Students hold presidential mock election

The Sociology Guild, an academic organization in MMSU, sponsored a series of activities on political education and election volunteerism during the Sociology Week, Sept. 7-10.

With the theme, “Agtutubo: Preparing the thumb for the stains of politics”, the weeklong affair engaged the students on issues surrounding political education and election volunteerism in light of the national struggle for emancipation from traditional politics, transactional leadership, and morally-bereft governance.

The activities kicked off on Sept. 8 with the opening of an art-exhibit-cum-election-precinct at the CAS Lobby. In the exhibit area, a presidential mock election was also held to feel the pulse of MMSU students on their preferred presidential candidates for the 2010 elections.

Immediately after the precincts closed on Sept. 9, 3 p.m., the ballots were appreciated by student volunteers, and the results were analyzed by Social Sciences faculty members.

A total of 1,524 students, representing 23.7 percent of the tertiary-level populace in the Batac campus, participated in the poll.

Sen. Francis Escudero, the youngest among the presidentiables, garnered 33.72 percent of the votes, and emerged on top, ranking first in all colleges. Sen. Manny Villar took the second spot with 21.12 percent while Sen. Noynoy Aquino got 17.25 percent and landed third.

With 11.74 percent of the votes, Vice President Noli de Castro was in fourth place with Sen. Loren Legarda and former President Joseph Estrada settling for fifth (7.74 percent) and sixth (4.79 percent) places, respectively.

Other possible presidential candidates voted by students are Metropolitan Manila Development Authority Chairman Bayani Fernando (1.24 percent), Sen. Jamby Madrigal (1.24 percent), evangelist Eddie Villanueva (1.11 percent), Defense Secretary Gilbert Teodoro (0.59 percent), Sen. Richard Gordon (0.39 percent), Carlos delos Reyes of Ang Kapatiran Party (0.32 percent), and Gunless Society bet Nicanor Perlas (0.26 percent).

Dr. Violeta B. Alonzo, chair of the Social Sciences Department, hopes to have the mock polls periodically, with the next one eyed after Nov. 30, the deadline for filing of certificate of candidacy for the presidency. Dr. Joselito L. Lolinco, CAS dean, has thrown his full support for the undertaking.

Other activities include “The 2009 Sociology Forum” held Sept. 10 at the University Training Center, and a roundtable discussion at the CAS Lobby. Speakers, led by Trinity University of Asia professors Ruel F. Pepa and Glenn Agbing, and Ilocos Times columnist Steve Barreiro, tackled the national and local political climates, and how the youth can help institute reforms.

A film show featuring “Batas Militar,” a documentary on the imposition of martial law during the Marcos era was held Sept. 11, the birthday of former President Ferdinand E. Marcos.

ABS-CBN featured the activities in their regional news program TV Patrol Ilocos, and might air it in their nationwide broadcast as well. The media giant took interest in the MMSU mock election because it appears to be the first school-based poll conducted in view of the 2010 national and local elections.

Representative of other schools have called up the MMSU organizers so they can replicate the mock polls in their own constituencies.

MMSU students have been invited by ABS-CBN to participate in the Boto Mo, iPatrol Mo registration to be held at the Laoag City Ampitheatre, Sept. 21. An online voter registration will also be administered by the Commission on Election in the venue.

Boto mo, iPatrol Mo aims to empower the youth to help ensure clean and honest elections.


Author: Herdy La. Yumul

A hesitant academic pimp, writer

32 thoughts on “Students hold presidential mock election”

  1. Nice activity, sir! Saan po kayo nakakuha ng idea about that mock polls? Napanood ko po ito sa local newscast. However, I just arrived in our home when it was airing and malapit nang matapos. Sayang naman I didn’t watch the whole report.

    The University of the Philippines (kung tama ako) conducted a mock elections recently. Pero mas nauna po ang MMSU.

    PS: Saan po puwedeng makakuha ng MMSU folders na nakita ko pong ginamit during the mock polls? It’s colorful…

    1. Hello, Guien. Our phones were very busy yesterday, many agencies were asking for results. A staff member of Escudero even came to MMSU. Some schools sought advice, and said they are going to do the same.

      You see, there is this burning desire for young people to participate in pushing for change in our sociopolitical spheres. We just thought of affording them a window of opportunity to do so. What is important though is not just to look at the personalities, but the issues these candidates espouse.

      I’ll give you one of those folders. Promise.

  2. Naku po, nakakahiya naman sa inyo. Pero thank you po.

    It seems that the upcoming 2010 polls is a youth-oriented election, unlike the past elections. Now, many students are being urged to register for the elections. Organizations about such are touring the universities and colleges, such as YouthVotePhilippines, Register and Vote (RV) bus, etc. ABS-CBN is even promoting citizen journalism through its Boto Mo, iPatrol Mo program.

    But just an idea: how about if some youth voters will consider the national polls as a joke? I mean, hindi po yung mga kandidato ang inilagay sa balota, instead they put Mabini, Rizal, Aguinaldo, et. al, or even silly names. During the CSC elections in a certain college, naobserve ko po na may mga estudyante na inilagay na lang ang kanilang balota sa ballot box na wala namang nakasulat na pangalan ng candidate, o di kaya kung anu-anong pangalan na lang ang inilalagay. I hope there would be no case of such in the 2010 elections.

