Who is Bob Ong?

bakit-baliktad To say I have been asked this question over a thousand times is not an excess.

Eight years ago, the writer sent me an e-mail asking for my permission for the inclusion of one of my essays in a book project he was working on.

I said, “yes, go ahead”.  I was not aware then how big he was in the Internet and how phenomenal his first book, ABNKKBSNPLAko?!, has turned out.

Bob Ong was so thankful.  He said he had long been looking for me.

A couple of months after, BO e-mailed again to inform me that his book has been published.  He invited me to get my complimentary copy, and the rest is history.

“Sino ba talaga si Bob Ong?”, I always see a sparkle in the eyes of those who ask.  

How the bestselling Filipino author has kept his real identity from his cult following amazes me.  I’m sure he could not have done it alone.  It only takes one person to circulate his personal details and photos in the Internet, and nobody has done that just yet. This but shows how well-respected Bob Ong is among his colleagues and peers (some of whom we share), and this I can attest.

“So, sino na nga ba talaga si Bob Ong, sabihin mo na po, please?”

Ask me no questions and I will tell you no lies.  Sorry to disappoint, but am not inclined to squeal.

postcripts: For all of the book’s meteoric sales, all i got was one free copy.  I could have asked for more, and BO sure would have granted my request, but it’s really not in my nature to ask… which is often a downside.  hehehe

You might want to read the Inquirer feature on Bob Ong’s anonimity.

Author: Herdy La. Yumul

A hesitant academic pimp, writer

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  1. Gusto ko din ang books niya. Sad to say, wala pa akong kakilala na uuwi diyan at magpapabili sana ako. He is witty. Pero sino ba siya talaga??!! Bob Ong Pinoy?

  2. Hands down ako kay Bob Ong kasi di nya ginagamit kasikatan nya para sa iba nya pang gawain. Or di sya tulad ng iba na todo enjoy sa pagiging “sikat”.

    May mga nagsabi sa kin na di totoong tao si Bob Ong. Grupo daw ng tao si Bob Ong.

    Here’s the story:

    Batang Ewan: Ate alam ko na yung Bob Ong kwento!

    Me: Ano?

    Batang Ewan: Hindi tao si Bob Ong!

    Me: Haha! Ano sya?

    Batang Ewan: Grupo sya ng Tao.

    Me: Haha! Sino nagsabi?

    Batang Ewan: Si Tado.

    Me: Hehe! At naniwala ka naman kay Tado?

    Batang Ewan: kasi gumawa daw sila ng research tungkol dun dati. nakalagay dun sa museum

    Me: Wag ka magpapaniwala kung kani-kanino. Hindi na rin mahalaga kung tao, babae, lalake, bakla, tomboy, hayop, o engkanto ba si Bob Ong. Ang mahalaga, meron pang tao na may pakialam sa Pilipinas at mga Pilipino.

    Batang Ewan: ….

    (Nakalimutan ko na yung sinabi nya sa sobrang nonsense.)

    (Para sa di nakakaalam, si Tado yung DJ sa Brewrats Magic 89.9 na artista din sa ABS CBN.)

      1. i really appreciate the story..
        me too.. ndi aku naniniwla na c bob ong ay totoong tao.. pero bkt parang xea lng ung tao dto sa mundo na may malasakit pa sa pilipinas..

              1. alam nio ba, nagturo sya ng CHN ( which is his forte) sa amin as part of our review for the upcoming board exam… napaisip din nga ung mga classmate ko na parang iisa lang daw si bob ong at si sir aaron “cy” untalan eh.

            1. OMG. That untalan DOES NOT even teach. All he does is sell CDs and his books. A cousin of mine and her classmates flunked the exams because they did not learn any of the DOH programs, IMCI, COPAR, partograph concepts that came out in the boards. line of 8 sa ibang subjects pero pag CHN question na daw nabokya sila. Sa umpisa masaya daw, pero katagalan maiisip mo daw na wala kang natutunan. All he does is teach TEST TAKING STRATEGIES which is just another name for blind guesswork. He is all self-promotion, walang malasakit sa students dahil puro daw pagbebenta ang inatupag.. Kung siya si Bob Ong, na malayong-malayong mangyari, aba’y huwag na siyang magturo ng nursing at yan nalang ang pagtuunan niya ng pansin. Andami niyang estudyanteng niloloko at namimislead. .

