FOLLOWING last week’s column, a good number of readers wrote your karikna to greet “Happy First Anniversary,” and to express their appreciation for this space.  Most of these well-wishers come from the silent majority of our readers, who suddenly decided to make their presence felt.  I was overwhelmed, not only because of their number, but more because of their generous words.

It’s really heartwarming when people you don’t know suddenly come forward to say “thank you” for things you never realized you have done.  I expect to have helped readers form their stands on issues, but I was surprised when Filipinos abroad consider my articles an antidote to homesickness, or when young people say the column has inspired them to pursue their meaningful passions in life, such as the case of Vincent, who shares that reading one of my articles moved him to take up a course in the arts, his true love, although his folks and peers pressure him into taking up nursing.

For his part, Jun-b, our Editor in Chief, sent me a text message that read, “Happy anniv to your good column, more power!  I think we should celebrate it one of these days when you’re free, my treat.”

I was touched by the message, and here’s why.  In the last fifty five weeks, our weekly exchanges would be:

“Have you sent your Riknakem already?”

“I will send later”


“I have sent already. Thanks.”


So, thank you, dear readers, for helping me usher this column into its second year and beyond.  It’s a sunny Friday morning as I write this, and Jun-b texted me three hours ago, “Have you sent your article already?”

Back to normal then.  Back to work, karikna.

Author: Herdy La. Yumul

A hesitant academic pimp, writer

4 thoughts on “T.Y.”

  1. Herdy,
    I am lost of words to describe how I feel looking at you now, on what you achieved and on what you are doing. But one word is for sure, “PROUD” of being affiliated to you- and yes for being my cousin. It took me these years to say this to you, “You are a family’s pride.”Keep it up.
    May God sees you through and bless your endeavors.
    If you happen to chill out at some point, please visit us down under.
    I will be in touch,
    Ate Joy

  2. Thank you ading ko. Thanks for the compliment, though, honestly, we all are.
    By the way, I still have a long way to go reading your blogs….you have touched and inspired so many lives young man. What an achievement!
    And I promise to pop in any time, if that’ s okay.
    So long…
    i love you ading ko. take care.

  3. People could really appreciate something that they do not know through media. People who feel so down and find hope through it, they could even hear them than those hear to them.

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