It’s down to two

“.gudevening sir!..ask q lng sir kung cnu ibo2to nyo for president?,I haven’t decided yet kze sir,.kuha lng po aq ng basis”

    It was a message from Dennis Quines of Laoag City, one of my former students. I was both surprised and overwhelmed that he would ask me such question. Surprised because Dennis and I really never got to talk about anything beyond Logic, the course he took up under me; overwhelmed because Dennis is a first-time voter who is very carefully in assessing his choices, and I felt obliged to offer good advice.

    Unfortunately, I cannot proclaim my bet to the public, although my friends already know who I am for. My public persona as journalist, political analyst, educator, and civil servant requires that I maintain a certain level of objectivity. Showing political color would be divisive, and people will either not listen to me anymore, or will begin to look at me with eyes of cynicism if I do so. Philippine Daily Inquirer’s Conrado de Quiros takes a different path in vigorously supporting and defending Noynoy. I will not follow his lead.

    But I could tell Dennis the type of candidates I will not vote for, so he might want to go through a process of elimination.

    This time, I want to vote for a winnable candidate, someone who really has a good chance. In the past two elections, I supported the late Raul Roco, now dubbed, and rightfully so, as the best president this country never had. In 2004, I was pretty sure he would not win, but I voted for him anyway, and I do not regret having done so. I voted for a hero.

    This time, however, I would like to make my vote actually matter. I will choose a candidate who can actually win.

    Erap Estrada’s return to power is dim. What remains of his luster is simply not enough for Malacañang Part II.

    Gibo Teodoro is capable, but his candidacy was doomed to fail from the start. Gloria Arroyo’s support, which the youngest presidentiable banks on, is a kiss of death. Misfortune turns to tragedy as GMA reportedly supports a not-so-secret candidate.

    Richard Gordon and Eddie Villanueva are decent candidates who just could not make it. Unfortunately, neither principles nor faith are enough to win the preseidency.

    Nicanor Perlas and Ang Kapatiran’s JC De los Reyes are running on a platform of good governance and alternative politics. But, at best, they are just token candidates. ‘Pampagulo’ is how others refer to them. It is interesting that Jamby madrigal, my former boss, also falls under this category. They cannot even score one percent in credible election surveys. And Vetellano “Dodong” Acosta’s name is but a waste of ink and ballot space.

    There are two only winnable candidates, owing to their huge popularity and organized machinery: Noynoy Aquino and Manny Villar. My choices, therefore, are down to two. Although other candidates may be better than the two frontrunners, they just cannot make it. Politics is a game of numbers, and so we must play by the rules of the game.

    What I am very sure of is that I will not vote for any candidate who exploits the issue of poverty for his political ends. I reject anyone who pretends to have been poor, and who projects Filipinos on TV as dirty and destitute.

    There is a striking difference between the way Villar and Aquino run their respective campaigns. The former projects himself as the great messiah who will deliver our benighted land from the depths of poverty (Kaya ng pangulong tapusin ang kahirapan) while Noynoy, true to the people power form, offers himself as leader of a people’s movement (lalaban tayo) against corruption and inequity. In a true democracy, there is no room for egoistic Messiahs, there is much space for people empowerment.

    I have previously criticized Noynoy in this column, and have even described him as dull and unintelligent. I was initially dismayed by Noynoy’s dismal performance in debates. Ninoy and Cory’s son, however, greatly improved since then, and has even challenged Villar to a one-on-one. The billionaire from Las Piñas is apparently not interested to hit the podium against the bachelor from Tarlac. The former would rather reminisce his ‘dagat ng basura’ days, which many now believe is more fiction than fact.

    My only fear then was that our province would be excluded, isolated in a Noynoy presidency. I feared that we would be taken for granted, ignored, if not persecuted. This is why I felt relieved when Noynoy, Kris Aquino and James Yap in tow, finally visited Ilocos Norte, turf of the Marcoses, their family’s archnemesis.

    Oh, Dennis, did I answer your question well? Sorry but this is as far as I can get.



















Author: Herdy La. Yumul

A hesitant academic pimp, writer

35 thoughts on “It’s down to two”

  1. Although, surveys are showing that Gibo is nowhere to winnability, I’m not giving up on him. His political baggage is just highlighted in the news, not with his capability.

    The process I used in determining my candidate is like the way i answered the cpa board exam.

    4 statements were given as choices, which are almost all identical, but there is a word that separate them, which is the right answer. One mistake in analysis cost you failure.

    Manny Villar – magtatapos ng kahirapan- seems correct to me but there is a lingering question how?.

    Noynoy – they are the good, and everyone else are evil. Labanan ang corruption- here we are again, moving backward. His mother vowed against corruption, but the people around him were doing it. There is also no clear stance on how to fight corruption, and where the country go.

