Dear Ate Charo

TAWAGIN MO na lang ako sa pangalang Herdy, dalawampu’t walong taong gulang, mula sa Laoag City.  Bunso ako sa limang magkakapatid at buhay na buhay pa ang aking mga magulang, pero hindi ito tungkol sa buhay ko.

My life is rather dull, uninteresting.  I do not starve, I am not adopted (and would not care if I was), and neither am I a hermaphrodite.  You see, my story is neither bizarre nor a tearjerker, not the type that would make it to  Maalaala Mo Kaya.  No, this is not about me, it’s about you.

I am pretty concerned that you would allow your good self to be bullied by the rude, arrogant, know-all, aesthetically challenged animal that is Willie Revillame who recently pressured ABS-CBN, a media giant under your leadership, into firing Jobert Sucaldito.  He threatened to resign if this was not done.

Jobert, in his radio program, criticized Willie for ridiculing the contestants on Wowowee.  Case in point, the show recently invited students who barely passed (pasang-awa) in school.

Why that he could have discussed this with you in private but that he chose to air his childish concerns on live, worldwide TV?  It’s not, of course, because he was too busy campaigning for Manny Villar,  who also exploits the poor for personal gain, that he can’t find time to talk to you personally, it was simply because he is Willy.

And Willy is a man whose vocabulary does not include respect.  He can disrespect an icon of democracy as the whole country mourns her death, he can disrespect you as he disrespects his contestants, as he does his co-hosts (he sacked one simply because she had a boyfriend), as he does his viewers, as he did his battered wife.  That is his uncanny talent.

“Why did they invite those who had low grades, why not those who excelled?,” Jobert asked, rhetorically I suspect as you and I already know the answer: Willie needs people he can laugh at, ridicule, toy with the way he laughs at, ridicules, and toys with Pokwang, Bentong, and his scantily-dressed dancers.

Willie, borrowing the term Joey Salceda used to describe GMA, is one lucky son of a *^#$@.  By promoting a culture of mendicancy, Wowowee caused the death of 70 impoverished Filipinos who lined up for an entrance ticket to the show’s first anniversary at the Ultra in February 2006.  Willie, who, in act of extreme callousness, insisted that the show must go on that day despite the tragic deaths, was the target of public outrage.  But the wrath against Willie only lasted as long as the Filipino memory could go, which is very short, and so Willie survived, and so the show went on.

In August 2007, he reportedly rigged Wilyonaryo, one of those games that psychologically torture poor contestants.  He survived the fiasco, but only after shedding, yet again, his patent crocodile tears.  The 49-year-old host may have been manipulating the show for years, we suspected.  But to jail he did not go. He, on the contrary, went on to build his palaces.

Just last year, he challenged ABS-CBN, as he did lately, on air, to choose between him and Cory Aquino, whose funeral cortège was shown in a live feed in a small box within the Wowowee frame.  ABS-CBN removed the live feed, and Willie was happy.  The public was outraged.  The public forgot.  Willie survived.

Willie says he is not afraid to get fired because he is good and he‘s sure other networks will quickly get him anyway.  “Bakit, iisa lang ba ang channel?”, he snorted in an interview.  He is confident that ABS-CBN would not dare axe his show because it has been bringing in a lot of dough.  That is a very dangerous mentality, Ate Charo, as Papi now sees himself as sort of god, untouchable and without fault.  You do not want to want to continue to breed such a monster, not under your nose, er, not under your prominent mole.

Or he could be thinking that the vast riches he has accumulated over years of ridiculing and insulting the poor are enough to let him live a life of comfort.  But he maintains this frame of mind, his wealth will vanish as fast as fast as his wives and girlfriends do.  Morally bankrupt, he can end up economically destitute too because last time I checked, Karma is still law.

Yes, Willie has, so far, remained invincible, but his continued success is our prolonged tragedy.  Now he makes you choose between him and Jobert.  The good choice is clear, albeit difficult.

Willie glorifies his show as “programa ng bawat Pilipino,” but this only means one thing.  Either he is delusional or I am not Filipino.  Hallucination is more like it as Willie claims that the top Philippine destination for TFC subscribers and foreign tourists now is neither Boracay, Ilocos, nor Palawan,  not any of nature’s wonders, not any of our historical sites, not anything else but Wowowee.

Please please, Ate Charo, do the country a favor.  Sack Willie.  Willie sucks.

And while at it, you might as well ban in your network Lito Camo, author of trashy songs like Otso-otso, Dododo Dadada, and Boom-tarat-tarat, less he continue to make others believe, as he made Willie believe, that the main tool of a singer is not good voice but thick face.

If you must do the right thing, Ate Charo, please do it now, less we forget again, less Willie Revillame survive, again.

