More jobs?

There’s a blog dedicated to tackling the burning issue in Laoag City today–the construction of a mall that will force the demolition of a heritage school.

What follows is a couple of  interviews with Laoag City folks on the issue of job generation.

Will the mall project really generate the around-1000 jobs it promises?  What kind of employment will it offer?  Short-term, contractual jobs?

What do you think, karikna?

Author: Herdy La. Yumul

A hesitant academic pimp, writer

5 thoughts on “More jobs?”

  1. The heritage that we would like to preserve like the issue of Laoag Central Elementary School, should not be taken serioulsy. I am a native of Laoag but I now reside in a much urbanized provincial city in the Philippines. When in comes to development & improvement in terms of urbanization, Laoag is far behind compared to other new towns & cities in the Philippines. Let’s face the modern trend today. We need to improve our livelihood, boost the economy. Parami ng parami ng population of Laoag. Marami doon ang mga standby. Like me I migrated to Baguio City more than 30 years ago because of the scarcity of jobs. Kaya kalimutan muna yong sinasabi nila na Heritage, Heritage, Heritage na yan. Perhaps, those people who are opposing the proposed mall there ay hindi pa naka pasyal sa ibat-ibang lugar to make a comparison. I am proud of my hometown-Laoag. I am in favor of building modern structures specially if it will contribute to the improvment of local economy – job generation, tourist attraction, etc. Kasi as a tourist destination city mall must be present. You know I got some opinion of others and they say NAPAKATANGA RAW ANG MGA NAG-OOPOSE DIYAN kasi mayroon na raw nagmamagandang loob na maginvest diyan and to built a new building for the Laoag Central Elementary School in another place so that the old site a new big mall is to be erected. HOY GISING NA NAMA KAYO DIYAN SA Laoag. Gracia na na ibibigay na sa iyo diyan ayaw ninyo pa. Baka maiwanan pa kayo ang adjacent town of San Nicolas. For you information VENVI Corp. under the leadership of Atty. Hilarion Valdez and groups, they are to erect a multi-commercial area (THE CENTER) to a 20-hectare land the site of Robinson’s Mall. 365 Plaza is recently completed. The second phase are the inclusion of huge buildings of more 20-storeys, for condominiums, commercial spaces, universities, bus terminals, etc. The target date of completion is by the year 2020. It will be a replica of Ayala or the Ortigas Center in Metro Manila. So, local officials of Laoag should not be hesitant whenever there are great investments that are offered to the city. If Laoag has big malls, etc., Laoag and San San Nicolas will the the center of Northern Metropolis. It will be a great value of the Ilocanos.

    1. RosCon,
      I believe that majority of Laoagueños approve Malls being constructed in Laoag City. What the oppositionists oppose is the location. It should not be in the Center of the City because the central roads could not cater the number of vehicles plying within, as well as the number of pedestrians. At present, the City Center is already plagued with traffic, how much more with the Malls in place? Malls attract people because of its glitter, (much like the red light district is, for the men!) even if it is far from the Central part of the City. Think of how the ordinary traders at the non-air conditioned City Supermarket would fare, when these air conditioned malls are just a few steps away? The Malls’ presence may be a boon to consumers’ convenience, but a bane to local traders! The advantages derived for employment in Malls would be lesser weighed than what the investors put into their pockets!! The Win-Win proposition is to construct Malls outside the City Center to de-congest vehicular and pedestrian traffic!!! Look at the Mall of Asia, it is located away from human habitation but still attracts people like moths surrounding the light!!! The Valdez Center was not quite ideal location also for Malls as the main road in front of it could hardly cater the vehicle traffic even during ordinary days. During week-ends, vehicles are like the lines in the NLEX’s toll station!!!

  2. Well, the project has begun, nothing could stop the Puregold Mall to rise now. But the SM Mall proposal that would smother the Cathedral could still be stopped, if possible. The pious parishioners should take a stand to stop the desecration of the holy grounds of the Cathedral, not just the human and vehicular traffic that would put the City Center into a standstill along Bonifacio Street, even if the traffic police would have the road as one way street, ditto with Rizal Street. Two churches and the Central School already contributes at present for a big human & vehicular traffic, how much more with the Malls?

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