      2. FYI. prof ko ISA sa writers ng bob ong book. 😀 pero confidential ang kanilang identity 😀 ..

  3. nabasa ko na ung sulat ni bob ong. ung
    A B N K B B S N P L a k o. i really enjoyed it. sobrang nakakatawa.

    In his writings, doon mu talaga makikita ang katangian ng isang anak, kaibigan, mag-aaral at isang tao sa totoong buhay.

    talagang napahanga niya lahat ang mga mambabasa. and all of those writings, nagyayari talaga sa totoong buhay…

    I had experienced the same emotions, pain,trials and shortcomings he had in college.. Upon reading that book I feel like it was exactly me whose has been described on it.

  4. i have read some of BO’s books and i find it good. most especially the “macarthur”, eventhough there were so many foul words found in the text, meron ka pa ring makukuhang lesson from it… and it depicts how cruel life is…

  5. i have already read 5 of his books and i find it quite entertaining bacause there are some of his qoutations which makes me laugh and it is interesting as well.

    I admire him because he wrote whatever he want.Those facts and reality of life

    sino ga ba talaga si Bob Ong?
    -he ussually call himself in his book Roberto Ong

  6. sa palagay ko si bob ong ay isang manunulat sa pag kat .jejejejej..yan ang pakakaunawa ko. by the way high way .dumawat nak man complimentary copy of the book.. joke

  7. hi herdy:

    i never thought I could still find the man behind “Who wants to be a Filipino”.

    Your article has impacted and still impacts a lot of Filipinos! Sana’y patuloy nating buhayin ang katotohanan sa pamamagitan ng panulat.

    Mabuhay ka!

    (kung ok lang, isasama kita sa blogroll ko 🙂 )

    1. hello hector.

      Tama ka. Ituloy natin ang pagmumulat sa pagsusulat.

      Your site is interesting, I linked you as well.


    1. Umuwi ako ng probinsya habang ang iba (kabilang na ang marami sa mga bumatikos sa akin re: Who wants) e nasa abroad na.


  8. yun ang nakakatawang nakakalungkot.

    but of course you can never generalize and point fingers to them all.

    have they come accross the other side because ayaw na nilang maging pinoy?

    or have they went there because the government could not provide their basic necessities.

  9. kumpleto ako sa libro ni bob ong: ABNKKBSNPLAKO?!, Bakit Baliktad…, stainless longganisa, alamat ng gubat, macArthur, paboritong libro ni hudas, (alam ko may nakalimutan pa akong ilista). miyembro rin ako ng bobongpinoy@yahoogroups at paminsan, may mga EBs at socio-civic activities kaming ginagawa.
    but i’m more of a “herdy yumul” fan than anything else. ’nuff said!

  10. Herdy, I’ve got 2 books from Bob Ong. My friend who is here for 3 months holiday gave them to me. My gulay, ang sakit sa tiyan ang tumawa. I made the mistake of reading the book at 11 pm. Di na ako nakatulog. At the wee hours, tawa pa din ako ng tawa. Nagmukhang sira-ulo ako talaga. My husband was so annoyed 🙂

    1. I understand… mahirap namang itranslate sa husband mo, di ba? because of the nuances of the language.

  11. korek..di siya actually maka-relate. He hates reading, pity though. He can’t imagine laughing at something that you are reading..crazy huh? He only scan management books. That’s his collection..management books…boring…

    1. Do you read fairy tales to your kids? That may start them off reading. Our dear ananda is fond of books, at age 3. But none of the conventional fairy tales are funny though.

  12. Yes, we do. That’s a bedtime ritual already. Even with my 1 y.o., we are beginning to do it as well. Kahit inaagaw niya ang book, ok lang. We have to start somewhere….

    1. Ok ha, and are your bedtime stories politically correct? Kasi may mga revised version na ‘yung ibang mga kuwento, walang mga gender, political, at racial biases.

  13. remember my motto…mountain out of my way.!? and it is out so i am free to blog again and bug you .he he

  14. We usually read the dutch stories eh. And you could that they are politically correct. At first, I found it strange because I am used to the commercially-known fairy-tales…and they live happily ever afters.. But as I get to read more of their stories here, beginning to appreciate it more. They are more entertaining for the children.

