by RMDascil

Is it a door that closes yet remains unlocked,

or a door we leave behind – a quiet sending off?

Is it a door that closes to hide the unknown,

or a door we close that the unknown is won?

Is it a window that closes against the darkness,

or a window we close that we may own the light?

Is it a window that closes and darkens the rest,

or a window we close that darkness may rest?

Is it closed by hands – one timid, the other obstinate,

against the past’s strength that has since failed?

Is it closed by the hand whose future has come,

against the other’s present, without end?

Is it the dead-end of a road – then, nothingness,

or the emptiness lurking at the next bend?

Is it about a bridge burned after a brief passage,

or the end of a passage over an unseen bridge?

Is it a silent denial of the peaceful depth of night,

or a doorway into dawn drowning its own peace?

Is it a choice over a dream after a sudden awakening,

or an awakening of the will – of being-unto-death?

Is it the soul’s solemn attempt on the level of pure thoughts,

or of pure thought’s attempt to understand the soul?

Is it the coming of inspiration when it is no longer sought,

or the seeking of inspiration for which one has fought?

Author: Herdy La. Yumul

A hesitant academic pimp, writer

33 thoughts on “CLOSURE: A PARADOX?”

  1. herdy…thank you so much.this i will not file it under uncategorized..i will file it under inspirational and treasure .

  2. i attribute it to my zodiac sign..i am a 1/2 libra and 1/2 scorpio..i am right on the cusp october 23 …plus one of my principles in life is ..” do it right or do not do it at all” and ” mountain get out of my way”

  3. i am a toughie but in some aspect i cry and bawl easily…i cry at weddings,i am not ashame to show my emotions at all. i bawl at funerals i bawl when i return to the states after my visit with my family there hug them as if this will be the last time i see them alive. now tell me yours…

  4. I have a soft spot for the old people, the sick, the poor.

    I forgive easily. I always volunteer help, at madali akong utangan (kahit manghiram pa sa iba para may maipahiram lang).

    …kaya madali ring maloko. hehe

  5. twenty pesos? you can buy only 4 pandesal at lolongs with it. i love to go there every early mornings when i was there and i love going to the batac market just to look at the fresh produce which i now miss here.

    1. Strange that you know about lolongs. People have been talking about their hot pan de sal, which is addictive according to some. Haven’t tried it myself, I should one of these days.

  6. our son is the same way.he would give the shirt off his back for a person in need. in his younger days whenever we come for vacation to the philippines he would save up his allowance just so he could buy stuff for the kids there. he would buy books,school supplies candies,and bring clothes,for the less fortunate.when we come back he does not have anymore clothes because he gave them all away.this has been a ritual for him.he is 36 yrs old now and still does the same .

    1. When you have received so much love, it is not difficult to share. Such is the case of your son.

  7. it is only 4 a.m. and you are up already?and even on a sunday morning?i just came back from my 4 p.m. saturday mass. i like it better than sunday mornings because it is a folk mass and i do not get sleepy or bored.

    1. Tita, my typical work day begins at 4 am (yes, even on a Sunday). So much work to do. I don’t go to mass anymore. But God and I have this special understanding. We are both faithful to each other. What is a folk mass, and how is it different from sunday masses?

  8. i go to lolongs buy a lot of hot pan de sal and give some to the dad loves it with peanut butter and jelly and i sometimes put banana also then i cook him a bowl of oatmeal with cocoa .i am a better cook now compared to when i went to germany in 1971 .i cannot even boil h20 then.when i got married my husband cooked all the time.i was not a good housekeeper then and still not now but i learned through the years. i can cook pancit.lumpia and ilocano adobo.

    1. Wow, feeling hungry. I think I’ll have breakfast now. But I am more of the rice-breakfast type of person, so I’ll go to some place where they serve hmmmm paksiw and insarabasab. I can have pan de sal for merienda though.

      What is Ilocano adobo, the dry kind? Like the dry (and sometimes crispy) dinardaraan?

  9. folk mass is when the folks or parishioners sing while the regular mass there is no singing.and ilocano adobo there is a little bit of sauce with lots of bawang and black pepper soy sauce and vinegar.and i cook good ilocano dinardaraan.and it is not husband cannot look at it though. what is insarabasab?

  10. is it like bbq?does it have condiments or is it by itself? i probably like bagnet better.thats all i was having there bagnet or sitcharon and marunggay everyday.our poor marunggays.they probably was very happy to see me go .

  11. do you really eat paksiw and insarabasab with rice for breakfast? it’s ok for brunch but as early as 6-7 a.m.?

    1. Remember that I woke up before 4 am, so when I had the rice meal at near 7, my stomach was well-prepared for it. Konting babad lang po sa soy, yung iba nga e asin lang ang nilalagay. Masarap kung me kamatis na kasama siyempre, at spring onions.

    1. Ohhh, you don’t have food prohibitions yet? Blood sugar, cholesterol levels still allow bagnet? hehe

  12. my cholesterol and my blood pressure are ok as long as i exercise.and i eat those when i am there because it will take me another year or so to be able to eat it doc agrees with me…(because i convince him)

  13. i think i will also cook adobo and dinardaraan the ilocano kind to bring to virginia..together with my sister’s belongings because she went there for vacation and she found a job there and likes the weather better.too bad we painted one room of our house because she said she wanted it pink.(rose pink no less) and we already have a vehicle for her my husband’s old jimmy GMC.

  14. editing thesis at one a.m. that is one of the reasons i did not go into teaching. in nursing once your shift is done you are out of there..i do not bring my work home nor bring my home to you have a teachers pet? in highh school a distant uncle of mine was our spanish teacher and no matter how good i was in spanish (so i thought )he never give me high grades and now whenever i come home go see him and reminds him..he said “you were good ,rebellious and naughty and until this day you still are. “salawasaw nga ubing ” he calls me.what does it have to do with my grades?

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