PIDDIG sex scandal, Burgos scandal, Pangil scandal, (rumored) Dingras scandal, 5-sisters scandal, Hayden Kho scandal, and all those campus scandals.

If you cannot beat them, join them? That we do nothing to kill the monster we call pornography; that we have accepted perversion as part of everyday life; that we have turned a blind eye to the exploitation of the least of women and children, our women and children, that to me is the gravest of all scandals.

How does one solve a problem like pornography?  This issue has always been the subject of fierce debate.  What delineates art from pornography?  Does censorship infringe on our freedoms of expression and of the press?  Is digital exhibitionism an inevitable consequence of modernity?

In this short discourse, I will not pretend to have all the answers.  Allow me, however, to offer a few insights.

Pornography demeans our dignity by cutting up human beings into parts—lips, breasts, genitals, hips—and turning them into passive objects. They casually treat the human body, temple of the Spirit, as cheap commodity in a market fueled by instant gratification of sexual wants.

No one wins in pornography.  This deceitful trade, a double-crosser, harms both vendor and buyer, exhibitionist and voyeur. It gives the vendor a distorted view of herself, and robs her of her self-esteem.  By taking in garbage, the voyeur, his mind polluted, becomes garbage himself.  We are what we eat, and our character results from what we feast on.

With porno’s lure of easy money and quick fame, many willful victims use poverty as an excuse, although nothing, nothing significantly change in these flesh peddlers’ conditions. Yet for others like Katrina Halili (who now projects herself as a victim of “pambababoy” although those who have seen the video swear that Halili showed nothing but climactic pleasure in her acrobatics with Hayden Kho), scandals are a regrettable by-product of the blindness that is love. That there are more to human beings than skin and flesh is forgotten.  That the most private of one’s human activity can be tomorrow’s fare in cyber-Gomorrah is discounted, and at great risk. “It happened to them, but not to me,” seems to be the persistent mentality. Kho’s simplistic mindset tells a lot. The hunk-of-a-doctor believed that his videos will not spread because Vicky Belo, his former lover, doesn’t know how to operate the computer where his sex scandals were stored.

And so many continue to fall into this trap, and what used to be an underground economy is now a monster gone mad.  Internet pornography alone is now a fifty-seven billion dollar industry.  That is equivalent to over three times our national budget.  With that amount, we can send sixty million students to college, build ten million houses, or feed a hundred and fifty million malnourished children for an entire year, but alas, fifty-seven billion dollars down the drain, and all for naught.

We are not even counting here the more sublime but equally damaging forms of pornography in sexually-charged advertisements under the guise of modern-day art.

We can complain ad infinitum that it’s all the media’s fault, but who buys magazines, rents videos, surfs websites, sends emails, and forwards MMS? If we quit watching, they will quit showing.

Young artists can stop pornography by bringing out friendly craftsmanship and mature artistry in them.  We can begin by taking small steps like avoiding obscene materials in our gadgets and computers.  Should the police arrest everyone who have porn in their cellphones, how many (or how few!) of us will remain free? This is on the assumption, of course, that police officers don’t go to jail first.

It is alarming that young people contribute heavily to the porn market. Research shows that Internet users in the 12 to 17 age group are the heaviest consumers of adult material in the world wide web.

Why is this happening? A culture of silence in our homes is the culprit. Remember that young people are in constant search of answers to the many questions they ask, including those of sexuality. Because this culture prohibits discussion of sexual issues within the family, young people are led to search for answers elsewhere. This taboo results not only in pornography and sex scandals, but even in prostitution, unwanted pregnancies, and sexually transmitted diseases.

It is therefore our moral obligation to quash this restrictive culture by inculcating in our children the values of openness, responsibility, and respect for our sacred sexuality.

We must urge politicians, them who love to kiss babies in public, to fortify our efforts by crafting and enforcing vital legislation, before our women and children are swallowed in full by the cruel quicksand of sexual exploitation.

The battle against pornography might be long and difficult, but it need not and cannot be lonely.  Profound social change is brought about not by individuals, but by movements.

All that is necessary for evil to triumph is that good men do nothing, said Edmund Burke.  Let me go further and say that silence means consent.