  15. speaking of cholo..we chit chat yesterday.he posted about his mom and did a tribute to her and it brought tears to my eyes.his mom was very young [what a nice kid ]

    1. I don’t know cholo pala, tita… I was thinking of another photographer.. I visited his site. Magaling siya. But I still prefer Alaric Yanos’ shots. Have you heard of him?

  16. again one of my softies..with the nice music playing in the background i was bawling again.remembering also my mom and the good times we had together…she said one time to me “reyna ti kinatangsit “..and one time my sister and i having empanada for merienda she said”allah agawaanyo ti agpalukmeg”we all laughed…. all these memories i will cherish. i am so glad i went home as often as i did..

    1. Stories like that are really a treasure. This week, my aunt from New Zealand and my uncle and auntie from Hawaii are arriving for the “lagip” of our late lola. Am sure we would be recounting cherished memories, too.

  17. cholos mom died awhile ago..i really like get togethers specially when elderlies are there..they are amazed how i still agmano to them..

    1. I love those gatherings, too. I feel so loved when in the midst of family. There are also discords, yes, but everybody treasures everyone at the end of the day.

  18. you area very disciplined young man. you are up even there is no school..i would just sleep until noon time.

    1. No, I also find time to unwind… I saw Slumdog Millionaire just last Saturday… always wanted to see it but did not have the chance. A refreshing film? Have you seen that Oscar winner tita, donna?

  19. poor baby ..he has to bike for some film just so he can take pictures of the pretty jogger.i hope they got together and they will live happily ever after. another one of my plots..he he

    1. oh, yes, alaric… He is a photo hobbyist… So he must be having a lot of fun aiming the camera…

  20. no i haven’t seen it yet..maybe we will watch it in virginia to kill some time..my cohort cousin in chicago said ” teppelamto ta ngiwatmo..ngak ngak kanto man la nga ngakngaken.” i said i will try

    1. hahaha… like my dad, pag nanunood ng movie, ang daming comments, grabeng mag-critique. But he, like my Kuya Henry, has an eye for really good movies.

  21. Herdy – no, haven’t seen that film yet. I saw last week “The Reader”. This one is a good movie as well. This time, the film is better than the book, which is usually not the case..

    1. The Reader is next in my viewing list. And I am excited to watch it, esp. after your generous review.

  22. so .did you see the biking photographer and the pretty jogger? {i lke that .it sounds like a good title to a story]

  23. when i talk and talk people have nothing to be worried about… it is when i am quiet that i am really upset.i am a recluse ,do not want to talk to anyone..and i forgive but does not forget easily..

    1. Right, I observed that, hehe. Pareho po tayo. Ganun din ang ugali ko sa mga students. Just that I forget easily… but I learn from every experience.

  24. i will be leaving wednesday..i will have blog withdrawal. do not want to use other computers as i donot want others to use mine.besides i am going there for a vacation and bond with my sisters.if i want to sit infront of my computer i could just do it here by my lonesome. ..

    1. Have fun, tita lits… We will miss you.. Please be safe.. Enjoy the movie.. Build on memories..

    1. Tita lits, please look at donna’s post. That is another way of using the word “Lola”. She was referrring to her self there.

  25. just go to alaric yanos shots site its the one saying to the effect.”.i did not want to use my roll of film in the damili festival so i biked to la paz hoping to see the pretty jogger i saw there the other day”

  26. yes i noticed..anyways i was just thinking the kids of my nieces are my grand nieces and grand nephews and there are so many of them ranging already from age 25 and under. making me their lola so i had been a lola through and through.. sorry..mea culpa

  27. i might or might not.it will depend on my mood and impulsitivity.and once again ill say mountain out.. of my way. i have lots of cousins in virginia beach and then my brother in laws relative to visit…i am having separation anxiety already.. i know my husband will call me everyday .mysister just called me and asked ” what does my brother in law say about my jetsetter sister?” he he

  28. now i get it we call it “lampong” nalampong nga ubing which i was when i was small..my parents would think i will be taking a nap but i was not. he he.i always outsmarted the smarts.

  29. donna and i decided to give you wrinkles sincewe cannot give you gray hairs because you donot have any ..he he

  30. arrived in virginia yesterday safely and as i told you i had to do my blogging.i was having withdrawal he he.

