What a student learned from my class

On our last meeting, I asked my students about their top five learnings in our subject Sociology1-Society and Culture, and this one I find most amusing.  Very attentive girl this civil engineering junior.

Click on the pic.  😀

Author: Herdy La. Yumul

A hesitant academic pimp, writer

17 thoughts on “What a student learned from my class”

  1. nicely written and indeed very attentive student.sir herdy i am glad that you have left impressions on your students..you are indeed an asset to mmsu…kudos to you and please keep it up..

  2. im not surprised that jonalyn have been so attentive at classes, she’s bright(galingan mo pa lalo, see you around). masarap makinig ng lecture especially kung magaling talaga ang teacher.
    sir, i’ve been your student almost two years ago and i can say you’re the best. keep it up.

  3. I’m surprised with jonalyn answer but that’s the real life we can’t deny and we can’t correct about what she say because that’s what she see and what she hear…So i’m so proud to the professor who make a way to face us in a reality and teach us on how we cope up all those things…

  4. I must admit that all the things she wrote was write. And I am proud to be one of Sir Yumul’s students. From him you can actually learn not only the things that are within the old usual discussions rather you would learn a lot from him. Actually during our class you would just consider our time as a story telling time, that would actually be related to the topic.

  5. sir., iba k talaga ., madami ako natutunan sa bAwat discussions natin., hindi lang sa kung ano ang nasa course outline natin sa mga subject na under namin sayo., like sa kung ano mga nangyayari sa aming gobyerno at mga social life naming mga estudyante at mga nakakatawang bagay., which is enjoy sa amin.,. minsan hindi naman palaging seryoso sa klase which is “boring nukwan”., dapat may katuwaan parin para makinig ang mga estudyante.,., at ang nakakatuwang mga ito ay nairerelated parin ito sa aming subject.,. nice sir.,

  6. At the end of the day, I always look back on the things I have learned from school. To my surprise, it is not on my major subjects that I have learned so much, but it is on my sociology class under sir Herdy. I admire him on how he views life. His simple (and funny) yet very meaningful thoughts gave me ideas on how to improve myself and do better in life.

  7. This is my 2nd time to be under Mr. Herdy Yumul’s class.. Even before we had him as our instructor in Philosophy, I’ve already heard stuffs about him.. I wondered who he is that he has that great impact to students.. Then, time came, he stood infront of us, as our instructor.. He had a lot of stories in class.. He makes us laugh with some of his self-admitted corny jokes.. (he used to tell us that we, engineering students always laugh at jokes even if they’re corny).. But no matter how corny those jokes are, still, they make sense.. In class, he doesn’t only talk about the specific subject we should be tackling, but rather, he talks about everything that crosses his mind at any moment.. I agree with the writing of Ate Jonalyn of the things she learned in class.. Not only those listed, much much more things we learned in Mr. Yumul’s class because of him being an open-minded person..

  8. Education is not attain by means of some access in internet, books, memos, magazine or even Xerox copy , but education is simply how students obtain ideas that is essential to their daily lives. What’s good about in learning is going outside of the box, exploring things by the senses, to explain the beauty in that subject and appreciate whether imagination can tell its goodness in the society. Education is obtain by enjoyment beneath and beyond of the word subject (sociology ).

  9. Haha I heard those word from sir herdy many time and I admit that’s why I am so attentive listening to his lecture especially to his jokes… for me it’s a good way of teaching making the students more attentive to listen. And also it is not boring like my other class..

  10. i consider it a balancing subject among the major subjects we’re having right now. it just brings us to who we are, what our roles in the society.
    perhaps these are one of the things we can’t forget in the university.

  11. I should hate being in Sociology class in 4-5 in the afternoon in every Friday because it’s FlyDay but it’s not because I love the class with Sir Yumul. I’m looking forward what will be his next stories to share and experiences to tell. We learn a lot and at the same time we laugh.
    One time he told us he doesn’t like being with us again for the semester when everybody knew that he was the Sociology instructor because he’s our last year’s Philosophy and we should feel like the way he do but no. It’s okay with us because it’s fun with him talking about society, talking about Filipinos.

  12. learned fr him the art of doing nothing(in nature)
    laging tumitingin si sir sa bintana while delivering his homily in class, perhaps to gain insights from the birds>.<

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