MY WORLD stops each time I see The Madame, former First lady Imelda Romualdez Marcos. Now an octogenarian, she looks as graceful and godly as ever. In a land as benighted as ours, she is the closest thing to a queen. Every time we cross paths, I am, for want of a better term, starstruck, for no Filipino has ever captured the world’s imagination more than The Madame has, no matter if critics consider her life as debatable as her riches.

I am convinced that, driven by the Second District Representative-elect’s mantra of pursuing only “the true, the good, and the beautiful,” wonderful things are on their way, and these we gladly await.  But why does she even have to be in politics at this time of her life?  Her rightful place in Philippine, er, world history is secure.  Why the trouble?

“I just want to be a good grandmother to Ilocos and to the nation,” she said in a speech.

I have had the pleasure of listening to her speak (and sing) many times, and it has always been a joy.  Some people might find her thoughts uncanny, but every sound that comes out of her royal lips are, for loyal and true subjects like me, dogma.  I love it when she speaks of herself in the third person point of view.  It is amusing how my talented friend Ianree impersonates The Madame, but this he does with no tinge of ridicule, only adulation and awe.  (I suggest Catholic priests learn from The Madame, or Ianree at least.  Pathetic in both form and substance, they bore me no end.   They are an insult both to intelligence and to beauty.  ho-hum.)

Allow me to share with you, dear friends, various quotes attributed to The Madame.  I have personally listened to her deliver many of these lines while some are from primary sources.

These statements occasionally run on my head without cease.  They call it LSS, Last Speech Syndrome.

I call it Imeldiction. Continue reading “Imeldisms”


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