A beauty contestant writes…

woman-shadowI AM one of the candidates of this year’s Miss ABC pageant. I know it’s very embarassing to join such pageant and eventually not having atleast any minor award, but it was fun staying with the ABC Staff for almost a month since the start of practices last January.

Anyway, I didn’t even notice the presentation of the doxology because We were all nervous at the backstage waiting for the production number. I think I agree, a prayer must be solemn and exclusive of Heavenly Images. I am not saying that they did it wrong. With all due respect to the technicians and to those people who made the night a shining, shimmering splendid, I am more than amazed with their powers to put up such a beautiful show within such a limited time. Actually, the night of Feb. 3, the stage was half-done because of some technical errors. So, we finished rehearsing at 1:30 a.m. of Feb. 4.

Going back to the topic, I am totally in favor of beauty pageants not because I’m joining such but because it is one way of forgetting life’s problem even for a night and enjoying the moment with beautiful and well-known people around and finally having an experience of luxury and prestige. What’s not so good with beauty pageants are the expenses and the BIASES during the pageant. Well, you can’t expect me to be so happy with the results of the Miss ABC ‘09 especially when you know you are better than those… those who made their way to the finals. I did not expect anyting at all but I was assessing myself and I can see the other’s performances, I’m sorry to say this but it was TERRIBLE. I know because I WAS there and I have witnessed everyone’s performances and compared to me… Well, I’ll just keep it to myself. I love the winners especially MIA FAYE and LYRA PACPACO, Miss ABC ‘09 and 1st Runner up respectively. No questions as to their winnings. But it bothers me to here Them, the other candidates, tell me, “I think you’re the biggest threat this year…” and Yet I didn’t even get to call myself finalists. How weird is That?

So here’s what I wanna say to everyone, since we are all living in a democratic country (I pressume) and we all have the freedom of speech, Thank you for letting me Join such an expensive pageant and next time, may I advise you not let your candidates notice the MAGIC being done.

(I am not sad, I’m just SO pissed off)



Herdy’s Riknakem:

Thank you for sharing your insights.

I totally respect your decision to join beauty pageants, and I am glad that you had fun in the Search for Ms. ABC Laoag.  The journey is as important as the destination.

I am not privy to the dynamics of judging in that contest, but suffice it to say that you have every right to denounce anything that you think is unfair and unjust.  Should you have evidence to back up your claim, there are appropriate procedures that you can resort to.

I wish you good luck… and world peace.

Author: Herdy La. Yumul

A hesitant academic pimp, writer

9 thoughts on “A beauty contestant writes…”

  1. Well, thank you for posting my reaction Mr. Yumul, so all the people may know. Anyway, I’m not interested in filing any of my petty complaints anymore. That is a part of my past already.- A colorful segment of my history. The pageant is over and all I have right now are the happy memories with the girls and I’m thankful for that. There is one thing I absolutely understood now, “If you can’t beat them, join them”. So bad I wasn’t able to beat them and I think that made me a lousy loser.

  2. hey!darna?i know you Ate.hehe
    it’s me Sir, just another candidate of the pageant^^
    I got a major award,and oh,yeah, the pageant was so nice,it’s a great experience.

  3. I may be a darn hypocrite and conservative, but I just want to state that Beauty Contests are more like an Eye-Ogling thing for Men! I could not muster to call the contestants as ladies but just plain women, for showing some skins to be popular. The organizers should keep a better look more on the intellectual prowess of the girls than their beauty. How many winners of beauty contests end up to a become decent member of society, I could only count a few… To become ambassador of goodwill needs intelligence, not just beauty. The girl would only be like a playdoll…

  4. I Agree with you asiong…beauty is skin deep and it is like a make up and perfume that when you put too much on it is overpowering .it should be discovered…beauty and brains

  5. Tita Lita,
    I’m beginning to see you better even only on the way you write, although I don’t know you at all. You are a beauty to behold, a quencher to the thirsty, a gem to delight my eyes…
    Hahh!, Now convince me that it’s true ba, Tita Litz, that ‘poets are born in May’? je,je…

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