Ubba ni Ama


Roughly translated, this Iluko phrase means: “Father carrying a child”.

I may be no fan to America, but the greatness of human spirit transcends geography, race, religion, and even time… and so he has my respect. No man has inspired humanity in recent times more than this guy.

Many are afraid that expectations on what he can do may be too high and that people might end up in disappointment. There is a limit to what every father can do.

Anyhow, let us not burst the bubble too soon.  Just enjoy this great moment for humanity, shall we?

Congratulations, President Obama.  May you carry us in your arms away from harm.


Author: Herdy La. Yumul

A hesitant academic pimp, writer

22 thoughts on “Ubba ni Ama”

  1. Me, too. I really respect this guy. Never really bothered before with what is happening in America. But with Obama, I watched CNN. I just really hope that the headache he has in the 1st 100 days won’t turn into migraine.

  2. How I wish he can carry us and lead us to the better situation of life. Just like the diligence of good father that he will do his best for the sake and betterment of his child. Sana hindi niya tayo bibitawan kapag umiyak man o umihi tayo. I expect that he can be a great help to us.

  3. Ubba Ni Ama… Sana hindi ga2ya sa ibang mga leaders si Pres. Obama na nangu2rakot, nagpa2yaman lang ang ginagawa, di naman niya tinutulungan ang kanyang sinasakupan. Hoping also that he will be the role model of other countries to be a good, better, best leader or president. Mr. Pres. be the best father not only to Americans but also to other, like us Filipinos..!!

  4. Quite Good…Obama maybe a good father and husband to carry and raise a good family.
    However, being president is not just like a fathers’ responsibility, the mere fact that he is the president of the greatest country. Its hard to rule over the world specially when most people expect a lot. Obama is good but not perfect.
    It is better to watch what Obama can do than to expect many good things from him and get disappointed after wards.
    I DON’T CARE WHAT HE CAN AND CAN’T. No one can rule perfectly and meet the satisfaction of everyone. His limitations are about to come and end as every president did. Obama is just the same as the old and future presidents. He makes no changes.

  5. me too, I am not a fan of America but I do respect them for their culture and beliefs, he gain my respect not only the way he talks about his plans but I believe that through his hands, he can change the status not only to his fatherland but to other countries as well. I hope that he could help us lift our economy and be a role model to our leaders here in the Philippines…

  6. The title is, “UBBA NI AMA” which means father carrying his children. The children involve are his countrymen.
    Obama is the newly elected President of the US and the responsibilities are now on his hands. He was declared as the president and accepted all the responsibilities of being the father of the state.
    I hope Obama is knowledgeable enough to carry his country so that it will continue to grow.
    Just like a real father, he must serve as a model to his countrymen.

  7. if Obama will do his best i think he can, America will soar up high again, i think Obama can nap all the crisis that America is facing right now. if Obama will be inspired to work for the betterment of America, i continuously believe, Uncle Sam will be on top again.

  8. I adore this guy!i think he is the president who can do what he promised! The way he talks,his rules and regulations regarding employees in his administration seems serious, in short he has the attitude called “palabra de honor”!

  9. Obama, now, considered to be one of the most powerful persons in the world is a symbol of hope. It is this person that reflects a picture of progress and unity between different races around the globe…Seems like every country depends on him…Though he was given the heaviest responsibility, it is still in the hands of every individual to strive for themselves to attain whatever aims they hope for…it is far better to focus on oneself and work on individual issues than to depend on what will Obama do with the problems we are facing as of now…Sometimes, people are just too confident and relying so much whenever we see opportunities on the field. Furthermore, Obama is so unfortunate that he was the one to catch the downfalls of the US with regards to the present global economic crisis.

  10. Actually I believe that Obama can do his job well. But how can he do it by his own? What he need is everyone’s cooperation, from other government officials, his countrymen, and to all the people in the world. Being a President of America is the most powerful man in earth. I believe that when a president won’t corrupt, his country will progress. I hope, Obama will fight for peace in the whole world, teach everyone to become humble, not to be strong, because too strong will eliminate peace, and world become worse.
    Actually Obama is not a teacher.

  11. He was the first Afro-American to rule the most powerful country in the world. Many were glad to hear the news, as mush as I do. Change is his promise to the State that had led him to wherever he is right now. in my opinion, people of America or should I say, people of the world must take one step at a time. we should never expect too much from him, we can never tell how competitive he is. We should let him show how well he perform and help him fulfill those things he can’t do.
    I’m a fan of Obama because he made an important mark in U.S. history. And this mark has just begun, we never know when will it end. You’re the man President Obama… Nice.. =p

  12. He really encourages everyone to feel fairly confident and to cling to a mere possibility. I wish he could give more and better changes to inspire not just those naive people around the world but also to all servants like him.

  13. i dont have any idea about obama, some are saying they idolize him…i guess i need to know more about him before i will say that his my idol…baka katulad din siya ng iba…

  14. a father cannont be called a good foundation if he cannot build a strong family..res, there are many expectations that will come to a person from his environment but we must not judge the person in the beginning, we must judge him by the footprints he’d leaved behind. in short, we must not jump into a conclusion.sana nga maging great leader sya not like in the philippines.

  15. Indeed, the victory of Obama is a world history. though he came from the race that america had once maltrated or treated as slaves, he proved himself to lead america. i am truly amazed of how he got the trusts of americans considering his origin…almost all of the countries counts on america.. as the next president to hold america, and that america is affected by this great economic crisis, i really hope that he would be able to manage america effectively and that in his leadership, america will recover from this crisis. this would mean that america would be a great help to the world.

  16. winning in the president position for me can not contribute to the world history…i dont care how he do it (in winning the said position), i dont care where he came from…what i care is that how he can lead his country much better than before…

    …sana hindi siya maging katulad ng iba…

  17. congrats to obama for creating a history in US aministration..although he is black american we must not underestimate his capacity as a president but must salute him for winning the throne as president against his white opponents. I think he can build a strong country and would emerge America from financial crisis.

    Obama,ur the man!

  18. a friend of mine read my coments in here…sabi niya iba daw ako mag isip, di tulad ng mga nagpopost dito…

    actually i hate politics…thats it…

    1. “All that is necessary for evil to triumph is that good men do nothing,” said Edmund Burke. Putting this statement in the Philippine political context, we ask: Who is evil? And who are the good men? Truth is, you do not need to be a politician to be evil, and your veering away from politics never guarantees your being a good man.

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