In advance, I say: Congratulations!



Author: Herdy La. Yumul

A hesitant academic pimp, writer

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  1. I wonder how the story would end…
    Kinda Rubi (yes, I watch Angelica Panganiban) — bida-kontrabida, except she’s not aesthetically challenged!

    On a serious note, as they say, “Arrogance diminishes wisdom.” Pathetic!

  2. To ABS-CBN…If the station really represents morality and a progressive and fair institution as it tries very hard to convey or portray to the Philippine and international public – then this is the moment – sack this fucker named Willie Revillame!

  3. kahit dati pa lang ayaw ko na tlaga kay willie, ayaw ko ung idea na papaiyakin nya mga contestants nya on air para makakuha ng simpatiya ng ibang tao then ung mga uto uto naman kala nila ok na tao si willie so manunuod sila ng show nya.

    tama, dapat alisin n rin si lito camo, sabi nya dati sa isang interview, ung mga pilipino raw nakaka relate sa mga kanta nya, iniisip ko kung papaano nakakarelate ung mga kanta like “spaghetti pababa” at “jumbo hotdog” ???

    too bad kasi sikat tlaga ung show nya dito sa america.

  4. tfc subscriber kami dito sa saudi, kapag ibinalik si willie, hindi namin siya panonoorin, ililipat na lang namin sa dzmm, kapag inalis siya, hindi naman siya kawalan ng abs, marami dyan na mas worth it yung hindi bastos, kitang kita naman na plastic siya

    1. You know what! You point the person as if you are clean and honest but the truth is on your statement reflects who you are. Your the same person you are accusing.

      1. i agree with u. kulang sa common sense same as network management. ayaw tumanggap ng kanilang faults.

      2. you really don’t know what you are talking about. i suggest you open your eyes on what’s really happening. pag ikaw may nakita kang tao na hinalay at binastos sa harapan mo, pag nakagalit ka ba sa taong nambastos pipigilan mo ba ang sarili mo kasi nga sabi mo “you are the same person you are accusing..” para saan pa batas at ethical norms kung pare-pareho din naman tayong nagkakamali na dapat din namang patawarin eventually? edi sana hindi na nagkaroon ng pulis diba? i really respect others’ opinion even if i do not agree as long as they are sensible. so before you make a stand, alamin mo muna ang TUNAY na nangyayari sa MALALIM na pananaw.

    2. you know guys wowowie is boring without willie
      you guys always look the bad side of uncle willie not the good things that he made to the poor people
      right now robin padilla is the host and you can see that he is not qualified and we cannot see the entertainment of wowowie….
      nobody can do like willie did in wowowie
      and pokwang is bullshit she is corny tlga and mukha ng tanga

      1. don’t just observe. observe and analyze. look at the hidden truths behind this so called helping the poor act of his. trust me, i am sure that the guy is not sincere with this, siya na mismo ang nagsabi ang hirap magpakaplastik sa mga taong ito.

    3. makapal na plastic..sana noon pa inalis na yan..sya ang mag babagsak ng t.f.c. dito sa middle east…

  5. sana matanggal n talga yan c willie, sobra yabang kse kala mo malaking kawalan xa sa abscbn. bukod sa mayabang, sobrang bastos pa! kala mo qng cnung perpekto!

  6. Ang daming mga sinasabi, ibat ibang adjectives pero ang gusto namin ibalik si Willie, ok ang iba pero ang audience ni willie karamihan ay matatanda, kailangan ding libangin ang mga olds, at si willie lang ang makakagawa ng ganon. Willie, you are love by my Lola and my neighbors na mga olds… kami rin love ka rin. talagang nalilibang kami sa ‘yo. Thank you ABS CBN.

  7. no siak ti damagen mas kaykayat ko nga maikkat ni papa willie gaming dakkel ti laslastog na adyay pera na iti ipangnanakel na gapo pay nga ibaga na la itit kayat na nga ibaga kadagiti agay ayam ay nku .. ngem mayat met kuma nga host.

  8. I have read a lot of comments (good or bad) regarding this issue about Willie. I have been an avid viewer of Wowowee and I have observed how Willie held the said show. On my personal opinion, Willie really did his best for the show and helped some poor contestants, in fact some of the money even came from his own pocket.
    I believed, Willie should not be humiliated as a person. We cannot ignore the fact that ABS-CBN benefited from him being the main host of the show. Wowowee was able to reach its status against the longest running show Eat Bulaga and attracts foreigners and our countrymen to visit the country and extend help to our less fortunate brothers.
    If Willie did wrong by threatening the network let him realize it and not to curse him because of his actions. He uttered those words because he was in the peak of his emotions against Jovert who has been criticizing him and the show segment.
    “Whose on earth will feel better if somebody is throwing bad things about you and even to the things you do?!”
    Willie is right! They are working with the same network but they themselves are ruining each other. Do you think this is a healthy and ideal place to work with? I believed, we should always see the good things of others aside from criticizing and humiliating others especially if they are our colleagues.
    For me we should not blame the whole issue to Willie, he already did his part by resigning. I believed, Jovert needs to be reprimanded too by the network. ABS-CBN should see to it that their talents and employers are working harmoniously and not ruining each other for the sake of ratings or personal resentment.

