Batac: from a city-that-was to a city-that-could

We can only imagine how difficult it is for Batac, a two-year-old city, to revert to a municipality following a final and executory ruling by the Supreme Court. Along with the fiscal mess the reversion caused are dampened hopes and hurt egos.

In his speech during the Empanada Festival, an activity originally intended to highlight Batac’s charter day celebrations, Mayor Jeffrey Nalupta lashed out at the High Court saying, “If only the Supreme Court is not deaf and will stop from being blind,” it will see the reality that Batac and 15 other newly created cities deserved to be recognized as cities.

Nalupta, of course, was oversimplifying the case. I trust that the justices handed down their decision, with the Chief Justice himself concurring, based on law and sound reason, and not of whimsical blindness. But we do understand the young mayor. He had to let out his frustration and exhaustion on this highly charged issue. People struck with deep emotions are oftentimes not rational, and to them society is magnanimously forgiving. Continue reading “Batac: from a city-that-was to a city-that-could”