My Favorite 2009 Calendar


Former UP Student Council Chair and now Ilocos Norte Sangguniang Panlalawigan Member Kris Ablan sent me 3 copies of this novel calendar.

More than the visual feast the calendar offers, it is my favorite because of what it represents.

Kris writes in his blog:

The project was actually conceptualized many, many years ago when my dad came out with calendars with his face as the main picture (like all politicians with calendar giveaways).  I thought to myself, “What if people didn’t want to look at your face every day.”  “What if they just wanted to see scenery.”

If a politician wants to be “remembered,” why doesn’t he just put his name at a corner of the calendar and put some worthy pictures instead.
You see, karikna, I have never been a fan of Kris’ father who has been my congressman for most of my life, and who seems every inch traditional and jaded.  But this bespectacled young man represents what a new breed of Ilocano leaders should be: thinking, sensible, sensitive, and virtuous.
I look at that calendar each day and tell myself: Yes, there is hope.

Author: Herdy La. Yumul

A hesitant academic pimp, writer

6 thoughts on “My Favorite 2009 Calendar”

  1. Hi, Herdy!

    Thanks for posting the Ilocos Norte calendar on your blog! I appreciate it!

    Your welcome about the calendars. Happy naman ako at may calendar dyan sa MMSU. If there are other teachers who want, I still have a few copies to give away. Just email me at

    Have a happy, healthy, prosperous, peaceful 2009!

    1. UPDATE: Kris sent me 10 more copies which I will give away to colleagues in the university. That was swift. What a charming young politician.

  2. Yes I agree to what KRIS said, in fact his idea was an awesome one because putting pictures of different views in a calendar is better than picture of a polititian.By means of these beautiful sceneries, people will remember you more.

  3. yeah right.. kris is right when he said:
    “What if people didn’t want to look at your face every day.” ”What if they just wanted to see scenery.” calendar with photos of beautiful places is much better than a photo of politician… nakakaproud pa nga eh kasi views of the tourist spot sa llocos norte ung nakikita natin everyday, namamangha nalang tayo;
    “wow ang ganda pla ng mga view sa ilocos.”

  4. The fact that politicians are putting their faces in the calendar. hehe.kaya nga kakasawa pati inec..haha.True right we can put the sceneries of Ilocos in the calendar ,nature is beauty..not the faces of politicians.people will know about the new sceneries in Ilocos. Now the Paoay Church has the beauty and magnificent look at daytime but by nightime the lights make it more attracting. There are place in ilocos that must be discovered by people..The food also.hehe.

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