But why the silence, my dear friends?  Why the consent?

Let’s stop watching.  Together, let’s do something.

And may our noble fight continue until every Filipino and every human being can say tall and proud: I am a person of worth, my dignity is non-negotiable, and I have clothed the porn star in me.

Author: Herdy La. Yumul

A hesitant academic pimp, writer

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  1. Tita Lits, will post and reply your comments later. Will find time. Meanwhile, please take care. Thank you.

  2. well said sir herdy.i got nothing else more to took all the words from my mouth.filipinos are brought up not to talk sex in the homes or even in school.something has to change..parents should be open and sex educated so in turn the kids are not ashamed , afraid or uncomfortable to talk about it with them it sex education should not be a my house in batac we were brought up not being able to talk about sex.and no man can come even near our house that is how strict and conservative my dad i said in one of my post before i am glad that we turned out to be okay kids we did not have “culture shock” from province life to city son is brought up differently.they have sex education in school and he can come to me or his dad and talk about sex openly..

  3. i am reiterating what i posted awhile back i wish there are more people like you .again i admire your spunk and i* respect you more today than yesterday but not as much as tomorrow.(qouting the spiral starecase song… (*love ) what you said in the last part just so awesome it gives me goosebumps.job well done sir herdy!

  4. does your mom worry about your safety when you write all the scandalous articles? i always worry about my son even now that he is 36) as if he was still in his teens…my husband always say i am overbearing ,overprotective mom no matter how tough he is though he still comes to us and consult us and asks for our imput on things.he might not agree sometimes what we have to say but we know we still have an impact .his fiancee is the same way.they both respect our decisions….

    1. She has grown tired of worrying. She just wants me to tone down on the church. I like what you said, tita. You say what you have to say, and you may disagree, but the respect remains. And even if one’s decision turns out to be wrong, the family is still there to offer support. That’s the way it should be.

  5. yes it is the church and the culture and many do you think of elderlies will listen to younger ones and change for what they believe in? i for one is willing to change some of my beliefs but not all.”if you can’t beat them join them only applies to some aspect….i.e my sister called me yesterday and saying my dad was looking for important papers which i organized and put them away for him in a safe place and he agreed for me doing it but then he thought of it and wants them all in an envelope and put it where he can see them all the time. my husband told me “he wants it where he is accustomed and where he had always put eons back.”what else can i say..i cannot beat him so i will just join him and hopefully his papers will be safe…

    1. It is said to be a video of a sales lady from a department store. She videotaped her playing with herself with the intention of sending the clip to her husband overseas.

  6. in the filipino reporter i subscribe to (out of new york) alec baldwin apologized to filipinos and “he was sorry for joking about finding a filipina lover via the mail order bride business “to achieve the goal of having more children” he said it was a joke….joking or not joking that means that filipinas are targeted as a sex machine.the reputation is really bad. like afriend of ours he is 80 yearsold..granted he is in good physical shape (he is the founder of judo here in the states and the highest rank in blackbelt either {8th or 9th degree)married this girl 20 years old from the philippines..60 years you suppose there is love in this relationship?

  7. and why was it publicized anyways if it was meant for her husband? what they do in their own time should not be a concern of others as long as they are not bothering anyone.maybe her husband who is abroad will not go look for lust and cheat on her if he has the video?

    1. As with many sex scandals, this is what happened. Lady filmed herself through her cellphone… cellphone got destroyed (not because of the scandal) and goes to a technician… technician finds out about the video and copies it… and the video spreads….

      Often, the cellphone gets lost too and finder spreads the scandal… And you know how easy people do it in this age of technology.

  8. courage to accept the things i can and wisdom to know the difference..(to continue what you just said) just take one day at a time ,a moment at a time or even minute or second at a time..and enjoy what you have because there might not be another time for that opportunity.

    1. nlibed, Money and lust. Lust, inherent in human nature, is older than money. Left uncontrolled, it can lead man to perdition.

  9. pornography should be stopped, use step by step method to prevent watching videos and surfing the net about porn, or should i say, banned all the sites. and last one, it is “us” who can stop pornography..