    1. this was a posted b4. How could u call kapamilya network, if one of it’s kapamilya staff (jobert), as what others said is far better educated than willie, batikusin agad on-air ang kanilang sariling noontime show kasama na ang host? instead payuhan at magbigay ng suhestiyon. at least c willie tinutulungan nia magkaroon ng inspirasyon at magbago ang mga contestant na kapuspalad, kaysa sa mga pulitikong ginagamit ang mahihirap sa personal na agenda…

    2. that’s correct… if willie has made a mistake and being punished for what he did, joebert sucaldito must also be punished and reprimanded too…

    3. these people who continue to support willie trully are opinionated. kaya lang i must say that they really don’t know what you are talking about. if you try to think analyze the situation that this guy is setting up and be more sensitive by looking at various aspects and the point of view of every stakeholder in this issue rather than just talking based on what you can see with your naked eye, i’m positive na matatauhan din kayo at marerealize how horrid this egotistic guy is. kaming mga nakakakita ng tunay na kulay ni willie ay hindi nagmamalinis at sinasabing mga perpekto kami. but we can confidently say na hindi kami kasing terrible ng taong ito na nagpapaka-diyos sa pamamagitan ng pagbili ng mga kaibigan niya. i’ve been studying the ethical practice of being a media practitioner and trust me, he is the perfect example of what NOT to follow. sana mas laliman niyo pa ang panonood ng TV, be part of the active or critical audience. you should try watching the award winning film “Citizen Kane” sobrang pwedeng isubstitute si willie sa bidang si Charles Foster Kane (played by the great Orson Wells). think critically, wag tayong magpapauto sa agad-agad nating nakikita, dahil sa oras na humanga tayo sa pagiging matulunging tao (kuno) niya, nahulog na tayo sa patibong niya.

  9. mabuti pa abs cbn huwag nyo nalng pabalikin si willie dyan sa inyo huwag nyo na antayin na pati kumpanya nyo pasira dahil sa kagagwan ng willie na yan,akalain nyo hinahamun kayo nd nya iniisip na trabaho lng gnagawa ni jobert kung totoo naman ang sinasabi ni jobert bakit sya mag rereact,buwaya ka willie.kung mabuti kang tao asawa mo bugbugin mo!

  10. Nakatutwa ang mga nagbigay ng comment about Willie Revillame. Sure talaga and granted na mayabang na at kung anuano pang kapintasan ang pwedeng sabihin tungkol kay Willie. But this is not the real issue. The real thing is the ABSCBN always pronounced that they are Kapamilya. This means that all the members working with the network is considered one group na katulad ng isang pamilyang Pilipino, nagmamahalan at nagkakasama ng matiwasay, walng pagkagalit o sama ng loob at bagkus ay nagmamahalan sa isa’t isa. But Jobert made a critiscism of downgrading a fellow kapamilya in his show. Instead na dapat ay constructive critiscism sana ang ginawa nya, yet, Jobert justifies what he said in his show. Dun po naman sa nangyari na habang inililibing and katawan ni Madam Cory na ipinakita sa TV ay kung bakit naman di muna inalis or pinutol pansamantala ang Wowowee at bagkus ay pinagsabay and 2 show (funeral and wowowee) na inilabas sa TV. So, nagalit si Willie na wag pagsabayin ang show nya na nagsasaya at ang libing ni Madam Cory.
    Sana po ay maintindihan ng mga mambabasa ang lathalain na Dear Ate Charo, na nasa inteernet na ito. Puro malayo po ang mga sinasagot o comment. Tanong ko po sana, meron po ba na nagbigay ng importansya sa basurero, scavengers, or labandera, or yung mga iniwan ng asawa, or magtataho kaya? para gawin guest sa TV? At ano ang masama na ang mga flunkers ay maging guest sa TV, ang marurunong lang po ba ang pwede? Di ba si Churchill ay flunker din naman? Marami tayong artista na di nakatapos ng pag-aaral at marami dyan sa 2 big network nagtatrabaho, Mr. Jobert, at sikat sila!

  11. I hate that Mr. Revillame made an outburst on public, especially threatened ABS-CBN, the company who gave him everything he has now. But I believed Mr. Sucaldito should be punish too, he is like a termite that would destroy the walls of ABS by making harsh remarks to his so called KAPAMILYA. It’s not a crime to have low grades but spreading gossip and back stabbing people around you is.

