Romantic first pot

Reacting to the article ‘Legalize Marijuana’, my friend Mars of Kalinga Province, sent me this piece detailing about his first encounter with marijuana. ***kilig mode***

The summer vacation before school began for our fourth year in high school… Hector (a childhood friend) and I spent a lazy afternoon by the river. He was talking about the future – his future – and how impatient he was to get there.

I listened, like I always did. We were sitting on a rock, and our eyes were fixed on the rushing water below us, but I simply drowned out the sound of the shallow water as I concentrated on what Hector was saying.

I noticed that he was rather more focused that afternoon. Calm.

Then he reached into his pocket and brought out what then looked, for me, to be a crudely rolled cigarette. I asked what it was and he said “I smoked MJ for the first time this morning, and I thought I might share it with you… it felt good, and you might want to try it.”

I simply stared at the joint he was beginning to light with a match. Then, he brought the other end to his lips, palms forming an enclave around the stick. He inhaled. Deep. Eyes closed. Moments passed before he exhaled, and out went some smoke.

“That is, if you want to…” he said, as he opened his eyes and saw me watching intently.

Hector and I grew up together. We shared a lot of things, and he never even gave a damn that I was, well, “different.” Not wanting things to change (knowing that upon graduating from high school, we would grow apart as he would pursue a totally different field), I smiled at him, placed my hands over his, gently took the red-tipped joint from him, and recorded that day as the first time I smoked pot.

An hour later, we were still talking… with him gazing at the horizon… and me, studying the movements of the clouds above as I had my head resting on his lap.

Every time I transport myself back to that day and again feel what I felt then – river, rocks, clouds, future, Hector – I feel like I could write a book about just that episode.

Author: Herdy La. Yumul

A hesitant academic pimp, writer

32 thoughts on “Romantic first pot”

  1. this wednesday they will be presenting a bill so that cannibus will be legalize as a medicinal measure.people who have serious conditions such as cancer will be able to plant 2 marijuana plants and be suprvised to use them but i bet you people who are abusers will be getting involve and it will be rampant and they will have more problems if this law hampshire is not what is used to be.The state motto of new hampshire is “LIVE FREE OR DIE”..

    1. Tita, states where MJ is legal are generally more peaceful and orderly than states where it is banned.

  2. it maybe truly so,but i have seen all the changes in our neighborhood.when we bought our house 30 years ago the neighborhood is so quiet.we never ever locked our doors and now down the road from us there is a club where all the bikers and drinkers and dopers go. lucky we have a big dog that bill ]my husband trains[ he works for security for a friend of his since he retired as a lieutenant correctional officer for the state 8 years ago.he was 49 very young to retire.he is 10 years younger than iam .he brings the dog with him to work.

  3. just the other daywhile i was in church doing the stations of the cross bill told me duke was barking and so he looked out the window and saw something unusual going on the third house from our right.and he and duke went to check it out and sure enough 2 hispanic guys were in the process of taking things out of the house.was scared of duke ran so fast to their car almost ran my husband and duke over.cops came.the people that lives there was at work came over thank duke and my husband ..did not get away with anything..

    1. That’s why German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche posits that love is a virtue of the weak. When one is in love, illusion is at its peak.

  4. yes .dogs are men’s best friends..specially diabetics…did you know that dogs are guinea pigs for most of medical, diabetics medications test etc?

    1. The scripture tells that no love could be greater shown than by dying for a friend. Good dogs.

  5. hehe..i misspelled psychosis…it was the end of my day when i write stuff and then i do it as soon as i get up. we live in two different worlds..i am getting up when you go to bed and vice versa..anyway..have a nice weekend do something fun with your friends and family and your girl friend ?

    1. To do this weekend:

      1. Compute grades. Deadline for submission on Tuesday, and I have not started.
      2. Help my advisee practice for the Best in Thesis competition.
      3. Critique three papers written by graduating nursing students.
      4. Help a friend write her research work.
      5. Write a graduation speech for somebody.

      I hope all these are “fun”. hehe.

      Hope your weekend is better. 🙂

  6. so you have a friend.”just a friend”yet? he he. very busy weekend for me too..we have to do yard work and do spring cleaning…fun fun fun

    1. Not sure about that… but am certain that the writer grew up to be a responsible citizen of our country…

  7. I think naulit pa din…that’s the romantic side of me..thinking.

    Wow, herdy, even on a weekend, you do mind-boggling work. I’ll bet that when you take the “brain-training” game in Nintendo DS, your age will be 20 (youngest score).

    Tita lita, us too, my son has a children’s party at a friends, so my husband will do the garden and I will do the household chores. Hoping that my youngest will cooperate and play alone.

    1. Wow, have never tried Nintendo DS. Hanggang Nintendo family computer lang ako nung bata ako, hehe.

  8. anyway speaking of responsible and being one of the pictures i sent you, you will notice that i have a big mole under my one of our many conversations with my mom she always stare at this mole and says” dayta siding mo kuna da nasuerte ta maang angsam. and then i say jokingly..mama ingga na ita ur urayek pay ti suertek and she immediately says..suerte is not measured of how much money you have or how many cars you have is measured by happiness and how your outlook in life is and just by looking at you, you are successful and happy because you love life and have a good disposition. and so i hug her and thank her..and on her funeral the words i was able to say were.”.mama i love you and thank you for everything “

    1. Wow, the marshmallow in you. Your siding is well-positioned, masuwerte nga. ‘Better than Gloria’s oh-so-famous facial mole.

  9. i don’t know i am still hoping and awaiting for my suwerte. i told you there is a marshmallow in me.

  10. donna..we cannot plant yet until after memorial day which is last monday of husband rototill the soil and from that point on it is mine..i plant tomatoes green and red bell peppers,cucumber,eggplants and green beans..and outside i had him made me a “sapaw for my sitaw and ampalaya. in 3-4 month i harvest too many and i cannot eat them all so i give away my produce. there are many filipinos here that do not want to get their hands dirty..but me i love doing it.i also have filipino karabasa..

  11. speaking of yard work..i just told my husband i want to have a better garden this year..and he said”stay home” we both laughed and then i said it’s not funny william…

  12. para sa akin mas masarap sa mata pag amg paligid ay kulay berde para kahit masakit ang ulo mo ay pag nakikita mo na ang paligid mo ay pansamantalang nawawala ito,, saka mas maganda siguro kong meron falls at maraming puno para mas masarap ang simoy na hangin. ang maganda pa pag maraming puno ay malamig at nakawala ng pagod….

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