  10. kaya maraming kumakalat na scandal ay dahil pinagkakakitaan nila ito……..maiiwasan sana ito kung walang bastos na nagkakalat ng video….di man lang nila inisip yung mga nabibiktima nila at dahil dun yung iba di nila matanggap at nagpapakamatay….

    Scandal??????????bakit nga ba kayraming scandal na kumakalat??? dahil ba ito sa pera o gusto lang nilang maging sikat???sana ay matigil na ang pagkalat ng mga scandal dahil napakababoy pero bakit kaya mabiling-mabili ang mga sex scandal na ito?sana ay itigil na natin ang panonood nito at pagbili ng mga sex scandal……THANK YOU.

  12. Scandal? It seems love is not blind ,everyone can view a wet love story (laugh out loud haha)…I think naging part na nang culture ng tao ang bagay na yan…desperado na masyado ang tao ngaun kasi maging mga bagay na dapat maging private ay nagiging public na.

    Everything exist for a reason…scandals exist for what? entertainment? past time? money? bussiness? its just KALOKOHAN! but then, this kalokohan is still happening.

    it MUST be STOP!


  13. talagang dumadami na po ang mga scandal ngayon…
    lalo na at mga studyante ang karaniwang nabibiktima..
    sa nabanggit nyo pong huhuliin ang mga taong may scandal sa cellphone…
    ang tranging hindi na makukulong ay yung mga taong walang cp..
    kung ang iwasan po ang tanging dahilan para maalis ang kalaswaan dito sa mundo ay makikiisa po ako sa pagiwas sa mga nabibili at naikakalat na mga scandal…

  14. The bishop ays that by teaching sex education in schools, young people are led to engage in pre-marital sex(slap the bishops). Well, it is not “new” for us to hear about sex but honestly speaking, kahit di na ituro sa mga paaralan, anjan naman yong mga nagkalat na sex scandals, porno pictures and a lot more. Kailangan pa nga eh mas advance na maituro sa mga kabataan for them to be not ignorant sa mga ganitong bagay at para din malaman nila ang dapat gawin unless kung magsisisi sila sa bandang huli , hehe!
    How does one solve a problem of pornography? i think nasa tao na ito kung kaya niyang i-control ang sarili. Para sa’ming kala2kihan kc, it is d way how to learn bwt dat, a pleasure to the d masturbation, hehee…

  15. sana naman ay gawin na lang ng mga nagtatalik ang kanilang ginagawa ng private dahil nakabababa ito ng pagkatao. ano ba kasi ang gusto ng mga gumagawa nito? gusto lang naman yata nilang pasikatin ang kanilang sarili. sana ay itigil na ang mga porno na skandalo dahil baka mapanood pa ng mga kabataan at gayahin nila. sa tingin ko na ang gumagawa lang ng mga ganitong eskandalo ay ang mga wala ng kuwenta sa buhay

  16. hai!!!pilipino talaga,nakakatulong ba ang sex scandal sa ating kinabukasan???pano kaya matitigil ang lahat ng kababuyang ito…?para sa akin sex scandal ay hindi nakakatulong sa ating kinabukasan,kundi ito ay nagbibigay ng problema sa atin,mahirap na nga ang buhay madami paring gumagawa ng kababalaghan.matitigil lang ang mga kababuyang ito kung walang nanggugusto at walang gumagawa.

  17. sex scandal is a great disdain not only the people involved but to the community where they belong. i wonder if these people involved were brought up the right way or was it just the influence of their environment.
    i must say that we cannot put all the blame to the internet and entertainment market, because for me, the decision and opinion that goes with the tolerance and acceptance of pornography lies from the person. we cannot justify ourselves by putting the blame to someone or something when we get caught like a trembling rat.

  18. hindi naman masama ang pag sesex kung gagawin nila pag kasal na sila…sa nangyari na sex scandal sa pangil ay nakaka awa ang babae,dahil di niya tanggap ang sinapit nila sa pag-sesex at inisip niya na magpakamatay dahil sa kahihiyan…kaya kung gusto mong makipagsex ay gawin niyo ito sa private place..

