’s from Laoag or not. Besides, the crown can be given to someone else if the winner is unable to do her responsibilities.

  17. Well, maybe there is a reason why they accepts contingent from other places is that they challenge the laoageñias if they can defeat other ladies and to measure if they are ready for a bigger stage.actually, it is very awkward for the ladies of laoag because they didn’t defend their own title and they let other lady not from laoag achieved the title.

  18. I watched the pageant live. It was fantastic and it’s something a Laoageño must boast. BUT there is something really wrong about Ms. Laoag. I do believe that beauty pageants are not just about the parade of beauties, the battle of wit or the showcase of poise and carriage. I believe the search for Ms. Laoag must be held to find somebody who can embody the true essence of a Laoageña. Candidates aim for the crown, for the title, and for the life-changing experience. They forgot to think how they can contribute for a change in the society knowing they have a bit power and prestige to do so. Now, how can someone from Isabela do something aside from coming back to Laoag next year for her to pass the crown from somebody who might do the same thing. “Naghanda ang Laoag hindi lang para sa mga Laoageño. Pero sana ang inihanda nila ay yung sa kanila.”

  19. There’s really a wrong with Miss Laoag… the winner must be a dweller of Laoag City..dahil hindi taga-Laoag yung nanalo parang dinegrade nila ang Laoag..

  20. the candidates should include those who live in Laoag… not from other places for the fact that this pageant holds the title for Miss Laoag. another thing is that there are beautiful girls beyond the boundaries of Laoag that could possibly meet the qualifications of being a candidate… this essay you made sir is helpful for everyone to realize the impact of having situations like this.. thumbs up sir!

  21. sa totoo lang hndi naman talaga kailangang matangkad na matangkad eh, i agree to what you’ve said because even our ancestors are not that very much tall. what do they expect from their offsprings? then kung talagang walang makak’meet sa requirements ng ms laoag pamulinawen, why still held a pageant right? eh di sana hindi na lang ms. laoag, kundi ms region 1 nalang para naman ok lang na taga isabela o taga- la union man ang mananalo.. ang pinaka importante sa lahat, laoag must also be proud of the beautiful faces of laoag’s original residents.

  22. the candidates should include those who live in Laoag… not from other places for the fact that this pageant holds the title for Miss Laoag. another thing is that there are beautiful girls beyond the boundaries of Laoag that could possibly meet the qualifications of being a candidate… this essay you made sir is helpful for everyone to realize the impact of having situations like this.. thumbs up sir!

  23. the candidates should include those who live in Laoag… not from other places for the fact that this pageant holds the title for Miss Laoag. another thing is that there are beautiful girls beyond the boundaries of Laoag that could possibly meet the qualifications of being a candidate… this essay you made sir is helpful for everyone to realize the impact of having situations like this.. thumbs up sir! 🙂

  24. Ms. Laoag from other provinces hearing like a sore to my ears. Ms. Laoag supposed to be purely Laoaguenas.
    bakit wala na bang magaganda,talentadao at mga magagaling na babae sa Laoag at kelangan pang mag-import ng mga sasali?

  25. i haven’t gone to the said pageant but having read this article makes me imagine how great it was. However, the issue about “what’s wrong with miss Laoag” made me think. If Ms. USA is from USA and Ms. Philippines is from the Philippines, then Ms. Laoag must also have been from Laoag because at the end of the day, it will not always be about the beauty and brains, but it will be somehow about who she is and from where she is-Her IDENTITY… 🙂

  26. The Pamulinawen festival could have been interesting if it wasn’t because of how they celebrated it. How can a city owns a festival which isn’t actually celebrated or participated by it’s own people. The beauty contest , in a similar perspective, is like a pageant for Miss Philippines on which all the contestants are Russians, Latinas, Americans, and other breeds. Why hold a contest for Miss Laoag?. Their reason that Laoageñas might not meet their standards is stupid. Then why still hold a beauty pageant if the host itself doesn’t believe in the potentials and talents of it’s own citizens?. Thank you sir for bravely pointing out this wrongness.

  27. I didnt really watch the pageant but this article gave me everything I needed to know.

    “Based on our standards, we do not think there are enough beautiful ladies from Laoag who deserve to walk on the marvelous stage we designed.” – This sentence is one of the dumbest thing I’ve ever read. Why have a beauty pageant called Miss Laoag if you cant even have a Laoageña contestant who can achieve your “standards.” At least let it be called Miss Pamulinawen or something other than Miss Laoag. It would be a lot better and will make the organizers look a bit nicer.

