“Mutya ng Saging” on March 9

The Cast
The Cast
Ken Edra (left) and Gnez Macaraig play the role of Philip Parker, an American anthropologist.  Daryl Aglipay (center) is kapre.
Ken Edra (left) and Gnez Macaraig play the role of Philip Parker, an American anthropologist. Daryl Aglipay (center) is kapre.

Aside from teaching and writing, I am doing some directing these days.

Stage is my first love.  But there came a point when I had to choose between acting and debating, and I chose the latter–which should explain my theatrical debating style.

Witnessing people’s creativity gives me a different kind of high.  My students in Society and Culture, who are majoring in either Civil Engineering or Accountancy, are also thrilled to discover the actors in them.

I am beginning to think that I might be reaching for more than what my hands could contain.  Still, this artistic endeavor is worth squeezing into my daily grind, which has become terribly fast the past weeks.

Your karikna loves watching plays.  Unfortunately, there are not many productions in this part of the universe.

So, I thought of initiating one, not only so that I could watch, but more because I believe in theater’s power to transform consciousness.

Entrance is free, but seat reservations must be made ahead.

March 9, 1:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m.

MMSU-CAS Audiovisual Room

About the Play

“Mutya ng Saging”  (The Banana Fairy), a work of Palanca-winner Leoncio Deriada , is an adventurous look at one man’s journey into the depths of Philippine folklore. Philip, an American, discovers the legend of a mysterious amulet that holds tremendous powers and good fortune, the anting-anting.

Enticed by the stories of old by local villagers, Socio-anthropologist Philip Parker embarks on an adventure that brings him into the darkness of the Banana Tree Jungle where he sets out a quest to find this banana fairy. But to the foreigner’s shock and horror appears the guardian of this mystical jewel, the beastly creature known as the Kapre.

Will his urge to possess the banana fairy succeed? Or will the towering Kapre, control Philip’s destiny?

Author: Herdy La. Yumul

A hesitant academic pimp, writer

5 thoughts on ““Mutya ng Saging” on March 9”

  1. i wish i am there.i would love to see the play. hopefully there will be more to come when i come for vacation towards the end of this year or middle of next year…where do you find time to do all of these? writing,teaching,directing ,debating,cycling and ?what did i miss . what do you do on your spare time?

  2. i wish there were plays when i was there.i love to have watched one.when i was growing up there were zarsuelas and komedyas,,i will share an excerpt from a komedya..my aunt is very famous in playing the princess and likes to ad lib and one time she said to the empress with all her very uncontrolled voice and with her hand gestures “dutdutek to pay ta dilam ta pagtungpak ita rupam”( unrehearsed ) the crowd went crazy and the empress was so offended and she cried and off the stage she went..(that is why the rubio clan are known for being boisterous,strict,vocal and proud in batac) may my aunt rest in peace and together with the rest of them..my mom included

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