  19. SCANDAL? anu b ang unang naiisip natin pag narinig natin ang salitang ito? alam ko at alam nyo ang ibig sabihin nito. bakit nga ba may tinatawag na scandal? anu b ang ibig sabihin nito? ito ba ay nakatutulong sa ating bansa? o nakakadagdag problema lamang ito?

    marahil sa iba pag narinig nila ang salita o pinapanood nila ang scandal natutuwahan pa sila.dba nila naasip na ito ay mali?pero sabagay hindi naman nating masisisi ang isat-isa. bakit kaya ang daming tao ang gumagawa nito? marahil itinuturing na nila itong hanap buhay dahil sa kahirapan,marahil kulang sa gabay ng mga magulang, marahil sa impluwensiya nga barkada, marahil sa impluwensiya ng makabagong teklonohiya,pero anu p man “MALI” parin to sa mata nang maraming tao at lalo n sa poong may kapal.

    laganap na nga ang pornograhia sa ating bansa. anu ba ang dapat gawin ng gobyerno?(may magagawa kaya cla) anu ba ang dapat gawin ng isat-isa sa ating para masugpo ito? ito ang mga katanungan na bumubulabog sa aking isipan. para sa akin lahat tayo ay may magagawa para ito ay masugpo. kung SANA lahat lang ng tao ay magkaisa at magtulungan. kaya sana habang maaga pa kumilos na tayo,huwag na nating hintayin lumala pa ng lalo,huwag na nating hintayin maranasan pa ng mga susunod na henerasyon ang mga ito.

  20. …This article is a way of blocking the young people against pornography. its really imporntant to know the bad effects of sex scandal, in fact, it can destroy the llife of a person involve.
    ……Hopefully, this article help to secure the llife of the young people and protect them by knowing the effects of pornography.

  21. ,,,,marahil malabong mangyaring matanggal ang ponography dahil kinaaaliwan din natin ito. Pero may maidudulot na aral ang artikulong ito sa dami ng scandal ngayon, ang tao ang magpapasya sa kanyang sarili kung papaano niya ito iovercome……

  22. For me, pornography cannot stop until there are wbsite relising porn videos and there are vendors sailing porn dvd’s and cd’s. Pornography is continous because, famous artists are role model of scandal and also in other countries.

  23. here enters the goverment, they must do something to turn the youth to good doings. And because most of the youth knows more about that gadgets they are the most involve about this SCANDALS and SEX, so goverment must give them some source of business so that they will fogot about it. GOVERMENT must create more basketball courts and other past times places for the youth or sponsor bands(i would like that)….:-)

  24. Walang dapat sisihin kundi ang mga taong nasasangkot sa mga sex scandal,,dapat ay ilagay nila sa tamang lugar ang sex,at dapat magkaroon sila ng disiplina sa sarili.

  25. Scandal… isang bagay na dapat nating iwasan o tigilan dahil walang mabuting naidudulot ito sa tao maybe sa mga iba meron dahil nasupsuplayan ang kanilang pangangailangan gaya ng mga lalake..Isa rin itong kababuyan sa kapwa tao at kawalan ng respeto..

  26. I have watched a lot of pornos, n who does not nman, ubraen tay met amin t sex ket coz. it fils good.
    “BUT SIR”
    SIR nbuyam tay news dkwa nga agi adadvertize dat kayat da nga ihayag or jay kasla shout out da by using their body as a material. like they walk on the street having their body painted in green wid a poster sayng a chuvaekek lyk dat, and for d male naman they go through a pornographic image’s n d 1 whos taking a shoot is his mentor. now, is this legal sir? i hope ul respond for this sir.. tnx

    1. redmonkey, have not seen the video you are referring to. I have been to oblation runs at UP, and I don’t find it pornographic nor expensive.

  27. sana matigil na itong kagagawan ng mga tao na gumagawa ng kababuyan na ito dahil pinapahiya nila ang kanilang bayan at ang ating bansa. at dapat sa kanila ay maikulong at maparusahan.

