Qualified mea culpa

ALLOW ME to stress that although we look at the clergy with critical eyes, we have all the respect for the Catholic Church and for all religions and beliefs.  We maintain that as public personalities, bishops and priests must not be spared from our collective expressions of rikna and nakem.  We love the church, and that same love causes us pain when she is betrayed, and with neither shame nor remorse, by the very people she was entrusted to.

I will be the first person to ban comments that employ Argumentum ad Hominem (Attack against the person).  I would not even allow name calling here.  Happily, so far, I think no one has gone overboard.  We are very level-headed in our discussions, although I understand that some readers may be very close to the church, and so their emotions may get into the way.

We look forward to the day when  we can really look up to our bishops and priests for moral guidance, in word and in deed.  That end cannot be achieved if we decide to be silent when we can choose to speak.  That we are having these arguments already points to these shepherds’ failure to unite their flock.  Their actions cause confusion and division, and poor we should not be faulted for airing out our frustrations.

And yet all the things I write I write not out of malice nor ignorance.  My sources are reliable.  My analysis comes not from thin air but from careful discernment and reflection.  Truth to tell, I come from a family deeply immersed in the Catholic faith.

Just the same, my apologies for the hurt.

Author: Herdy La. Yumul

A hesitant academic pimp, writer

6 thoughts on “Qualified mea culpa”

  1. Herdy, I join you in expressing my apologies to those whom I may have hurt with my outbursts on my commentaries. It’s my belief that nobody in this generation now is truly pure and unsullied enough to be placed in a pedestal. For our leaders, both civil and religious, we hope they come close enough to be so, as much as to be adored and emulated by their constituents, flocks and followers. If not, they better resign. Our Asian neighbors’ leaders are respectable enough to step down, even commit hara-kiri to cleanse their family’s honor when they have done bad deeds for their country, followers and constituents. Sadly, never with our erring leaders…

  2. To Herdy and Asiong:

    No harm no foul sabi nga sa basketbal games plus hindi pa kayo nagkakasala eh pinatawad na kayo…that is what friends for.

      1. Amen to that! The gospel last week would seek to address who are the ones to qualify for a place in heaven. It’s not only because you did not do anything bad (commission) but also for not doing anything to make bad things right (omission).

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