Politics of language, language of politics

    Your karikna occasionally appears on television as political analyst, offering insights on events and issues. Those who would see me on TV give an interesting feedback: “Naglaing ka ag-English.”

      I am surprised because although I speak mostly in the native tongue, it is my sparse English that viewers notice. It is not the substance of my opinions that they remember but my facility of the foreign language. No more English then next time. 

Author: Herdy La. Yumul

A hesitant academic pimp, writer

One thought on “Politics of language, language of politics”

  1. Kasta nga agpayso apo. Makadismaya pay, ta para iti adu ditoy Filipinas, ti panagsurat iti salaysay (essay), aglalo iti Ingles, ket panangay-ayam laeng kadagiti nauuneg ken latinado a balikas ti Ingles, ket saan a ti bugas ti sinurat ti ad-adda a kitaen ti adu. Malagipko man laeng ti dua a kadormitoriok. Nagsaludsod ti maysa no kasano a makaala isuna iti uno iti asignaturana nga Ingles; kinuna ti maysa a laokanna laeng kadagiti nasabong a balikas. Ket awanen a ti pagiliantayo no retorika ti nasnaskenentayo imbes a bugas!

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