  28. Scandal????,, pansin ko nga ang daming kumakalat na scandal ngayon,,,hay bat ganun??
    ito ba aNg soLusyon sa mga pRoblema natin nGayon????

    hMmm siguro ginagawa nila ito para maging sikat sila at siyempre pinag kakakitaan pa nila ito,,

    Hay,,,saNa itigil na nila ito,,di na sila nahiYa!!!

  29. “go and multiply” yan ang utos ng Diyos ayon sa mga pangaral ng mga pari…pero not in a way na malalaman naman ng buong bayan..Scandal dito scandal bago????aun pinagkakaguluhan sa sulok ng mga colleges…wala ba tayong magagawa dito???daming mga katanungan sa isip ko..bakit nga ba me mga ganito, anu kaya kung walang mga gadget na makabagoi di sana private na lang lahat..nasa tao lang yan..
    STOP IT NOW!!!!

  30. Scandals!! They insist scandals as a part of our culture???
    Now a day’s scandals are not so much different to the people because it is normal to them because it is normal to them scandals. Some people make pornography as their hobbies or they waiting for it. For some people who has a sex scandals they are proud to have it because for popularity purpose so that they became a “Sikat” like hayden Kho and Katrina Halili but there are so many victims of sex scandals teenagers are the no. 1 victims of scandals they tried to have premarital sex they make a experiment of it. And this days I observed pornography is like normal to the people they make it as a part of there life even people see it they threat it a normal part of life. they insist scandals as a part of our culture now a days.

  31. Many scandals have been passed down from one cellphone to another. And I really hate those people who records their sexual intercourse then later on spread it throughout the area. It makes me sick when I see teenagers watching it on their cellphones. What would they get by showing the world their sex videos? Popularity maybe. Woooh!! I’d rather do the “moymoy palaboy” thing to enthrall the Filipinos and be popular than to make my own sex video then be popular.

    But where do teenagers learn about sex? Pornography. The more teenagers watch pornography, the more they become curios about sex, how pleasureable sex is. And the more curios they become, the more eager they want to try it on their own, the more eager they want to experience sex. The solution fot this is we should quit or if not, avoid watching pornography. We should ignore or annihilate the temptations that is invading our minds and thoughts. In order to do that, we should expose ourselves in other activities like recreational activities or any activities that contribute to the leveling-up of your mind and body. We should make ourselves busy. Busy in a way that we enjoy ourselves, that we enjoy what we are doing.

    But if being horny is already in your blood or something and you cannot avoid watching pornographic materials or you cannot avoid having sex, just make sure that you are ready to face the consequences if ever you and your partner made a wrong decisive move.

  32. Kalian man ay hindi matitigil ang mga nangyayaring eskandalo hanggat hindi gawin ng bawat isa ang kanilang parte sa buhay. Tulad ng mga magulang, kailangan ang patnubay sa mga anak. Ang ating mga opisyal ng pamahalaan ay may mahalagang parte para mapuksa ang mga ganitong kaguluhan dahil sila ang may hawak sa ngipin ng batas na dapat ipatupad. Malaki rin ang papel ng mga may hawak sa moralidad. Sa pamamagitan ng mga pagpapayo ay malaman at maisip ng mga tao kung bakit kailangang pangalagahan ang mga pinakaiingatang dignidad. Tama ang sabi ng ilan na matitigil ang mga ganitong eskandalo sa sex at sa pornograpiya kapag wala nang tatangkilik pa ditto.

  33. Pornography as of the moment is deemed impossible to be stopped. This is due to the fact that children who gets interested to this thing is getting younger and younger. Another reason is technological advances that even a 5yr old kid can have a camera phone. Hentai (animated porno) are readily available and accessible in the internet. ت

  34. Nowadays scandals are everywhere and we can’t even avoid to watch it. It’s just like they are already part of our culture?! (I dont think so) Watching pornographies is now a hobby of many people. Even if government will publish a law against it, I think it will never work. Hindi nga nanalo si Katrina sa kaso nila ni Hayden. It simply because ginusto niya un, ang makipag-acrobat kay Hayden. Kung sana lang marerealized ng mga taong gumagawa ng mga scandals na talagang mali ang ginagawa nila, wala sanang mga subscribers nito.