  12. Well said from Herdy, this network create a monster that makes us think the show “wowowee” gave our viewer a big favor. Willie’s trash talks, disrespect manner, and exploitations of the poor pinoy should not be permitted and viewed.
    So much for propaganda to make them look good.


  13. willie has gone to far….
    from insulting the poverty of his fellowman,playing with the ignorance of our people, and worst make believing that all of people in the Philippines wanted only one thing….HIS PRECIOUS GIFT GIVING, whereas, the truth is that he did not have any share in his claimed of giving. ALL lies!..that’s what Willie spreading and he using the his show to get the sympathy of the people. He has been poor and he knows how to beg for help. why now that he has his resources,

    1. korek k jan. agree din ako least bnbgyan nia ng pgkkataon ang mga iba pra sumali s wowowee..

  14. Many people mimic celebrities on screen and on TV….Please give something our children worthy to watch. Thank you…..

  15. bakit di nalang si EDu ang ipalit na host ng wowowee. magaling may sense of humor , kayang kaya nyang dalhin ang show im sure

  16. mabuti naman at wala na si welly manyakis di marunong tumanaw nang utang na loob………..di rin marunong mag pakumbaba…!basta kami d2 riyadh saudi aribia go!!!!!!!!!!!! kami kay binoy buti pa sya ni rerespito nya lahat mababae, lalaki, bakla,tumboy may ngipin o wala….. dika makakarinig nang masa. unlike kay welly puro pang iinsulto….. karma sau yan welly plastict ka kasi..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! asar ka talo kasi manok mo hahahahaha!

  17. Well said from Herdy;

    To ABS-CBN management;

    Viewer see’s your valued services to the filipino people. Don’t allow a trash taking man, disrespectful to many pinoy’s, exploiter of the poor like Willie Revillame to damage the image of a true kapamilya. Time for the company to look for the well being of viewers and contestants, and not the favor of one person alone.
    Thank you for your time accepting our thoughts.

  18. Sobra Na
    Tama Na
    Palitan Na

    Siguro naman this time makikinig na ang ABS CBN sa hinaing ng mga manonood..

    Good Luck… Willie Boy…

  19. Willie Revillame made a wrong choice of words because of an outburst of frustrations. But I think we can not judge him he is the host of wowowee. No matter what, if you do not like Willie Revillame then don’t watch the show, Let us change our crab mentality let us move on. Let the ABS-CBN network decides to keep Willie or not. Jejemon

  20. Puro kayo batikos kay Willie, gaya gaya kayo sa lahat eh. Ang dapat magbigay kayo ng suggestion na positive sa tao kasi alam naman natin na may ugali siyang ganon pero sa tingin ko may puso siya para sa tao! Yung sinasabing mga katatawanan eh kailangan talaga yun eh, sige nga sabihin nyo anong pwedeng gawing pagpapatawa kung walang ganong asaran or pahiyaan na mga joke? At isa pa sasabihin nyo may mga pinaiiyak na tao, eh sa totoo lang naman nakakaiyak naman talaga ang mga ganung buhay, eh kasam yun sa concept ng show na tanungin ang kanilang buhay or minsan yung contestant ang nag se-share ng buhay nila in short kayong mga puro dakdak sa pag commento ay tumigil na lang kung puro negatibo lang sasabihin nyo! Bakit sa buhay nyo isipin nyo nga kung naging mabuti kayo! isip isip magpakatotoo kayo!!! Wala kayong pinagkaiba sa mga pulitiko na puro dakdak pero wala naman nagagawa. Kailangan natin eh magtulungan or magbigay ng positibong commento para sa isat isa yun lang! Tulungan hindi Siraan! Puro kasi lahat tayo KUPAL! Yun Lang at Salamat…

      1. pinagtatanggol mo ba si fuckin willie mo?
        bakla ka siguro ano. panoorin mo ang mga clip video niya sa you tube kung paano nya bastosin ang mga contestant.
        sinsya na

  21. I totally agree with you Herdy. Willie is a disgrace to Filipinos esp ABS-CBN and its management. If he will continue on Wowowee, it means that ABS-CBN is not really a Kapamilya network (in the service of the Filipino people) but a slave to an arrogant man like Willie.
    I could not fathom why ABS-CBN continuously tolerating this kind of behavior! Children who have watched Willie’s outburst on Wowowee would think that they can do the same (degrade and lash out at others) with out being punished or reprimanded. Truly not the best example for young minds!

    ROBIN is exactly the opposite of Willie. Genuinely nice,considerate, humble, gentle,sincere, etc,etc,etc. He is definitely the best host for ABS-CBN’s noontime show! A real role model! More power ABS-CBN!

