Gloria as Obama’s mentor

I almost puked when I saw this morning what I saw on TV.

A reporter asked Executive Secretary Eduardo Ermita what Gloria can learn from Obama. As if not embarrassed enough of Obama’s cold-shoulder attitude towards the Philippine president, Ermita replied that the reporter’s question was faulty because it was Obama who stands to learn from Gloria.

What the ….!  As if Malacanang folks are not content that Gloria has messed up our country,  they dream of scandalizing the whole world as well.

gloriaOh my, whatever lessons Teacher Gloria wants to share Obama, she better keep to her jaded, self-absorbed, corrupted self.

Prepared for armaggedon, I am not.  Are you?

Author: Herdy La. Yumul

A hesitant academic pimp, writer

40 thoughts on “Gloria as Obama’s mentor”

  1. Really!! He really meant this? Hindi siya joke? My goodness, the present administration is hallucinating. Wawa naman ang pilipinas, walang balak gumising si GMA eh.

    1. The sad thing is, Ermita was serious… Grrr… On second thought, Obama really can’t teach Gloria anything. Charisma and integrity come from the inside.

  2. yup,obama will surely learn from gloria….like,how to rig the election results,how to manipulate the judiciary and senate,how to bribe those who are against her,how to steal billions of dollars through shady transactions,how to set free big time drug pushers and send small time users to jail,what else?

  3. GMA was really a good teacher for Obama,he,Obama, can learn many things about how to manage his countrymen, how to make corruption and become a wealth man…GMA really deserved her name
    M-angurakot at

  4. obama will surely learn from gloria on how to make his country very poor. how to corrupt will be the greatest lesson he will learn….

  5. Obama cannot learn anything from Gloria… Gosh, watever might be the lesson she will going to teach to Obama, she better leave it to herself.. It is pointless anyway…

  6. I am amenable to that, whatever lessons teacher Gloria wants to share Obama, she better keep up to her corrupted self because there is a possibility that she can influence Obama. Maybe the purpose of that question is to make her realize to find a way to solve the economic problem in our country by learning from Obama.

  7. what? are they serious? pati ba amerika, idadamay nila? di na sila naawa ah.. wake up madam gloria! OMG na to pag nangyari,. well, Obama will surely learn a lot from GMA-this is how to make everybody experience downfall……. kawawa naman tau…:c

  8. Gosh!I cant imagine marming maituturo i gloria kay obama regarding in managing a country. Kung sarili nga niyang bansa di siya marunong eh then she’s saying may maituturo siya kay obama…

  9. PGMA as Obama’s mentor…??? Okei fyn..pagbigyan nlang natin.. Mbalin na met ketdi ah nga surwan agala kaban ti bansa na wuka lalo nga bumaknang… But then as a leader she must be responsible in making his community or country to be the most known in being the best, not in BAD WORKS but in GOOD WORKS…!!!! Dan2i met ketdi t eleksyonen isuh urayen tay lata sunah ah masuktanen..

  10. I am amenable to that, whatever Teacher Gloria wants to share Obama, she better keep up to her corrupted self because there is a possibility that she can influence Obama. Maybe the purpose of that question is to make her realize to find a way in solving the economic problem in our country by learning from Obama.

  11. Halla!..wala na po ba talaga kyong natitirang respeto madam?!.Adviser ni satan— pwede pa pero ni Obama,ewan..Kunting respeto kay Pres. Obama..Ano s apalagay niyo magandang maituturo niyo sa kanya?..Sana po madam at lahat ng kabinite niyo irespeto pari kayo ng mga apo, ninyo paglaki nila..And i’m Praying that they will never follow your step..I’m sorry for saying this..
    Pakibasa naman po(Ephesian 4:29)

  12. better teach me Teacher Gloria why i can’t have the correct balance of the financial statement in my accounting subject…

  13. What?!! Obama to learn from GMA?!.. Huwag naman po sana..We Filipinos deserve a lot better leader than GMA. Ever since she became the president, it felt like nothing progressive ever happened to the country. Her supposed to be plan of helping her countrymen to be in a better standards of living has gone right down the trash can, right from the start. Kung meron mang nasabing pag-angat ng ekonomiya ng bansa, hay naku sa statistics at survey lang yun(manipulated pa)..

    I hope that our leaders soon(as in SOON) wake up to the real situation the whole world is facing. World crisis na po kaya, matagal lately nga lang nation naramdaman. Sana naman imbes na mag-away silang naturinganang mga leader eh magtulungan na lang sila(tayong lahat) in order to survive this world crisis. Naman, kawawa naman ang mga gagraduate this year, baka wala nang mapsukan na trabaho..hay..

    Kaya kay Obama, may you be a good leader and an inspiration to all..KUDOS!=)

  14. obama’s mentor???….wake up GMA!!!
    what a lesson obama will get from her???
    How to corrupt???…Surely he will learn it….

  15. President Gloria is intelligent. Not intelligent as a PRESIDENT but as STUDENT.
    So what if she teaches Obama, as if she could teach anything better.
    Gloria is ever disaster as she could be. So what a complement that she teaches Obama!!!!
    I think Gloria should start being influenced with Obama as early as now.

