Teddy’s surprise

Ours is really a world of surprises and, in many instances, these surprises are broadcast on Youtube. Teddy Locsin Jr., who served as press secretary during the presidency of the late Corazon Aquino, recently dished out a powerful defense for Ferdinand Marcos, so powerful that not even Imelda or her kids could possibly outdo it. It was originally aired, Nov. 3, in Teditorial, a segment in ANC’s The World Tonight.

I had the chance to talk to Teddy Boy some years ago when I was invited to guest at Studio 23’s Points of View where he was one of the hosts. The episode was about Filipino pride, and I was there because of my well-circulated essay, “Who wants to be a Filipino?”  I was glad that Teddy Boy and two other hosts—Cher Calvin, now a multi-awarded TV personality in the US, and Mo Twister—were so gracious. Their forth member, Jessica Zafra, exerted no effort to hide how irritated she was with my views. During commercial breaks, we would casually talk about current issues.

Day before that taping at ABS-CBN, Gloria Macapagal Arroyo delivered her infamous “Bangkang Papel” Sona where she presented kids from Payatas who sent their wishes to Malacañang through paper boats afloat the Pasig River. I told Teddy Boy that the speech was hard sell and smacked of cheap propaganda. With a boyish smile, he replied, “I helped draft that speech.” He said he understands that people would perceive the Sona that way, but added that the “banking papel” story was true. You would think, dear karikna, that my dark skin could not turn red, but I really blushed at that time. How could I have criticized my idol Teddy Locsin’s work and right in his face?

I am a big fan of Teddy Boy. First because of his insights that are incisive, bordering on the uncanny, and, second, because of his crisp English which is a treat to the ears. There are only a few orators I look up to, and Teddy, Ninoy, and Makoy are among them.

I am surprised though that Teddy Boy’s discourse on the former president has not gone viral. After a week in the web, it has only around four thousand hits. Well, not really that bad because the former Makati congressman’s videos has viewers averaging only at around 500. One could not even find a transcript of the video in the Internet so I had to transcribe the material myself.

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