  28. Siguro, kaya tinawa na Miss Laoag, dapat lang na resident ng Laoag ang sumasali sa pageant, wats the point na Miss Laoag and title na pinaglalabnan kung sa ibang lugar ka naman nakatira…

    next year cguro, di lang height ang tinitignan, dpat pati residence 🙂

  29. I agree with you Sir. Is Miss Laoag really a Miss fom Laoag? My perception about miss laoag is someone who will represent the beauty that we have in our place. Represent the intelligence that we have. Make us proud to be a Laoageña. But wiith this, the thing that the miss laoag is from Isabela, is like a shame to me as a Laoageña. Parang walang maipapakitang ganda at talino ng mga taga Laoag.

  30. Actually, there is nothing wrong about the pageant – except that Miss Laoag is not actually from Laoag – because it showcased beauty, wits and talents which entertained the people which is – i think – the purpose of a pageant. I think it would be better if they would have changed the title to Pamulinawen Queen – just to be more appropriate.

  31. There is something organizers are not saying, in public, at least. They did not limit Miss Laoag to beauties from Laoag because such would result to “poor casting”.

    if no Laoageña can meet their standards then the least they can do is to change its title because its very inappropriate

  32. If they would like to continue this trend, then I suggest they make the current Miss Laoag change to Miss Pamulinawen and the Miss ABC would then be rebranded to Miss Laoag or something similar.

  33. I agree with the Miss Pamulinawen idea. Lam-ang is an iloko-wide legend make Ms. Laoag into Ms. Pamulinawen, so that the pageant can accommodate all these Ilocano beauties and not offend the sensibilities of the Laoaguenos.

    To rip off Shakespeare, a rose called by any other name would smell as sweet, but you have to call it as you see it.

    Bah! You Know What Would Be Better? Call It “A BEAUTY PAGEANT HOSTED BY LAOAG CITY FOR ITS FIESTA”. Brilliant! This would make a beautiful skit.

  34. let the real ladies from laoag shine, not those from other places. it’s not the miss laoag to be blamed, but the organizers who didn’t screen the candidates of the [pageant..

    1. The pageant for Miss Laoag must have been a pageant for the ladies living in Laoag. How can this beauty pageant showcase the talents and wit of Laoag if many other ladies from different provinces joined? I should have been impressed for the beauty of the crowned Miss Laoag, but then again, she is not from Laoag.

  35. what’s wrong with Ms. Laoag? what’s the point of calling it Search for Ms. Laoag kung di naman taga laoag ang nakakuha ng crown. its a big shame for laoag ladies na ibigay ang crown na para sa kanila. dapat laoag ladies LANG ang kasali sa pageant. with this article, sana naman next year puro resident ng laoag na ang mga contestants hindi ung galing pa sa ibang lugar.

  36. I, myself witnessed the spectacular evene- Ms. Laoag. the stage was a world-class and the performances- it was awesome. but despite of the perfections on-cam, there lies an error behind the scenes. ms. laoag was a big lie. why would they name the pageant as miss laoag wherein fact, most of the contestants are not from laoag and what is more devastating is that those who are not natives of laoag, won the crown. why? Laoageñas cannot meet the standards? i believe that there are still Laoageñas out there who can be miss laoag and perform its duties and responsibilities as miss laoag here in laoag.
    -they should have just change the title of the pageant into another. 🙂

  37. its a big shame for Laoag that potentials of Laoagenas were belittled.. woah, it should be Miss ISABELAOAG. haha! anyway, i salute mr. Herdy for his fearless views which is actually i agree an his arguments. what a wit, sir!=)

  38. The organizers really committed a mistake but they don’t want to accept it. That is why they keep on unearthing reasons from nowhere just to show that they were correct in choosing Ms. La Union as the Ms. Laoag 2013…

  39. P.S. if the Miss Laoag contenders cannot meet the standards of the organizers, why not come up with a “MR. LAOAG”…GO!!!!

  40. I am very disappointed with the organizers of Ms. Laoag, they should change their criteria and appreciate the beauty of laoaguena.

