Politicos should learn from this labandera’s son

Supporters take dela Cruz to a 'victory ride'

HE HAD NO party, no posters, no leaflets, but Jonas Paul B. dela Cruz, a third year Civil engineering student, grabbed an overwhelming win over his three rivals in the Central Student Council (CSC) presidential race at MMSU.

Garnering around one half of the near seven thousand total votes cast in the CSC elections held Feb. 4, Dela Cruz reigned the tabulation boards in most precincts. Aside from his landslide victory at the College of Engineering, his home, where he obtained seventy six percent of the votes, he also won big in other colleges and units.

Seventy-five percent of the total population participated in the polls considered a breakthrough in the history of campus politics for having the most number of political parties and candidates vying for various posts.

Dela Cruz’ closest rival, Bryan A. Corpuz of The 2010 Party, got a 25-percent share of the votes. Gevy Ann R. Villanueva of Tindig MMSU and Reynald Theodore C. Teodoro of Anak ng MMSU had 15 and 12 percent, respectively.

Overwhelmed, Dela Cruz cannot believe the results. He relates that when he filed his candidacy as an independent, some people dismissed him as a nuisance candidate. He said he pursued his candidacy anyway because “students deserve an alternative to politics-as-usual.”

Dela Cruz instantly rose from obscurity to fame when he delivered very heartwarming speeches at campaign rallies. He began by talking about his life, which some listeners described as “pang-Maala-ala mo kaya,” referring to a popular true-to-life drama show on television.

He hails from Santa Marcela, Apayao and Laoag City. His father, a carpenter, died ten years ago. Left with four children to support, his mother then began to do laundry for a living. His two older sisters were not able to go to college, and are now both married. His youngest sister is still in grade school.

Dela Cruz said he was really determined to obtain a college degree, and so he applied for scholarship grants. Fortunately, he was chosen as provincial scholar of the Province of Apayao. Aware that education is key to uplifting his family’s condition, he always worked extra hard in his studies. Even when he was still a first year student, he already brought honor to MMSU when he won as champion in the Regional Statistics Quiz, and 3rd runner-up in the national tilt. He has then since ruled in other contests.

Every semester, he would be listed either as a university scholar or college scholar, even as he serves as officer in various organizations at COE.

“Napakalaki po ng utang na loob ko sa MMSU sa pagkalinga at pag-aruga sa akin,” said Dela Cruz in his speech delivered entirely in flawless Filipino. “Kaya naman hindi po ako nag-aatubiling ialay ang aking sarili tuwing may pagkakataon.”

Explaining why he shared his life story to the public, he said emphatically, “Dahil ang kuwento ng buhay ko ay kuwento niyo rin, kuwento ito ng bawat mag-aaral na nagsusumikap, nagpupunyagi, at lumalaban sa bawat pagsubok ng buhay,” drawing thunderous applause from the audiences he addressed during the campaign rallies staged in the Batac and Laoag campuses.

Dela Cruz then detailed his platform of government. He said he wants transparency in all aspects of governance, especially in financial matters. He plans to initiate programs for scholarships, improved physical infrastructures, and the protection of the natural environment. The nineteen-year-old student leader also wants students to get involved in relevant school and community events, and to have their voices heard on salient issues. Dela Cruz also vowed to continue, should he win, his opponents’ good projects, including the bicycle-sharing program initiated by Villanueva.

“Alam po ng mga nakakakilala sa akin na madali po akong lapitan at hindi po ako mahirap kausap,” he assured the voters. “Pero hindi ko po kakayaning gawin ang lahat ng ito kung wala po ang inyong suporta, kung hindi tayo magkakaisa… hindi po ako superhero.”

To his rivals, he cast no stones, only praises and good wishes. Turning to them, Dela Cruz, a member of Victory Christian Felowship, said, “God bless po sa ating lahat.”

The presidential candidates were each given ten minutes to deliver their speeches. While the three other presidentiables consumed fully the time given them, even going overtime, Dela Cruz finished his talk after only six minutes.

His last lines never failed to draw generous rounds of applause and cheers from the audience, “Ako po si Jonas B. Dela Cruz, tumatakbo sa pagkapangulo ng Central Student Council,” and then, stretching his arms towards the audience, he concluded, “hayaan niyo pong kayo ang aking maging kapartido.”

After his speech, Dela Cruz immediately gained supporters and fans who ardently campaigned for him, even through text messaging and the popular social networking site Facebook. His best friend and classmate Jether Cornita, also a Civil Engineering junior, served as his campaign manager.

