My list

POLL officials suggest that, given the volume of voters per PCOS machine (1:1000), a voter should spend eight minutes at most in the actual shading process on Election Day, hopefully on Monday, May 10. I am thus doing a great deal of discerning now, and here’s what I have so far.

President: Noynoy Aquino
Vice President: Jejomar Binay


I am decided to vote for the following:

  1. Acosta, Neric — LP
  2. Drilon, Frank — LP
  3. Hontiveros, Risa  — LP
  4. Marcos, Bongbong — NP
  5. Maza, Liza — NP/Makabayan
  6. Roco, Sonia — LP

I am yet to choose six from the following eight candidates:

Bautista, Martin  — LP

Biazon, Ruffy  — LP

Guingona, TG  — LP

Lim, Danny  — LP

Lacson, Alex — LP

Ocampo, Satur — NP/Makabayan

Ople, Toots — NP

Osmeña, Serge — Independent/LP

Party List

Ang Ladlad

Author: Herdy La. Yumul

A hesitant academic pimp, writer

18 thoughts on “My list”

  1. I may want to add the following:

    Silvestre Bello
    Zosimo Paredez
    Regalado Maambong
    Raul Lambino
    Adrian Sison

    They are new, but way better than the front running candidates.

    Your Choice on Party List? Good, but it makes me think why?

  2. Herdy…
    So, you are for Noynoy.

    First, ano ang nagawa ng pamilya niya for the betterment of our country. If you were aware of what happenened in 1986, after she was installed to office, parang mga buwaya ang yellow army sa pagsipsip sa kaban ng bayan. Try to dig deeper, Imelda warned Ninoy not to come home because she was aware of the plen oh his assasination which the Marcosses cannot prevent. Why kill Ninoy? Ninoy was with the left wing. Ih he were president, we would be a communist country by now. Its the Cory government who freed JoMa Sison and Dante Buscayno who were the Chairmen of the communist party of the Philippines and the supreme commander of the NPA respectively.. Illegal gambling, human smuggling and the Kamaganak system were practised

    And ask people close to Malacanang during her term, she was always playing mahjong and let her little president Joker Arroyo made the desicions. And Noynoy, ask people at Hacienda Luisita, he was an arrogant spoiled brat.

    1. Hummm, wondering to Uncle Gerry’s comments about who would be the next little president if ever Noy would be elected president

      Also, who would be the de-facto first lady in the palace? Do not tell me Kris Aquino who would be the bastion of women morality in the country…Pardon me but we got into this discussion because of unlimited selection, and IRAP is also galloping in the finish line. Would you believe it?

  3. Uncle Gerry is right!

    We need to go deeper!
    The reality is the YELLOWS are not the ones’ who can save us from these rubbish country that we have!

    1. Au-au,
      Nobody could fight our nation’s ills overnight, not even a true-blue (yellow or orange for that matter!) superleader. It took decades for nation to plummet into the quagmire we’re in. It will take at least the whole term of an honest Malacanang occupant to make a good uprooting of the decadence of governance we have right now. Still, the root remnants are there, the other 12 senators which some are not so well. The soon-newly elected scions of the traditional politicians should bear good deeds to supplement the good platform of governance of the new leader. Otherwise, we will still be running around in circles.

  4. I will not elect a Party List. I abhor such a system. There is no such Party List in the US charter where our own is copy-crafted, nor any other sovereign country’s constitution for that matter. All Filipinos are duly represented by the elected Congressmen in their own districts, why the need for such Party List representation? The Party List system only provided a wide window of opportunity to the socialites and friends of the powers-that-be who want to get a seat in Congress through power-wheeling & dealing, which is quite undemocratic.

    1. The current Party List system is flawed, but boycotting won’t change a thing. At least 50 party list representatives will still assume office.

      The order of the day then is to help elect honest-to-goodness folks from the underrepresented, marginalized sectors. Down with the current regime’s dummies.

    2. Pards Asiong- Good analysis and insight because a block voting for party list will not help the principle of “check-and-balance” in the political system. The end result of block voting is ala “moro-moro” labas sa senado, same as exclusive for the good ‘ole boys as usual.