  41. this article has been an eye-opener not only to the unconcerned but also for the organizers to make a better Ms. Laoag. i just hope that the next Ms. Laoag will be from our very own sunshine city and not from other lands. 🙂

  42. the stage and the production during the Ms. Laoag is indeed astonishing because i had witnessed it with my sister. how they had conceptualized this year’s program is really a big effort, turning a local event to international-like creation. but what is wrong in the miss laoag is that the production staff lacked effort searching for their real muse. if they saying miss laoag is for everybody then it must be renamed into something much acceptable and turn ms abc to ms laoag which is more suitable.

  43. i think it would be much be better to hear/know if the one who were crowned as the Ms. Laoag is a Laoag native not an Isabelan or any other. for me its a big shame to the the Laoageños for not winning the title for that contest is not just an ordinary contest but a contsest of dignity and pride. though we can’t blame much the organizers of the said show, this must just be now a lesson to them. there are many ladies in Laoag who could deserve that title. just strive harder to find.:))))))))))

  44. kaya nga miss laoag diba para yung mga taga laoag lang yung kasali? bakit kase may from isabela? wala na ba talagang magaganda sa laoag na pwedeng isali sa pageant? I really agree with you sir. miss laoag is for those who are from laoag only. what’s the sense of calling it miss laoag if there were contestants coming from the different places?

  45. There is really wrong in Ms. Laoag! I strongly believe that all contestants in the said prestigious pageant must be residents of Laoag. It’s very shameful if the title holder came from other province. How can the Laoageños be proud of if the winner of Ms. Laoag is not really from Laoag but from Isabela? It only shows that there are no longer Laoageñas can meet the standards of the organizers.

  46. I truly believe that they knew this would be coming. They knew that someone like Sir Herdy will criticize this pageant and of course, receive bad remarks. But why continue? It is because they consider Laoag as a prestigious, globally competitive city. Or a metropolitan of Ilocos. To them, Laoag is equivalent to the whole Ilocandia. It’s not bad to be this ambitious. Even so, loyalty to people should come first. If they want the whole world to recognize them, then let the whole world recognize its people. It seems to me that they have an ideology that it is the city that constitutes the people. Well in fact, it is the people that make the city. It is the people that will make Laoag –LAOAG. If the people of Laoag are not so beautiful, then let the whole world know. It is not something to be ashamed of. Umm, well.
    What if Miss La Union, Laoag, Baguio will compete with each other? Is it going to be a competition of one candidate?
    If the beauties of Laoag do not meet their standards, then they should’ve lowered their standards. Or better yet cancel the whole thing. But since we are all fond of pageants and other sorts of celebrations, the next time they will hold a pageant, it should be clear. It should be na-LAOAG.

  47. Those candidates are really beautiful but then, they are not really from Laoag. In the pageant, hey must be residents of Laoag. And the title holder came from Isabela. They are just wasting their time, they should have pageant in their respective provinces.

  48. Dapat taga LAOAG (tubong laoag) ang nanalo sa Ms. Pamulinawen. Bat kasi nakakapasok yun hindi taga laoag sa pageant? dapat kasi taga laoag lang ang sasali dto.

  49. Since it’s Miss Laoag, the participants should be from Laoag.
    Now, Miss Laoag doesn’t have an important purpose, as previously said (no obligations aside from turning over the crown to next year’s winner), unlike other beauty pageants such as Miss Earth wherein they have to promote specific projects concerning environment and other global issues.
    I don’t really like beauty pageants though. It portrays how women should look. Women go against each other to prove who is the most “beautiful”. Then those who can’t attain that certain standard tend to look down on themselves. And when that “beutiful” girl loses, she’ll start to think that she herself is ugly, fat, or not good enough.

  50. . it’s not the miss laoag to be blamed, but the organizers who didn’t screen the candidates of the [pageant.. hoping that next yr, a real native of laoag will will the pageant. if not, i will not watch anymore

  51. Since it’s Miss Laoag, the participants should be from Laoag.
    Now, Miss Laoag doesn’t have an important purpose, as previously said (no obligations aside from turning over the crown to next year’s winner), unlike other beauty pageants such as Miss Earth wherein they have to promote specific projects concerning environment and other global issues.
    I don’t really like beauty pageants though. It portrays how women should look. Women go against each other to prove who is the most “beautiful”. Then those who can’t attain that certain standard tend to look down on themselves. And when that “beautiful” girl loses, she’ll start to think that she herself is ugly, fat, or not good enough.

