Kariknas from Toronto wish us good health

thumbs-up Oh, the downside of urban life!

In the away (rural areas), everybody is usually aware of the developments, no matter how trivial, in their neighbors’ lives. The same could not be said of our neighborhood in the Laoag City poblacion.

I did not know that Manong Gerry Lagasca, a neighbor since birth, has long moved to Canada until he visited my blog and sent me an email recently.

In the course of our online correspondence, he mentioned about a noteworthy project our kariknas there are undertaking. A group of Laoag City-born Canadians now residing in Toronto, Ontario has launched a campaign to raise funds for the Provincial Hospital and the Laoag City General Hospital.

The group started planning their activities in early 2008, but went high-gear when they received a video from Mayor Michael Farinas appealing for support for the health care system of the city.  The video was first shown to the group’s supporters during their first dinner-and-dance party last September.

Owing to the dearth of facilities in these two hospitals and the forbidding costs of medical treatment, many Laoagueños, specifically those who are financially hard-up, are deprived of quality health care.  And so, through their efforts, our kariknas wish to be able to help bridge the gap between the haves (who can afford medical attention whenever and wherever) and the haves-not.

Leading this fund-raiser are Melanie Baracao Howell, Gemma (Bong) Sipin, and Maritess Abara Jose.  Priscilla Respicio Santos assists the group in various capacities.

The group concedes that they cannot do things on their own and so they count on the support of other Canadian residents who originated from Laoag City, or anybody who feels it appropriate to help. The group foresees the long stretch they would have to go through, but they hope that their efforts will bear fruit.

In addition to the dinner-and-dance party last fall, they also went caroling last Christmas.  This year, they are set to hold a summer sports fest  and frolic, a dance paty, and more.

“We may have left for better opportunities,” writes Manong Gerry, “but we always remember, care for, and love our fellow Laoagueños back home.”

How sweet!

Author: Herdy La. Yumul

A hesitant academic pimp, writer

10 thoughts on “Kariknas from Toronto wish us good health”

  1. I hope the proposed upgrading of the Laoag City General Hospital could push through.

    The provincial government is said to be against it. Too bad, so much politics gets in the way.

    1. I think they should give the green light to the project. How can you go wrong when you invest in health?

  2. Sharing your blessings and helping people is showing how kind your heart is. Kariknas from Toronto never ask anything in return, they just wanted to see a healthy community. May God bless the goodness in their heart.

  3. It’s good to know that there are still Filipino’s from other countries who are extending their helping hands to those who are financially incapable. It gives an idea that Filipino of today’s generation have never forgotten about generuosity. These people serves asan inspiration to many Filipino’s because even if they are not related by blood, they still manage to help their “kababayans”. It’s great to help other people especially when you put your heart into it. Our “kababayans” from Toronto and other part of the world who extends help to those who are less fortunate needs satulation. And I am giving mine. You deserve all the blessings you have. Keep it up… Clap… Clap… Clap…

  4. though we have inherited the so called crab mentality, there are still people who doesn’t forget where they have started. these are the people that should be immitated by everybody. these good-hearted individuals are the ones needed by this country to be able to soar high and attain economic stability.. i really appreciate and admire them for their plans and proposed projects.

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