Hello Yellow

YOUR karikna is updating his wardrobe these days to include a lot of yellow shirts.

I have, in fact, scrounged on each and every rack of all department stores and boutiques in the province to search for really good yellow tops.

Note that shopping, as my friends would attest, is not really my cup of tea.  Too lazy to shop, I am neither vain nor frivolous when it comes to clothes.

You see, it’s tiring and complicated enough to find the design you like, and when you eventually find what you look for, your preferred color may not be available, or your size is out of stock.  It could get really frustrating.

But I went on shopping anyway as I decided to wear yellow every single day until May 9.  I’ll wear white on May 10 because I, my Comelec media accreditation card in tow, will cover the elections and prudence dictates that I sport a neutral color.

Starting with buying just anything yellow, I eventually developed a four-fold criteria in my summer shopping spree.

First, it must be a good shade of yellow, meaning it must complement my dark skin tone.  I would not wear neon yellow less I look like a walking shirt at night or a traffic enforcer at day.

Secondly, it must be really yellow, and not something else.  You have to understand, dear karikna, that I, as with 12-20 percent of the male populace, am colorblind; I often find difficulty differentiating various shades.  I would therefore always ask salesladies if the items I want to get are of my preferred color.    One day, an officemate wondered why I was wearing orange, not yellow.  I panicked but only to find out that that officemate was colorblind, too.  I was in the right shade.

Thirdly, the shirts must not bear preachy statements or symbols, not even a flag or a Philippine map.  The color in itself is the message, and something must always be left for the imagination.

Lastly, the shirt’s brand must not be so big and imposing less I look like a walking advertisement.

Nine more days of yellow, and I am enjoying every bit.

Author: Herdy La. Yumul

A hesitant academic pimp, writer

16 thoughts on “Hello Yellow”

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  2. welcome to the YELLOW ARMY!!!
    YELLOW over ORANGE & GREEN anytime…
    Long live the YELLOW ARMY!!!

  3. Gibo is still the best among them. Thinking voters, also known as the silent majority, are rooting for him. Surveys are not indicators, they are just mere trending for those who commisioned it. We are the people who are not influenced by the sick media, particularly the one that is owned by the oligarch and ilustrados.

    Gibo is the modern version of Marcos. Intelligent, articulate, and visionary. And besides, he is an Ilocano.

    1. I don’t have problems with Gibo as a person. If he wins, I won’t be sad. But, as a sociologist, I am not one who’d easily discredit scientifically conducted surveys. I dare say he still has no chance, but I’d be happy to be proven wrong. Let’s just wait and see then.

  4. I have heard you say before that Noynoy seemed dull.

    so you’re eating up your own words sir? what a sudden change for you, I’m shocked. i never thought you’ll be like that. You’ve earned my respect, I have very high regards to you. but then it’s falling.

    but if he’s really your president then i’ll rest my case. i am not in any position to contradict your visions and principles.

    1. Shifting opinions is not an unrespectable act. To be able to acknowledge a mistake is, in fact, one of the most decent things a human can do.

      Yet I did not err on this one. I made that observation some months ago, but perceptions change, especially when stimuli really transform. Noynoy himself proved that there’s a fair amount of gray matter between his ears by making clearer his stance on issues, and by challenging Villar to a one-on-one debate which the latter refused.

      That I was initially anti-Noynoy makes me now a most credible supporter of the guy. I must have seen, as I have, something really good with Ninoy-Cory’s son. Yet I say, again, that my dislike for Villar is greater than my love for Noynoy.

      1. basta ako hindi ako boboto para malagay sa posisyon ng presidente ang isang kandidatong mongoloid at abnoy. nono to noynoy. teodoro is my president.

  5. Pero kahit kailan hinding hindi magiging cory c noynoy o kaya c ninoy sir..wala kong makitang magandang katangiang meron c noynoy bilang presidente…sa senado palang wala na siyang nagawa how much more bilang isang presidente?…pinakamabigat na responsibilidad ang hawak niya ngayon, siya ngayon ang may hawak ng kapalaran ng Pilipinas…

  6. hindi ko talaga inexpect na si noynoy mananalo. Kala ko nga villar-gibo malapit na maglalaban,, naaalala ko pa noon sir na parang ayaw mo kay noynoy.,. galing pa sa inyo sir na kung hindi sa mama at papa ni noynoy ,.kung baga walang dahilan na tumakbo siya,. sa mga batas na ipinasa niya wala pa atang pumasa before sya tumakbo sa pagkapangulo,., pero,., sa pagkaupo niya bilang pangulo, mukang may magagawang pagbabago sa ating bansa..

  7. Well, people have different thoughts in mind.. Some may say that this one is capable of doing this, then others would say that the other is more capable in handling the responsibility.. No matter what we say, this time, the election is over, a president has been elected already.. Whether we like it or no, we need to support him.. We all know that our country is facing a lot of difficulties, and we won’t be able to fix things up if we lack unity..

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