And the rest is history.

Incumbent Student Council President Ace Joseph R. Rumbaoa, who campaigned for another presidential candidate, Corpuz, congratulated dela Cruz for his victory, and assured him of an orderly transition of power.

The other winners are: Reindel Owen Salvador (CAS), vice president; Marie Stella U. Gaspar (CAS), secretary; Kara Camille L. Pedro (CBEA), treasurer; Karol Anne B. Ramoran (COE), assistant treasurer; Mark Meinard M. Mariano (CBEA), auditor; Jenny N. Madayag (CBEA), business manager; Rozanna Bianca T. Pastor (CAS), Public Information Officer (PIO) internal; and Marlon R. Mamala (CTE), PIO external.

Student Organizations and Publications Chief Marlina L. Lino says the new set of officers will take their oath “sometime this summer” when the incumbent officers will be ready to relinquish their responsibilities.

With the elections now over, Dela Cruz’ life is back to normal. He will again represent MMSU in the National Math Quiz to be held Feb. 13 at UP Diliman. During weekends, he continues to help his mother do the laundry.



Author: Herdy La. Yumul

A hesitant academic pimp, writer

21 thoughts on “Politicos should learn from this labandera’s son”

  1. first of all i would like to congratulate all the elected officials..i know one thing for sure when my dad use to say number 2 is not enough..he really meant ” strive for the best be all you can be” my 6 siblings and i use to talk it among ourselves why our dad is so pushy and he wanted us all to excel during our younger years..now we now see what he meant ..now that we all have families of our own that education was so very important because during their time high school was a great achievement.we all did very well..and i bet you mr jonas de la cruz parents want the best for them and i can see how he strives to reach for the stars.kudos for this young gentleman and wish him the best of luck…maybe he will be a good politician and even become the president of the nation someday…

  2. This is an inspirational example of a well focused college student that poverty should not be the stumbling block to pursue your aspirations and ambitions in life. A gifted mind coupled with hardwork and consistency are prime components of success. There is a tell-tale sign of this student to be a future public servant because of his drive to encourage others in the spirit of “volunterism” for public caused. We need more Jonas Paul B. de la Cruz in the pipeline of our educational system nationwide. I commend the provincial educational Board of Apayao for placing their bet to this deserving kid.

    Sir Herdy- Now you are amazed of how a student in engineering mind work and deliver in crunch time. I hope this would erased some of your doubts of my “kumpadres” in Mapua whom you were associated with back during your professorial days in Letran.

    1. I have never doubted that our “kumpadres” at Mapua could deliver, William S., they are very “madiskarte,” which is more important than being academically intelligent.

      Yes, let’s all help Jonas be a good president. I particularly like the students’ bicycle sharing program. I have donated a bicycle myself, and so have Tita Lita.

  3. I’m a Mapuan too, graduated way back in the late 70’s and proudly helped in blocking a move by the new administrator-owners to change the revered name. Identified as a Mapuan is being equated as technically capable engineer, even with low grades on the record. The designer of the Moon Buggy proudly told us when he was a Guest Speaker that he even has some 5s in his scholastic record. But that was not a deterrent to achieving better future employment, accomplishments and leadership.
    With Jonas’ example, I have high hopes to this new generation today who could propel our communities and nation as a whole for the wave of change in politics. USA broke the barriers of traditional politics when Obama won the presidency. Who knows, our country, the Philippines, would follow suit this coming May! I earnestly pray for this…

  4. Asiong, having a grade 0f 5 at Mapua is perfectly normal and expected. Very few don’t have a red mark there. But I have no reason to believe the knowledge and competencies of my Mapuan friends. If I may confess, I also had a grade of 5.0 in college, but it has never been an issue when I applied for work, not even when I entered the academe.

    Yes, let’s pray for the wave of change this country deserves. But we should not, of course, be content at praying… let’s make it happen.

  5. to Asiong: If I may compare your transcript sa Mapua eh parang buntis na talangka, “mapula”….hahaha=:). I do not like to ask questions about our years in college but I have a hunch that we know each other since we both got out in the late 70’s, aka the “disco” kids, bellbottoms and psychedelic printed shirts.

    Sir Herdy- pardon me but this is how we cracked jokes with our comrades in the school irrespective of what dept. or years graduated, we are always in-synch for unknown reasons.

    Asiong when you have a chance pls. send me a buzzz at this email addy: ilocs69@yahoo.com

  6. i remember those bell bottoms and psychedelic printed shirts/blouse. those pants had come back again though.