      It is my belief that all incumbent politicians are like diapers, they need to be replaced every now and then. We as an ordinary working citizen in this country do not have a long lost affection of these figures whose main objective is to perpetuate their own personal advancement.

      We need to undesrtand that electioneering rhetorics are different from actually managing the day to day affairs of the national government. Again, we need to elect somebody who could make things happen to our economy, who could design a peace intiative in Mindanao, create opportunity and employment for the able bodied, and curtail corruption for our national coffers.

      We do not need another psychiatric patient at the palace. The Filipinos needs a break of that kind of leadership. And again, if the buzz word “poverty” has been the dominant topic exploited by the other party, what seems to be the problem if that is the social reality of the majority population of the country. We need to see and evaluate the time, finances, effort, hardwork, and capability of the aspirants during the campaigns. This is just comparable to a well educated citizen looking for a job during panel interview- look at his education, work experience, his vision, ability to infuse new ideas, the way he project himself during crises….and again if we look at those two figures side by side without any outside help from their their spin doctors, my conclusion is – that is the reason why the mandaluyong rehab center was created….pards Asiong- FYI- back in the old days, it is just a process of elimination but it is your final call.

  5. For the remaining six, I suggest you go for…

    1. Biazon, Ruffy – bata pa marami ng nagawa. He is his own man. .

    2. Lacson – his book shows how he thinks. Very good read.

    3. Toots Ople – wise woman.

  6. nice list… it sure reads like the complete LP lineup…
    Me, ill vote straight LP, NOY-MAR for P and VP and SSLAMAT LLORD for SENATORS plus PERALTA for CONGRESSMAN…
    for partylist either AKBAYAN or ANG LADLAD…

  7. Sir Herdy-
    Our discussion here is just for the election only and how we see a glass- “half-empty” or “half-full”. I am sure we all bloggers are back to normalcy as friends after the voters cast their votes and COMELEC miscount the votes. Keep cool and take it easy.

    1. 🙂 Thank you, Sir William S., am taking it cool, and am having fun.

      Anyone who has a sincere opinion, no matter how different from mine, is always my friend.

      I choose to see a glass half-full.

  8. Hey Bill,
    The Party List is an association of the under-reppresented, marginalized sector of society in the Philippines. A voter need to vote only one of the so many accredited groups, claiming under-represented segments of Pinoys, like the security guards; the tricycle drivers; the lavanderas; the battered wives; etc. The previous elections as well as yesterday’s national election, I never elected any party list, kasi, kasama namang lahat ng madlang pipol na yung district congressman, eh! But, yes we have it in our 1987 Constitution, kaya merong 50 such party list representatives (party list group appoints their own representative, yung anak ni GMA na si Mikey eh na-endorso na representative ng “Ang Galing Pinoy!” – group of tricycle drivers!!!), plus the ‘original’ district congressmen. USA has no such Party List for the under-represented native Indians; the Asian-Americans; the African-Americans; the lorry drivers; the homeless; etc., because such Party List system is NOT included as part of congressional line up as embodied in the US constitution.

  9. To My Fellow Bloggers:

    The voice of the people has spoken and the mandate is very loud and clear. I would like to extend my congratulations to the newly elected President and Vice-President, Sen. Benigno Aquino III and Mayor Jejomar Binay, respectively. Also, we need to extend our congratulations to the Marcos Family for their exceptional performance in this election. This is a proof of the Ilocanos loyalty to the late Apo and their unwavering support to his legacy. It is tue indeed, the late Apo loves the Ilocanos and we, as constituents, know how to reciprocate.

    I have some reservation of the result of the Senate but I do not like to sound like a “sour-grape” loser. It is all water under the bridge and let us unite and support the duly elected candidates. The losers of this election are men enough to show-case their platform during the campaign but they would be gentlemen enough to accept the verdict.

    Pards Asiong- thank you for your detailed explanation of the electoral process. I believed it without questions.

    1. Bill,
      This is the very first computerized election in the Philippines and I believe it is also the first in Asia. We have initiated the system quite well despite some nay-sayers that it may be doomed to failure. Some 20 or so observers from US embassy has gone around the countrysides to oversee the process and they were amazed that we did it quite well, without a major glitch. This election has set a precedence in all of Asia, just like the People Power!!!

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