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It was bound to die, because, with the advent of the comfy Robinsons cinemas, nobody was happy with it anymore, except, of course, the huge, cat-like rats that have long infested it.  I already abhorred it long before Robinsons came, the facilities were poor and the movies came as fast as justice is delivered in Philippine courts.  It just had to go.

But when Isabel did bow out, I was saddened.  I began to realize how much memories are housed in that structure.  There is where daddy brought the kiddy me to watch English action movies which he patiently translated so I could understand.  There is where I had my first movie date as a teener.  There is where my mom and her kumare shed many a tears watching the movies of Vilma, Nora, and Sharon.  And there is where my late Tiya Carling, an old maid who loved going to the movies, frequently went to before the advent of cable television.

Saddened is an understatement.

Rest In Peace, Isabel Cinema.

Author: Herdy La. Yumul

A hesitant academic pimp, writer

11 thoughts on “Now Showing: ukay-ukay”

  1. With the advent of DVDs and digital multimedia projectors, sooner or later the moviehouses go on terminal extinction. It cost so much to maintain a moviehouse! With monied people, they could have their own movie at the convenience of home. The cost of watching at the moviehouse is quite a lot (P100), so some people just watch it at their PCs or DVD players (maski pangit dahil pirated!).

    1. But going to the movies is not just about the movies per se. It’s a total experience.

      One time, I was wondering why there were dogs inside the movie house and there were a number of security officers, I was afraid there was a bomb threat or so. When the lights were turned on, I found out that GMA and her husband were seated a meter away from me. The movie was an installment of X-MEN.

      See, even the rich, powerful, and corrupt go to cinemas. 😀 When you see a movie at home, there are many possible interruptions.

      Even the first couple goes to the movies.

  2. it is amazing how a certain structure or place gives you matter how long ago it was i.e first date ,first love,you still remember ..and what is left are just the memories…

  3. Some people are very nostalgic on some of the chapters in their lives. I somehow appreciated the vividness of memoirs that my wife has in store in her brains. After all, she was a Magna cum laude at MMSU, so she is really very good, mentally! She lovingly narrated to me one lovely night about the exact dates of our first date in a moviehouse; first dine-out as sweethearts; first fight, etc. Initially, I have the urge to laugh, but I kept mum and tried not to spoil the evening. After all, somebody told me that women has the first and last say in an argument. Was it you, Bill?

    1. There was this movie where they insert a microchip inside your head so they can download your memory when you die, for keeps.

  4. I saw the movie Babylon AD on video, which show the actor Vin Diesel being killed but revived by a scientist by replacing some of his physical parts with some sort of cybernetics technology, so that they could monitor his memory to trace the possible clue on the whereabouts of the new modern day Virgin-mother.

    1. Souns interesting, I should see that movie as well. I am sure you’ve watched Bicentennial Man as well. It asks the question, “how is it to be really human?”

  5. Oh, yes, Robin Williams is the main character Andrew, a modern robot capable of human nuances. When his master queried at the robot manufacturer if all of Andrew’s batch are like him, his creator thought that he is malfunctioning because of his human attributes of creativity and emotions so they want him fixed, but his master did not allow it. With his master’s consent, he learned a lot about human history, literature, inventions and other things. Soon he asked his master for his freedom. When he gets near his “expiration date”, he wanted to be recognized as a human to marry a human girl he loves, who is the daughter of his late ward, 3rd generation of his master. The “court” initially did not recognize him as human due to his ‘positronic’ brain which lasts ‘forever’ unlike that of a human, but consented ultimately with a verdict to recognize him as human. “How is it to be human?” I would say that to be human, you need to have all the attributes to love & to hate; to build & to destroy; to sulk & to cry; to pretend & to be honest, etc.

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