  52. It’s useless to call the contest as “Miss Laoag” if from the other province won the crown. It’s an insult to Laoageños. They only proved that Laoageños don’t have enough beauty and intelligence. Why not change or adjust the qualification so that more Laoageños can expose their beauties and can join the pageant as well. 🙂

  53. I agree sir. This article is really helpful for the organizers to realize their wrong.It;s useless to call this pageant as MISS LAOAG if winners are not from Laoag. Walang silbi na ginagastusan nila ng bongga ang contest na ‘to kung hindi naman taga Laoag ang mananalo. It’s not actually winning the crown but serving her own people too. Alangan naman na taga La Union tutulungan niya mga Laoageños. Common sense! They must change the title of the contest para mas appropriate

  54. There is really wrong with Miss Laoag! How can Laoageños be proud if their Miss Laoag is not from of Laoag?! Miss Laoag should not only have the looks but also the heart that is willing to serve the city. Miss Laoag must be a pureblooded Laoageña and someone that people from Laoag city will be proud of. I strongly believe that Laoag must be proud because there are many Laoageñas who are beautiful and intelligent that can meet the ‘standards’ of the organizers.

  55. I feel so sad for the fact that Ms. Laoag 2013 is from Isabela. It should have been better if from Laoag itself, representing the whole being of the city. We can do nothing now but to hope that the crowned Ms. Laoag 2013 be not just a person for occasions but apart from her intelligence, talent and pleasing personality is to become an advocate of social service for the city, though she’s from Isabela and to hope that the organizers will limit only the next pageants for Laoag beauties.

  56. There would be no murmurs behind that pageant if the organizers did well in the screening level of candidates!

  57. Well, Sir Herdy’s right. Ms. Laoag should at least be from Laoag. The winner of the pageant is supposed to represent and embody this sunshine city. What a pity! To hear such things as “poor casting” from the organizers, my goodness! As far as I am concerned, it’s impossible that there’s no beauty left from Laoag.

  58. But who really calls the shots here? The director, organizing chairman, mayor, or even sponsors? Was this a collective idea?

  59. The search for Miss Laoag 2013 is really spectacular in terms of production. But it is sad to know that a woman from Isabela won the title.Parang pinapakita na walang K ang mga babae ng Laoag na manalo sa pageant na iyon.

  60. The search for Miss Laoag is a prestigious event for the people of Laoag but knowing the contestants are not purely from Laoag, it is a disappointment and what’s more disappointing is that the winner is not from Laoag but from Isabela. MISS LAOAG IS JUST FOR LAOAG not for Isabela or any other place but just for Laoag. Laoag is a city, it has a lot of people and I do not believe that beauties from Laoag cannot embody the whole of MISS LAOAG!

  61. Miss Laoag should be a resident of laoag and not from any other provinces… why does the pageant named miss laoag if the winner is not from laoag…

  62. .. naman, miss laoag nga eh—dapat talagang from Laoag sasali. anu ba kasing ginagawa nyo mga taga laoag na magaganda kung bakit dikayo sumali? (diko alam kasi eh, kung ano rules dito- hindi ba pwedeng sumali mga taga laoag? kaya taga ibang lugar sumali?)

  63. The result was not really acceptable, Miss Laoag should be a residence of laoag city. Yes we accept that maybe contestants from laoag are not really capable on the title but the search title at a first place is Miss laoag. It was a big insult to the province, I think they are insulting the capability of one person to have that title.

  64. ..i did not watch the miss laoag pageant and im not from laoag..but according 2 what i’d heard about it,,tama nga naman na taga laoag pa rin dapat ang manalo sa miss laoag,kya nga miss laoag db..but no doudt nAMAN tlaga na maganda yung nanalo..

  65. pag MISS LAOAG ang pinag uusapan sa pageant dapat tubong laoag lang…hindi yung mga taga la union o kahit saan pa man yan ..anong silbi ng tiltle nila na MISS LAOAG kung hindi naman taga laoag ang nanalo!!!

  66. ang pageant na miss laoag ay para lang sa mga taga laoag hindi yung taga ibang lugar. kasi alam naman nila kung saan ka nanggaling..dapat pure kang taga laoag.

  67. pano tatawaging Ms. Laoag eh hindi naman taga Laoag yung nanalo? sa dinadami ng mga magaganda sa Laoag bat tga Isabela pa?

  68. In winning such a competition the character of an individual must be viewed as a member of that said place that can be a role model and can manipulate things to others. Well, Miss Laoag is one of the biggest pageant in Laoag but as other people was saying, the winner must be from Laoag to show that there is the so called beauty a lot better than from other places.