  16. oh my!!! hahaha Gloria is too ambitious to become a mentor to Obama, I beg to disagree she should be the one to gain more knowledge on how to rule her own country, .. La wuhn lattan para maminsan lng,

  17. Ermita said that Gloria teaches Obama. He said that perhaps, because Obama is the newly elected president, Gloria gives him advices and ways how to govern his country. US and Philippines are very good friends. That’s why they share knowledge’s to each other on how to make their country a productive one.
    Even though we can not deny the fact that Gloria did not really a good president but even if that’s the case, she still wants to share what she knows on governing a country.
    We all know that Gloria did not really know what to do in governing her country and for me she is very brave to teach Obama

  18. my question is, does Secretary Eduardo Ermita insane? is he really in his true self when he stated that? GMA made our country miserable. if Obama want to make America also miserable, i think i will agree with Ermita. Obama can learn how to corrupt the money of the people. if that thing will happen, the whole world will suffer. Arroyo is indeed a nightmare to the life of the Filipino people.

  19. PGMA, OBAMAS teacher??

    I agree that PGMA can be a teacher but i don’t think so if she can be a good teacher!

    Global crisis na nga tuturuan pa niyang mangurakot…dun naman expert si PGMA e,

    “i am sori noh uhmmm” sabi nga ni Gloria pag nagkakamali!

  20. I don’t think so Obama will learn a lot from Gloria. Maybe he will learn how to corrupt and how to make lie with his people. In the first place, Gloria doesn’t know how to manage well her own country. She make’s her country a miserable one because of her attitude. Gloria is not a teacher the fact that she is only a follower because she is always depending in the administration by the president of United States. If Obama would like to have a progressive country, he must learn from his own not from Gloria.

  21. basically, President Obama has things to learn from President Arroyo. Things on how to make yourself strong when you know that millions of your people are against you. Things that could force you to smile even when at the back of your mind you want to cry out loud for them to see how you really feel. Obama has the option to listen to Gloria’s peices of advice but still he can do things on his own. Gloria, on the other hand, has her right to give suggestions but she cannot force Obama to do so. Needless to say, Obama has his choice in building and maintaning the goodness in U.S.. He is the president anyway. No one can go along with him in his way except those who are close to his heart, I suppose..=)

  22. maybe, obama will not learn a lesson from PGMA, whatever a lesson it is (even corruption)…maybe obama is knowledgeable enough to corrupt his country…

    …the way others think is not the way i think…

  23. the current Philippine administration have faced and still faces lots of controversies. the president, as the center of these issues still manages to remain on her throne. she is very knowledgeable and can really teach someone but someone like Obama is the exemption. US is very different from the Philippines. i’m not degrading our country but we, as citizens in this country,are aware of what is really happening.if Obama listens and accepts the teachings of PGMA, the world will not only suffer crisis. there will be an economic catastrophe!

  24. yeah GMA has lot of experience as a leader and with that, maybe she has the ability to teach Obama on governing its own country, i think that’s what Ermita really mean

    but how can GMA teach Obama if she is leading one of the most corrupt countries. I dont think Obama would believe her if ever.


  25. Can Pres. Obama learn from Gloria?…I think Sec. Ermita was just kidding and he do not know what his talking about..(Hahaha)….
    There’s only one thing, for sure Obama learn from Gloria and that is how to corrupt……..

  26. Secretary Ermita must be out of his mind when he said that. Gloria teaching Obama? About what? How to corrupt? Or maybe how to make “palusot”. Anyway, Gloria is an expert in that matter. But Obama learning something good from Gloria? That would be miracle. Just look whats happening in our country. To many controversies in the senate about corruptions etc. Our country is so miserable because of her. Well maybe not totally because of her. In fairness to her, she is just a human being who sometimes commits mistakes.

  27. naku, pumapapel lang c ermita..:)
    d totoo ung cnabi ni ermita, as if nman

    as if nman gusto ni obama magpaimpluwensya..alam ni Obama na weak ang Pilipinas kaya bkit pa cia mag-aaksaya ng panahon na maging mentor c gloria..duh!hehe

  28. ,,,hahaha…maxadong ‘AMBISYOSA’si gloria as if naman kung meron xang ituturong maganda,,hehehe,,,imbes na turuan eh bka sulsulan pa niyang magbulsa ng kaban ng bayan….huhuhu…wag kang maniwala diyan PRES OBAMA….hehehe,,,,

  29. haaay,naku obama wag kang maniwala kyGloria magaling lng cya sa dramatic actress nia para sa kanyang curruption nia,kaya d totoo ang kanyang cnasav,kaya c obama ayaw niyang maimpluensyahan ky gloria…jejeje

  30. paano kung ang isipin ntin ay ang mga ngagwa nyang tama,,,sa tingin u ba puro mali ang kanyng ginagawa,,,kung ikaw ang pagsasabihan ng kurakot at mkasalanan dba masasaktan ka tao rin sya nasasaktan….

  31. .duh. arf. Pamagat palang nakakakilabot na?! Gloria teacher of Obama. Oh no! Pilipinas na nga nagi2ng low low low low na ng ekonomya taz idadamay pa niya ang other country? if that’s the case saan pa siya uutang ng ibubulsa niya. Mrs. Magnetic force ata si Gloria! What if we student nalang ang magtuturo to her on how to value money,noh! Myaman ka na Mrs. Pres. ipamahagi mo na sa ibang ikakaunlad ng bansa ang mga minamagnet ng kamay mong pera.

  32. ,,oh realy?????kya nya lng nsAbi un prah mgpalakAs at mgpasisip ky GMA,,,!,oh kyah pra magkron lng ciA ng mraming parte sa mga perang maku2ha niya sa kban ng bansa (hahaha).,hmmmmM!,, mas mrami pah Cgurong matu2tunan si GMA ky Pres. Obama na mka2tulong sa knya!!,

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