Michael, how could you?

The bell tower of Paoay Church is defiled by a man named Michael, or by someone deeply in love with a Michael. That this graffiti has been there for over a year disturbs me. Now, there are at least two other names “inscribed” at the base of this tourist attraction. What person in a healthy state of mind would do this to a Unesco World Heritage Site?

Paoay Church Belfry (11/21/2011)

TRIVIA: The three-storey coral stone bell tower which stands to the right of the church served as an observation post in 1896 for the Katipuneros during the Philippine revolution against the Spaniards, and again by the Filipino guerillas during the Japanese occupation in World War II.

According to historians, the bell tower also served as a status symbol for the locals. The bell would ring more loudly and more times during the wedding of a prominent clan that it would during the wedding of the poor.

Source: http://digitaljournal.com/blog/3098

Author: Herdy La. Yumul

A hesitant academic pimp, writer

10 thoughts on “Michael, how could you?”

  1. its either michael or the person who loves michael have nothing else better to do or they just like advertising their names just to attract attention ? graffiti is really annoying and a sore eye to the public..here in the states it could be a very nice building one day and in a blink of an eye when no one is looking some kids who have nothing else better to do will spray paint some names or gang names.and they are not just small ones.it happens specially when kids are in their sem breaks or school vacations.the graffiti cleaner company gets jobs…hehehe…but when someone is caught doing it they are punished by either jail or fined.

  2. Suggestion: build a grafitti wall for the vandals to express themselves. It is high time for the all the local government units in the province to legislate a law that will protect our heritage sites (buildings, places, etc.) from further destruction, degration and desecration.

  3. Sad to hear that, sir. Uhm, I wonder if the local government can’t do something to erase them? It’s weird they haven’t done something yet. Well, unless they’re permanent.

  4. Naimbag a rabii iti amin. Kabasbasak laeng ti maysa nga artikulo a sinurat ti maysa a gannaet nga immay bimmisita kadagiti daan a simbaan ditoy Filipinas. Nabasak iti artikulona a segun iti sukisokna, dati kano nga adda dagiti pintura ken fresko iti kisame ti Simbaan ti Paoay a kas iti Kapilia Sistina sadiay Italia ngem gapu iti ginggined ket nadadael dagitoy, ket iti agdama, ammotayo met no ania ti langa ti kisame ken uneg ti simbaan. Ania ngata no proyektuen met ti Ilocos Norte ti panangisubli iti dati a pintas ti uneg ti Paoay ken panangpapintas pay iti uneg ti dadduma a simbaantayo.

    Wen, agpayso a napintas ti ruar ti adu kadagiti simbaantayo iti Ilocos Norte, ngem saan unay a makapasiddaaw iti uneg dagitoy, ket yantangay a maysa kadagiti pangenganiotayo kadagiti turista ket dagiti simbaantayo, mapapintas koma met dagiti uneg dagitoy.

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