Top town dad earns Socio degree

AS A POLITICIAN, Rommel T. Labasan is currently busy attending commencement ceremonies in a number of schools. He is usually a guest of honor and speaker. On April 3, however, it will be his turn to wear a toga and march, this time as a graduate.

Labasan, the number one Sangguniang Bayan member of Pinili town, is one of nine candidates for graduation for the degree Bachelor of Arts in Sociology.

On March 13, the three-term councilor successfully defended his thesis entitled, Perceived Effectiveness of Gender and Development (GAD) programs in Pinili, Ilocos Norte. He was under the advisorship of Herdy Yumul who describes Labasan as “very humble and receptive”.

In his thesis’ acknowledgment page, an emotional Labasan wrote, “The author’s journey through college had been epically long and uphill, but dedicated mentors were always on his side, and to them he expresses appreciation, to whatever extent words can embody how grateful he feels”.

The 42-year-old student entered the university in 2004 as a college freshman. Believing in the value of education, he juggled time between his studies and his job as a legislator. Asked why he chose the BA Sociology program, he said, “It is the course that could best equip me with knowledge and skills to understand the plight of my constituency, and to work on programs that will serve their best interests.”

He is the son of Engr. Avelino C. Labasan and the late Dr. Cleofe P. Tamayo. Married to the former Janette Tabunda, he is father to Jerome, Crystal, Stephanie, Joshua, Angel, and Zuanna. Jerome, his eldest, is also graduating with a nursing degree from a Laoag college.

The other candidates for graduation for the BA Sociology program are Ma. Kathleen P. Agbunag, Hazel B. Belandres, Rosechelle Q. Dela Cruz, Jo Anne B. Gantala, Bernadette C. Magcaleng, Kristal C. Mendoza, Rowena M. Oamerga, and Maybel N. Vicente.

Author: Herdy La. Yumul

A hesitant academic pimp, writer

23 thoughts on “Top town dad earns Socio degree”

  1. way to go mr. labasan..he has to juggle family life ,politics and education. he must know my uncle irineo rubio who had been the mayor of pinili who passed away 2 or 3 years ago he had been in politics as long as apo (ferdinand e .marcos)

  2. now need i say more about apo marcos?i am proud of this man.if you look in the family tree you can see rubio.

  3. by the way how is your 1/2 of the weekend so far?mine did not go well as planned with the yard work. it rained. in church i already saw crocus blooming..the sign of spring.they are nice perennials .they come out as soon as there is no more snow on the ground.they come in different colors,they are tiny plants with tiny blossoms.

    1. It was a lazy weekend, I got to sleep a lot and play with my grandniece ananda who stayed with us this weekend…. Now, I am back with the reality of my hectic world. pressure… pressure… pressure

      You can send me pics of the crocus if you have them,,, 🙂

  4. ananda.the name is different..speaking of names here are names of my siblings..1. roselily 2 .ophelia ( from romeo and juliet) 3 telesforo (deceased) 4. lolita( from the naughty novel) 5 lorenza my maternal grandmothers 6.agustin jr. 7 paternal grandmothers…where did your name came from?..i would like to change sounds strong and rebellious and yet soft and innocent and mysterious isn’t it? what was nabokov thinking when he wrote the book?

    1. Lolita is fine. Sounds like a villlain’s name from a mexican soap opera, hehe.

      Ananda means “supreme happiness” in Hindu. My siblings are named Henry, Herry, Helen, and Hedy.

      I am the youngest in the family, and my father had to conducted a mock survey to choose between the two options my siblings floated: herdy and herby.

      Herdy got more votes from our neighbors and friends. I am happy with herdy by the way, parang damo kasi yung herby. Herdy is rooted in the word “herd”. Now, you are free to make associations.

  5. hectic but time flies when you are having not forget to take time and smell the roses though!!!

  6. it has been raining for 2 days least it is not snow.yesterday in chicago was blizzardy.hopefully we will not get it here but as the say about spring.”.in like a lamb out like a lion.”

  7. being tuesday morning here and i go for the st.anthony novena (my moms patron st and also mine ) the priest told us about being in haiti on one of his missions. day in and day out he was so exhausted helping out in a free clinic. I was getting tired,overwhelmed with the” journey”and then this haitian toddler was just waiting to be picked up and i did and from that time my exhaustion, etc was turned into a blessing.

  8. if it was herby you could be the love bug,,in chitty chitty bang bang movie about a VW he i am really showing my age..

    1. If you’d search from Google, you’d see a playstation game popular in Europe— Herdy Gerdy. There are Herdys in Malaysia as well…. chitty chitty bang bang! hahaha…

  9. now that i got the go is one ..are you a herder of women too like you are of your students? he he

  10. yes but this villain is a good one.she helped the poor ,cared for the sick and so prince charming had a change of heart because the vida turned out to be a bad person and he later married her and they lived happily ever after…the end

  11. “Success is not just good luck. It is a combination of hard work, good credit standing, opportunity, readiness, and timing. When the opportunity comes you have to be ready to embrace it. Otherwise, it goes to somebody else. Also success will not last if you do not take care of it”. By Henry Sy.
    Mr. Rommel T. Labasan was so lucky to his life dapat siyang tularan ang gaya ni mr. LAbasan sa kanyang kasipagan sa pag-aaral. Evan he was a 42 years old when he entered the university as a college freshman. Hindi siya nahiya na mag-aaral siya sag anon taon. Because of believing of Mr. Labasan in the value of education even he was working as a legislator. Mr. Labasan deserved his life now. He was a good husband, father of his six children, student, and government employee…

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