19 thoughts on “A religious interpretation of an Air Supply song”

  1. i played it over and over and i know i need it to reflect specially this lenten season. for HE GAVE HIS LIFE FOR US..have a happy easter .

  2. “when the tough gets going the going gets tough” or ” mountain out of my way” remember? what’s up?..

  3. I watched this movie first during the Lenten season.That time, we had deeply felt how JESUS CHRIST suffered for our salvation. I’d realized that for every pain that we had, we feel like we’re dying but for JESUS CHRIST He gave HIMSELF for us His children. As a contribute to CHRIST passion I regularly attend church activities during Lenten season start from the first day of Jesus passion until the day that He resurrected and came back here in our land. Thanks for those students who contributed this article for it touches those people who ignored the importance of Lent season…God Bless You All………

  4. I’m so touch we the song!I really really like it!
    It only remind us of all Jesus Christ sacrifices. We must not forget that Jesus Christ is our Savior that He gave his own life just for Us. Like what the lyrics “everything i do i do it for you”, of course if you really love somebody/person you will do the same!But i think only Jesus Christ can do that, no one but only Him..So we not must forget Him.Let’s be all thankful to that..

  5. i play it every now and then but then again my gooseflesh always visible that time i watch and hear the song i don’t know why but i felt so bad every time i see him sacrificing his life because of our mistake..thanks for sharing this video…very appreciative i hope you enjoy this video as i enjoy it….

  6. i play it every now and then but the feeling a have when i first watch and hear the song is the feeling i felt every now and then my gooseflesh always visible that time and i think i felt that because i’m totally guilt to the sacrifice he made because of the mistake that we have done….so all we can do is that always faith in god that is the only thing that we do to all the sacrifices that he done to us….

  7. Very amazing! It never entered in my mind that a love song usually dedicated to someone is a perfect song for GOD?! I’m so touched. We must give praise always and thank god for everything that he have done for us. Continue believing, never lose faith despite the trials we are facing into our lives. God Bless Us All

  8. Sarap pakinggan..
    Pero higit sa lahat mas masarap sa pakiramdam ang mensaheng nais ipahatid ng video,,.
    Napa isip pa ako, ang dami ko ng nagawang kasalanan sa kanya..
    Dapat suklian natin ang ginawa nyang sakripisyo para satin..(sisimulan ko na ding magbago:-))
    MAs magiging magaan ang buhay kung alam nating lagi lang syang nasa tabi..:-)

  9. As I watch the movie, I’m thinking of HOW a love, (like the love of JESUS CHRIST for us )do want to exist. He has the power to save HIMSELF but he chose not to because he wants the people to be saved. He sacrifices his life to pay for our sins. What a great love.. i’m so blessed with this video..

  10. pinakinggan kong mabuti ang kanta ay minanmanan ng mabuti ang palabas, nakalulungkot isipin na tayo pa ang nagpapako sa krus kay hesus, isinakripisiyo niya ang kangyang sarili para maligtas tayo sa mga ating mga kasalanang nagawa.. ang dapat lang nating
    gawin ay pagsilbihan siya ay gawin ang mga kagustuhan niya,, pero minsan kasi hindi nating maiwasang gumawa ng mga hindi dapat gawin. pero sabi nga sa aklat ng buhay ay anu man ang gawin natin ay napapatawad at napapatawad pa rin nya tayo,

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