  69. For me, wala pong silbi na ang naging miss laoag ay taga ibang province. For what ba na mag o-organize ng ganitong kagandang pageant na taga ibang lugar naman ang sasali, and worst sila pa ang nanalo,it’s non sense. A truly Miss Laoag must from Laoag of course, and ready to serve the Laoageños. She must have the capacity to embody the city. Eh ngayon, is Miss Laoag (or should I say Miss La Union) can do her responsibility?
    I don’t think so!

  70. Giving pageant like this is like giving oppurtunities to other provinces and towns. Well, Pamulinawen Festival is all for Laoagenos not for those gorgeous ladies who came from La union or from Isabela. Ano ito? pang binibining Pilipinas lang na pwede sa lahat pero naganap lang dito sa Laoag. Treating like Laoagenas no importance for this pageant. Next year hope all Laoagenas na lahat at hindi na sa ibang probinsya para makita talaga ang essence ng Pamulinawen Festival.

  71. What is wrong with Ms Laoag? Actually, there isn’t. It’s just that the level of appropriateness of the titles and standards are not matching. All of Laoag’s entities need not to argue, just talk it over and sort out the best possible solution to avoid such mismatching.

  72. If the organizers really wanted to promote Laoag City globally, they should limit contestants native from the place. If they want a pageant with people from other towns, provinces, and half-races of Ilocanoes, they should let the provincial government do it. “Invasion of Privacy” happened during the festival search.
    People who wish to organize pageants like this must be sensitive enough to feelings of beauty contestants, people from that place.

  73. From Isabela and now was crowned as Miss Laoag… What a fool… Kaya nga tinawag na miss Laoag so that the contestants come exclusively from Laoag alone and non other.. The winner does not deserve the crown.. Absolutely not.. And mistake also of the organizers… Bakit tinanggap siya, eh she’s not from Laoag… Wake up!!!

  74. well.. there’s really wrong with ms.laoag. If we say Ms. Laoag, the first thought that crosses our mind is that she’s from Laoag..Maybe if they want not to limit the contestants from Laoag, and accept contestants from other municipalities and region, mas maganda kung palitan nila ung title.. para naman appropriate sa mga mananalo.. Mapa La Union man o Isabela..

    But, on the end of the day, what really matters is the heart the contestants have towards Laoag. But I’m really eager to see more of the gorgeous ladies from Laoag.. again, from Laoag.. ^_^

  75. there is really something wrong with miss laoag. And i think the coordinators of Ms. Laoag (the beauty pageant) didn’t realized what people would say if Ms. Laoag will come from other place. They should have considered what Laoagenos would say about this. They should have not accepted participants from other provinces. This is really a challenge to the ladies of Laoag. Come on! Wake up! Hahayaan niyo bang ang “pinakamaganda at pinakamatalinong Laoagena” ay di galing sa lugar ninyo? Come to think of it.

    Tnx to sir herdy for bringing out this kind of issue. Na dapat talagang i-solve.

  76. I see the Ms. Laoag pageant as a way to recognize and showcase the beauty of the ladies residing in Laoag but with its result, i believe that its not on its right path. Lahat tayo ay gusto na ang mga makokoronahang Ms. Laoag ay galing talaga sa Laoag kaya mas maganda sana na gawing exclusive ang pageant for the “nalalapsat” at “nalalaing” na tubong Laoag.

  77. I have been dying to write an article about “Miss Laoag”. And I have been watching this event ONLY on tv (for the main reason that I live outskirts and I do not want to go dress up and watch this kind of crap…sorry).
    Okay first, I love watching it. For it gives me this mega pride that there are a lot of beautfiul ladies who are dumb (as I consider myself brainy but not a beauty). I always say on my Facebook wall that I wanted a Queen who would represent me to be beautiful, a Laoagena and most especially brainy not brain dead. Excuse the pan.
    I wonder if the organizers have checked and double checked these candidates. How about requiring all schools and establishments in Laoag to have representatives in the pageant AND they must be born in Laoag. The emcees should also undergo auditions to be able to host such event. If in case they are handpicked cause they happen to be the daughter or son of “somebody”, then let them undergo training. (ps. not all DJs are good in grammar…gone are the days when the good djs are heard on air). My sister who was once a disc jockey said “DEAD AIR IS A SIN”. The emcee should never allow dead air.
    AND PLEASE….get a translator. DO not allow the emcee to translate….look how the emcee translated : WHAT WILL YOU ADVICE A WOMAN WHO HAS LOW SELF ESTEEM? He said: Ano ang sasabihin mo sa babaing mababa ang moralidad. WHAAAAT!!!!