    Erap-no argument with him, he was a convicted plunderer.

    Gordon – Visionary, man of action.
    Gibo – Visionary, have clear platform of government and a clear plan on how the country move forward.

    Others- Untested.

    During my process of elimination, I considered the Visionaries as the best choices. They know where will be the philippines upon stepping off on the end of their term. Gibo and Gordon. Now, I only have 2 choices left and I still have to eliminate one. It comes to winnability now. That is why i chose Gibo. With the local machinery that his party have(despite defections), he is still in contention.

    I believe, Herdy, that he was also your choice, you just left with the winnability as the main factor with your choice. Forget about his baggage, everything will change when GMA steps down as president (believe me).

    1. Gibo Teodoro does have vision, but the passage of the Reproductive Health Bill is not part of his plans. I, as most citizens do, recognize the need for an RHB, and therefore support it. Unfortunately, Gibo and his wife turned their back from the measure just as not to collide with the Church. I personally talked to Gibo about this when he came over to the university, and his arguments were lame. For one, he said that the RHB is better abandoned because it causes divisiveness. I reminded him that opposition is an important component in a democracy, and that there can be unity amidst informed dissent.

      I might go for Gibo IF AND ONLY IF, 1) He openly abandons GMA, and 2) he unequivocally supports RHB passage.

  2. EDSA III is waiting for the next president.

    if villar will win for sure the aquino clan which is supported by media – ABS-CBN and PDI- will doubt it. they’ll gather people by means of the CBCP and media. newspapers headlines will be VILLAR, THE EVIL-LIAR, STOLE THE PRESIDENCY. and this will lead to an impeachment.

    if teodoro will win, the anti-GMA’s will wrestle in the streets and gather in EDSA, will shout nothing but the resignation for teodoro.

    if noynoy will win, hacienda luisita controversy will again be the headlines of radios in the provinces. it will be the worst day for the aquinos for the name of their father and mother will be tinted by allegations that will be hurled against the aquino clan headed by mr. cojuanco.

    erap and the others candidates never had the chance to win this coming MAY.

    1. There is usually calm, even renewed hope, after every election as long as the process is perceived as clean, honest, and credible.

      1. but i doubt if the result of the election will be unbiased and clean. voters turn out will be lesser because of junk votes. and i guess that’s the chaotic part of this coming election.

        1. That’s possible. But let’s all do our part, big and small, and not be content with painting doomsday scenarios.

  3. kudos!!!
    you’ve finally seen the light!!!
    We share the same views, sometimes idealism must also give way to pragmatism…

  4. TO DEL,
    wow, GIBO of all people, is your ideal candidate…
    GIBO is one among the leaders of the bratpack in the CONGRESS circa 1998-2004 (together with CHIZZ ESCUDERO, another guy wrongly idolized by the youth), who are staunch supporters of ERAP during the impeachment proceeding…
    GIBO again is one of the leaders (w/d CHIZZ again0 who led the impeachment proceEding against former CJ Hilario Davide, one of the best CJ we have had…
    GIBO who never gave a word to his UNCLE danding before abandoning NPC to pursue his presidential ambition, which led his relatives to ENDORSE ANYBODY BUT GIBO…
    GIBO who never made any move to dismantle the private army of the AMPATUAN’s even though he had access to vital information of their existence during his tenure as DND Secretary…
    Check the background of your candidate guys and don’t be fooled with their high-fallutin speech and intellectual background…

  5. I could not be flipping the switch on and off for my choice but again while there seems to be only two on the front racing neck to neck, I would still consider Richard Gordon. Gibo is not even on my cross line, seriously. I just could not believe to see another Aquino at the Palace. Anyway, Villar is not a perfect political figure but it looks he is a capable leader. We are not looking for a perfect political figure anyway, are we? That is the reason why we have another election if we make a bad bet this time.

    1. I still maintain the winnability factor should be seriously considered if we want our votes to really matter. Seems like you’d prefer Villar over Aquino, but there are very serious questions hanging over the former’s head. In a destitute country such as ours, trial-and-error is not the name of the game but now-or-never.

      1. There are multiples and endless questions that randomly crop up from the coockoo-nest of the political rivals during election season. Seasoned or old timers politicians are well rehearsed to put up their negative attacks to their opponents during campaign but all is well for them after the elections.
        I have been observing the political sortie of Villar and it seems that he never lost his energy and desire to become the front runner of the highest office of the land. The organizational skills he project to his partymates at the national and local level during sorties seems very impressive. His campaigns from the northern most to the southern most locals of the entire archipelago proves his earnest desire to become the front runner. He is willing to put his own resources to the table to finance part of his political campaigns, but I would like to know also who are his main political financial backers.

