Goodbye, Kris!

REALIZING HOW BIG a liability she could be, Kris Aquino promised to leave the country if Noynoy bags the presidency. “.. I promised Noy that if he does win and I’m a cause of stress for him and his presidency, I’ll gladly take my two boys and live anywhere,” showbizlandia’s Queen of All Media said during the campaign.

    Given Aquino’s landslide victory, it is time to make good that promise, a number of Facebook users, growing in thousands each day, demand. I’ll help you pack your things, offered a young girl from Pasuquin. A teenager from Batac, for his part, offered to lend a hand in the despedida party.

    And this is not without reason. Even before his brother is officially proclaimed, Kris is already causing division when unity is the order of the day. On national TV, she keeps on making snide remarks about provinces that did not go for Noynoy, and promises projects for districts that delivered the votes. So trapo, trapo, trapo, the opposite of the good governance mantra of his brother’s campaign.

Goodbye, Kris, and good riddance.

Author: Herdy La. Yumul

A hesitant academic pimp, writer

21 thoughts on “Goodbye, Kris!”

      1. you get your kicks by kicking women? so what if Kris is Kris, at least she is doing some good to people. if she is being honest and tactless, what about your act of wanting her out of the country contributing to “unification” you are a disgrace yourself and mind haven’t done this country any good except to lambaste women..your mother should give you some good spanking. Grow up man, the Philippines is not just about Kris!

  1. Of all the celebrities that I could imagined, I was expecting you to post the pix of Miss Agelica Panganiban but you really dis-appoint me this time, seriously…

    1. who is angelica panganiban? so herdy do not disappoint a picture of her whoever she is ..hehehe

      1. who is angelica panganiban? isa lang naman sya sa pinakasikat at pinakamagaling na actress sa bansa natin. Ikaw sino ka?

        1. sorry mr rafael…i do not live in your “bansa ” and i do not follow your movie actors or actresses.i have better things to do in my life .did i ask you anyways?

  2. She is funny. She remarked at Pilipinas Got Talent, after a dance number by a group…. “Kasali na kayo sa inauguration ni Noy.” Oh, no!

  3. Kris will stay in RP. She said it in a television interview.

    I remember when the break-up of Kris and Philip Salvador was the headline in so many newscasts and papers. Me and my parents was about to watch TV Patrol that night and when we knew that Kris was the news, after just 10 minutes, my father requested me to turn off the telly. I turned it off. But after a few seconds I turned it on again because I simply wanted to watch the news. Dad wanted to turn it off again. I turned it off again, then turned it on again. The cycle continued until he shouted. I turned it off and we were just at the living room, looking at the blank screen.

  4. it was a spur of the moment remark made by krissie…
    its no big deal as compare to comments such as:
    “pera lang ang katapat ng mga ilokano” made by a governor-elect Ilokana
    “we practically own all the big businessess in the Philippines” – made by a former first lady…
    “my father did no wrong…we don’t need to apologize to anybody” – made by a senator-elect Ilocano

  5. herdy La yumul…is Kris all that matter to you? your world must be spinning around her.. if you hate her, why don’t you just do the leaving off this country, I think we don’t need people like you? who talks and talks and talks and talks.. just like a whining boy.. go get your milk from your mommy…Kris made you whine…then we can start laughing..admit it..Kris matters in the Philippines even if you hate her..perhaps you hate her because she is free to be herself and you are imprisoned behind your blogs.

  6. “We were duped!,” complain some people I know. They said they voted for Noynoy mainly because they believed that, if he wins, Kris would leave the country.

    Now, there are no signs Kris is making good her promise. Naisahan nga tayo.

  7. i believe she didn’t the showbiz and also her kuya noy because she believe that she can help to the problem of our country but for how many weeks mr.president take the position his sister was content again of all news because of the annulment that she want with her husband she made a problem to our president….

  8. Honestly speaking in some parts of mine i don’t like Kris Aquino.
    I don’t know why some people likes her. I guess, she’s a brainy person, but in terms of love…she’s so “t@nga”.
    How i wish she will realize it right now.
    I don’t consider kris as an honest person.
    How i wish Kris Aquino will not affect the life of Filipino citizens.

  9. im not a fan of kris. but whatever she want to do its up to her. maybe other people hate her, but for me, i dont. we all have the right to hate someone. all we need is acceptance, and if we show so much care, that’s too much.

  10. Von Voyage! Di pa ba tayo sanay kay Kris sa kanyang walang prenong pagbibigay ng mga statements na sa huli ay hindi din niya mapanindigan? Kung mawawala man si Kris sa bansa o kung nandito man siya may magbabago ba? Sa tingin ko wala. Ang Pilipinas ay ganun pa rin…good luck na lang kay Mr. President. Kay Kris? Sa wakas matutupad ang pangarap niyang maging first lady ng bansa.

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