    1. to cathy and herdy. pls read first the of RSS in defense of willy revillame before u judge…A petition in support of Willie Revillame: Since it’s premiere in 2005, the Filipino game/variety show Wowowee has experienced the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. Aired in the Philippines on ABS-CBN and around the world on ABS-CBN’s The Filipino Channel (TFC), Wowowee has become one of the most popular shows for Filipinos […]In Defense of Willie Revillame and Wowowee
      Jump to Comments

      A petition in support of Willie Revillame:

      Since it’s premiere in 2005, the Filipino game/variety show Wowowee has experienced the highest of highs and the lowest of lows.

      Aired in the Philippines on ABS-CBN and around the world on ABS-CBN’s The Filipino Channel (TFC), Wowowee has become one of the most popular shows for Filipinos at home and abroad. The show has consistently won in the national ratings, became the first competitive noontime show for ABS-CBN in years for Mega and Metro Manila, and brought together overseas Filipinos like never before.

      On the other side, the program was accused of rigging or allowing the opportunity to rig a game, prompting rival competition to loudly call for a government investigation. And in 2006, tragedy marked the program’s first anniversary when 73 people died and hundreds injured in a stampede at the venue of their special anniversary show.

      Comedian Willie Revillame was named host and has been a big part of the show’s success. Despite past troubles as a host, Wowowee has been Willie’s breakthrough in the industry, bringing him fame and much fortune around the world as well as the platform to launch a multi-platinum music career. He is the face of the show and the times when he has been sidelined by illness, the show just wasn’t the same without him.

      Willie himself is not without controversy. His personal life is often fodder for tabloids and gossip outlets, a huge and profitable part of Philippine showbusiness. His on-screen persona also has turned off some, perceived to be mayabang or egotistical. But Willie and Wowowee have helped countless Filipinos, whether it be the small, but meaningful prizes or bringing a few hours of entertainment six days a week.

      The program has also helped launch and discover new talent. Their shows abroad have drawn thousands of Filipinos and non-Filipinos alike. Filipinos born and raised in the Philippines as well as Filipinos born and raised in foreign countries. As much as shows like American Idol have become part of American pop culture, so has Wowowee to Filipino pop culture.

      Last week, yet another controversy hit the show. The Philippines mourned the loss of former president Corazon Aquino. For a person as influential in shaping the Philippines as a nation, naturally news coverage of her passing and subsequent funeral proceedings will dominate television airtime.

      ABS-CBN was granted almost exclusive rights to air the funeral proceedings. And on Monday, as the body of President Aquino was being transferred from De La Salle University to the Manila Cathedral, the long procession which included a stop at a monument paying tribute to her late husband, was the top story of the day. ABS-CBN was covering every minute of it and the network’s programming was in limbo that day.

      Wowowee director Johnny “Mr. M” Manahan detailed the morning’s events to Philippine Entertainment Portal over the weekend, but long story short, Wowowee went to air live as the network cut away from covering the funeral proceedings.

      Or so they thought. Video of the solemn procession began being broadcast side by side with Wowowee without the prior knowledge or consent of Wowowee itself. They asked the network’s higher-ups what was going on, because naturally having video of the dancing and singing of a variety show is by no means the best thing to have side by side with a funeral procession for someone considered a national hero. Right?

      The video simulcast was removed… until it reappeared later during Wowowee

      Wowowee had no problem being pre-empted that day, especially with the circumstances. But ABS-CBN had given them the go-ahead to broadcast their show that day, with Wowowee not knowing the show would be sharing a screen with live news coverage of a funeral procession, an event the show would give way to without protest.

      As soon as the simulcast reappeared on-screen, Willie, visibly frustrated by the situation called for the video to be removed (a second time, but first on air), citing them having fun on Wowowee while people were mourning out on the streets was in poor taste. His choice of words, not the best, drew fire.

      Critics called Willie disrespectful, that he was basically sh—ting on the memory of the former president. Some called him out on his ego, asking who does he think he is?

      It is clear, however, that Willie meant no harm in asking on-air why the video reappeared on screen when they had already asked and had been granted their request to not have the two greatly contrasting images to be broadcast simultaneously. His choice of words should be his only fault, but now he, and to a lesser extent the show, is being put in front of a firing squad.

      Petitions for him to be fired, personal insults and once again hateful comments on-air and in print from one of the hosts of Wowowee’s direct competitor Eat Bulaga on GMA-7 (Joey de Leon, who has in the past used any Wowowee misstep as the butt of a joke or ammunition to criticize his competitor… but that is beside the point… he’s a whole other argument to consider).