        Versus the other candidate who denied about psychological disorders and multiple therapy sessions during his adolescent years. The cover-up of the Hacienda Luisista who pacify their tenants by issuing bogus stock certificates, who pacify their workers through the barell of the gun, and who up to this day, still the bastion of slavery in the Luzon island. Sir Herdy- I though slavery has been abolished long time ago. And let us be practical without further camparisson—pagtabihin mo yong dalawa in a police mug-shot- whom you should release first by just looking at their face?…..sad to say that I am still thinking Gordon.


    1)He is the ONLY candidate who practices POSITIVE CAMPAIGNING (no mudslinging)

    2)He is the ONLY candidate who speaks of RECONCILIATION & UNITY

    3)The ONLY candidate who does not offer UTOPIA (no promises of paradise but realistic solutions)


    5)The ONLY candidate who does not appeal to emotions just to gain votes

    1. imeenot
      April 30, 2010 at 9:51 am 5 REASONS TO VOTE FOR “GIBO”

      1)He is the ONLY candidate who practices POSITIVE CAMPAIGNING (no mudslinging)

      2)He is the ONLY candidate who speaks of RECONCILIATION & UNITY

      3)The ONLY candidate who does not offer UTOPIA (no promises of paradise but realistic solutions)


      5)The ONLY candidate who does not appeal to emotions just to gain votes

      1. No mudslinging- if you’re way down low in the survey, nobody pays attention to you. Look at Binay, whose rating had dramatically improved, he’s now vulnerable to mudslinging…
      2.reconciliation and unity – tell that to uncle danding and his relatives, tell that to his fellow LAKAS-KAMPI members especially to Speaker Nograles, Edu Manzano and his senate line-up… GIBO has zero credibility on such matters…
      3. UTOPIA – sulong gibo in an airplane(sumama na kayo para sa mabilis na pag-ahon)… ERAP in a jeep is better… GIBO’s rhetorics and promises are too ambitious and unrealistic
      4.CLEAR PLATFORM – what’s his platform anyway…
      5.He does not make appeal to emotions – during elections, all candidates make appeal to emotions in order to gain votes… GIBO is not an exception

      * one thing we can agree though is that IMEE is not worthy enough to have our votes..

        1. MUDSLINGING-GMA’s crdibility is too low that’s accdg to surveys and look at her now very popular still. who’s always been up for mudslinging. look at binay he’s also now been attacked by mudsling-ers(if there’s such a term). and who are attacking him? mr. teddy boy locsin a roxas fanatic.

        and you can’t say that “you’re way down low in the survey, nobody pays attention to you.” who do you think is quiboloy? did he not noticed GIBO?!?

        2. reconciliation and unity-danding cojuangco is not credible he’s one of the big fat dummies in the philippines. if noynoy will win cojuangco will be the happiest pinoy for hacienda luisita will be at peace and for the cojuangcos ONLY.

        gibo as having a zero credibility? ask that to baby james.

        3.UTOPIA-well kung lahat ng pilipino samasama sa pagahon mapapabilis ito. eh panu mo naman tatapusin ang kahirapan at korupsyon eh matagal ng sakit ng lipunan yan? and GIBO never had his promises!!!

        4. CLEAR PLATFORM-the web is too large for you to research. don’t be noynoy. wag kang maging tamad.

        5.He does not make appeal to emotions – “during elections, all candidates make appeal to emotions in order to gain votes… GIBO is not an exception” if you can prove to me that i’ll vote for your noynoy!

        1. GIBO fails miserably to unite and lead LAKAS-KAMPI, how can we expect him to lead our nation effectively when he can’t even lead his political party properly…
          poor EDU and the senate slate of LAKAS-KAMPI….

              1. and so what if there’s no unity in lakas kampi?it’s not the party that i am rooting over to begin’s gibo that i did vote for president. i’m not a one-party man. my vote for gibo didn’t mean another vote for manzano and lapid and the rest of lakas’s senatorial slate.i voted gibo because he has the wit (which others didn’t have), the capacity and the honesty that would help in giving the Filipinos a better Philippines.

                i am for gibo. i voted for gibo. i rest my case.

  7. Apo,
    Uray siak met ket nangato ti panagkitak iti kabaelan ni Gibo, gapuanan iti kinataknengna, kinasaririt ken kinalaingna nga agiyebkas iti platapormana iti gobyerno. No man pay daytoy nga tao ket nakapagadal sadiay Amerika isuna ket saanna nga ipagtangsit nga irakurak ti ingelna, napakumbaba latta iti panagsar-saritana. Dayta ti makuna nga makaallukoy nga kinasaririt ti maysa nga dadauluen. Maipagpannakkelmo nga raemen ket kabainmo isuna no dimo maaramid ti kiddawna, saan a kas dagiti dadduma nga mangituray iti kinabuteng tapno maipilitda nga tungpalem ti ibagana. Ti laeng diak mautob nga panunoten ket no apay saanna nga nadiskubre (wenno, saanna nga impakat ti linteg?) dagiti armado ti pamilya Ampatuan idi isuna ti Sekretaryo ti Depensa. Naikumpromiso ngata ti puwestona ken ni GMA?

