I admire a top elective official of the Ilocos Norte provincial government for being so simple, down-to-earth, and jolly faced. He would go to the mall with no bodyguards and is sometimes only in his pambahay. You would think he is just an ordinary Joe, not one who belongs to one of the country’s top political clans. And, indeed, my sister-in-law Gina did not even recognize the official when we chanced at him at a pirated DVD store where he bought a couple of titles. The storekeeper says he is a constant customer.

Yes, he buys pirated DVDs, but I don’t care. Do you, dear karikna?


Author: Herdy La. Yumul

A hesitant academic pimp, writer

6 thoughts on “Admirable”

  1. so do i. i admire that Magsaysay deed (being an ordinary guy carrying a throne) and quite happy about his purchase of those CHEAP titles, maybe he’s too honest in his position; only spending what the people pays for his honora…. :>
    but still, a sad fact here is his involvement in illegal copying of those too-much-time-effort-and-money-spent original movies,and albums if any. Maybe he’s just a buyer, a CONSTANT one, but his payment would encourage more profit of this illegality. One of a gov’t official’s job is to pursue mitigation of illegal things, not adoring them, i wish.

  2. Here’s another case of “Hey, he did this. So what?” situations. Masyadong naging tanyag ang nangyari kay Presidential Adviser Ronald Llamas. Ngayon, may ganito ring kaso sa lokal na pulitika.

    So what? Ano ngayon?

    Hindi naman maitatanggi na mayroon at mayroon talagang tatangkilik sa piniratang DVD. See? Even people in the government do so.

    In these kinds of issues, it’s not about the politician per se. In the first place, it is about the government’s implementation of its anti-piracy policies. But of course, that’s another story.

    Back to what’s being talked about. Again, so what? So what if the politician buys DVDs? Does this affect his performance as a politician? Ein Jose is right; it would seem to us, his constituents, that he is at our level, despite his affiliation with the government, just like Ramon Magsaysay, and that is a good thing, especially now when officials are looked at in the negative perspective.

    1. You’re right, guien..

      E wala namang matinong bilihan ng good titles dito. Very limited ang nasa Video City. How can you blame a man who simply wants to watch good movies? Kesa naman magsugal at magdroga, ‘di ba?

      And unlike Llamas, this local politician went pirated DVD shopping after work hours, and sans bodyguards..

  3. We rent cd’s and dvd’s at videocity, but we buy pirated as well in front of BPI or near pagempanadaan. Kasano met no dadduma ta video city one day or two days lng ket aggapu kmi pay Dingras umay agisubli, we will end up paying fines.

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