      Willie is now being attacked on countless accusations, all stemming from this one moment of wrong words, which really were inoffensive, even to the Aquino family who have since accepted Willie’s apology, but never took issue with him or the incident in the first place.

      First of all, ABS-CBN has not yet made a statement on the issue of simulcasting an entertainment program with news coverage of a funeral procession. Please tell me any other network in any country that would do that? It is disrespectful for two such horribly contrasting images to be broadcast simultaneously, let alone simultaneously with the funeral processions of a national icon like Corazon Aquino. Did American networks simulcast the funeral proceedings of President Ronald Reagan (the most recently departed American leader) with game shows, syndicated entertainment shows or primetime scripted series? No.

      American broadcast networks pre-empted regular programming to bring live news coverage of President Reagan’s funeral processions through Washington D.C. and then in California. The same common sense policy applies to coverage of a presidential inauguration or breaking news coverage of a tragic event.

      Unfortunately, some in charge at ABS-CBN were not aware of common sense last Monday, August 3.

      Many were quick to attack Willie, including rivals, people who already didn’t like him in the first place, and even Cory Aquino’s spokeswoman. They seem to have the same fault as the person they are ready to crucify… not thinking before speaking.

      There is no doubt Willie could’ve chosen a better way to say what he meant to say and he has admitted as much. It is clear he meant no ill-will or disrespect, even though many continue to insist he did.

      Many are also using this incident, blowing it out of proportion (making a mountain out of an ant hill, as put it in a poll) and drawing any and all past mistakes Willie might have made and shot one bullet after another. When one criticism is met with a reasonable, logical explanation, another criticism is dug up.

      The MTRCB, the Philippines’ joke of an answer to the FCC of the United States is aiming to get their feet in the pool as well. Frankly, when the MTRCB borders on censorship and falls to the typical Filipino trait of behind the door/under the table dealings, they cannot be taken seriously as a government authority regulating movie and television. But this is the Philippine government, what else is new?

      What kind of action must be taken against Willie Revillame? Thousands of dollars in fines? Jail? Loss of his job? I honestly don’t see any justification. He has currently been asked to go on an indefinite leave of absence by ABS-CBN. Why? Because he called the network out on their horrible mistake? Now that I think about it, yes. A subordinate calls out a superior, hell yeah the superior is not going to like it, even if they were in the wrong!

      If we are discussing the issue of Willie Revilliame and having the wrong choice of words that would be disrespecting of Corazon Aquino and her family… then discussion over. The Aquino family accepts Willie’s apology, which they never asked for in the first place. Willie’s relationship with the Aquino family up to the morning of President Cory’s death shows he would never even dream of disrespecting them. And no matter how bad his choice of words were, he made the excellent and correct point of simulcasting a funeral procession and a musical/variety/game show being in poor taste.

      So what is the problem?

      He has other things to be a fault for? Okay. But the suspensions and complaints all stem and really only center on that Monday, August 3rd which has been explained away, facts out in the open, no one hurt but the feelings of those who never cared for Willie or the show or even the network in the first place.

      Chalk it up to Philippine showbiz, the petty and downright stupid “network wars,” and the “money talks” philosophy of so many Filipinos (unfortunately) for this to have exploded into what is has become (and is sadly becoming).

      Willie Revillame is by no means a perfect person… but then again, who is? He does his job and wants to do it well. He has soldiered on despite health concerns in the last year or two, against his doctor’s wishes and hosts the majority of the show on his own. There is no other host on Philippine television that does that. It is not hard to see his sincerity in helping those less fortunate, while also providing entertainment in a variety show setting.

      Are there things he can change about himself? Sure. Can he find a better way to handle crew mishaps? Of course. There are tons of What Ifs? in life.

      It is just very disheartening to see this mudslinging, the dragging in the memory of the deceased, and people wanting to save their own ass by not owning up to mistakes.

      Willie Revillame is Wowowee and Wowowee is Willie Revillame. A program that has brought ABS-CBN international success, both financially and socially, and continues to do so will be hard to replace or replicate.

      But I guess that’s just how it goes. When you’re on top, all everyone wants to do is bring you down. And there is certainly those who want to do just that. Petty reasons and all

  22. nkakatawa naman ang ibang nag comment d2.. bkit nila sinasama sa usapan c lito camo? hu d hell r u?

  23. dapat lang alisin si willie sa abs kasi napakabastos niya…. sabi niya tumutulong sa mahihirap pero ginagamit lang niya ang poor for his popularity….. look! ilan asawa na meron siya? yan ba ang matino? he deserves a BIG BULLSHIT.. god bless.

  24. poor willie,sobrang laki kasi ng tiwala nya sa sarili,like yong sa wilyonaryo kitang kita naman talaga na sya mismo di alam kng bakit yon ang lumabas,if he knows the concept of the game bat di nya naipaliwanag agad why there’s 2 no.inside right?tapos si joey de leon ang tirahin nya.try to watch it in youtube friends.