  8. Well I do agree with all the people who would vote for GIBO! They are really thinking of the Nations appeal for a better life!

    for YELLOW’s:
    Why vote for “yellow” when he can’t stand on his own feet? He always carry the silhouette of his “mama yellow” and “papa yellow”… for God’s sake! We don’t need a leader who spends 99% speaking of his parents and doesn’t even know the real meaning of democracy in its political sense! Did he passed some bills? Did those bills became laws? To add up, we don’t need a president who’s suffering mental deterioration! What more if he’ll be seated in the office? Probably her “sister yellow” will take over…poor Philippines if that will happen! Furthermore, (I don’t want to be rude but this is the reality) he just run as the president because he wants to take advantage of the popularity caused by the death of her “mama yellow”. They were also talking about clean election and whatsoever, but see what they are doing right now… they are also part of it! How could you believe on them then? So pathetic!and even worst, they are desperate! They are just relying on the surveys. As far as I am concern and because I know the processes of research for I am working as a researcher, the result of the survey cannot picture out the whole population, because out of 50 plus million voters, there samples are only 2000 means that it does not represent what the people really are supporting, this simply means that you can never just rely on surveys! So YELLOWS’ don’t just say “we are number one on surveys!” Come to think of it! You may use that survey as your backup if ever you won’t win!

    1. its all over but the counting….
      NOY and MAR….
      To those who fail… you can look forward to 2016…

      fearless forecast:
      we will see the demise of LAKAS-KAMPI political party…. GIBO failed miserably to unite his party despite his so called credentials…

  9. numbers don’t lie as they say…
    Again SWS and Pulse Asia proved the correct outcome of the Presidential and VP Election…
    LOSERS lose because they don’t give credence to surveys…
    If only they had used surveys to determine their strengths and weaknesses, they could have made the proper adjustments during the campaign…
    Never underestimate the power of a SURVEY…

    Congrats SWS and Pulse Asia…

  10. let us mourn for our country for it is doomed to fail. thank you to our incompetent leaders and the shallow people who voted for them. this is proof of our country’s low quality of education.

    1. ngek di ikaw lang pala ang matalino sa bansa natin…
      the elected officials have not yet started their tenure and you have already pre-judged them…
      let’s give them a chance to prove themselves…
      don’t be a pessimist…

    2. I always believed of giving the newly elect administration of another chance. We wish and hope that they do not have the habit of “tik-tak-to”, waiting for something to happen before they could react. The dust have been settled on the presidential position and my expectation is for Pres. Aquino to craft and design his major agenda for the country moving forward. I would like to know his short and long term objectives of his administration. I wish that he won’t consume most of his years in the politics of retribution. I would like him to tackle issues such as: population control, corruption at all levels, streamline of various department agency (the national gov’t should not be the number one employer of the land), create opportunities and jobs, salespitch the country to attract foreign investors (convince outsiders that the country is a safeheaven for their investments), and peace and order.

      Fellow “pinoy”, I think and I could be wrong, the notion of low quality of education could be one of the possible factors but it is more of the social class divide of the country. The social class division I am referring to is the 70% of the population who lives below the poverty line. This is the class that could be easily convinced and manipulated by the candidates with “popularity” status. The senatorial election result is a proof of this. I am not making an across the board accusation that this divide is a follower of Pres. Noy Aquino.

      Again, it is very easy to undermine, exploit, and subvert the mind of the poor and the des-enfranchise divide not only during election season but at any given time because of their status quo. That is the reason why new “idealism” crop up outside this environment of democratic system as an alternative.

      1. High intellectuality of a person does not insure his good governance, although it helps when it is applied in the positive approach. What our country truly needs is an official with good conviction, work dedication, honesty, transparency and accountability of an official. We have had wise intellectuals as leaders, as well as someone who is a college drop-out. Marcos has been seen by most to have done well in terms of accomplishments, but despised by some for his big haul of stashed wealth from unknown sources. We’ve had GMA, FVR, a former military man and a former housewife. All did not lift a finger against the moros in their quest, they opted for civility if not turn a blind eye on the moros’ misdeeds. Erap, the college drop-out, was only one who was brave enough to win big in the battle against the secessionists in Mindanao. So who did well among the latest leaders in terms of accomplishments? Who did worse in terms of corruption and enriching themselves while in power? Judge those who has been, not those who are not yet in power…

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