  35. it is rili alarming that many are involve in this kind of act..we cannot deny the fact that minors are one of those who are involved in scandals..for the parents,i think in this issue, they should start in their homes talking about sex because i know for sure people now love discovery and by having sex and now,by making scandals, they are even get pleasure..And i think family or the homes can do a move to prevent this…

  36. Scandal?
    pag narinig natin ang salitang scandal, ang unang naiisip ng mga tao ay sex scandal….pero bakit nga ba ang dami ng kumakalat na sex scandal???
    karaming pa ay mga menor di edad…iba na talaga ang kabataan ngayon…….

  37. but is it legal djai nga ububra da sir? n t reason da ket they choose pornographic coz detoy kano ti kaadwn nga i visvisit da iti net., e how about d minor age’s syempre sabali met t mindset da no makakita dat ksjai,(some of youth ket ksjai)
    btw enjoi met idi a sir?
    nag oblation run kam met jai villa del mar d 16th birthday ko,running naked at d sea shore… kso lang barkada trip lang haha… jackass type.^_^

    1. Ay, parang alam ko na yung sinasabi mong video, redmonkey, gumawa ng textual analysis ang klase na yun on porn movies, hindi naman required lahat manood at nasa legal age naman lahat ng participants. That can be done for the sake of academic learning.

      About the oblation run, masaya din. On my first year e nasa malayo ako, pero nung sumunod e alam ko na yung mga dadaanan nila kaya four times silang dumaan sa harap ko mismo… Tilian nang tilian ang karamihan sa mga babae.

  38. scandal?agwaras t porn 2y lugar taun pti internet su awn mababalaw kundi tau rin, kc dtay t agar-aramid ken amngayat kadgi2i…….su dapat adda kuna batas 2 prevent dis issue……

  39. SCANDALS? dami nito sa lansangan, it is all about sex, lhat ng tao nanonood , makasalanan ang magsabing hindi siya nanonood.

    Pati nga ako nanonood nito, ang gandang panoorin ng mga ito ,nakakabuhay ng dugo.

    may maganda at masamang dulot nito.
    maganda dahil nabibigyan ng kasiyahan ang mga tga panood.
    masama dahil kawawa naman ang mga pinapanood na nasa scandal, kahit gnusto nila sana wag na lng babuyin.

  40. Hmm.. ako, napanuod ko na tong lahat.. I’m just being honest to you, kesa naman sa ideny ko. Haha! :] and halos lahat na yata ng mga estudyante, lalong lalo na sa mga may video player ang mga cp nila, lahat may copy ng scandal. Kasi naman, Bluetooth dito, Bluetooth doon! Minsan na nga dinidelete na nila yung mga fave song nila just to have enough memory to receive that scandal na ipapasa. Ang scandal kasi, nakakapag bigay saya at kung anu-ano paman sa manonood nito, at syempre sa mga involve dito, the negative side. Alangan naman na matawa pa sila o maging proud sa sarili at yung parents nila na makakapanuod, maging proud pa. yang scandal kasi na yan, nakakasira talaga.. hindi lang sa mga involve dito kundi pati na rin sa mga viewers. :] kasi malay mo, mainggit yung viewer tas gagayahin din, o kaya naman everyday na pinapanuod kaya hindi na nakakapagconcentrate o kaya naman pasahan dito pasahan doon ng sex scandal, yun pala may napasa na din na virus na ikinasanhi ng pagkasira ng cellphone.. dagdag gastos na naman! :] nagagawa nila ito dahil yun nga, tama yung sinabi mo sir herdz na they’re doing that just for love. Meron din kasing tinatawag na “trust” diba, sir? (not the condom huh!) yung mga lovers out there kasi na ganito yung dahilan, sinasabi nila sa partner nila na “I love you and I trust you”, tas gagawin na nila ito.. then pagnagka’conflict na yung relationship nila at halos mauwi na sa break up, dito na nag uumpisa..ginagamit na yung video na pamb’blackmail sa babae just to stay and continue their relationship na halos hindi na nagwowork. O kaya naman, nang dahil sag galit, ginawan ka na nya ng paraan para siraan at iyon ay ang pamamagitan ng pagkakalat ng sex scandal mo/ nyo. :] and eto pa pala, I am a regular buyer of fhm mag, and may nabasa ako dun sa ladies confessions. Tunkol to sa dalawang doctor (they were lovers huh). They’re in a parking lot and they make out inside the car, yun pala may kumukuha na sakanila ng video and it was the guard who took a video of them! Pero napakiusapan din naman nila yung guard na idelete na lang yung video at wag ipapasa sa iba, and napakiusapan naman nila pero sbi ng guard na wag na nilang uulitin and isa pa they were professionals! :] hmm..i’m telling this kasi ito din minsan yung sanhi ng mga scandal eh. It was taken by someone else not the doers. Yung mga involve naman kasi dito, hindi na nila pinipili yung lugar. It’s their fault naman kasi. Well hindi ipinagbabawal ang sex sa mga lovers as long as they’re not doing this in public but in private place. You need to have your privacy, right? Respetuhan din dapat. May limitation din ang pagtitiwala. Dapat pinag iisipan, hindi porket you trusted your man already, kailangan nang sundin mo yung gusto nya na gawin nyo yun. Kapag naman ginawa nyo yun at may hidden camera pala, naku! Patay tayo jan! ;] yung mga iba naman kasi gahaman sa pera na pati sex scandal pingkakakitaan na. I think 5 pesos ang isang scandal sa quiapo (napanuod ko sa xxx). Haay! Kailangan talaga natin ng disiplina sa sarili para makaiwas sa mga ganito. :]

