Hear! Shame!

OKAY, I AM swamped with a lot of work this week so I do not have much time to write the usual full-blown essay.  Allow me though to share tidbits of my rikna and nakem in previous days. Under “Hear! Hear!” are things that made me smile, events that firmed up my belief in the future of our nation and of humanity at large. “Shame! Shame!” are those which furthered my hair loss and, consequently, the widening of my shining and shimmering forehead.


Hear! Hear! Interior Secretary Jesse Robredo saying, in reply to a question I asked during a presson, that he is strongly for the abolition of the Sangguniang Kabataan council, which I consider as a sticky phlegm on the nation’s throat .

Shame! Shame! I think his position is compromised as he is only for the abolition of SK Kagawads, not of SK Chairmen. While he also proposed that the age requirement be raised, e.g. 25, this does not respond to the problems of corruption, nepotism, ineptitude, and everything trapo that has hounded the political structure.


Hear! Hear! Secretary Jesse Robredo sounding sincere in his efforts to bring integrity in governance.

Shame! Shame! Robredo sounding weak to me. I doubt if he can really handle the big-bellied spoiled brats in local governments and among the ranks of the police. His realm is no longer just the fine city of Naga, but crazy Philippines.   I honestly feel that he will not last another year in the DILG post.


Hear! Hear! We media practitioners taking time off to talk about a subject which is very important, but has been taken for granted in the course of the daily grind:  ourselves.  The Laoag City Press Corps, in coordination with the City Media Office, spearheaded a Media Ethics Forum on Feb. 14 (Yes, Valentine’s Day) at the City Hall Conference Room.  It was quite an experience listening to veteran journalists.  I learned that Rolly Antonio, one of the speakers, is quite a demigod in local media, having nurtured a number of trainees, Cely Paz  and Leonard Villa among others, who are now formidable names in the industry. I also enjoyed the philosophical musings of our colleagues on ethics and morality.  I teach these subjects in the university, but decided not to talk about them during the forum, and just enjoy the vibrant exchange of ideas from co-participants. Because ethics is not a hard science, there is no one answer to an ethical dilemma; what is good or otherwise is always debatable.  I was happy to reconcile my theoretical knowledge with the firsthand experiences of practitioners in the field.

Kudos to LCPC President Nick Malasig and Laoag City Information Officer Ramon Formantes for the successful event.  At the end of the forum, the participants were left wanting for more.  We felt that such activity must be held on a regular basis so that we can all do better in what we love to do best: the business of information. I offered to arrange one of the future installments at Mariano Marcos State University, so we can all, literally and figuratively, go back to school.

Shame! Shame! Ok, there is no shame.  Just that it would have been an even more meaningful undertaking if the other speakers did not snob the affair.  Only three (Abadilla, Paz of DWFB, and Edgardo Cirera of DZRL) of the scheduled 6 to 7 speakers showed up. Well, there are next times.


Hear! Hear! The 2011 Search for Miss Pamulinawen, never mind that the beautiful candidates fared terribly in the IQ department.  As usual, the production was superb, world class.  We could not, of course, expect nothing less from Randy A. Leaño, who is now an emergent fashion designer in Hawaii, but who came home just to organize the event which, as expected, turned out to be another huge success, having attracted thousands of viewers the night of Feb. 10, the Laoag City fiesta.

Shame! Shame! Only a few tens joined the procession in honor of St. William, morning of Feb. 10, the patron’s fiesta.


Hear! Hear! Students buying, from their hard-earned allowances, copies of The He(a)rd Mentality. I really feel touched.  And I am surprised that even high school students and some grade school pupils are thrilled to read the book.  Young people reading books in this age of digital distraction: how can a lowly author not feel happy?

Shame! Shame! Rich people asking for complimentary copies.


Hear! Hear! The street party staged Feb. 12 by the Ilocos Norte Provincial Government.  Nice weather. Cool crowd. Men and women in bikinis. Imee Marcos partying with the hoi polloi. Flowing SanMig Light.  What Herdy cannot be thrilled?  And I had a chance to wear an improvised bubble wig (that put to shame Margie Simpson’s do) at almost midnight when the sud party began. It was quite a fun experience, and coming from a non-partying, semi-reclusive Ilocano like me, this says a lot.

Shame! Shame! I was partying so hard when there were a lot of things waiting to be accomplished on my desktop. jejeje

Author: Herdy La. Yumul

A hesitant academic pimp, writer

16 thoughts on “Hear! Shame!”

  1. hear hear …i would like to see you with the bubble wig camouflaging your shining shimmering widening forehead ….shame shame i did not know about it i could have been there .

  2. Are the ads by google below your blogs are approved by you? If yes, I congratulate you, you are getting advertisements already :).

    I was reading the last Hear! Hear! part of your blog, and I was forced to read it back, thanks, that i misread it at first. I thought Imee was in bikini also during that street party. I thought, I missed a lot that I did not come home for the Fiesta, hahaha!

  3. Hi Herdy 🙂

    I am from Laoag but stays in Manila. I am not rich so I won’t ask for a complimentary copy of The He(a)rd Mentality. Is it already available at National Bookstore? Sorry but I haven’t been to the bookstore for couple of weeks now. Agyamanak!

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