    Tourists from all over the country and the world are coming to watch us choose our beauty queen…not to come and laugh at what we’re doing.

  78. latest news… Ms. Aiyana Camille “AJ” Mikiewicz, who is crowned for “Ms. Miss Laoag City 2012” is now official candidate for “Bb. Pilipinas 2013” and she will represent La Union, the organizers of Ms. Laoag should learn their mistakes 🙂

  79. i guess, the one who deserves the title Ms. Laoag would necessarily be from Laoag city, din.. Ms. Laoag represents the own and unique beauty of Laoag ,no matter what the height or color is; and we must be proud of it..

  80. The Pageant was entitled, Ms. Laoag and yet it was expected that all the candidates for the crown should be a resident from Laoag City. Maybe the coordinators or people behind this pageant should be blame for not following the correct guidelines..

  81. One of the highlights of the Pamulinawen was the Ms.Laoag w/c showcases the beauty of Laoageñas.Yes,they made it successful but whats wrong w/ Ms.Laoag is that there must be a rule that the contestant is a resident of Laoag.It is just ok for the contestant from other places but had been staying to Laoag so that if ever she won the crown,she can do projects to improve the city.Winning the crown doesn’t end-up there but must also serve the people.And I hope for a better Ms Laoag for the next coming years.

  82. What’s wrong with this year’s Miss Laoag, is that the reigning Miss Laoag is not actually a real inhabitant from Laoag, which I believed is a mistake because the pageant is called Miss “Laoag”, which the purpose of this activity and why it is prepared each year is to showcase how beautiful and talented ladies from Laoag are. How can the pageant fulfill its true purpose if the winner is from other places? The organizers should do an action how to correct this mistake and I hope that the next year crowned winner is now a true-blooded Laoageña. Hoping for the best! and”Happy Pamulinawen Festival Laoag!” greetings from a concerned citizen of Batac!

  83. it is awkward that miss laoag is not totally a laoaguena. How high is that standard if no one can beat from its own sunshine city? organizers then should analize well the criterias before searching. think of it guys!

  84. It’s somewhat demoralizing that the current Miss Laoag is not really from the place itself. A Miss Laoag should represent its place and be proud of it. The main thing of having a pageant like this is to display/represent the beauty of a Laoagueña and Laoag.

  85. Whatever we say, we can’t do anything about it. It’s over! Just accept the fact that the Winner is not from Laoag. All of those candidates are beautiful but then, they are not from Laoag. Next time they should not allow other provinces/towns to join the Pageant for the sake of all Laoagueñas.

  86. it’s quite disappointing reading such news like this:( i couldn’t even decipher what kind of reasoning organizers wanted to point out… that’s why it entitled miss laoag dba?, cause ‘SHE’ simply represents not just the beauty but also, she represents the true characteristics of being a laoaguena… but it turn out otherwise…

  87. I watched last 2011’s Miss La Union in Laoag. And it’s a shame I wasn’t able to see Miss Isabela in Laoag this year -2012. I now live in Milan and hope I could book a ticket to the Philippines in February to see Miss Vigan(?) in Laoag….or Miss Pagudpud(?) in Laoag…..uhhh silly!….total rubbish!

  88. If being reigned as Miss Laoag who’s not even from Laoag or even one of those native Laoaguenos is “wrong”, then why did the organizers or the staffs of the pageant willingly allowed this crowned Miss Laoag to join the said pageant in the first place? and worse, kung sino pa yung hindi talaga from laoag mismo, siya pa ang nanalo. She went to laoag and instantly entitled Miss Laoag and goes back to where she came from and then she’ll be back again to turn-over the crown? What’s the point of holding the title? whooa there!! i guess it would be more acceptable if they’d limit the competition which accepts contingents from laoag only where it is indeed called as Miss LAOAG.

  89. for the record . . .