  41. sex scandals! marami na akung napanood na ganyan, university,colleges,foreign scandals.pero hindi ko lubos maisip kung bakit nila ito ginagawa. siguro masarap pero di ba nila naiisip na sarili din nila ang ipinapahiya nila.gawain ba ito ng mga matitinong tao. kaya masasabi ko lang sa mga addict na nanonood ng scandals wag ninyong tutularan ang mga napapanood nyo.

  42. Men like me can’t deny that we’re porn /sex scandals watchers. In fact, most of the male’s total population had already watched pornographic videos. But we can’t hide the sad truth that behind these videos, women are the most common victims.

    “We men must be the one who protect them, because we’re the one who needs them most”

  43. ngayon hindi natin maikakaila na marami ang mga scandal na nakapost sa internet hindi na natin kasalanan kung tayo ay nanonood ng mga ganitong maseselang video. Nasa tao na kung anu ang magiging reaksyon o magiging aksyon ng mga taong nanonood ng mga sex scandal.kung gusto nating mawala ang mga ganitong kagamitan ng pagpapakalat ng video dapat ipagbawal ang paggamit ng internet. pero sa tingin ko hindi natin kayang mawala ang internet,

  44. scandals sometimes cause the people involve to be crazy and sometimes they think they’ve got nothing else. People uploading scandals should be punished. Just beware of hidden cameras when having a contact. It is also immortal on the part of the guy it sometimes called extra ego. But the mere part of this is at the part of the girl they are being degraded by the other people. Sex has to be sacred. There’s no reason for someone to record every single bit of the event…………
    I salute you sir for having this blog. you’ve inspired not only the youth but all kinds of personalities…

  45. Pornography is an offshoot of protitution, the lust for sex. Prostitution has been with mortals since the beginning. Lust for sex has been a bane (or boon, for the gigolos!) of men since the early days. Macho men have always obsessed for sexual delights, as such pornography in print and other media has become a big business. Those who cannot afford for actual pleasures would settle for ogling pictures at porn mags or videos over the ‘net. No government has been able to stop prostitution.Even in Rome, prostitutes are lurking at Vatican City grounds! So pornography cannot also be stopped, sadly…

    1. @Asiong If we concede that prostitution cannot be stopped, should we just legalize and regulate it then, just like in some countries in Europe?

  46. ang sex ay naka disenyo na sa utak ng mga lalaki.
    hindi maiwasan ang temptasion nito.\
    ang mga scandal ay pang aliw sa mga naeenganyno nito. para sakin hindi ito parang sa mga porn sites na scripted.
    immoral ang pagpopost ng mga local scandals dito sa norte..
    kaya tigilan nato

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