Calling all Ilokanos 25 y.o. and below: The Ilokano Youth Book Project

In the past weeks, I have been invited to serve as judge in essay contests and to speak in journalism workshops. And I realized that while many essays are being churned out by the youth, mainly for competition purposes, only a few of them are given the opportunity to be read by a public larger than their campus populace.

And so, in one of those moments when I was going through essays written by college students and wondering whether more people aside from judges and their mothers will read the fruits of their handwritten labor, I thought of initiating this project which aims to amplify the voice of the Ilokano youth and to celebrate the joy in writing.

There seems, dear karikna, a dearth of writers in our locality, but I don’t believe we don’t have good writers here in Ilocos. Methinks many are simply not afforded an opportunity. Having been blessed with the chance to write books and publish articles in various publications, I could only wish to be of help to budding writers younger than I am.

So, you or someone you know might be interested to be a part of this book project. And, if so, kindly go through the following guidelines: Continue reading “Calling all Ilokanos 25 y.o. and below: The Ilokano Youth Book Project”


daytoy ti bunga ti rimkuas nga iliw ken abrasa dagiti lagip iti selsel met la a nagtaudanna...

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