  31. it was nice to be my usual first class flight.when i go home with my sisters i do coach because i do not feel like being different from them.as soon as i can go on my ym

  32. i had lunch at the airport and i had new york hot dog with sauerkraut and onion rings.i got sick i think from the greasy onion rings.and when we got here to my sisters house i got better and oh starving so we had pinakbet. from fresh vegetables.i usually cook mine from frozen vegies .i wasdoing left and right hands and in the midst i ask my sisters..where is the photographer. they looked at me like i have 2 heads and then said”para makita nila ang katakawan mo?even my sisters do not know how to take me sometimes.

  33. Herdy – naku oo, sa kakulitan namin ni tita lita, sabi ko bigyan ka namin ng wrinkles. Tapos magiging suki ka ni Belo or Calayan..ha..ha..ha..payayamanin mo sila..

    1. haha… speaking of belo and calayan, I will share a funny video… But oooops, not know, it’s Good Friday.

  34. my mom use to call me marra marra[messy and tupsey turvey ]i am not saying that i do not clean the house but it is not how the way my sisters do it.they are obsessive compulsive cleaners. i on the other hand, i have my “unique way of doing things.” when they come visit my house they clean and my husband says “why are you letting them clean your house they are suppose to be visiting not cleaning.well if they wanna do it then “cest la vie “i am not complaining..

    1. hahaha, OC sisters and a “unique” tita lita… interesting match. Me, I am more of the “marra marra” type. But, of course, you already know that.

  35. i am at my sisters school and i thought there would kids but it is a teachers workshop so they let me in the computer lab .each teacher have their own computer .

    1. Did they teach you further about computers? Not that you need it, you are already a techie lola.

  36. Herdy – so what if it’s Good Friday..common with that video..

    Ha.Ha..OC ba? Ganyan din ako once in a while. Minsan lang ha, di lagi…

    1. I never went to Church last holy week, tapos sex-laden video pa ang papanuorin, hehe. The treatment of the love scenes was truly artistic though.

  37. Punta ako ng church ha..noong Palm Sunday at Easter Sunday lang. Dito kasi, di mo feel na Holy Week, normal working days siya.

    The erotic scenes in the movie was really done in a very artistic way. And the acting of Kate Winslet was also very goood. That’s why she deserves the Oscar’s award.

    1. Right, very artistic, but sensual nonetheless. I saw kate winslet the first time in Titanic. She has matured into a formidable actress.

  38. speaking of acting or singing go to you tube ” susan boyle “everyone is raving about her singing “i dreamed a dream” from les miserables.what a voice i even like her interpretation better than leah salonga.

    1. I don’t have the voice e… Sige na po… It’s never late to launch your singing career. I’ll head your fans club. 🙂

  39. yeah you guys you know how sintunado i am. on susan boyle..that goes to prove once again that you cannot judge a book by its cover!!

    1. ok, tita, it may not be singing but you sure can do something to make it really BIG on youtube… Go, idol tita lita!

  40. i am back in my domain.as usual my husband was there to meet me with flowers.i am so blessed.”some of our filipino friends asked if i know how lucky i am and his answer was..we both are. he was teasing me at the airport he asked “are you coming or going?”.i almost brought a picture of you.i have forgotten how you look like “i might be kissing the wrong person.you jetsetter you!!!

    1. Oh, tita, I may be that and that but as we agreed on before, we are really marshmallows deep inside.

    1. I wish I were nalampong, but I really am not. Pero kaladkarin po ako. Kapag may umaya e sumasama agad ako. I was supposed to go to Badoc last night (It’s their fiesta week), but I decided to cancel the trip when it rained.

  41. i just had my lunch..guesswhat i had..rice and a fried fish. my sister packed me so much stuff like”kakanin , pan de sal ,shrimps, and fresh vegetables.so as i was having my lunch my sister called and they were both laughing and i heard him saying” she is eating with her hands and dipping her fish in tomatoes.nevertheless both hands even!!

    1. have you taught your husband how to do the “kamet”, too? Masarap po talaga ang kamayan. hmmmm. I’ll have breakfast na…

  42. hopefully when i come back from my vacation next year there will be a humvee waiting for me.everytime i come back from my vaca to the phil. he always have surprise for me. ” should go to the philippines more often”

  43. yes cholo said it had been raining everyday! when it rains i am moody.but when thesun comes out i get energized.

    1. I like the rains when there’s somebody to cuddle with…. or run in the rain with? 🙂

      …but there is none. 😦

  44. maybe when you were young you like to tag along.i know iwas just qouting your friend kathy and [garnet ] about your name pops up and you being” mean and bold.”we both know that there is a marshmallow underneath that” jawbreaker ,sour candy.”

