RVP can be VP… but IF AND ONLY IF he cheats


YES, I PROMISED to write on Kris Ablan, the congressional son who now wants to be congressman.  But I will reserve that for next issue as something more pressing has come up.

Entering Laoag via the Gilbert Bridge at dusk is the most soothing part of my work day.  It marks the end of my travel from a workplace tens of kilometers away.  It means I am home.

On Tuesday (July 21), however, what I felt while crossing the bridge can only be as soothing as a root canal performed without anesthesia by a sadistic pseudo-dentist.  That afternoon, plastered on the lampposts of the bridge were tarpaulin streamers welcoming Ronaldo V. Puno, the Interior and Local Government secretary of the Arroyo regime. Continue reading “RVP can be VP… but IF AND ONLY IF he cheats”