    Employment of world class talents and geniuses,wide viewership, hard work and commitment for this world class event . . .

    to insult Laoagueña beauty in its concept?
    (sorry for those behind this event, but this is my opinion)

    The title Miss Laoag is for Laoagueñas, must represent Laoag, And Exclusively for Laoagueñas. (Period)

  90. They don’t need to invite or to let somebody who’s not from Laoag City to join the pageant because it’s for Ms. Laoag. So, the contenders should be a bonafide resident of laoag City. It’s time for them to shine and they must have the chance to join on the competition. i believed that Laoageños have the capabilities to join as what others from different places have.

  91. It is truly sad to think that Ms. Laoag title was not given to a TRUE and bonafide citizen of Laoag. How they can able to get and chose people from other province to have the crown if there are people who are much deserving than them coming from Laoag? It’s not a big deal anyway but as a genuine citizen of the place(though i am not from laoag), we must see to it that we should patronize and promote first our own before others.
    Sir Yumul has the point also!!!.
    Wake Up people !!.we can also stand in our own feet right? i hope you get what i mean. Thanks !

  92. “Miss Laoag” as the title says. What should we be proud of is a Laoageña wins the title and only for her. Yet it became obvious again from the last pageant that means the same thing outrightly with the more previous one, that “laoageñas cant have their homecourt as an advantage to their success”. It may be doubtful, but lets just think about how a non-laoageña represent herself as Miss Laoag and the whole Laoag itself. Surely doubtful,isnt it? But IMO, she cant do it right,but just give satisfaction to the feastive eyes of people. Shes a beauty, but not quite charming when the title says “Miss, taga-Laoag Only”.

  93. it is really humiliating for the city of Laoag. How come that pageant was entitled “MS.LAOAG” if the title holders are not really laoageñas….

  94. What’s wrong with Miss Laoag? It’s the fact that the winner of the said search is not really from the place itself. What’s the point of having such pageant if the winner would not really come from place, Laoag? And this is another way of demoralizing the Laoageños and it’s like their saying that no Laoageño deserves to won the crown. And lastly, the winner should be really from the place and is having the wit and courage to actualize what does a Miss Laoag really is.

  95. “Itangkilik ang sariling atin!” Why let other provinces join Ms. LAOAG? Is Laoag suffering from a shortage on beautiful faces of Laoagenas? I don’t think so… It’s Miss Laoag and not Miss Philippines.. 🙂

  96. A great insult to all Laoagueñas because the crown/title that should be entitled to them was given to the person who does not appropriate to the title “Miss Laoag”. Miss Laoag is for all the beautiful, intelligent and talented Laoagueñas !!! 🙂

  97. “Miss Laoag from Isabela?”
    “Miss Laoag from La Union?”
    How could one from one place becomes a muse of another place? Is it not that a muse is chosen as an embodiment of a place, its people, its culture and heritage? How could one from Isabela or La Union embody the people, culture and heritage of Laoag when in truth, she is not a Laoagueña?
    This is certainly a bad joke. . .
    I strongly believe THERE IS A NEED to review the guidelines for the conduct of the Search for Miss Laoag zeroing in on the eligibility of the participants to make this endeavor valid OR ELSE . . . Miss Laoag becomes a painful comedy.
    Just thinking aloud . . .

  98. It is not to put down the crowned Miss Laoag, but I think she doesn’t deserve to be called as one because primarily she’s not from Laoag. I think this is being unfair for the Laoageñas who joined the contest. What’s the use of being a Laoageña then?

  99. there is really something wrong about Ms. Laoag. i think Laoag has enough population to choose with- i mean that they can get a contestant there to be the Ms. laoag. Crowning the candidate of Isabela was a big mistake. the coordinators didn’t even think that if they will get candidates from other provinces they would insult the Laoagueñas. i’m not even from Laoag pero thinking about it, malaking kahihiyan talaga for Laoag yung nangyari kasi kaya nga tinawag na Ms. Laoag ksi dpat tubong Laoag ung mga candidates. they have that reason that they get contestants from other provinces because Laoagueñas can’t meet their standards? oh come on, sa dinami dami ng mga naninirahan sa Laoag i don’t believe na ni isa sa kanila ay walang makakmeet sa standards nila. ehh di kung totoo ngang wala, why do they need have that research db? mas matatanggap pa sana ng mga mamamayan if they called it search for ms. Region I db? ang laking sampal to para sa mga kababaihan sa Laoag. next time, coordinators should consider all the possibilities na walang masasaktan o maiinsulto. coordintors should be wiser next time. and sa tingin ko hindi naman height lang ang basehan ng pagkapanalo sa isang pageant, mas malaking factor naman ang beauty of the candidate inside and out because these winners will serve as an example to all the residents there.sir yumul is really a good writer. he presents his sides fearlessly 🙂 sa pamamagitan ng pagsusulat mu sir, minumulat mo ang bawat mamayan sa katotohanan na dpat noon pa nila nalaman 🙂

  100. tama po sir herdy.anu pa silbi ng miss laoag kung hindi nman taga laoag yong mga contestants.at ang masaklap dun yung nagtitle ng miss laoag ay hindi taga laoag.UNFAIR!!