  45. i am so happy for my other” nephew” cholo he informed me that a writer from philippine inquirer ask him to go with him to adams and be his photographer .they will be doing docu i guess about the 1 barangay 1 municipality adams .i wish him success.

  46. Herdy – natakot ka sa ulan? You are not made of sugar, you know. Feeling mo siguro, mag-melt ka ano…lol.

    Tita lita – sweet naman ni hubby mo. You are right, you should go on holidays more often.

  47. Ha.ha..akala ko natakot ka eh. Speaking of kutkot, kakamiss ang champurado pag ganyang umuulan..eh dito, it can rain for days pa naman. Di ako marunong mnagluto niyan eh…

    1. I was referring to kukot, meaning just to curl in bed. But yes, masarap din pong magkukot or kumain… may mga instant tsamporado na po… hehe

  48. oh kukot!!! i know the feeling..that’s how i feel in winter time..or every morning..lol

    Meron na bang instant champurado? Nice tips for a pasalubong…thanks herdy.

    1. yes, at meron na ring instant miki, instant tupig, at instant malunggay products, including malunggay ice cream. I’ll feature them one day.

    1. hello donna, haven’t been receiving tita lita’s comments. I wrote technical support about the problem. Hope they fix it soonest.

  49. Sige Herdy, feature them. But do so before september, so that my sister will be able to send some via my father-in-law..thanks a lot!!!

  50. korek ka jan, herdy and I’ll promote it to my friends here. Mind you, Boy Bawang is available here already. Even the Moondish Laing. Kaya naman, nakakatikim pa din ako ng laing once in a while..

    1. I heard Boy Bawang is in every corner of the planet now. How much does it sell there apiece? And please convert to peso… hehe

    1. Tita, if you do not like the emoticon, you can enter another email address. It does not matter if the email ad is genuine for as long as I know that it you who wrote the comment. Hope it is a smiling emoticon next time. 🙂

  51. yeah sure no one to run in the rain with?no one to cuddle with?you know what ? i think you are one picky guy and girls are intimidated with all your achievements i think you set your bars too high .you should let your guards down at times..that is what tita lita thinks .

    1. Thank you for the advice, tita… Hmmm.. actually, i have been feeling emotionally down the past days.

  52. Herdy, I always buy the big bag. If I am not mistaken, it costs 3.79 euros. That’s around 230 pesos. Not too bad, right?

    1. Not bad, huh…. That price isn’t predatory. Do you prefer the boy bawang over ilocos chichacorn?

  53. someone told me that they are not good in explaining . for god’s sake being a professor it does not make sense.if i was your student and cannot follow your lesson and i asked you to explain will that be your answer ? glitches i can deal with ,unexplainable trouble i don’t think so.

  54. i am sorry to hear about you feeling emotionally down.is there anything i can do? remember i am a psych nurse if you need to talk i will be here.

  55. now i really need my comfort foods…. halo halo and buchi.cholo thinks hopia mongo can take the place of my buchi. he he poor kid he tries.

  56. i think you need to go to the videoke bars and sing you heart out “lead me lord “and let me know what your score is he he .sing it on top of your lungs so you will get a perfect score…like you always tell me.

    1. It’s supposed to be a laid-back day as it is May 1, holiday, but one household in the neighborhood spoils it because of their non-stop, annoyingly loud videoke.

  57. herdy, i still prefer our very own chicacorn..especially the one from Nana Rosa or is that Lola Rosa..the one from Paoay. Too bad, I can’t buy it here.

  58. yes my sister bought me a small box of those but i really do not care for it much so i gave it all away.i want my buchi he he..

  59. where is boy bawang made? people gave me bags of ilocos chichacorn {nana rosa from paoay} to bring here and nobody eats it at my house so i gave it to our priests together with 2 boxes of goldilocks polvoron and he cannot stop raving about it. i think he is “hooked”

  60. our labor day here is not until september.it is the first monday. and then school opens tuesday for teachers and wednesday for the students.this year the seventh of september is labor day.

