Why did God create mosquitoes?

I have asked this question since I began to ask intelligible questions. Pesky and dangerous, nobody is happy with mosquitoes, except businessmen behind insecticides and insect-repellants, crocodiles in pharmaceutical firms, and doctors who, while charging sickening fees, pay, if at all, below minimum-wage taxes.

I am sure you know somebody who has suffered from dengue. And the victim could be anybody: man or woman, old or young, rich or poor, sinner or saint, Noranian or Vilmanian.

I attended the funeral of a fifteen year old boy recently, and it was one of the few occasions tears rolled down my cheeks (I shed tears twice a year on average). A graduating student at a science high school, the boy had a whole life ahead of him. He was an achiever, a good son and brother, an astute citizen and believer in God. But there he was lying in a white coffin, fate sealed by a mosquito’s kiss.

So, specifically, I ask: why did God create disease-carrying mosquitoes? Why did he not just make vitamin-injecting insects that make you healthier when they bite or mosquitoes that supply SanMig Light directly to the bloodstream? Or glutathione for the aesthetically insecure. Or viagra to the weak.  Why the death and agony?

Scientists argue that mosquitoes are an integral part of the ecosystem, that they make good meals for frogs. This, dear karikna, is unfair to the frogs. I am sure there are other dishes they could binge on. Kermit could counter-argue that mosquitoes really taste awful and that frogs are just helping poor human beings fight dengue by eating the winged parasites.

For environmentalists and health technocrats, dengue outbreaks are a reminder for everyone to keep their surroundings clean. But casualties of the treacherous disease, at least those I know, are not exactly the messy and dirty type. And last time I heard, the obsessive-compulsive Aedes Aegypti only lays her eggs in clean water where no other organisms thrive.

Yet others think vector mosquitoes carry out God’s designs to control population. “Deaths should keep up with the rapidly increasing births, lest this planet explode in overpopulation,” demographers remind us.  But tell that to a grieving mother who lost a child, or to a child who lost a mother, or to a father who lost both wife and child. We can look at the casualties as mere statistics: hundreds, thousands, percents. But dengue, on a most personal level, has a human face. And, in the face of anguish, we ask why things happen the way they do, and why our almighty, all-knowing, all-present, and all-good God allow them.

The last time I asked questions on God and existence, I received hordes of email from born-again Christians all too eager to exorcise me, so I’d be careful this time not to be misunderstood. I do not, dear karikna, question the Supreme Being’s wisdom. After all, I am only an insignificant human being with a shining, shimmering, widening forehead. But I am just asking questions I find meaningful. Maybe you have answers to share, and I am ready to listen.

While we search for answers, dear karikna, it would do us well to keep safe. Let’s keep our surroundings clean and quash the striped devil’s potential breeding sites in our respective environments. Above all, let’s keep our resistance level to a maximum: drink vitamins, rest well, exercise enough, avoid stress, minimize vices (dengue should not be an excuse for smokers to intensify fumigation), and, if you may, pray hard.

If all of these fail, we continue to ask why God created mosquitoes, and hope that the reasons we are yet to understand, if we ever will, are really for humanity’s good. Atheists call this blindness. Most people call this faith.

Author: Herdy La. Yumul

A hesitant academic pimp, writer

14 thoughts on “Why did God create mosquitoes?”

  1. my heart goes out for this 15 year old boy.he never had the chance to enjoy life just because of a small pesky insect.i really don’t have an answer why GOD created mosquitos as HE created epal people and venomous snakes..all we can do now is to educate ourselves of the signs and symptoms of the deadly disease that this pesky gnats causes and seek medical help as early as possible.

  2. Why did God create mosquitoes????I believed HE knows the answer,but not you and me.It`s a pity for the 15 years old boy,indeed he never had the chance to enjoy life. Health authorities keep saying keep your sorroundings clean.Turn upside down all posible breeding places that has gathered stagnant water. Probably everybody is doing it. My problem is I`ve been travelling a lot in Ilocos from town to town and I`ve seen a lot of canal,sewerage,drainage in some cities/town with stagnant water good to be a breeding place of mosquitoes..a lot of them in the city of Batac. Another thing I notice ,why is it that they are allowed to dispose their household water waste right into the street canal? Therefore I believe one solution of eradicating/minimizing the dengue problem lies in the hand of(no stagnant water around)our public authorities…better rules on disposal of waste water..better sewerage system.Another one is a preventive measure by the authorities by spraying insecticides on breeding places.In the meantime my kabayan Ilocano…use mosquito net at least affordable because no matter what whether you like it or not the mosquitoes are created and will always be there……

  3. I have been havin a problem with mosquitoes for 2 years now and it all stams from the council not cutting the communial area grass for 2 years,despite my constantly asking them to,now im the one that has to put mosquitoe nets on my windows,scared to open my front and back door,in case they come in,if given a choice i would prefer flies,because they dont invade your body and take blood without your permission,i hate them so much and winter couldnt come any quicker this year,if god made these creatures then i personally would like to have a word with him

  4. funny that i read this blog of yours with this interesting article, the same question my 6 year old son asked me over the weekend. “Mommy, if God loves us and we often pray to Him to protect us, then why did He create mosquitoes, or did He?” Most moms are used to makulit na questions from their children but this one really strike me the most. Lost for words for an explanation, i said “What do you think loving? (loving – my word of endearment to him). Here is his thought “I think it’s not God, it must be Satan who turned this good mosquitoes to be bad. Remember mommy when God created man, they were all good. But sometimes they listen to Satan that’s why they turn bad. That’s what happened to the mosquitoes, they must have listened to Satan that’s why turned to dengues”… of course my son’s idea cannot be biologically explained, but it brings a smile to my face knowing how little children can wittingly explain things 🙂

    1. yes satan exist but not like others believe. (satan is human nature to commit sin) satan is what we are to fight for, satan is us, satan is our flesh
      satan is the enemy of God, so our desire in commiting sin is the enemy of God.

  5. this question is like questioning why God created good and bad? (because he did so)
    Sir have time reading the bible is some sort in answers your question.

    yes satan exist but not like others believe. (satan is human nature to commit sin) satan is what we are to fight for, satan is us, satan is our flesh
    satan is the enemy of God, so our desire in commiting sin is the enemy of God.

    (walang nag-uudyok gumawa sa atin ng kasamaan kundi tayo rin lang, nabubuo sa isipan at isinasagawa ng katawan) bakit natin isisisi sa sa iniimagine natin na satan creature….

  6. noong hindi pa nagkasala si adan at eva noon, ang mga mababangis na insekto at hayop, mababait pa po noon…. pero dahil sa pagiging disobedient nila, ang pagiging perfect ng creations ng God, nawala…. kaya yung dapat na hindi mabangis na hayop at insekto ngayon, pati sila nadamay….. kaya siguro sir, let’s blame it on adam and eve….buti sana kung sila ang nagdurusa….hindi naman. hehehe

  7. Adam and Eve is somewhat a lame excuse Jael. but then I believe you too. haha. Asking God about it is good, but thinking how bad he is unspeakable. shing shing. ! Patatagan ng faith to ! hehe

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