4 thoughts on “Have twitter?”

  1. i would like to take this opportunity to greet a dear friend and karikna happy happy birthday.may the good LORD shower you with more blessings .one year and a milestone added and all your accomplishments too many to mention! excellent teacher and writer you are and a treasure to family and friends .so herdy happy happy birthday to you june 5 . cheers.!!

  2. Have a wonderful and happy birthday to you Sir Herdy. Wishing you more b-days and blogging days to come. We could be far across the seas but the spirits of cheers and toasts of the San-Mig Lights echoes from a distance.

  3. Hey, Herdy, my best wishes to you!
    I was out of town, out of laptop (our youngest at Pisay took hold of it!) so now I’m using company time and equipment just to greet you on your birthday, belatedly…
    I wish you indulged a great happy time with your key-punching buddies in profession and vocation…

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