  61. yes they are eng bee tin my sisters love them because they know that most stuff they have in virginia i cannot find it here.she sends stuff overnight mail which is so expensive.one time she sent me cooked crabs overnight and it cost her $40 my husband says it is so” impractical”what can i say even them are under my spell ” he he

  62. like in the last mondays of may it is memorial day here and they do what we do in the philippines go to the cemetery and honor the dead which is all souls day november 2 there.and the danger of frost will not be there so it is safe to plant vegetable which i will be doing.

  63. and when ia m sick i like to listen to story telling like when i was a kid.my mom would come in my room and tells me all kinds of stories when they were young ,how they and my dad met etc..

  64. sometimes we have to make time .this is just a little luxury in life .when you pass up times like these soon you will be old and still single and then you will look back and say “i have achieved this and that ,succesful being a writer and a teacher but i am still unmarried and no one to come home and say “honey i am home” and tell how my day in the office went etc etc. so set aside an hour or so one day a week to chat with someone be on line or in person…so be it,i think i am missing being a psych nurse again.

  65. my cousin in chicago in her 60″s and single.not by choice .she was a professor in UST nursing school for years and now head nurse in surgery (heart)in one of chicagos finest northeastern medical hospital she says she now regret being so busy and did not find time to be with her boyfriend (a doctor)who has now gotten married was tired of waiting .”.years went by so quick while i was so busy with my career and i am already in my 60’s and single nice condo in chicago and have a big house in Quezon city and in batac ” but something is missing in my life”…herdy i do not want to see you like her…remember next year you are supposed to introduce me to your girlfriend and be your ninang when you tie the knot?

  66. poor kid ..we will be talking on line and there is a long pause..he was falling asleep and says it is okay tita i can still talk i enjoy talking with you “i do not want to talk anymore go to bed and only then he will…

  67. of course you don’t because you did not want to chat..you can make time if you want to..joke joke

  68. i heard there is a typhoon approaching the philippines..this will be a good reason to just “ag kukot”when we were younger we played cards and “sungka”.i taught my husband to play sungka so everytime we have nothing to do during rainy or snowy days i coerce him to play with me. he he he

  69. i am glad that ilocos is not the center of the typhoon. when i was there in july of last year i braved the heavy rains and winds and waters just to go to my aunts grave and brought her flowers. july 16 it was her birthday. hopefully next year july will be sunshiny days..

  70. we cannot see the future but you can always aim for it.sometimes fate and destiny are so unfair but you cannot always just accept it. we must be willing to sacrifice and work for something we aim for even then we might not get the result we want but at least we can say “we tried “

  71. signs of a hopeless romantic ? which again goes back to where we started from..letting your guards down and donot set your bars up too high !!!

  72. yes with my nephew and his tricycle .i was soaked of course but it was worth it. this aunt is my moms older sister.she is very special aunt. she is the mother of my cousin in chicago .she helped my mom out taking care of us 7 kids.

  73. and needless to say the plans to have a catered merienda did not materialize because the caterer was unable to cook the food..

  74. speaking of food i cooked for dinner katsudon for the first time and it came out so good. my husband had seconds and he said it brings him memories when he was in japan. i am proud of myself !!!

    1. awwww.. KATSUDON! I should try cooking it myself, but I am not sure if all the ingredients are available here in Ilocos.

  75. a certain jeans said that she is more of a herdy yumul fan than that of bob ong.wow she must be a really diehard fan of yours specially of the things i heard about this bob ong. who in the world is bob ong anyways? i probably will not enjoy reading his books because i cannot follow jokes( as you know.)

  76. a certain jeans said that she is more of a herdy yumul fan than that of bob ong.wow she must be a really diehard fan of yours specially of the things i heard about this bob ong. who in the world is bob ong anyways? i probably will not enjoy reading his books because i cannot follow jokes( as you know.)is the she president of your fan club?

  77. oh i just remembered seeing the GREAT DEBATERS..starring denzel washington..did you see it?i think it was 2 years ago? i can picture you as being him being so persistent and persuasive to his debaters just so they win .and they did…when is your next debate team coming..i love watching a good debate…

  78. the ingredients are just pork chops,eggs and panko breading,soy , mirin sauce,green onions and brown sugar and rice. i use japanese rice though.