    Parang gusto ko nga pong bumoto sa 2010. However, hindi ko pa po abot ang minimum age for voting, so for now, sa Student Body Government and Central Student Council elections muna ako boboto.

  3. nabigla ako sa pangyayaring eleksiyon dahil ang nanalo ay si chiz at dapat lang naman kasi priority niya ang mag estudiyante at dahil dito na naganap gusto ko na bumoto sa 2010 at dapat ang mga mapiling politiko at karapat dapat talaga sa posisiyon na yun at sana maging malinis na ang botohan sa 2010……

    it is very nice idea sir to hold the mock elections at dahil dito ay maihahayag ng mga botante lalo na ang mga kabataan ang kanilang mga karapatan at naghahangad ng malinis na halalan. bukod pa dito ay makakapili tayo ng isang lider na maglilingkud sa atin ng tapat……..

  5. a very promising and timely activity of the Sociology Department. Kudos to all organizers and participants!
    this activity is an eye-opener to the voting population specially to the newly registered voters. in this activity, the youth were given an insight of the voting atmosphere and hopefully an idea of what really is the significance of voting to the rehabilitation of the country.

  6. gusto ko tlaga na si chiz ang manalo sa eleksyon dahil sya ang nararapat sa pwesto…gusto ko sya manalo bilang presidente dahil masarap ito…hindi masarap bilang cheeze kundi masarap mag lingkod sa bayan….say cheeze..

    1. I am still contemplating about chiz… mukha kasing puro dakdak at porma lang, pero hindi pa tiyak sa gawa.

  7. there are so many things that can be commented here but i will choose only one. i will comment on the result of the mock poll elections. im very glad about the result . because in choosing a candidate for president, I would consider a younger presidential candidate relative to older candidates. Usually the older ones are the traditional politicians which normally is into the likelihood of corruption and personal aggrandizement would be their personal goals when in office. Escudero would epitomize the young sector although unfortunately, he will be the voice of the youth. Villar on the second post should not be on the top but in the bottom. This is Philippine politics at its traditional system, “that the more money a politician has, he is looked upon by many as powerful and likely to win”. This is a sad political condition since most likely, these same candidates will again be using money to woe the voters and will charge the bribery to the financial coffers of the government.
    This is really unfortunate since Philippine politics at present is a show of money and vote buying is the game everybody play. The “boto mo ipatrol mo “ could be a neutralizer if and only when the group would be apolitical, non-partisan and non sectarian.

    1. Youth is not alwaya a guarantee for integrity. There are old politicians who have impeccable character ( we call them ‘statesmen’), and there are those who are “so young and so corrupt.”

  8. ,,,mahalaga ang artikulong ito lalo na’t nalalapit na ang eleksyon, makakabuti rin sa mga kabataang tulad ko dahil makapaghahanda sila at makapapasya kung sino ang karapat dapat nilang iboto….kaya sa mga kabatang tulad ko..VOTE WISELY….

  9. i think the 2010 elections will become youth oriented elections. some youths like me are argued to register for the upcoming elections. for us youths, we would like to have a clean voting process to the upcoming 2010 elections not being force to vote for some candidates that are not qualify to the position and not also qualify to serve our country.

  10. Nakakatulong ito upang malaman ng mga 1st time voter kong ano ang dapat gawin at para malaman kong sino ang dapat piliin na maglingkod sa bansa.

  11. Senator Chiz Escudero win the election on that day..but you see chiz is not qualified to be the president if we hold an election nowadays, its because he’s so young but on the other side he’s the only senator who speaks filipino in public..
    the idea of having a molk election on socio week is a brilliant idea…by this said event, we were able to express our own opinion or to tell what we really want to…and we did because we were able to present our posters to the students, professors and other MMSU employees and even the press. thanks to SOCIO dept.

  12. but still mas maganda pa rin ung mga hindi “trapo” because of the fact that they are still young in the field of politics and corruption is not still in their minds(i think/sana nga). gagawa sila ng maganda para sa bansa. . but maybe kapag naging “trapo” na sila then ayon magcocorupt na sila para mabawi na nila ang mga perang nagastos nila during the election. ganyan lang naman tlga ang buhay sa politika.(^_^)
    i just hope na sana hindi maging ganon si CHiz. para naman gumanda na ang ekonomiya ng Pilipinas at para naman hindi na maubos ang pera ng mga tao dahil sa mga corrupt na politiko.
    so for me, as part of the youth, we need a change. a change that will make the philippines move up to a higher step. a change that will erase the image of the philippines as one of the most corrupt country in the world. a change that will make our life easier. . . .

