(un)Quotable quote


“Now, whatever they [critics] say, let it be. I hear it on my left ear and I let it go out on my other ear.”

-Laoag City Mayor Michael V. Fariñas, referring to the critics of his Rang-ay ti Barangay program, wherein city officials go to every barangay to conduct consultation and socialization with the folks.

I personally believe that the Rang-ay program is well-intentioned, but something is ironic with the statement coming from a person who projects himself as a believer in dialogue. While feedback is an important element in a democracy, a man who hears unfavorable comments on one ear and lets them go out through the other (without mention of any processing that goes in the gray matter in between), only fuels more speculations on the sincerity of his acts.

The mayor could have said it this way, “I respect my critics’ opinions, which I have given enough thought and consideration. But after carefully weighing the issues, I remain deeply convinced of the importance of the program, and in the interest of service I decide to carry on.”

But this is so ideal. I concede that when the pidit-pidit (earlobe) gets oh-so-hot, we say things we don’t really mean… or mean things we don’t actually say.

Author: Herdy La. Yumul

A hesitant academic pimp, writer

38 thoughts on “(un)Quotable quote”

  1. sir herdy…all i can say is you have the most visited blog.people all over the world are waiting to see what next are you gonna write. ilocos times is lucky to have you…you are an asset,mean and bold but…i am so glad i stumbled into it..

    1. I am lucky to have you, tita. You sound so energized and refreshed… vacation did you so much good, eh…

  2. i bet you it is not only the ilocanos that peruse your blogs because it is not all about ilocos …it is multi faceted but (do not let it go to your head now) mr mean and bold… i am baack… to give you wrinkles…he he

    1. A good number visit my blog but only a few care to write comments… like tita lita and donna… others just come by, unfelt

  3. i am sitting in front of my computer when my husband called me to where my roller hand carry is..”hon look at these i was just standing here and your bag just started rolling and i said “they are telling me to go some where again..hehe “we thought it was funny…

  4. speaking of travel and mileage..my husband says”our mechanic told me when i had you jeep inspected that you put a lot of mileage last year.joke joke because i only put 1000 miles.”well she was not here that much of last year.. and then he was telling me about a nice humvee he saw “i think my jeep liberty is getting old.i need a new one”my jeep is 2005 and it has only i think 14000 miles on it . my next vehicle will be a purple humvee i told him.”purple no less?” i just love purple.i had the building in the cemetary painted black and purple. it stands out .it is the only one of that color on top of the hill in catholic cemetary.

    1. purple. It is very passionate and regal. That’s what’s good about you, tita… you express yourself well, in words and in fashion.

  5. i was talking with cholo and he was telling me about his cooking bicol express and he told me howhe cooks it.i told him i do not like hot and spicy foods.

  6. i saw the slumdog millionare .i did not like it.i really like walt disney movies and romantic movies without explicit sex .i just like old movies like” breakfast in tiffany” dr zhivago,love in the afternoon” some martial arts comedy movie no violence..am i showing my age?

    1. Never seen any of the three movies you mentioned. Thanks for giving me an idea for my next movie marathon… am not sure when. 🙂

  7. OMG tita lita, 12 hours of sleep!!!! I am jealous. I can’t have the liberty of doing that anymore. Can’t afford it. 7 hours is enough for me now..with the children waking me up so early..

  8. these movies are “oldies but goodies.”you were not even born then. another one is “to sir with love “sidney portier.he is a very good actor.

  9. my sisters visitors who were there for dinner asks if this is a new hampshire thing and my sister said no just her she is different.even when she was younger she was different but in a good way”but we love her.she is a spoiled brat.her husband is to blame sometimes !!

  10. Thanks for nourishing my thirsty mind. Your articles would always allow me to realize a lot of things. They are all cleverly done.

  11. does your pidit pidit get oh so hot or even itchy when there are many comments waiting to be answered? he he he ,,i got you again huh..

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