  79. here is how i cook mine. i season the chops on both sides with salt and pepper.then dip it in eggs,dredge in panko breading and pan fry until golden brown. set aside…for the sauce…simmer in low heat the mirin soy green onions and brown sugar when it starts to boil add the eggs swirling the pan to cook the eggs..in a bowl put the steaming rice, sliced pork chops over it..pour the sauce over it and serve…yummy… and we eat ours on our” dulang ” a low table and we sit on the floor like the japanese do. and i bought a japanese kimonos for us in japan..very dramatic huh.. this is the first series of cooking 101..he he he

    1. Wow, tita, am saliviating. Now, if I can only grab a bottle of mirin soy, I’d cook today.

  80. can you not buy those in chinese stores.i get mine in “saigon market”.what do you cook or what is your specialty?

    1. hahaha… I tried reading Chicken Soup but didn’t finish. I just am not into the mushy genre.

  81. i am waiting for a new japanese resto to open here in manchester.i saw it the other day while driving to get some grocery .i hope they cook good….better than mine because there are times that i don’t feel like cooking and so does my husband.

  82. i was just chatting with my sister talking about japanese recipes and restaurants and she just called me japonesa,war lita,and what the japanese use to call me ueda.

  83. Googled my name and I found this thread. I said in these photos, “I wasn’t able to spend a whole roll of film during the Damili festival.”

    I was eager to get it developed so I went for a shoot the next day in order not to waste the remaining several frames. That was my main motivation. Thank you for visiting my stream though.

  84. where in the world is bob ong and who is he really ?i would like to meet him although i do not get his jokes .but then again i do not get anybodys jokes either.i am like the dumb blond when it comes to jokes..(i am not blond mind you)

  85. Tita Lita,

    My eldest daughter reads and collects Bob Ong books and I was able to scan-read some of the books. All are mostly jokes-laden articles in Tagalog mixed with some bits of English words, which are the language of the now generation Pinoys. Bob Ong is a ‘Chinoy’ writer, a Filipino of Chinese descent. He used to have also a blogsite, but find it more rewarding to write books, which really he did! He is more Pinoy than most local pinoys who call these single-syllable-surnamed in Chinese word, as Intsik. Like (peace be upon him) Cardinal Sin, who is a direct descendant from a Chinese immigrant, who is very proud to be a true Pinoy bishop, not Chinoy bishop. Nobody dared call him that! More so to call him as Intsik!!!

    1. Asiong, are you sure Bob Ong is really of Chinese Descent because he used that surname?

      I agree though. Some Chinoys are even essentially more Pinoy. And Chinese culture has permeated much of our own.

      When you are in Manila, and if you have time, try to visit Bahay Tsinoy in Intramuros. It will be worth your while. I always brought my students there when I was still teaching in the Big City. It’s amazing to discover how much of what we have always believed is ours have been influenced by the Chinese.

  86. i would love to visit those places .i am always fascinated by different cultures .i did not have time to go places then because whenever i go home to batac i spend all my time taking care of my parents .now that they are gone i will be able to venture….

  87. Yes, sir Herdy! Pinoys have been influenced more by the Chinese, especially so because of our close proximity to China. Chinese have been trading in Pinas long before Spain colonized us. Majority of Pinoys are descendants of Chinese ancestry, even Rizal and Marcos are traced to be descendants of Chinese forefathers. The problem is, some Pinoys demean the Chinese-sounding surnamed Pinoys as Intsik eventhough their parents are already Pinoys, being born and raised here in Pinas. I have been told that here in Laoag, the Castros, Farinases, Mandacs, etc were all from Chinese descent.

  88. Just browsed wikipedia to find Bob Ong as simply pseudonym. I admit my oversight there. Still, it has been observed that most Pinoys with very fair complexion, males that have no hairs in their legs and chests are descendants of Chinese ancestry. Check your own body, sir Herdy… he.he… The aboriginal Pinoys, aetas here in Ilocos, are short, curly hair, dark complexion with squat nose. Tall Pinoys with hairs on their legs and chest are mostly from Spanish or European/American ancestry.

  89. @ Asiong: My great-grandmother and grandmother choosed not to slept with the Spanish conquistadores and the Yankees during the occupation, so please spare me I have nothing to check…

  90. It’s pitiful that some Pinoys call those Pinoys with Chinese sounding name as Chinese or Intsik. Take it from one politician who says in the previous election that he is a “tunay na lalake at tunay na Pilipino” alleging one contender is a gay and the other is Chinese, because of his surname. These Chinese-Pinoys are already natural-born Filipino citizens, most even have their parents were born here also and live as almost natives in their places. But Pinoys who acquired citizenships elsewhere, their children and childrens’ children are still considered Pinoys by some people, even to those who are professionals, especially in the broadcast media. Citizenship is what makes a man. The new FilAms also celebrate Thanksgiving (in honor of the European pilgrims who arrived in America) as though they are their forefathers, they being already Americans. It’s their choice if they do so, or still look up to their true forefathers in Pinas as their own…

  91. ……bqt ayaw magpakilala ni bob ong??.
    tsaka.ano poh relation nio sa kanya??