  101. the title of the pageant “Miss Laoag” does not really fit to the winner simply because she is not “tubong Laoag” .Dapat taga laoag kaslang ciak. ;D

  102. The Laoageñas should have given the chance to join the said pageant, ‘Miss Laoag’. they must organized it well so that it will be fair for the people who are really from Laoag :)))) thank you and have a good day Sir 😀

  103. I do believe that the miss Laoag pageant is made to show the true beauty, wit and talents of the Laoageñas not only to Laoag but also to the country and the world. So its winner must be the best women to represent the richness of Laoag. But with the thing that is going on, the purpose is not met because the bearer of the crown is not from Laoag. who will represent Laoag best is a woman born-and-living in Laoag and not someone from Isabela. What does she know about Laoag anyway? Thus, it is not right to give the crown to women not from Laoag even how beautiful and sexy are and more importantly it is not even right to let them join. that is why the pageant is titled miss Laoag because it is FOR Laoag. they don’t deserve the expenses spent they say? Of course they deserve because it is their money anyway. and for that height requirement thing, coordinators must not impose it because Filipinos are short by nature, what can we do about that? there are so many deserving Laoageñas out there if and only if they are given the chance.

  104. Then why not miss region 1 na lang.hehe..its ok to have a winner not from Laoag totally because it sometimes let the Laoageños face the truth.Truth na in the field of pageantry marami pa ang may mas ibubuga .Pero as a respect naman sa “miss Laoag” na title then it should be a bonafide Laogeña ung nanalo..naman..hope to see the improvement next year.. 🙂

  105. Pity are those Laoageñas who are longing to have the crown as Miss Laoag but not qualified because of not passing the requirements specifically height requirements. Yet the crowned candidate was not from Laoag. Its useless to called the pageant as Miss Laoag if some of the candidates are from other provinces. Are there no more beautiful, intelligent and sexy ladies in Laoag?
    All candidates must be from Laoag because they know a lot better about everything in Laoag. if they did not meet the qualifications then, adjust the requirements but i bet there are many Laoageñas who met the requirements but only needed to be found. Who will stand the pride of Laoag? Will it be from Isabela?

  106. well kasi maraming tisay at tisoy sa la union. maraming guapo at guapa with brains pa. sang lugar ba ang 1st ever na naging miss universe 1969 na si gloria diaz eh di sa la union. father ni janine tugonon na naging miss universe 1st runner up is from aringay la union. grandparents at residential clan ni chamcey supsup is from bauang la union. aside from that na ka more than 10 titles na ang la union sa national pageants pati international pageants.

  107. Just a cent for my thought. If the Laoag title is so delineating, then why not come up with a title that will encompass all others like, Miss Ilocandia Pamulinawen Festival of Laoag City. It will be an open competition for all Ilocano speaking areas of the Philippines.

  108. Ammona met laeng ti agilokano daydiay Miss Laoag? Kadano ti kalaingna iti Samtoy? Does she typify the balasang ti away with brains and steeped in the culture or kannawidan? What are the standards of the organizers? Have I seen a dusky Miss Laoag with nangisit ti sikona?

  109. i certainly am impressed by your very profound opinion regarding your matter-at-hand, ka herdy… hayna! agpaypayso la unay ta imbagam! sapay ta inda maindengan ti pudno a kaipapanan daytoy a saritam! adaptarek to man ketdi ta pagbalinek to man a parte tay article para school paper mi tapno maiwaras daytoy a mensahem, mabalim? hehehe…

      1. Dapat talaga born in laoag din ang sasali or ilocana taga ilocos norte talaga . at dapat 2moths before the pageant may training na sila. Magaganda naman ang mga ilocana nahihirapan lang talaga silang mag english pero kung may practice yan kaya naman nila. At tagalog nalang di naman nakakhiyang sumagot ng tagalog kaysa mag english nga mali mali naman pagtatawanan ka pa. Diba!

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