The better Kris

KRIS—the better Kris, the sincere Kris, the brilliant Kris, the wonder boy, my valued friend—did not make the cut for the congressional race.

    He fought the good fight, but the people chose someone, and it’s not him. We should see Kris Ablan again in the public sphere. It would be a very big injustice to good government if he does not come back.

Author: Herdy La. Yumul

A hesitant academic pimp, writer

11 thoughts on “The better Kris”

  1. There is no point of crying over a spilled milk but probably our dear friend Kris did not use the classical formula in his candidacy:
    200- rate per voter
    #V- no of voters
    W- victory
    which is: W=200*#V

    Keep cool and you look awesome on those yellow outfit.

    1. The going rate was minimum 500/voter, offered by the other camp. It went as high as 1000/voter in some areas.

      But that, I suspect, is not the main reason Kris lost. The stigma of the big, bad, wolf Roque Ablan Jr. was too heavy a baggage to bear.

    2. kris might not have won the election but i think he won the hearts of soo many people young and old alike.he wowed them with his smiles and looks like coco martin? and he danced too. but what i had seen he had done sooo many things for soo many communities and still continue to do so even if he did not win…there is always a next time kris .

  2. In case, sir Kris gets to read this…
    Sir Kris, please continue to be an environment watchdog here in Ilocos. We need people like you.

  3. its his DAD’s fault, he made a huge political blunder…
    Imagine this scenario…
    If ROQUITO had filed his candidacy as mayor of Laoag City, his son KRIS could had pulled a victory…
    The Farinases got a big headstart in Laoag City in absence of any opponent. They were able to concentrate their resources and time to other municipalities…
    Roquito could have given MVF a good fight ergo the same with KRIS versus SINGLOT…

    veteran and shrewd politicians also make mistakes…

  4. kris or sir kris, that maybe a better way to respect him. One time , when he talked one of the seminar of our school, i was amazed to him when he justified and say something, the words that comes to his mouth was just and make encouragement or an agreement to us. even if he did’nt won, i think god has a better plan for him.

  5. I was one of those people who were shocked and depressed when I heard that he did not make it. He is a good person. I admire him a lot. I was able to watch his multimedia presentations of his works and programs in the community. I would often see him long time ago riding his mountain bike whenever he go to work equip with the proper gears and helmet. He was a very noble person indeed. And I’m sure God have better plans for him.

  6. Kris Ablan had been notable in field of politics he had chosen to serve with the people, his constituents and many others who are in need. Nevertheless, though he did not make it this time to serve people, thru his good heart, kindness and generosity, continue what you had started politics is not the end yet its just an instrument to help other people. Failing in one battle doesn’t mean you’re a failure but it’s a way of preparing yourself for better opportunities to help your constituents.

  7. Condolence. There is a better chance pa naman cause everybody deserves it. Takbo ka na lang ulit sa sususnod na election, malay mo swertehin at papalarin ka na. Basta ipagpatuloy mo lang ang iyong ginagawa at pag ibayuhin mo pa ang pagtulong sa kapwa nating Ilocano. Im sure mananalo ka na sa susunod na election.

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