  25. willy swerte kang tao ,pero hindi mo alam na masakit kang magsalita. Tulad nalang ng hindi gumana ang mic mo, anong sabi mo sa nagabot sa iyo “BUKAS WALA KA NA RITO” alam mo ba na sa sinabi mo isa sa kaanak nito ay maaring atakihin sa puso?

  26. Si Willie ay hindi dapat nasa TV dahil hindi s’ya magandang halimbawa sa mga kabataan. How dare him to challenge ABS-CBN!Kung si Sharon at iba pang big stars hindi ginagawa ‘yon sa inyo sya pa kaya(on air pa!)Sabi nya sa commercial “Mabuti na ang tayo ang inaapi kaysa tayo ang nang-aapi” Bakit hindi nya ito naisabuhay?pag sya ang tumitira ok lang pero pag sya ang binabanatan “pikon sya”. Tingin mo Willie Diyos ka ba?Buti na lang hindi nananalo and Presidenteng iniindorso n’ya kundi sigurado ako para s’yang langaw na mas mataas pa sa tinutuntungan niyang kalabaw!Willie sabi mo galing ka sa hirap dapat alam mong magpakumbaba!Nagtataka ako kung bakit ang katulad mong mayayabang ang yumayaman!Nobody’s indispensable Willie tandaan mo iyan.Parang wala kang natutunan sa mga pagkakamali mo. ABS-CBN parang wala ring kayong natututunan sa mga pagkakamali ni Willie. Kaya ‘yan ganyan kasi kasalanan n’yo rin kinukunsinti n’yo! Bago sa istasyon n’yo bumuwelta ang bad karma ni Willie pakawalan nyo na sya pls.lang prove to us all na hindi ang isang Willie ang magpapabagsak sa inyo!He’s not worth keeping after all!(Haven’t you realized that yet ABS-CBN?)pera-pera lang ba kaysa sa dapat na prinsipyong ipinararating sa mga manonood lalong-lalo na sa mga kabataan?

  27. I’m not a fans of him but tanong ko lang sa isang show iisang tao lang ba ang involved? Bakit siya lang ang sinisisi sa lahat?

  28. It is formally written, and you really justify what you really want to imposed.

    When the first time I watch wowowee, that is my first impression the contestant looks like beggar (Uto-uto).

    Robin makes ok as a host….

  29. ……OO NA NGA tama kaung lahat………ate charo bitiwan nyo na nga c willie(with out any kundisyon(es)……….) tingnan natin kung hindi maglulupasay sa tuwa c joey dl……at ang gma xmpre…….cla na ulit ang magiging NUMBER 1……i suggest ibalik nyo ung dalawang host….c boss kirat at c john d playboy estrada mas BIBO pa……

  30. Willie is a type of person na masyado ng airhead ang dating. hindi sya papatalo kanino. feeling nya malaking kawalan sya ng abs-cbn. anyway, may kasalanan din ang abs-cbn kung tutuusin. why? kasi pinabayaan nila na maging ganyan ang asal ni willie towards other people whether contestants or staff pa nya, he doesn’t care at all and the network too kasi si willie revillame lang ang sobrang kapal ng mukha manghuthot sa mga sponsor nila para kumita sya, ang show and even the network. kaya ang network naman walang care sa mga pinag gagawa ni willie. nakakalimutan nyo na ba na ilang beses na sya natanggal sa abs di ba? tapos lumipat sya sa 7 at nag try mag apply sa eat bulaga as host??? well, kumusta naman yon??? pagkatapos nya lait-laitin, pintasan at siraan simula pa noon hanggang nayon dun pa nya naisip lumipat??? well, sad to say, di sya tinaggap ng eat bulaga of course and di sya kelangan ng GMA sa totoo lang most specially sa pinapakita nyang asal walang tatanggap sa kanya. walang kwentang tao si Willie Revillame. i suggest mag search kayo sa youtube ng mga show ni willie sa wowowee dami nyo makikita kasamaan ng ugali ni willie at kabastusan. yan ang best example ng sinasabing “asal hayup!” demonyo yang taong yan! walang kwenta yan!