  7. Hey, hey… just able to get some time to open this site! Hey, Bill (dayta ti palayaw ti William, Amboy style,je,je!) nice to hear a Mapuan comrade. Adda pay laeng kadi diay Building “B”? Me and my kumpadres frequent the place at dusk until dawn sometimes. Nestor befriended one of the owner’s niece and so we have plenty of discounts and freebies! Libre pulutan, ha, ha…
    Bill, I sent u a note in ur email, I hope to see you here in Laoag…

    I think bell-bottom trousers will never come back again, only d wide wobbly straight cut; psychedelic printed shirts is now Hawaiian or Caribbean, not Indonesian as before…

  8. Firsts of all,i want to congratulate jonas.We all know from COE that jonas is a bright student who has talent in mathematics. Jonas achieved by striving hard to reach for his goals,sometimes i just wonder.How will i be a good student??hehe.he can be a good inspiration to us in studying hard. Hard life cannot stopped us from getting close to our dreams we have to study hard so that our future will be also bright.His family is proud of him,because his a good person that contributes good deeds to others. Keep it up!!!!!!

  9. The article shows that not all moneyed candidates win. Because not all people believe in propaganda leaflets and posters. Some emotional voters listen to heart warming campaign speeches which refer to the true to life situation of the candidate and might be the same as the listeners’ lives. Others listen to candidates’ detailed platform of government which would help a lot in the improvement of all people’s lives.
    All these things and many more were found by the varied kinds of voters in Jonas Paul B. Dela Cruz that’s why he won.
    He’s only a labanderas son but in my opinion would be a good model for aspiring politicos.

  10. The winning of Jonas is truly an inspirational example for us student.Im one of the student who voted him as the president.He deserve to be the winner,he is a winner not only in school but also in his own family.His mother must be so proud of him.Because he is a good,a good student,a good son and a good leader…..

  11. Siya ay isang napakagandang halimbawa hindi lamang sa mga estudyante kundi sa lahat ng tao. Hangang-hanga talaga ako sa kanya, napakatalino niya, bukas ang loob sa pagsisilbi sa kapwa, at napakabuting anak. Sana ay hindi siya magbago. Nawa’y tularan siya ng lahat ng kabataan para sa mas magandang bukas ng ating bansa.

  12. He is indeed a student to look up to.. I used to see him in our college, but he looked so normal.. He just seemed to be a normal student hanging around the campus.. He walks normally, smiles normally, talks normally, but behind those normal things he do is his big responsibility as the Central Student Council elected president.. With this, he’s not only concern in handling the student needs of the engineering students, but the needs of all the students in the whole university.. He’s intelligent, proven.. I’m hoping that he’ll be able to accomplish his responsibilities not letting his studies be affected with his position.. Another thing, thumbs up for him, because despite of his difficulties in life, he’s able to step forward still..

  13. Congratulations to the newly elected CSC officers especially to the new president who is also an aspiring engineer like me. Being a student leader is not an easy task especially now that lessons are getting harder and harder yet may this not be the reason to boast yourself to others. You’ve already gone that far and i’m hoping that the transparency and those platforms you had been stated during the rally will be implemented while you are in the position.
    Keep the good work and we are with you through your journey to success.

  14. Good governance is going away from the traditional politics. It is all about selfless service. Counting on how many allies you have is immaterial. Rather, a true leader is one who serves without expecting anything in return. I do not believe that leaders are born. I affirm that leaders are made. Ika nga habang tumatagal sila ay nahuhubog sa propesyon. And it is their choice if they go for the good leader or the bad one. But one thing for sure, if you like to run for an office, do it with sincerity and not only for the fame or power accorded to it.

  15. “Students deserve an alternative-as-usual”.
    Entering in politics is difficult. Serving is not an easy task. Politicians can not perform their task properly w/o the cooperation of the people. Kaya nga sang-ayon ako sa sinabi ni kuya jonas, “hindi kop o kayang gawin lahat kung wala po ang inyong suporta, kung hindi po tayo magkakaisa.. hindi po ako superhero”. In politics, not all will be satisfied to your work. But one thing I can say, as long as you can understand the consequences, made the right decision and did your best to serve and give us comfort, your doing a great job.

  16. It’s good to know that a well focused college students like kuya Jonas will be an inspiratonal example to all students like me. That poverty should not be the stumbling block to pursue our aspirations and ambitions in life. I hope I’ll be like him that trying hard to finish his study and at he same time leading our University. Well, its hard to manage two at the same time. But I know our newly president can do it. Godbless and more power.

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