Rethinking Marcos

Asiong, a karikna, is confused about my stance about President Marcos.  “I thought you were a Marcosian, you said so in one article, and then you were praising Cory in another post,” he laments.

Riknakem habitue William S. has also delivered an insightful dressing down of Marcos, saying, “I never forget my Ilocano roots in blood and in deed but it looks like we are pushing the envelope too far and too hard.”  He observes a “regionalistic grandstanding of patriotism,” and wonders, too, about my views on the issue.

Let me make clear my points then.

Cory did her best as a transition President, who brought us back to the path of democracy, and who restored the Filipino people’s freedoms. She could have ran for reelection, but she never entertained illusions of grandeur. The yellow lady knew when to step down, one thing Marcos didn’t, and one thing Gloria certainly doesn’t.

Marcos was a great social architect.  I believe that his vision of “Ang Bagong Lipunan” was sincere.  He knew just exactly what he wanted for our country and he had a blueprint on how things can get done. From infrastructure to participatory democracy to Cultural Revolution to educational reforms and values reorientation, Marcos did more than his fair share. Continue reading “Rethinking Marcos”


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