  31. kay jorbert sira ulo din…bakla kc kaya madada din…
    hnd iniisip ung cnasabi din..kupal din!hnd lng c willie my kasalanan,gawa din kasi ng mga taong nakapligid sa kanya!s

  32. To all: Alam nyo guys, tama kayo mayabang si Willie at hindi na man sa kanya galing yung pera na pinamimigay nila sa show. May nagsasabi rin na nakaka-offend siya minsan at nakaka sakit ng mga tawo through his words. But we should also take into consideration that we don’t have the right to accused him. He may do things in a wrong way but we all know he is not perfectly created nor us..we should also see ourself in the mirror that we are not perfect and sometimes do things wrongly that hurt people around us. Kung nagkamali man si Willie hayaan na lang natin ang ABS Management kung ano ang dapat sa kanya. Kahit naman papaano, isa rin si Willie na nagpasikat ng Wowowee at naghatid ng saya sa mga tao. Anyway, Willie knows that he is guilty and responsible for his actions. So for the good, let’s stop criticizing Willie Revillame. Remember, showbiz is just for entertainment and it won’t help solve your problem. Focusing on others life and/or unnecessary things will never reveal our life’s purpose. SO CUT THE CRAP!!!

  33. Hello guys…excuse me lang po..Kung ano man ang nagiging situation ni willie at ng ABS-CBN, hayaan na lang natin silang mg-decide..Lahat tayo ay may masasama at mabubuting ugali..nagkataon lang na ‘Celebrity’ si WILLIE REVILLAME kaya tutok tayo sa mga ginagawa at sinasabi nia..siguro kung sikat din tayong tulad nia, mapapansin din ng nakararami ang masasama nating ugali..Nangyari na ang di dapat nangyari ‘LIVE’…hindi man naging maganda sa paningin at pandinig ng mga tao ang sinabi ni willie, nanjan na yan..humingi na sya ng apology sa mother network nia, at pinatawad naman sya..So, hayaan na lang na ang ABS-CBN ang mag-decide kung ano ang dapat gawin.Besides, mas kilala nila si willie kesa sa pagkakakilala natin sa kanya..dahil kung hindi naman, im sure hindi si Willie ang ilalagay nila sa WOWOWEE..So guys, easy lang po sa paghuhusga..may nagawa din namang kabutihan yung tao sa nakararami..And about Pokwang, huwag na natin syang idamay sa mga kumento nio..Actually, Pokwang is a very talented woman…and it’s a GIFT from heaven to make people’s her own style to handle herself infront of the viewers..So, i-respect natin yun..I actually salute her for being one of the bests entertainers in our country..we should be proud of her too..walang sinuman sa ating normal na nagkokomento dito ang makakagawa ng ginagawa nia LIVE..So, please lang po, kung wala din lang pong lalabas na maganda sa mga isip natin, mabuti pang huwag na lang tayong magkumento..maraming salamat po..

  34. Wowowee isn’t the same without Willie. He’s the life of the show. In my opinion, ang mali lang ni Willie ay ang paghamon sa mngt ng ABS on air, dapat kinausap nya sila in private. Pero may fault rin ang Mngt ng ABS kasi as kapamilya, dapat nagtutulungan sila at hindi nagsisiraan, like yung ginawa ni Jobert. Pwede naman nyang sabihin yun sa pamunuan ng wowowie, bakit on air pa nya ginawa, tapos ngayon puro personal na ang issue kay Willie. Kung sya’y bastos, mayabang, dapat nun pa sya sinabihan ng Mngt ng ABS, hindi sa ngayong pagkakataon. Bakit now inilalabas ng ABS ang mga bad side ni Willie sa show, dapat kung kapamilya sila, nun pa nila inform si Willie sa mga mali nyang action sa show. Dapat may sanction din si Jobert sa kanyang ginawa. Hanggang tainga ang ngiti ni Joey ngayon, kasi wala na syang karibal!!!We’ll pray for you Willie, Everything has a reason. Have faith in God and He will take care of you.

  35. just look back what had Wellie done good things not only puro mali na lang nakikita ninyo .. mayron din siyang nagawng a good deeds.. pero hindi ninyo nakikita all mali ang nakikita ninyo… do not judge,,,so that you can’t be judge.. …… Wellie still a good host…

  36. It’s time for a change. Tangalin na si Willie. Hindi magandang role model yan. It’s not all about money sa show. Kailangan respeto sa lahat. Wag ng patagalin yan. Ok na si Robin kasi alam na niya ang technique sa hosting. He’s hot at ang ratings ay tumaas. Go go Robin.

  37. .. ilang weeks na ba simula nung umalis si willie sa wowowee? .. di ko na matandaan .. mas mabuti pa sanang humanap na lang ng bagong host ang abs-cbn .. siguro naman may mahahanap silang mas magaling kaysa kay willie right? ..

  38. I’m not really interested on what kind of person Willie Revillame is . But as far as I know, he is good in making his audience happy all the time.
    Even sometimes, his jokes were to malicious and sometimes hurting the feelings of others.
    Yes, it’s funny, but I really don’t like the way he act, he is so bossy and sometimes arrogant.
    Well, I don’t want to judge him but I just to tell my opinions….

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