What happened after?

“NOBODY reads your column anyway!,” an obviously agitated someone left this comment on my blog.  I thanked him profusely because he could not have reacted that way had he not read any of my articles.  If it were true that nobody else cares about this column aside from him, then he is my one and only reader.  I could not thank him enough.  At least, it’s “meron” instead of “wala.”

Over time though, you realize that there could be more than just one reader.  My uncle Gerry, a church guy, would always castigate me whenever I write unkindly about the Catholic Church hierarchy.  So there, I’ve got two.

Truth to tell, writing is a joy in itself.  It is just a bonus when you figure that some people, aside from your supportive family, actually read your work.  I have come across some folks, in person and through the web, who say they read Riknakem, and I’d know they really do when they begin to tell me stories they remember from my writings.  When you often cannibalize your life in essays, it could get awkward when people know so much about you, but then suddenly you feel happy, not at all due to cheap fame, but because you realize that, you are not, after all, alone.

But the bigger bonus, dear karikna, bigger than what MWSS people receive, is when Continue reading “What happened after?”