46 thoughts on “MMSU graduate from Bangui, Ilocos Norte is PNoy’s S*NA sp**chwriter”

  1. The Ilocos Sentinel staff doffs its hat to Charles for reaching his pedestal.
    Being a presidential speechwriter is a rare feat. Two others from Ilocos Norte who served as presidential speechwriters during the Marcos regime were veteran journalist Samuel Albano Bangloy of Laoag and now party-list Rep. Jonathan dela Cruz , also of Bangui……from:…jun ramos guiang aka “jrg”

    1. Thank you po, Sir Jun, for the info.. =) I also helped draft a couple of speeches (particularly on children and the youth) for Erap in his short-lived presidency, but nothing close to what Charles does today. Amazing G.I.!

      1. A rare breed of young writer….thanks for featuring him. I’m so proud of him. And being an alumna of MMSU- College of Nursing… Kudos to all!!

  2. Nakz naman, Ang galing! Kahit di kita naabutan kuya. At kay Maam Kathleen na professor, magaling talaga!

  3. Maingel talaga dagiti Ilokano! Agbiag! Kudos to MMSU for having outstanding graduates like Charles, Herdy, et al.

  4. good job sir charles… your a true Ilocano…… your a pride of CAF…. ikaw nah…. your excellent… your the best….. MMSU ka talaga

  5. Good job! Congratulations and God bless, Uray awanak diay DDC idi timeyon, proud pa rin ako sa narating mo. (Dinah Q. Tabbada Department Chair, Dept of Development Communication at CAF MMSU, 1989-1993).

  6. no doubt. Ilocanoes are the natives who have the best talents. Wasn’t it Marcos that had given a 3-hour non-scripted speech in the UN? Yeah, he was. Ilocanoes may not be popular these days but we sure are the best. The only reason we are held back is the perceived discrimination by the “majority(only 2% of the 1986 population” who joined the EDSA revo.

  7. i remember the times when we have nothing to eat….we have our toyo and asin with muching innapuy…..hey dude…your a brilliant guy…

  8. aha….isang mataas na saludo para sa u….good job….proud to be banguinians and so proud to be from MMSU-CAF….

  9. im very proud that i am a graduate of MMSU!!! The best university in the Northern Philippines!!! Charles Tuvilla my batchmate in MMSU!!

  10. Charles Tuvilla, he reminds me of how Kuya Marlo Tejada and Atty Brian Corpuz ,two of my former SIRMATA editors-in chief, would talk about how great his literary pieces were. I am soo glad and proud to hear that a fellow former SIRMATA staffer has had numerous achievements as an early age..Kudos Mang Charles 🙂

  11. congrats kuya charles,,,,kahit d kta naabutan nun s school saludo ako ssau kuya,,,maysa ka a maingel nga ilocano,,,we are proud of you,,,thats an honor for DEVCONians and as an MMSUians,good job and god bless….:)

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