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Treasures of Ilocandia (and the world) —  Edwin Antonio is arguably the most diligent of all bloggers in this part of the world.  I often wonder how he finds time to do what he does.

The blog features Iloko culture, Philippines traditions, places, festivals and other celebrations of life in the country and the rest of the world.

Blauearth — Just visit and find something that will interest you, maybe make you salivate.

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Thank you, Lolo Melo

AT 78, he should either be a couch potato or a jetsetter, enjoying the fruits of his lifetime of honest labor, but no, Jose Armando R. Melo, endured stressful days and sleepless nights, making possible our country’s first automated election amidst doomsday prophecies.

    The 2010 elections was not perfect but it is now largely perceived as credible. Many of Lolo Melo’s critics now say ‘sorry’. Yes, many complain about having to wait for a few hours to be able to cast their vote, but think of what this lolo had to endure. This Comelec chairman had the energy of a teenage skater.

    I never thought I’d live to see the day when candidates would concede defeat a few hours after the precincts closed, but I did. And thanks to our hero.

    Which makes me believe that the mandatory retirement age of 65 for government employees is cruel. For instance, many state university professors who are still in the pink of mental and physical health are forced to retire and either retreat in oblivion or move to the private sector. If Lolo Melo can run a national election, a historical one at that, why can’t a 65-year old teacher continue to share his wisdom to the young?

    Now, let’s get to know pambansang lolo better. Continue reading “Thank you, Lolo Melo”

The better Kris

KRIS—the better Kris, the sincere Kris, the brilliant Kris, the wonder boy, my valued friend—did not make the cut for the congressional race.

    He fought the good fight, but the people chose someone, and it’s not him. We should see Kris Ablan again in the public sphere. It would be a very big injustice to good government if he does not come back.

Kiss and kick

PERFECT. At clustered precinct No. 6 located at the Ilocos Norte National High School, the election went as okay as it could get. All 597 voters, accounting for a 72.4% turnout for Laoag City’s Brgy. 3, were able to cast their ballots without trouble. There were no rejected or spoiled ballots, not one. Poll watchers did not observe any irregularities, too.

    Kudos to Mark Anthony Tomas, the youthful chair of the Board of Election Inspectors, and his team for a job so well done.


    THUMBS DOWN to the polling center at the Agripino P. Santos Elementary School in Laoag City. All three precincts were located on the second floor. Handicapped voters and senior citizens, including my parents, had to take steep, two-part stairs.

    There were many classrooms on the ground floor.

Goodbye, Kris!

REALIZING HOW BIG a liability she could be, Kris Aquino promised to leave the country if Noynoy bags the presidency. “.. I promised Noy that if he does win and I’m a cause of stress for him and his presidency, I’ll gladly take my two boys and live anywhere,” showbizlandia’s Queen of All Media said during the campaign.

    Given Aquino’s landslide victory, it is time to make good that promise, a number of Facebook users, growing in thousands each day, demand. I’ll help you pack your things, offered a young girl from Pasuquin. A teenager from Batac, for his part, offered to lend a hand in the despedida party.

    And this is not without reason. Even before his brother is officially proclaimed, Kris is already causing division when unity is the order of the day. On national TV, she keeps on making snide remarks about provinces that did not go for Noynoy, and promises projects for districts that delivered the votes. So trapo, trapo, trapo, the opposite of the good governance mantra of his brother’s campaign.

Goodbye, Kris, and good riddance.