  13. {jayson vita:he’s(chiz) the only senator who speaks filipino in public.}.chiz is not qualified to be the president because he speaks tagalog in public? really? is this true?
    if this is really true then i’ll ask you anong masama sa paggamit ng Tagalog?kailangan ba talagang Ingles(ano to, para magmukhang sosyal)?
    hindi ba mas maganda ngang tignan ang isang Pilipinong ginagamit ang sariling wika kesa sa mga banyagang wika. at saka mas maiintindihan siya ng mga tao kung magsasalita siya ng tagalog sapagkat mas marami pa ring mga pilipino ang nakakaintindi nga tagalog kesa sa Ingles. just think of this, during PGMA”S sona, english ang ginamit niyang lenggwahe naintindihan kaya ito ng lahat ng mga Pilipino? hindi naman sa minamaliit ko ang kapasidad ng mga pilipino sa pagintindi ng Ingles pero gusto ko lang sabihin na may mga tao pa rin na hindi pa masyadong makaintindi nga Ingles. like elementary pupils or even highschool students. its true that they know the english language but not totally. just like me, marami akong natutuhang bagong salitang Ingles ngayon lang na nasa kolehiyo ako na hindi ko nalalaman noong nasa elementarya pa ako. .
    so for me, the language used in talking to public is not the basis. .

    {peace jayson}

  14. I myself agree to the statement of our national hero Jose Rizal, “Ang kabataan ang pag-asa ng bayan”. The youth as we can see today, is divided into two. One is where the youth thrives to live by Rizal’s words. They are the youngsters who are socially responsible and are mature enough to seek for the world’s betterment. There are the youth as seen by the national hero, the future hope of the country. The other group of youth are those who take everything for granted. Youth who thinks like kids, youth who thinks life is easy and everything’s just a game. There are many of them who are like these in the society today. Children who don’t have any clear vision of what’s beyond the horizon, clueless of the future, and whose axis’ revolves around themselves and their so called world. The youth really are the future. All that is needed is motivation and eye opener of what’s happening. The youth can be the best vehicles for the futures betterment, they just need are good drivers. Living by Rizal’s words, every youth can be modern day heroes. ت

  15. —-This kind of Activity is a great idea.
    I was one who vote in this mock election,, and you know what? I feel nervous on that time; I don’t know what I will write on the ballot. I choose randomly. A choice which I don’t think if I’m sure…
    Ganun pala ang feeling kung hindi ka sure sa ibinoboto mo. Kaya maganda ang mock election na yun dahil nagkaroon ako ng ideya kung sino ang dapat kung iboto at dun makakasirado ako na makakatulong.

  16. even though we are still young we must participate and do a move to change the integrity of our government and this mock election conducted by you sir is a big help in our community.

    sana lng sir hnd lng president ang pinabotohan niyo.suggest ku lng.heheh

    1. mangCaloy, ok sana kung pati senatoriables, pero magiging masyado nang komplikado at matrabaho. Siguro isasama na namin ang vice-P sa susunod na mock election sa Disyembre.

  17. every individual have the right to vote…mock election in the different kinds of institutions is one way in knowing the pulse of the people about who will be the hero for today’s recession…

  18. Sen. Chiz Escudero win the mock election, but sen. chiz did not qualified in the President position, because he did not yet prove his self in making a law.
    pero may karapatan siyang tumakbo sa 2010 presidential election.

  19. Malaking tulong ito sa mga estudyanteng tulad ko ang pagkakaroon ng student mock election dahil nalaman ko ang gustong maging pinuno ng mga tulad kong estudyante. Lalo na’t nasa ating mga kabataan ang mahalagang gampanan sa lipunan dahil nasa kabataan ang pagasa ng bayan. At sana sa susunod na eleksiyon ay mapili na natin ang karapat dapat na umupo sa pagkapangulo pati na sa mga lokal na posisiyon.

  20. Preparing the youth for the nation is really a key for the development & change in the society. It is also great to prepare and guide the youth to the election for choosing who is best and what is best and is qualified to take the positions in our government.
    Maganda ang Mock election na ito lalo na sa mga ist time na mga botante upang matuto kung paano ang pagboto. maganda rin ito dahil sa aktibidad na ito ay maari mong isulat sa isang bulletin board kung ano ang comento at palagay mo sa naganap na mock election..,.,mabuti rin kung uulitin pa ito

  21. iba talaga ang mga taga MMSU. Nakagagawa ng paraan para maging responsable ang mga studyante sa pamamagitan ng pagkakaroon ng mga activities tungkol sa ating bansa. Sana ipagpatuloy pa nila ang kanilang nasimulan. Great job sociology students.

  22. would like to ask if you have mechanics on mock election? can we ask favor of having it? we would like to conduct same activity in our province, Nueva Ecija.

    thanks. GOD bless…

  23. hi….po maganda ang artikulong ito nkkadagdag kaalaman sa kabataan even though d ako nka pagaral but it gives more lesson to the viewers….

  24. hi po napaka interesting sinulat nyu nkkadagdag kaalaman sa mga studyante kht d ako nkapag aral but i keep on reading about this interesting article it give sense

  25. i really appreciate the activity because i will make a model to our country that there’s a time in our country we have a fair and good election all we can do is do what you think can make it better don’t influence to the money and people around you if you think that is the best candidate that’s it…never depend your vote to the survey that they gathered stick to your self….

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