One year of Tita Lita’s rikna and nakem

Lolita Bareng-Chestnut

Here is a message from this blog’s very important karikna…

“3/3 today marks my first year participating in riknakem. a whole year of journey with sir herdy in paths both rough and smooth.i learned a lot from here.words i have never heard or have heard before but did not know exactly what it meant i.e. dedma ,yosi,laklak,astig and sir herdy you explained and translated them .there were times that i was argumentative and out of context but it made it more interesting and perhaps that’s why it lasted this long.and i made friends here and most of all i met you sir herdy…thanks for a whole year of friendship and blogging.hope we will have more to come.”

Author: Herdy La. Yumul

A hesitant academic pimp, writer

10 thoughts on “One year of Tita Lita’s rikna and nakem”

  1. thanks for the post sir herdy and to all the friends i met here…eaglepower and donna r from netherlands if it’s not from this blog site i would not have met you hopefully i will put a face to whom i am chatting someday…

  2. Manang Lita-
    Kablaawan ka iti naimbag nga aldaw and keep up the good work and nice to see your pics here.

  3. dios ti agngina william s.i will be blogging “until i fade into the sunset “(i borrowed this from sir herdy) you keep up the good work too..

  4. Tita Lita,
    Nice to see your grand beauty here, aged to perfection!
    Kablawanka iti naragsak ken ad-adu pay nga tawen nga pannakilangen-langen iti daytoy nga blogsite…

  5. thank you asiong.soo nice to hear from my fellow bloggers .let us all keep up the good work and keep sir herdy busy and on his toes because he is not happy if he is not busy..he is a workoholic..LOL

  6. Long live the techie lola, Tita Lita!!!
    Wish I could teach my mom how to surf and punch the keyboards of the PC. But then, she may wreck the keyboard down when given the chance! The keys to the old Olympia typewriter she used during her heydays have blurred out letters already due to heavy pounding!!!

  7. yesterday 3/3 2011 is the second year anniversary of being a part of this blog it rained but it did not dampen the spirit ..hope for more years to come and thank GOD for the blessings and the pleasure to be able to participate in sir herdys blog and be able to be here in flesh not only in cyberspace furthermore i plan to be doing it until “i fade into the sunset”

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