Brainless Bayani

photo taken by your karikna at a highway in Batac

Why, Bayani?  How different is “Lalakeng Kausap” from “Babaeng kausap,”  “Bading kausap,” and lesbiyanang kausap?

I knew all along that you are Hitler’s reincarnation, what I did not know is that you are also a remnant of our oh-s0-macho past.  I would not have thought you embrace such gender stereotypes.  After all, you painted Metro Manila pink.

Author: Herdy La. Yumul

A hesitant academic pimp, writer

22 thoughts on “Brainless Bayani”

  1. you are very observant sir herdy…i could have passed by this soo many times and i would have not think there was something with it..that is why you are the writer and i am not..

  2. Man, you are just misinformed. Maybe, you watch too much of ABS CBN.

    Bayani, brainless?- He is the best bet among the VP candidates. He has a vision, a political will to do the right thing in our country today. To instill discipline among the Filipinos.

    He does not care if people get mad at him when he do something within the bounds of the law. He is just doing his job.

    Only journalists, law breakers, and well, misinformed people hate bayani.

    1. Del, have you personally seen poor sidewalk vendors (people who want to earn a living decently, but who could not afford puwesto at the palengke) whose wares were rudely destroyed by the MMDA Nazi? I have.

      Discipline… Have you witnessed MMDA traffic enforcers extort on motorists? I have, many times, and not just on TV.

      I sent my students to personally do an interview with Bayani, and they also had the same impression. He harms more than he thinks.

      And no intellectually sensible guy would promote gender bias at a time like ours where egalitarianism is the order of the day.

    2. Ok, Bayani is not brainless. I have to agree.

      Also, he has a spotless record — he is not corrupt. I did not use to be a fan. He does not get kickbacks from those ubiquitous ads. He had a very good reason for accepting that Php1M. I do not hope that one of the investigative journalists sets their sights on him next.

  3. Yes, I saw many times, up close. I even saw bayani led a demolition.Initially, it is not the way as you see on tv. MMDA talked to them civilly before they start demolition. Bayani told them to peacefully vacate the place and find a place to legally vend. Vendors start chaos, and that is when the cameras of tv roll. What do these vendors sell? Pirated DVD’s, fake designer items, hazardous china products. Do you want to uphold what they are doing? Actually, they can afford to pay for stall at market, hey just dont want to pay.

    When traffic enforcers extorted from you? ano ginwa mo? nagbigay ka ba or nagpatiket ka? Alam mo nman dapat di ba? You violated a rule and you should be penalized. If you bribed the enforcer, then, tinolerate mo ang pagiging corrupt niya. Pag di ka naman nagbigay sa kanila, wala naman silang magagawa, di ba? So kung nagbigay ka, part ka rin ng corruption.

    And your students had that impression because they are aware of what he is, on TV. And that is only an impression on his personality, not with his character. Yes, he is a disciplinarian, and that is what we need today. Pag disiplinado ka, ala kang problema sa kanya.

    And about gender bias? Take the phrase figuratively, and you will get his message. Actually, I am a sexist, when circumstances require. Women fights for equality, and they got it, through Law, specifically for them only. But there is no law specifically for men. They have their exclusive car at MRT/LRT, but none for men. When you dont give them a sit at MRT, they will tell it in your face you are not a gentleman. And they are not even at their exclusive car. They want equality? no, they want special treatment.

    1. I have yet to see the day that the squatters be evicted in front of Phil Science High School main campus at QC, which is incidentally beside the Office of the Ombudsman. These people have been there for sooo many years! Some of these residents are desperate for food on the table, they turn to snatching and the students at Pisay are the prime targets, with their sour thoughts that the student-scholars get plenty of government support but not on them. The squatters along the railroad tracks in Sampaloc have been evicted by Bayani, which is good for image-building for tourism, but to the ire of the dislocated families. Sometimes I have the bad thinking that someone should file a resolution for suffrage to be given only to citizens who are filing income taxes, to avoid the practices of moneyed politicians to buy the votes of these poor liabilities of our government.

      1. Asiong, there’s already a court order to evict them from their place, but they are fighting it through the layers of the justice system. And besides, they are not yet evicted because the government haven’t found a place yet, nor funds, to relocate those lucky people.

        Would you believe that the squatters at the railroad tracks were evicted peacefully? Becuase they are very lucky people, they were given decent relocation at government cost, that’s why the PNR rehabilitation cost is so high. You won’t believe it, but the cost to evict and relocate squatters from the tracks is at least 30% of the project.

        I agree that there should be a law that the right of suffrage should be given only to taxpayers. We should be the one to choose the leader who will oversee the spending of our hard earned money, not those people who are just waiting for dole outs from the government. Wala na nga pakinabang ang bayan sa kanila, perhuwisyo pa.

        Hi Herdy, did you see the news about filing of income tax returns at the deadline? In a sociologist perspective, would you mind writing the culture of the Filipinos doing things only on deadlines, barely beating it?
        I just hate seeing them complaining about long queues, slow processing, etc. Haba ng January 1-April 14, saka pa lang sila nagfile nung April 15, tapos reklamo pa sila. Remember also the Voter’s registration complaints?

      2. I remember a Pisay student getting killed by a snatcher in the 90s. It was a shocker.

        What we need is a program that would empower squatters. We should not feed their laziness and irresponsibility by giving dole-outs.

        The Gawad Kalinga model is noteworthy.

    2. Hi Del- excellent post.

      That is also true to my wife, she always want a special treatment from me- MOST of the time. And above all, the “TO-DO-LIST” posted on the refs for me are routine every week ends.

  4. lalakeng kausap!

    Ang pagkakaintindi ko dito sa sinabi niya sa kanyang campaign poster ay mga sumusunod:
    1. marunong siyang tumupad ng kanyang sinasabi
    2. may paninindigan
    3. lalakeng kausap kasi lalake nga naman talaga siya^^
    4. dapat lalaki hindi lalake ewan ko lang po^_^
    5. may pagkagender bias^^

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