    ..pinagkakait nia poh ba ang itsura nia?. . . .ung kagus2han ng mg tao na makilala xia?? .. .

  92. Gusto kong malaman kung ano yung kinuha niyang article sa’yo pero p0tek yung Yellow Book ko hindi pa binabalik ng humiram sa akin. T_T

    Sa testimony mo, tao talaga si Bob Ong!

  93. identity ni Bob Ong ang Research paper ko… kaya lang, i think its impossible na malaman ko pa. i wont dig in anymore. if privacy ang gusto ni Boss Bob, go lang ng go! 🙂

  94. I just knew Bob Ong when I watched Bregada at Channel 11 and it interest me to search for it. I also wish to read his books.

    Thanks for this information.

  95. i am the most reader’s for bob ong’s books . . .and i’m soooo glad that bob ong’s is one of the greatest author that i’d like. . .right now. i conducting a research for autobiography of bob ong..who is bob ong?.is he a simple man that writing with concern to those filipino’s.. for us.who really is bob ong’s?who knows’..i leave this message for you guys!to help me to answer who really is bob ong?…hope you answer my big big big question mark in my head! thank you guys! and godbless us all!

    -sabi nila-

  96. lets try another strategy..instead of asking who bob ong is..lets ask ” where in the world is bob ong right now.”?

  97. bob ong:) mysteriously famous …

    astig nya magsulat 🙂 i’ve read almost all his books, ang gaganda.

    *ung tipong, you would really spare less than a day to read the book kc alam mo matatapos mo agad.

    *ung tipong almost all lines sa story mapapasmile at matatawa ka kc nakarelate ka 😛

    “kapitan sino” nalang di ko pa nabasa 😀

    katatapos ko lang basahin ung “mga kaibigan ni mama susan” 😀

    looking forward for the 8th book, i know it would still be nice 🙂

    keep it up ^.^

  98. Magaling mag-conceal ng identity si Bob Ong and I agree with you sir na hindi niya kaya yun ng mag-isa lang siya. And that intrigues me more, well he want’s privacy, pero CURIOUS kami ! wala bang cluepara malaman ang first name or last name niya ?

    pengeng clue ! hahaha

  99. for me ginagamit lng nya ang bob ong na name para ma identify tlaga sya which is kilalang kilala talaga siya i read some of his books and ganda talaga sometimes diko na namamalayan ang oras kc nmn maganda ang ang pagkaka kwento…jejejeje so hindi BO ang totoong pangalan niya…

  100. ganda ng mga libro na sinusulat nya :)) astig talaga :)) di lang basta basta kathang isip lamang :)) sadyang talented at makabayan sya

  101. If you’ve read the book “Kapitan Sino” (2009) (kung di ako nagkakamali, sinulat to ni Bob dahil sa tanong na kumakalat na kung sino talaga si Bob Ong), sa page 97-108, nag uusap yung character na si Rogelio at Tessa (bulag na kaibigan ni Rogelio) tungkol sa panlabas na itsura at anyo ng tao.

    -Naisip ko na baka hindi talaga balak ni Bob na ilabas ang impormasyon kung sino talaga sya o sila(kung grupo man sila). Dahil sikat na si Bob, kapag nalaman natin kung sino talaga siya, mas magkakaroon ng interes ang iba tungkol sa tunay niyang pangalan at pagkatao.
    Nakakabilib na kahit sikat sya, di nya nilalabas kung sino siya. Ang gusto nya lang, mabasa natin lahat ng idea at libro nya at hindi para malaman kung sino sya. Kaya kung nag uubos pa kayo ng oras kakahanap ng sagot sa tanong na kung sino talaga sya, itigil nyo na. Basahin nyo nalang yung “Kapitan Sino” para maunawaan nyo yung sagot ni nya sa tanong na “Sino ba talaga si Bob Ong?”


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